Too Many Ideas Syndrone! Are you one of the many sufferers?

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  1. There is nothing more crazy than having too many plot bunnies than you can ever feasibly use.

    This article is a fun and useful way of handling those over-flowing ideas. XD

    Are YOU one of the many sufferers from TMIS? D: I know I am. What do YOU do with all of your extra plot bunnies?

    I make use of other's POVs, for the most part. Though, if there are some ideas I want to try out, that's why we have blogs on this site. It is always better to write things down ahead of time instead of losing potentially awesome scenes.
  3. Mr. Organize at your service!

    Take notes!!

    It is the one thing that saves me from losing those pesky little bunnies forever. I have a note book full of 'notes' about characters and Rps. It is a great help when I am stuck. Organizing is key as well.
  4. I think you all stole all ideas to leave me with none.