Too late, the World has Ended!

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  1. "Nobody expected him to succeed, nobody ever expected it would all end like this. Now, the fate of the world is lost unless a hero rises. These are my dying words, I just hope our savior gets this. The emperor, he controls everything now. He told us all he was going to take over but we didn't believe him and by the time we realized he was telling the truth, it was too late. The amulet, the godforsaken amulet. He absorbed into his forehead, and now that tattoo gives him unimaginable power. The town, it was a peaceful town. Beautiful skies, beautiful plants. Now all the skies are black as night, the plants are corrupted and dead. He didn't stop there, he took over the world, and captured every hero we have with ease. He took their souls, everyone has given up, and am running out of time. If only the prophecy were true, if only a hero would rise. The prophecy said that when the old enemy croaks, they will rise. All the enemies are dead, except----

    The old man died of a heart attack, one of the only natural caused deaths that happened. The letter was sent, yet nobody came. Is this so called prophecy even true? The evil emperor still rules over the earth, enslaving billions, everyone lives in fear, the unstoppable emperor, he controls all, he see's all, he knows all.

    As you can tell, we will be young children hidden away in the skies, waters, earth, fire and etc. We are hidden in places where normal people could never hide. We were born there, and like the emperor, we have unimaginable powers. The world has been conjured, and we must reclaim it. This will be an epic journey across the world, as we learn to control our powers, and become stronger. The better the chance of freeing the world. The time, is now!