Too Long A Sacrifice

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  1. Alannah Parker had just turned 20 yesterday and was a girl that loved to be around people and was friendly to mostly anyone. She had a job at a resturant as part time and also working in a dance studio. She just done little things to earn money for herself. She lived on her own in an apartment. Alannah had brunette hair and dark brown eyes with a slim figure.

    It was about 3pm and she was walking back to her apartment after being at the dance studio from 7am. She didn't need to take her car because it was a very hot and nice day but also her apartment block was around the corner so she didn't really have to go far.

    She was wearing shorts and a top and sunglasses, listening to her music as she waited at the traffic lights to turn red and see the walking sign allowing her to walk. She was humming to her music when she saw the man appear to say it wa safe and she stepped out into the road.

    Alannah didn't hear the car still going and about to jump the lights until it was so close to hitting her at full speed and she just froze in shock as the front of the car got closer and she closed her eyes and sniffed. This is it, i'm going to die...
  2. Will Bradford wasn't your typical guy you would see strolling around alone, he was a people person, 20 years old, living severals dream, making music, being a full time DJ at Several clubs, his dark brown hair, and his dark brown eyes fit his figure.

    He was walking with some friends, just chillin "Hey, Will, must we walk instead of driving?" His friend said "Oh shush it, Dave." He said as he chuckled, he saw a girl trotting and moving to a beat of her music that was plugged to her ears "Look she seems like she's having a good time" he said looking back at him.

    He looked up at the sky and breathed in the warm air "Ahhhh smells perfect!" He said and looked down and saw the girl walk right in front of a moving car, she just stood their when it was close to her, "Heyy!!!" He yelled as he bolted to her and grabbed her and threw her to the side and the car slammed right into him, flipping him backwards and scrapping against the pavement and landed on his side "Will!!!! Someone call the Ambulance now!! Will! Hey, mate! Shit, oh god no!" One of his friends yelled "Is the she ok?" He said faintly, blood spilling from his mouth.
  3. Alannah was just stood in shock and couldn't move or speak until she screamed at the car getting closer before she had closed her eyes. What didn't suspect was someone to grab her and threw her to the side and she landed on the floor and felt the pavement scrapping her up a bit as tears fell down her cheeks as she started crying and stayed laid on the floor in pain from being thrown. She put a hand to her head as someone helped her sit up. "Sweetie are you okay?" a women asked her and she nodded her head. "I-i-i think so" she stuttered and looked to see the guy that must of moved her out of the way and she got up and was really wobbly on her feet, ignoring the pain in her head from hitting it and blood on her.

    She gasped when she saw how bad the guy was and put a hand on her mouth and felt so guilty and like it was her fault. "I-i'm sorry, i'm so so so so sorry" she sobbed to the guy who must of been a friend and put her face over her hands crying.
  4. He smiled when he heard her voice "D-d-don't be...." He said as he looked at her "Y-y-your...alive and t-that what counts.." He finished, he coukd hear the ambulance but he was starting to give out, "Aye!!!! Stay awake, you are not going to die!! Do you hear me!!" Dave said as he cried "Hey, girl..come." He said motioning to her "See look, she's alive now you...Will!? Will!!" He screamed, Will eyes closed and didn't open, the Paramedics came rushing "Alright people move along...there is no way the kid survived...wait a pulse! Heyy!! Mike, hurry, he's still alive!"
  5. "H-h-how can you be s-s-smiling" Alannah said to him in tears and still felt awful for what he had done for her and felt like she owed him one. "N-n-no i should be d-dead!" she said to him and she looked to see the ambulance coming and looked back at the guy as his friend started to cry and get him to wake up and she was just stood in shook and crying. Another paramedic took her to the ambulance and told her to sit down and she tried to take deep breaths to calm herself down but it wasn't working really.

    Mike looked at the girl. "Stay here sweetie" he said before rushing over. "What happened?" he asked who seemed to be the guys friend as he helped his paramedic friend next to him to sort the guy out and put him on a stretcher to take him back to the ambulance. "We don't allow three people in the ambulance but seeing as you are his friend you can come but the girl and him will be our main concern" he said to him.
  6. He could see her face, be could feel her pain, he didn't know why he did what he did...he just did, his life flashed before his eyes, his flatmates, his family, his first love, everything. Then the girl came to mind, he saved someone, at least he was going to die knowing he saved someone, but she was crying.

    All of a sudden a flash of bright light flashe, holding out it's hand, but pulled it back "Am I dead?" He said, he was scared didn't know what was happening, he looked at the figure and it shook it's head "Not your time." It said and the light darkened til it was no more.
  7. Alannah just couldn't help but look at the guy once the Ambulance was driving off again with it sirens and she was still crying as she stared at the guy who had saved her as her cuts were cleaned for her and she stroked the guys cheek. "D-don't die, p-please don't die, i-i-i owe you so much for saving me" she said to the guy before letting her hand go from his cheek and sat back in the chair she was in and sniffed as she looked at the guy who saved her. She felt like she did owe him because he just saved her life that should of been over. She thought he never should of saved her but would speak to him in the hospital when he comes around.

    "Will he survive?" she asked the paramedic as she wiped her tears away from her cheeks, her band now bandaged up from were it had a large cut on it from were she fell to the floor.
  8. "He has a light pulse but some miracle he's still alive. Tough bastard." The guy said. The pulled up to the hospital and pulled him in to a room and started working on him. It took several hours to clean and stitch him up with all the surgery and stuff, he kept going in and out but managed to live though it all.

    7 hours later
    'Don't die. Please, don't die' he hears her say to him as he opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, he was in a room, hearing the IV beeping and air being compressed to him, "W-where am?" He said as he looked around the room.
  9. Alannah nodded her head as she listened. "S-s-so he's going to live then?" she asked him and went out the hospital and was told were to go to get more checked out. She had found out she had nothing major, the only thing that needed doing was her lower arm needed stitching were the large cut was and had a bandage around it again and had been given painkillers and that for the pain she might be in and then she was allowed to go. She didn't go home though and waited in the waiting room drinking a coffee and trying to clear her mind but she wanted to see if the guy was okay and everything and kept asking for updates on him and how his surgery went and everything.

    7 hours.
    She had been told what room the guy had been taking to and was allowed to go in there and she sat by his side and waiting for him to wake up and felt awful at how bad he looked. She wiped the tears away from her cheek as she kept telling him not to die. She hadn't even realised that he had woken up until he spoke and she stood up. "You are in a hospital" she said to him and looked down at him. "You never should of saved me, i should of been here or dead, not you"
  10. That's when he saw her, she was still crying, he couldn't help but smile. "Well I did what I had to do." He said looking at her. "How are you? You doing better?" He said as he tried to lean up but failed "Ooph...that kind of hurtd..." He said looking at his chest and felt his side. He was glad that she was alive, he was really happy, she had a few minor cuts besides the one on cut on her arm that was stitched up. "Did I do that when I pushed you?" He said feeling bad about "I'm sorry, didn't mean to hury you when I did that..." He said as he shook his head in disappointment in his self. "Stupid prick..." He said to himself " try and save someone but you get them hurt in the processes....perfect, mate..juuusst perfect." He said the looking at her with embarassment "Sorry, I'll make up with the cut arm, unless your mad about it. Which I can understand."
  11. Alannah couldn't stop the tears and had been crying for a long time now. She looked at him smiling and shook her head. "No, no you didn't, I should be dead" she said to him and nodded. "I'm fine, just still in a bit of shock and pain but nothing serious" she said to him and put a hand on his shoulder gently and shook her head. "Don't try to move, they said you would hurt a lot because they had to give you surgery" she said to him and took her hand off his shoulder. She noticed him looking at the cuts she had and nodded her head. "You mean the one that's stitched up? yeah you did" she said and laughed a little. "Don't be sorry, you saved my life and I can't thank you enough for that, it's just a couple of cuts and a bang to my head" she said to him and raised her eyebrow. "More like I need to make it up to you for saving my life, you could of died" she said to him and looked at her hands. "Thank you though, thank you a lot, it's will right?"
  12. He looked at her, and smiled "No you don't have to make anything up to me. You happiness is your payment. And your alive and that's all that matters." He said as he grabbed her hand softly "Thank you, ma'am. Thank you, I just can't wait to see m...shit..." He stopped as one of his friends runs from in the door and past Alannah "Oh thank god, your still fine! Praise baby Jesus!" He said as Will noticed girl and paid no attention to it and looked at Alannah and mouthed "Please help me!" And chuckled "When you get home we are going to get you shagged and throw you a huge party and.." He stopped as Will looked at Alannah, "You've been here this entire time?" Dave said.

    Will finally saw who was at the door, Lizz Hudson, his ex girlfriend, he rolled his eyes and looked at Alanna "Get prepared." He whispered to her.

    She walked in and looked at Will "You ok..?" She said to him, she still looked beautiful as before, model, dancer, everything, "Yeah, I'm fine, what are you doing here?" He said looking at Lizz, she looked down and back up again and glared at Alannah and Will knew she was so he grabbed her hand and held it softly.
  13. Alannah looked at him and gave him a small smile. "I still feel like I should owe you, like I said before, you saved my life" she said to him and blushed a little when he took her hand and she let him take it and was going to say something and looked when his friend ran through and she couldn't help but giggle at what he mouthed to her. She raised her eyebrow at what his friend said to him and cleared her throat when he said about getting him a shag and throw a party. "Er yeah I've been here the whole time, nice to know you are going to throw him a party and get a girl to sleep with" she said and raised her eyebrow before looking at the girl. "Is she really that bad?" she asked him back in a whisper.

    She herself was a dancer, so it really wasn't that bad, sure she was a pretty girl and that but she didn't make the most of it but loved her dancing figure she had. She stayed quiet as the girl talked to Will and raised her eyebrow at Lizz and noticed the glare. "Babe, I don't go that low, so please don't glare at me or you will end up with lines on your forehead from screwing your face up too much" she said to the girl.
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  14. Will couldn't help but laugh at what she said, it hurt him when he laughed but he didn't care, it was funny. No one talked to Lizz like that, no one did and to see her face when Alannah speak to her was priceless, "Bahahahahaha, oh god that hurts but the was funny! Ahahoo bloody hell!" He said as he looked ay Alannah then at Lizz and cleared his throat "Cat got your tongue?" He said looking at her, "Don't know why you can't give me a chance to prove myself, Will." She said looking at Alannah, "Well, heyy, over here, your talking to me not her, well Ms. Pretty, I don't tolerate a female who haves sex with 16 different men and lie to me about. Sorry, oh oh and tells me to fuck off and don't give a shit about me and happy on what you did. So that's why so if you would...jog on will you." He said, "Oh and please don't disrespect her nor look at her in anyway." He said still holding Alannahs hand, "You'll regret this, you should be mine! Not hers! I deserve you!" She said and walked away. "Well at least that's over now, can't believe I dated such a little kid." He said and looked at Alannah, "Sorry you had to hear that.." He said then smiled "Actually, Dave, I'm going to spend time with her and make sure she's doing better then usual, parties and can wait." He said smiling. He realized that he was still holding her hand, "Oh, sorry, hope I didn't make you uncomfortable with that.." He said as he blushed "Oh please...I'll see you guys back at the flat." He said as he laughed and walked away.
  15. Alannah had a satisfied smirk on her lips as the guy she did know his name as Will, started to laugh. She carried on smirking and ran her tongue bar across her lips and winked at the girl. "I think she's a bit speechless to be honest" she said still smirking and looked at Will and gave him a smile. "Just telling the truth" she said smiling. She raised her eyebrow at the girl as she carried on looking at her and had a smile on her face and looked away from the girl and looked at Will on the bed and was surprised at what Will said about what the girl done to him. "Damn.." she muttered to herself and still had a hold of his hand back. "Okay well bye" she said to the girl and laughed. "How did you date her? maybe she was just good in bed" she said smiling as she looked at him and shook her head. "It's fine" she said and looked at Dave and raised an eyebrow and blushed a little. "Spend time with me?" she asked him and laughed. "No, no you can hold it if you want to, I was holding yours anyway when you was asleep" she said and looked at his friend and laughed. "Oh, i'm Alannah, you can call me Lana for short if you want"
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    He smiled and blushed what she told him, he watched as his friend left "Nice to meet you, Alannah." He said as he shook her hand. The minority of his body was scratched up, including his hands. He looked at the time and smelt himself, "Ok, I've been here long enough. I must get out of here." He said as he sat up, and the blanket fell from his chest. The doc came in and saw him "Now, Ian, you don't need to leave just yet.." She said as she came and looked at him "Ahh it would have been you..please, Amber let me go. I'm fine, just need to be home and to take a shower." He said and sat over the bed. " your as your friend, if I release you, you do NOT go party or doing anything til you rest, so I want you..." Pointing at Alannah " stay with him for a bit. Ok?" She said "You, sign this release form." She leaned and gave him a hug, " careful, I don't ever want to see you in a condition like that again, that was the worse I've ever seen you in..please.." She said wiping her face from the tears, "Take care of him, he's a strong lad, so your also in good hands, he's not like the other nasty men here on earth, so you'll be fine. Trust me." She said and walked away. "Well, who's hungry." He said as he got up and took the rob off in the bathroom which he only had boxers and not realizing the door was cracked making it easy for anyone to see. "So you hungry, Alannah?" He asked with a smile.
  17. [This is what I imagine her to look like ]

    Alannah smiled when he blushed. "I've never known a guy to blush so much actually" she said smiling and nodded as she shook his hand back. "It's nice to meet you as well" she said and didn't care that his hands were scratched up, so far she thought he was the most sweetest and caring guy ever. "Wait, you can't get out of bed" she said to him as he sat up and the blanket fell from his chest and looked to see the doctor come in and she rubbed her head and looked at her when she pointed. "Erm, I er, I guess I can stay with him" she said to her and looked at the release form and chewed on her lip and nodded her head. "I'll take care of him, I owe him that much at least and well it's good to hear that he is a good guy" she said and smiled and looked at the guy and laughed as she sat on the edge of the bed and sorted out the release forms for him as well and glanced at the door but quickly looked away from him when she saw him in just his boxers. "Yeah i'm pretty hungry, I guess we can get something to eat on the way back?"
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    "Yeah, where do you want to eat? My treat, I'm buying!" He said as he leaned down to put his pants on but instead wacked his on the sink "Ow...son of a...find my wallet!" He said as it fell out of his back pocket. He got back up and walked out of the restroom, holding his shirt in his hand and his socks and shoes, and say in a chair, putting his socks and shoes on "So what shall we go and eat?" He said looking at her and got up and got up and looked in the mirror and saw his stitches and the surgery, his back was facing her, all the scars and from the accident showed on his back, and then he put his shirt back, "So?" He smiled.
  19. Alannah was shocked at what he said. "Ermm that's not fair, you saved my life, I think I should be buying the food that we go to get" she said to him and carried on filling out the release papers and looked when she heard a whack. "Are you okay in there? you didn't hurt yourself again did you?" she asked him and looked at him as he came out the restroom and wasn't going to lie but she was looking at his body. "Errm, I don't know, i'm not really fussed to be honest because I just came back from the dance studio and giving a dance lesson, so i'm hungry as hell" she said to him and saw were he had the surgery and looked at his toned back with the scars and that. "I really don't mind, you pick what we have just something simple to be honest, maybe pizza or McDonald's, just something simple"
  20. "Ok, hungry for pizza or hamburgers." He said and touched his stomach as it growled "Stop talking shit! You'll be fed here soon." He said as he laughed, he always did that, it was his own sense of humor. "I know this All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet that's about 10 mins away from here and McDonalds is like....farther...I think." He said and realized he didn't have his keys to his car, "Plus I don't have my bloody keys, David must've taken them, he's my flatmate so don't know why he'd take my keys." He said with a weird and confused look on his face. He thanked the nurses and docs and walked toward the door "You ready ma'am?" He said as he limped to the door and smiled and chuckled.
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