Too many ideas - want to rp one?

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  1. Sooooo, my other rp's have been slow lately, and I've had so many ideas lately that I really want to start another rp. I won't really be able to reply super often, at least I don't think so. I'll probably be able to reply every 1-3 days or so. On weekends I'm generally very active though so I would like rp with someone who is often available on weekends. :3

    Anyways, here are some of my ideas. ^_^ Also, right now all of them are fantasy. I would prefer playing a female as well.

    Two countries of two different races are at war. To gain an edge over the other one of the countries seeks to create an immortal warrior. In order to do this the chosen warrior (their most loyal warrior) has their mortality linked to a young mage, their anchor. In doing so, the warrior can no longer be killed, unless their anchor is killed. In addition, the warrior and their anchor can not go too far apart from each other or they lose energy, and if they go even further they could possibly die.

    *I would like to play the anchor for this one.

    Below the Trees
    Humans have been continuously expanding, and in doing so the world has been slowly deteriorating. Conflict is quite common as well. One of the only notable forests now is one known as the Elder Woods. The trees in this forest are so large that they tower over even the tallest of buildings. Even some of the other plants are quite large. There are also many large dangerous beasts, which is why few venture inside.

    Unknown to the humans, living within the great elder trees is a race of humanoids called Chiropians, with large, bat-like wings and slightly large, pointed ears (basically based off of fruit bats). This race feeds upon the fruit of the Silverbark trees and live within their canopy and inside their trunks. They rarely go down to the forest floor, and even more rarely out of the forest.

    *I would like to play a female Chiropi and the other person to play a human. Also, they wouldn't speak the same language, which would make things a little complicated
    Possible ideas for characters (if you think of something else you can go with it)
    - Hunter - looking in the woods for rare beasts
    - Logger/woodcutter
    - Curious individual/scientist
    - Outlaw on the run
    - Person dared to go into the woods

    A strange bright object crashes into the world, shattering into many pieces, and leaving a large crater, the largest of its pieces remaining in its centre.

    When shards from the "star" are touched they are absorbed into the person. Only large animals and humans seem to make the shards react in this way. After absorbing the shards they gain enhanced strength, endurance, and the ability to control strange glowing energy which they can form into weapons, use to heal, or fire in explosive bolts.

    Humans reacted fairly quickly. Shard bearers were deemed extremely dangerous. Many governments ordered them to be killed, while others sought to control them and use them as weapons. Some militaries were also sent out to investigate the crater, but it seemed that none could come near it, as if there were some sort of invisible field.

    Another thing, shard bearers seemed to be attracted to this crater. None have yet managed to actually get to it since the star crashed upon an island in the ocean so nobody knows what will happen if a bearer goes near it.

    *Characters can be basically any type, but both would be traveling towards the crater, while avoiding various government officials or greedy shard bearers looking to expand their power.

    If you have any good ideas of your own I might be open to them as well. ^_^
  2. Yay! Moar friends to RP with. ^^

    I may be able to help you with that RP slowness. Liked the linked idea, seems interesting.
  3. Awesome! :D

    Ok, I was thinking that the warrior and his anchor would also be traveling with a bodyguard or two that are meant to protect the anchor from harm. Along with them will also be other members of the military, but they won't interact with them that much.

    As for the enemy, I was thinking the enemy race could be large humanoids, being about on average a foot or so higher than a normal human, and having dark greyish skin (almost black), slightly pointed ears, brightly coloured eyes, and have three small horns near the top middle part of their forehead. Basically, they're sort of demonic in appearance, except their not inherently evil. The sizes of the horns could probably vary a bit though, and typically be bigger for males.

    As for the main country of the warrior and anchor, their race basically just looks like normal humans, unless you would like them to look cooler. I could probably think of something. Or if you have some good suggestions we could go with them too. Since their race is weaker physically they often rely on those in their race gifted with magic to protect them, either with spells, or by enchanting weapons and creating potions for others to use. The other race is not able to use magic.

    Anyways, how many characters would you like to play as? Just one, or maybe more? I'll probably be playing at least two, most likely the anchor and one of her bodyguards. Also, what type of conflicts/situations would you like? Corrupted government vs. protagonists? Love triangles? Rivalries? Inner turmoil? Some possible problems for the warrior could be arrogance (due to pretty much being invincible), feeling used (since they're basically considered more a weapon than a person), or paranoia (since their life and well-being largely depends on the health of their anchor).

    Sorry if I rambled too much or seem bossy. >.< Once I get some ideas I kinda just keep going and going.
  4. Shards is kinda cool. Reminds me of that one movie where some friends(while at a party) find some meteor from space, they went inside and after a massive nosebleed they get physic powers....can't remember what that movie was called though.
  5. Sounds pretty random. O.o Don't think I've seen it........not sure if you're asking to rp or not >,> Are you interested in it? I have quite a few rps now so I don't know how often I'll be posting.
  6. I'm good for an rp.
  7. Ok. :) The plot's pretty open for that particular setting. You can pretty much be any sort of character (as long as it's human anyways). Do you want to discuss it through pms/convo?
  8. I never actually think about all those many things before the RP. I'm more of improvise kind of person, of course, once I described a character, I will stick to it. meaning no sudden changes or things that may break the plot. As for how many characters? Well, its a little bit the same. At firs I guess I would be playing just one, but maybe I pick up one or two more as we go.

    And as for the conflicts / situations, I would put all of them (lol) The warriors fighting against the evil looking guys while in the human government there is something shady going on (Maybe someone is trying to kill the king and usurp his place. Meanwhile, the warrior slowly creates a bound with the anchor that becomes more than simply magic into something more tender / loverlike, but maybe some of the guards also has a crush on her. Maybe she is even married already...
  9. I like the ''Below the Trees'' idea. :3
  10. -Tristeel - Heheh, ok. :3 Improv is fine by me. ^_^ The anchor is going to be pretty young (not a kid though) just so that the warrior/weapon's life is extended and not shortened.

    Do you want me to just make the thread and we can go from there then? :) Or would you rather first make some simple character profiles?
    -Nothing- Yay! :D I shall contact you in a convo then. :3
  11. Making the thread sounds fine. Can't wait to start the RP ^^