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  1. [​IMG]

    Set in the near future, Earth and humanity is not what we remember it as anymore. World wars ravaged our once great planet, it's black blood becoming too scarce to sustain nations. Humans were scheduled for extinction within a century, until we drew our last card, and evolved ourselves. It's origin top secret, humanity has turned to evolving itself in order to guarantee survival, with a strange liquid called Charge.

    Charge gives humans the ability to wield the power of the elements and beyond with a simple sip. It comes in many forms, and has become the most essential consumable known. Lives were improved, Streets were safe, and most important of all, humanity was still going.

    There was one universal law for the Charge: Never use it as a weapon. Unfortunately, such things have happened. Large crates of Charge had been given to local gangs, making them powerful and fearful at the same time. In response, the police and military forces had been given Charges, with a 'fight fire with fire' mentality, resulting in a highly hostile and dangerous environment for both the lawful, and the unlawful.

    Your story begins in Pacifica City, birthplace of Charge and home to one of the most dangerous gangs in the nation. Who you are in this world is up to you. Are you with the law? Or against it? Do you wield unrelenting force, bending the elements to your will? Or are you against it all?

    As you may have expected, there are rules, and they will be enforced heavily, so do take your time to read through them.

    Obey the standard Iwaku Roleplay rules.
    Respect your fellow roleplays, both In Character, and Out of Character.
    NO GODMODDING. [Auto-hitting without giving the other a chance to react]
    You cannot have more than 3 Charges at once.
    Be active! Try to post at least ONCE a day.
    Failure to do so will result in being removed from the roleplay and your character killed.
    No goku'ing [Instantly coming back from near-death situations with an entirely new Charge. You know what I mean.]
    Your character MUST have an occupation.
    Do not make your character a simple citizen and expect to be involved in events during the roleplay.
    This will be a LENGTHY roleplay! If you have school/college/work that gets in your way of posting at least once a day, do not join.
    If you do not appear to be remotely active on Iwaku, there is a high chance you will be rejected, we are looking for active roleplayers to commit to this roleplay fully.

    You may make your character sheet in any form you like, however, there are a few essential things you need to state when making said character.

    A picture of your character.
    A physical description to go along with the picture.
    The character's full name.
    The character's age.
    The character's personality.
    A brief history, at least two paragraphs in length. [This can be voided if you want to keep the character's history a secret. You need GM permission before doing so.]
    An occupation.
    Charge(s). [To be explained in a second post, so leave this blank for now.]
    Extra details are not required, but it would make your character look better overall, and give us a better idea of how to include you into the roleplay.


    Too|Human was forged by multiplepeople. The GMs and those who helped will be listed here.

    City and world-building: Jacen | Volitaire

    Plot: IAmEnzo | Volitaire

    Charge Ideas: Mikeyoshi27 | Volitaire | IAmEnzo

    General Ideas: Beloved Doll | Ana Conda | Mikeyoshi27 | Tsunni | sliverlinedmist

    Rule Enforcers: Tsunni | Volitaire | sliverlinedmist

    GFX: Tsunni


    How long is 'lengthy'?
    We expect the roleplay to end at around 3k to 5k posts.

    I have school/college/work, but it only affects my time on some days. Can I still join?
    That depends on if you think you can put out at least a single post a day. If you're not sure, PM me, or Volitiare.

    Do I have to be a super elite MLG-status roleplayer to join?
    Nope! Grammar and spelling can be excused if you post at least two paragraphs.

    What happens if I suddenly have to disappear for a few days?
    Alert me or Volitaire prior to disappearing with a reason for disappearing, and whether or not we should expect to see you return.

    Is foul language allowed?
    Yes, but keep it sensible, please. This isn't WorldStarHipHop.

    I have a character all set up, but I don't know what to do with Charges.
    There will be a second post containing all available Charges for your character to use, so you're perfectly okay to post your character without one until that list of Charges is posted. However, do not expect to be accepted until you have chosen one.

    fite me
    add me on XBL noob i have 10th prestige on COD MW3 an my dad works for microsoft so i'll rek u xDDD

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  2. [​IMG]
    The biggest question could possibly be; What is a Charge? How do they work? Will it get rid of the rash? This section's here to explain what Charge is, and how they'll work in Too|Human.

    Firstly, you should know that there are two types of Charges. Consumable Charges, which are bottles you can drink for a temporary effect, and then there are Injectable Charges, which provide a permanent effect once inside of your blood stream.

    Consumable Charges are available to the public and law enforcement, as well as the military. They serve as quick solutions to many of life's problems without actually sticking around for very long. However, to lengthen the duration of a consumable Charge's effect, you need to take a Stimpack, or Stim for sort. These are small, one-time use needles that 'restart' the Charge and allow it to last up to a day longer. Stimpacks are also available to the public, law enforcement, and military.

    Injectable Charges last a lifetime, as it exists within the bloodstream of it's user, instead of the stomach. They DO require the use of Stimpacks, but do not fade away like a consumable Charge, rather they simply become dormant, like an empty reCHARGEable (lol) battery. These are NOT available to the public, and are only offered to qualified law enforcement and military. They are extremely pricey to add onto that, and are still a, it's black blood becoming too scarce to sustain nations.



    The user can teleport within a given radius. (The radius depends on the distance labeled on the Charge.) Simply a quick getaway.
    Put Winterfresh to shame with this chilling Charge. Able to freeze a small body of water within a mere minute. (Freezing time depends on how much water is present. Try not to use this on humans please.)

    Mould | Clearsight
    'Mould' | Temporary active camo, so camouflage that actively changes to blend in with your surroundings, the blending being more effective the slower you move. think halo cloaking.

    'Clearsight' | When activated gives the user the ability to turn a part of their body invisible such as a hand, foot, leg, head, ect. It is possible to turn their whole body invisible but this causes the charge to deplete quickly giving you a short time.

    Randomly changes your physical characteristics to give you a whole new appearance for a short period of time.

    Closes wounds by increasing the speed of which cells reconstruct by 10x the speed. All without the mess unsterile needles and threads!

    Stops bleeding for a limited time. Repeated use may be considered to keep someone from bleeding before they can recieve further assistance.

    Grants the user the ability to spark a small fire anywhere on their body. Think of yourself as a human lighter.

    This Charge heightens your senses to that of a bloodhound dog. Careful, you may get a nosebleed.


    Phantom Opera
    Ethereal afterimages of yourself are projected and used to make several successful strikes on your target. The amount of afterimages produced depends on how many times, you, strike the target. The momentum can be kept up if you roll along with the punches. Be wary that each afterimage strike is weaker than the last, so use this Charge sparingly to maintain lethality. Yes, something did just touch you.
    Tazer Bolt
    A near paralyzing bolt of electricity is shot through the users hands, eyes, anywhere the the user can find a suitable release for the bolt. It can even be used on weaponry, like a gun, a blade, or glove to augment their capabilities. Weaker shocks tend to be at a tazers voltage, strong enough to incapacitate the target. Stronger bolts can be lethal but drains the users use of the Charge more quickly. Still not a conduit.

    A charge that acts as a defibrillator, but without the use of electricity. It is used to awaken an unconscious body back to life. Jazz hands.

    This Charge gives you the ability to shift into your animistic nature, and it'll go as far as to physically change you. (Not an actual shapeshift, more like half-human half-animal. Fur/scales for skin, slit pupils, etc) Fresh from the zoo.

    Wind Back
    Time manipulation, allows someone o negate any damage done to their body by winding back their time. however, the damage comes back all at once as soon as the ability deactivates so the user still has to be careful about sustaining lethal damage

    A space manipulation one like jumper, allows someone to create personal pocket dimensions they can store items in.

    The charge allows the user to liquefy any metal or alloy the come into contact with, and coat it over their body in order to create a metallic second skin, creating an armor with no weak points. If the user liquefies any 'excess' metal, they can add spikes, blades, or extra armour plating to their 'skin' in order to heighten their offensive and defensive capabilities respectively. The user, however, has to make sure to 'shed' the second skin before the charge's effects wear off, or else the armour will completely solidify around them, trapping and most likely suffocating them. If the user doesn't have access to enough metal to make a full armour, they can make a partial skin with what metal they have. for example, making a pair of 'gauntlets' out of two steel ingots. Also the armour is obviously only as durable as the metals that make it up, so an armour made out of a liquefied car won't have any more bullet stopping power than the car did itself.

    If you have an idea on a Charge, feel free to drop me or Volitiare a PM.
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  3. Name: Jacen Marcellus Eirsith
    DOB: 12/3/1995(Age 25)
    Occupation: Gunsmith: Shop Owner/Manager of ONI Systems. Private Contractor: Whoever pays.
    Description: A somewhat taller gentleman, standing at about 6'1 with tanned skin and blue eyes. Raven haired, but can look blue in the right light to some.
    Well built, but slim due to his height. Often seen wearing tinted glasses and has a blue ring on his right hand, bearing his family's crest. Usually sticks to business/business casual attire, but is known to sport the classic T-shirt and jeans look whenever he's crafting or when in more relaxed settings.

    Personality: A serious, but kind person. Jacen is always courteous, professional, and to the point...unless his contract says to be otherwise. Very confident in his abilities and knowledge, Jacen knows that he has the city essentially in his pocket and isn't afraid to make that known when someone foolishly tries to jerk him around. He's very good at "playing the part." Has the tendency to be a bit of a potty mouth at times. One of his vices along with vaporizers.
    History: Never one to give his life story to the news, Jacen is a reserved type of guy. A transplant engineering genius from the ever so peaceful Inter-European Territories, very few know of his personal life and life before he took up residence in Pacifica. He came to Pacifica shortly after the Charges were introduced, in search of opportunities, a chance to show his knowledge...and to make money. A more than capable soldier, Jacen served shortly with the Inter-European Defense Force during the wars as a field intelligence operative and oversaw weapons management/development within IEDF high command. After he was discharged, he used his smarts to create and license weapons and accessories. Upon arrival in Pacifica City, his talent was almost immediately recognized by local law enforcement during his initial pitch for improved officer armor. He gained a reputation among the city's enforcement agencies and districts for manufacturing some of the fastest and most temperature resistant firearms ever, under the company name of ONI Systems Fortunately for him, only the commanders and most elite of officers knew who he was...the regular on the beat cops, guards, and customers that came into his store had no idea he was the mind behind a good number of the guns they carried every day.
    After ill-fated attempt at robbing his store, Jacen shot up a few thugs running off of a Charge trip. Unfortunately for them...they didn't have a Charge that made them resistant to .45 caliber rounds. Jacen decided to use his military training in tandem with his smarts in order to become a private contractor for whoever paid the right amount of money...he realized he was still a better shot than the people he sold weapons to in the first place. Often working by himself to provide security/overwatch for small meetings or exchanges; Jacen was able to recruit a few off-duty officers to help out with larger scale details. Motorcades, escort and protection, even...gang affiliated weddings. It was all money and bullets to him.
    The seemingly normal shopkeeper was running a private security firm in damn near secret, requiring whoever worked with him on a job to keep exchange for some very handsome funding.
    After the Charges got into the hands of law enforcement and military, the streets were slightly safer and he didn't work as many jobs with the local officers and citizens. While in no bind for cash, Jacen's ambitious nature got to him and he opened up to take almost any long as the pay was good and guaranteed. Military efforts, secret "errands and problem resolution" for city officials, even local corporations. In a twist of fate, one of these officials was deep into gang investigation and response. After an errand to bust up a deal between local gang soldiers that resulted in near unanimous casualties...Jacen received the moniker of "Hitman" from one lone survivor, the investigator's contact and lieutenant of one of the gangs. Jacen was now in deep, raking in cash from whoever needed the help...but once you get the reputation of a's hard to lose.

    Welcome to the other side of the law.
    Charges: Tazer Bolt(origin to be revealed in roleplay)

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  4. Name: Leonard "Leo" Hawkins
    Age: 24 (Born Sept. 17, 1996)

    Leonard has your run of the mill athletic build. He stands at 6 ft. even, 157lb's. His form is slender yet well kept. You can sometimes see his chiseled muscles through the imprints left on his light outerwear. His skin is a light cream color. Covering it is a thick yet wavy head of dark brown hair and peering through his wayward fringe are a pair of sharp, green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a white casual shirt with a darker sweater over top of it. He prefers the colors of beige, burgundy, various shades of blue, and silver. He will often wear shades as well. Gray, black, white, things of that nature. Usually as an undershirt inside of a jacket. He keeps to wearing darker shaded pants and kicking around in dress shoes and boots.
    Personality: Leonard is vocal when he wants to be, but can be cynical and a slight pessimist. He will only take towards the side of the optimistic if he is sure the clouds have cleared over the situation. But don't expect much encouragement from him otherwise. He'd feel it's unnecessary as he would expect someone else to deal with something their own way. He has a very dry sense of humor, rarely laughing at most jokes that others would find hilarious. To finalize it, he's not the person you invite to parties.

    Charges: To be revealed in the Roleplay.
    History: Leonard's family has been actively, and publicly supporting the "Charge" project. Funding them often and viewing secret tests they were invited to for their stalwart investments into the project. Of course, the Charge Project was under the eyes of a curious, yet dangerous sort. Leonard's family had suffered through kidnappings, ransoms, hits, and other forms of injustices for their knowledge and affiliation into the Project. All for the pursuit of finding out about the Charges and seeing what could be found and replicated for other Companies. These awful happenings has warped Leonard's view on the Corporate world. Finding it corrupt, disgusting, and only as valuable as the service they're providing. As far as he is now concerned he'd had any CEO burned at the stake just under the assumption that he/she is corrupt. Because of a string of murders his home and land was left to him under inheritance and most of his Immediate Family was buried. Other members left Pacifica City to forget about the travesties that befell their Family. As for Leonard he didn't want to leave his home behind. Right now, he lives with his aging mother and manages to keep her in good health.
    Occupation: Leonard is currently in the process of finding a new Occupation to fill his time.
    Character Theme

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  5. [​IMG]

    Jason "The Mobster" Flynn


    Jason has a short mane of dirty blond hair that reaches down to the nape of his neck, his face is well shaped with sharp jaws and a slightly prominent chin covered with a little stubble. His eyes are a strikingly sharp blue and has a small scar right under his right eye. Jason's build is athletic and he constantly wears a fedora on his head that goes along with a suit and an overcoat.

    He's a CFO in one of the major Charge developing companies within Pacifica

    Jumper and Stitch

    Jason is a cold, calculating person who sees everything as a variable. Most of the times, he tries to control his emotions, making sure it's neutral to his surroundings so that he can make the most rational decision possible, while most think this as cold way to live life, he sees human emotions as nothing more than a way to compromise sound judgement. Some consider him detached and arrogant, and although he can't disagree with them, he knows himself better than other, he likes to think of himself as balanced; neither kind nor rude but can be both when the time calls for it.

    Jason grew up with a very privileged childhood, his mother being CEO of the company he now works for and his father a very successful plastic surgeon, as a kid, Jason had everything and anything. Of course, with parents that had very demanding jobs, he never really got to see much of them, which led to him being introduced to the street life and the hangouts of local thugs and drug dealers.

    He immediately found a group of people who noticed him, instead of pushing him aside like his parents, and he quickly became part of their group. By his mid-teens he was deep in the drug dealer business and so deep in it's addiction his parents had him move from Pacifica to a rehab out of state. He stayed within the rehab for several years before leaving in his late teens and immediately joining up with his gang once again, he made sure, however, that it was hidden from his parents' knowledge.

    Things began to change when charges were introduced and his thug life came to a sudden halt due to the sudden increase of power the police had. Leaving his gang behind before he was imprisoned, he took a job at his mother's firm and began buying charges with the family wealth and immediately saw an opportunity; he began selling the charges in the black market to a variety of customers until he came across an old friend-turned-mercenary who told him of a private contractor that he could get in touch with that would distribute the Charges and bring him a lofty profit. After contacting the contractor and meeting at a discreet location they agreed to the terms of the deal and their business venture began.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Genka Raiton

    Description: Genka Raiton is a 5'8 22 year old male. He dons an apathetic face with short black hair and brow eyes. He has slightly tan colored skin with a hint of irritation in his eyes from having to deal with people.

    Personality: Genka is a pessimistic man who keeps to himself if possible. Having a sense of morality, he does what he can for those who need his help. He puts on a fake attitude when around others to make him seem more lighthearted than he actually is.

    Charges: Tazer Bolt

    History: Genka, an only child, lived with his mother and father at a young age. His parents, whose names are currently undisclosed, were scientists working for the PharaCell Co. They were some of the founding members of the Charge Project. At first they were unaware of the evil intentions that the company had, they betrayed them. Attempting to sabotage the project, they were found out and killed. With the loss of his parents Genka had to start acting on his own. Unaware of why they were killed, Genka swears vengeance against the PharaCell Co.
    by using their Charges against them. He made friends with a few people as a teenager and ended up with a rebel group known as The Syndicate. There he learned how to fight using his agility, speed, endurance, dexterity, and natural strength. While working for The Syndicate, he was sent out on a mission to retrieve packages for them. Not knowing what they were or what they were for. Once there, he and his group were ambushed. During the catastrophe, Genka got injected with a charge. The power rushed through his body as he exploded with a lightning pulse that took out the entire area. He then passed out. When he woke up, he looked around and saw all the people who were sent on the mission with him were dead. Unaware of what happened and afraid to face The Syndicate, he fled. Having been years after that faithful event, he learned how to utilize his newfound abilities. His goal now is to find out why his parents were killed and to get revenge on the PharaCell Co.

    Occupation: Genka is a freelancing vigillante with a moral standpoint. He works for those who need his help.
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  7. Name: Saige Alstair

    D.O.B: February 18, 1997 (Age of Twenty Three)

    • Height: Five foot Seven
    • Weight: One hundred and Thirty five
    • Complexion: Fair
    • Hair Colour: Sandy Blonde
    • Hair Length: Shoulder Blades Rest
    • Eye Colour: Azure Blue

    Personality: Jovial and light in the ways of the world, Saige is a very welcoming sort of young woman. Accommodating and polite in a southern hospitality way of sense, the girl is nothing sort of being the girl you'd bring home to momma. But that may merely be for show and courteous nature. Don't let the sweet face fool you, this girl is nothing short of selling your organs to the highest bidder if it has the right price, she'll sell you your own grandmother given the chance. She haughty and hot tempered when past the official pleasantries while enjoying the fact that she can often charm her way into any sort of mess or then again, out of- with a right word or a well aimed bullet. Saige is a multi faceted young lass.

    Charges: Firefly and Phantom Opera (If and when acceptably applicable)

    Occupation: Hired hand to whomever can afford her that day.

    History: She keeps things on the down low about her history, not often wasting the time to have a heartfelt touchy feely moment with many nor any. She was raised well enough, taught and prided in her years of school though she is nothing sort of a rebellious being in her teens. Even in the well comfort of her own home and the joy of her parents, Saige took to leaving the abode when she was seventeen and moving to the prime city to learn more about this fabled and rumoured Charge system that might be part of humanities future.

    Though everything comes with a price and Saige was no different. Having taken to the ways of bullets and high quality unique guns and rifles; the southern miss quickly saw such a way to pay her bills and possibly heighten her chances of getting an up close and personal view of the Charge system.

    It seemed things happened in her favour though it has never been fully told to how Saige acquired her abilities, namely as she puts it, "The past is for stories with time and peace, which we ain't got neither of."
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  8. Updated the second post with a new injectable charge; Byta. (Idea given by Tsunni.)
  9. [​IMG]

    Personal Information



    23 Years Old

    Physical Information


    Hair color:
    Jet Black

    Eye color:
    Faded Cyan

    Body type:
    Lean | Athletic

    Defining Mark(s):
    Slight discoloration around the right hand's ring finger.

    Combat skills:
    Hand-to-hand [Expert]
    Pistols [Expert]
    Shotguns [Average]
    Rifles [Average]
    Sniper rifles [Poor]
    Charge [Good]


    Systematic Information

    Occupation Log:
    Age 16, Drafted into the military [Navy Seals]

    Age 20, Discharged from the military [Dishonorable]

    Age 21, Began working. [Detective]

    Brief History:
    Born and raised in Pacifica city as an average child, Enzo led a carefree life away from the common worries of the outside world, until the age of 16. Life inside the military wasn't only tough, but opened up the world's problems to Enzo at once, making him slightly wary of his own future.

    As a requirement for enlisting, Enzo was given a Consumable charge of Firefly, which he used to serve him in several operations during his time of service. However, one mission based on America's soil left him with a dishonorable discharge, a cut off family, and a strong hate for Charges.

    One year later, at the brink of becoming homeless, Enzo became a detective for those that paid well, though he never dealt business with shady individuals. A lot of his work had him working side-by-side with the PCPD (Pacifica City Police Department), and has gained him some reputation in PC as a cop without limitations.

    Constant exposure to the harsh city of PC and with little to nobody to speak to, Enzo quickly developed a pessimistic view of life, seeing gangsters and Charge junkies as beings who don't deserve life on this Earth, and because of his past with the military, he swore to himself never to use a Charge again.

    Straight-forward people


    Baggy | Loose clothing
    Loud music
    Rich people
    Charge users
    Charges in general

    Clingy people
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  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Bellatrix Faust

    Age: 24 (Born January 13th, 1996)

    Occupation: Assistant to an important man. (To be revealed later)

    Description: Bellatrix is a fit woman, standing at about 5'9 with long, straight, red hair and bright blue eyes. With her bangs cut perfectly straight across every time, and her clothes always neat and proper, one might think of her as a military woman, and they'd be right. Because of this, her posture is always perfect, she often has her hands neatly behind her back, and she always makes sure that she looks proper when presenting herself. She's not overly obsessed with her looks, but she certainly cares. She has a large green and black tattoo on her pale-skinned chest, which she has never revealed to anyone and doesn't plan to anytime soon.

    Personality: At first, when meeting her, you might think she's cold-hearted. Her stone cold personality might make you think she could kill you and feel no remorse, which she probably could. However, she does have feelings, she's just not one to let them show. The only emotion she ever shows is anger, considering all others are easy to control. When she's angry, however, all rules go out the window, and she won't stop until she brings "justice" to whatever made her so upset. It takes a very special and specific person to calm her down while she's in such a rage. She's not one you'd even want to be in the same area with when she gets angry.

    Despite potential anger issues, she's the fiercely loyal type. That's part of the reason why she has the job she has. Once you're on her good side, you aren't likely to leave it, no matter what you do. That being said, it's not easy to get on her good side. It will take a lot of friendliness and commitment to be her friend. She's often quiet due to her personality, only speaking when spoken to. Speak to her enough though, and she will speak just as much back to you. Bellatrix believes in being even and uniform in everything.
    There is only one man who she is casual with, who would be the man she works for. She wouldn't dare let anyone else hear her speak in such a way, though. Try to be casual with her, and she will probably get irritated. Don't you dare use nicknames with her, especially not "Trixie".

    History: Bellatrix has a long history, starting from when she was a very small child. Her mother was killed while she was young enough to not remember, and it's always been just her father. They had no other family. (At least none that she ever knew of.) Her father often spoke of how much he loved her mother, and how much she looked like her, but he never went into details about how she died, or anything about her really. All she knows about her mother is that she was very beautiful and loved her and her father very much. Growing up for her was hard, seeing as her father was an ex military general who was dishonorably discharged due to something he would never talk about. Something told her it had to do with her mother, though, since it happened not too long after she was born. She loved her father more than anything, and she knew it was hard on him to raise her alone like this, so she tried her best to be a good child. Because of this, she didn't get a real childhood, often being more mature and well behaved than most adults she ever met. Her father only wanted her to live a normal childhood, but with things the way they were, he knew that could never happen.

    One day a strange man came to their home, speaking with her father about things she didn't understand. He then grabbed her hand and took her out the door, her father simply smiling weakly and waving as she went away. The man turned out to be an unlicensed doctor dealing in things that would only cause people harm, and she was a test subject out to make money for her and her father against her will. The only thing that got her through each day was knowing that her father was there waiting for her at home, waiting with open arms and a warm hug, knowing what he was doing was wrong. He felt there was no other choice. After a couple years of testing, torture, intense training and pure misery, she was finished. She had enough, and she was going to end it whether they wanted her to or not. Unfortunately, not all went as planned, so a few lives were lost from her rage, lives she deemed worthless as she spit upon their corpses. After escaping, she ran home, only to find that her worst nightmare had come true. Her father in bed, gun in hand and blood splattered against the wall. She immediately called 911, hoping that it wasn't true and everything she saw was an illusion of some sort, but what she saw was reality. Her father had killed himself, abandoned her, and she was completely alone. The police had immediately sent her to a hospital after they finished with the scene of her father's death, thinking she may be traumatized with how silent she was being. She hated hospitals, but there was nowhere for her to go. She was alone, and had no one to turn to in this time of need. Fortunately, another man came to her, offering her a deal. He knew about the experiments and everything that had happened with her father, and he pitied her. He offered to take her in, but only if she promised to help him protect his family, namely his son who was the same age as her. Having no other purpose or reason to turn him down, she accepted, and that is how she got where she is today. She still works with this man's son, and is closer to him than anyone else, he being the special person mentioned before.

    Charges: That's to remain a secret, for now.

    Character Song

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  11. N A M E

    Sgt. Jasper Real

    A G E

    C H A R G E S
    Jumper, Mask

    R E S U M E
    Basic Combat Training (Police Force Entry Requirements)
    Business & Management
    Licensed Police Officer
    4 Years Basic Police Service
    1 Year Desk Sergeant

    O C C U P A T I O N
    Desk Sergeant, Pacifica City Police Department

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Jasper is not the most socially adept person, and her presence often causes discomfort to those around her. With a monotonous voice, she is unintentionally deadpan making it difficult to distinguish between sarcasm and blunt honesty (which come in equal parts - neither is well-received). Her face is fixed in an unimpressed expression, eyes glazed over, creating the illusion that she isn't really listening when you talk to her. None of this is intentional, but at this point she is used to putting people off and can't be bothered to change her mannerisms.

    As a desk sergeant, she plays the role of intimidating superior perfectly: scrupulous, strict, and unforgiving. While she a workaholic who doesn't have much of a life outside of her job, she still appreciates the finer things in life that she was raised with (which her salary doesn't quite support). She can usually be found reading investigation reports at her desk (which she demands hand-written on paper rather than typed), a cup of long since cooled coffee left forgotten at the corner (black, with a spoonful of sugar depending on her mood).

    Honestly speaking, Jasper has little personal investment in public safety and is indifferent at best towards Charge use. Her motivation comes instead from ambition and a passing desire to prove something to herself. If she's going to do something, she is going to do it well or not at all.

    H I S T O R Y
    Jasper was born into an influential family - both in wealth and political power. As the younger sibling, she did not have the responsibilities and expectations that her parents placed on her older sister, but received a thorough education nonetheless. She grew up in the shadow of her sister, a promising politician, and rather than trying to compete with her on the same field, entered the police force to her parents' minor disappointment.

    As an officer, she struggled with the combat and physical training as she was neither particularly athletically gifted nor had any need of it for her sheltered upper-class upbringing. She did however show potential in a more managerial position with a flair for critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. After enduring four years of field work, Jasper recently received an early promotion to Desk Sergeant. This was not well received by many senior members, and she still is trying to secure others' respect and compliance.

    A P P E A R A N C E
    Black hair ◦ Grey Eyes ◦ Pallid Skin ◦ Short (5'4) ◦ Slight build
    Professional ◦ Sharp ◦ Uniform ◦ Civvies: Dress shirts & Slacks ◦ Reading Glasses ◦ Ties ◦ Monochrome


    T H E M E
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  12. [​IMG]
    Leila Santiago

    Twenty one

    Delivery person/Messenger

    Job Description
    Delivering messages and packages to whoever requests through the [insert Delivery Business Name] service. So he could get orders from her manager or whoever else requests.


    Leila is a relatively tall girl, standing at 5'9'' and weighing about 145 lbs. Her hair is blackish brown and during the day she keeps it long, going past her shoulders. At night she ties is up in either a ponytail or a bun. Her eyes are gray, although sometimes they appear to be black depending on how close you are to her.

    When on the job, she wears a brown work boots, and a light blue jumpsuit which she cut at the torso and added a belt to because it was hard to move around in.

    When off the job, she usually wears leather jackets, boots, shades, crop tops and jeans. Because she rides a scooter, she never wears skirts, dresses or loose flowing clothing.

    She used to have a black moped that her employer gave her, but after an accident she bought a yellow Skywave.

    Angampora Fighting Style
    Scaling buildings (as long as she can get a grip)
    Navigation (She uses the Bloodhound charge when she can't find someone)

    Some people would call Leila 'blissfully ignorant' but in truth she's anything but. She knows what's going on, and she knows that there are terrible people out there, but she just chooses to do nothing about it. She likes her job, it pays well and keeps her away from her coddling and nagging parents. You won't ever see her choosing a side, as she likes staying neutral. Someone with specific affiliations doesn't get hired, ya know?

    When dealing with clients or the people she delivers to, she's always polite but not too polite. She'll say her 'pleases' and 'thank yous' but as soon as you start getting too friendly, she'll put her foot down. (Sometimes literally.)

    Leila was raised by two worrisome and coddling parents. Because of them constantly screening her potential friends and romantic interests, she ended up growing up alone, friendless and loveless. It wasn't as though they were abusive and wanted her to never have anyone but them, it was more like they knew what kind of people were out there and didn't want to see their baby girl hurt. So whenever Leila brought someone home, be it a friend or crush, her parents would get them alone and 'work them' so to speak. The friend/crush would usually get out of there within the next fifteen minutes. Of course, when her parents did this, they never let Leila know what they were doing so when it kept happening, Leila assumed that it was her fault and that something was wrong with her. So she began to isolate herself, and stopped making friends and letting her love interests know that she was well...Interested.

    On her sixteenth birthday, Leila's parents insisted and begged that she spend it with them, but because Leila had isolated herself for so long (well her parents really, but she didn't know that yet), she didn't want to be in their company either. So she went out and walked the city streets alone, not really doing anything exciting, just taking a walk. At some point, she ended up walking down a road she usually avoided, not because bad people resided their, but because it was where most of the shops were and she didn't want to risk getting trampled by busy people. But she ended up there that day, and found herself in front of (Insert Delivery Business name) shop. The shop owner, noticed her stand there and invited her in, thinking that she had come to ask for a job. So he started asking her questions and found that he liked her nonchalance and hired her on the spot.

    Leila returned home with a moped and a uniform and her parents freaked out. Their daughter, visiting homes of strangers every day and giving them packages with God knows what in them! They yelled at her and begged her to go back and quit the job, but Leila refused as she found that she actually wanted to try it out. After hours upon hours of yelling, it finally came out. "WE SCARED THOSE KIDS AWAY FROM YOU FOR A REASON!" Leila was enraged and left the house, jumping on her moped and riding away. She didn't know where to go but she knew that she couldn't go back home to her manipulative and lying parents. The shop owner from before, came across her later that day and after hearing her story invited her to live in an apartment above the shop. "Naturally I'll be residing with my family in another area." He said to her when he saw her suspicious face. So Leila accepted, and her and her employer returned to her house to get her things. For some odd reason, her parents approached her pale faced and nervous and gave her their permission to live by herself.

    It was revealed two years later that Leila's employer had had a word with her parents alone. She didn't know what was said though, but she didn't care either. Despite finding out that her parents had destroyed any chance of her ever having friends or a boyfriend, Leila still kept in contact with them.

    She has the bad habit of eating while she's on her scooter.
    Despite her impassive demeanor, if she thinks you're hot her thoughts will be filled with 'juicy details'.
    She absolutely hates children, because whenever she comes back from delivering something, they're always playing on her scooter.
    She feeds stray animals, and wants to get a dog but her daily life won't allow it.
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  13. I just want to say, while i most likely won't be joining this rp simply for reason of an already full schedule, i do quite like the concept of this rp, and if it were a manga i'd definitely read it (kinda gives me a 'Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything' kind of vibe).

    just wanted to pop in and say that because i'm a strong believer in supporting good storytelling ^_^
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  14. Oh, also, if you;re ever short on ideas for charges, hit me up. Creating new and varied powers is something of a specialty of mine ^_^
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  15. Thanks Buio, surely as you can see, our Charge list is quite small, so if you do have any ideas for one, shoot me a PM! (Don't literally shoot me though.)

    As for our roleplayers, Too Human will begin soon, we're just waiting on a few more of our people.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Harvard Throne
    Harvard stands about 5'7, almost reaching to 5'8. Usually his hair grows out long in about three or four months when he forgets to trim it, so he would sometimes put it up in a small low ponytail. Wears hoodies and skinny jeans as his everyday attires. Sometimes throws in a beanie.

    Harvard is a reserved man who doesn't really talk much. He observes rather than speak, as it might seem creepy to other people. Harvard is usually absent-minded so he doesn't pay much attention around his surrounding, since he's always lost in his thoughts. Seen as apathetic when really, he's not.

    Pizza Delivery Man
    Throughout his whole childhood experience, Harvard was alone. His parents barely had time for him and he had no friends, since he was antisocial. It was the same from middle to highschool; his peers noticed him but didn't exactly "know" him. He didn't mind though, since he didn't need their affections or their approval (says that to comfort himself). After college, he jumped from job to job; constantly getting fired for poor performance.

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  17. [​IMG]

    information for a o n exx n i g h t xxs t a n d ❞

    Yeah yeah, we met last July at the bar. Judging by her body, I thought she was a prostitute, and when I offered to take her to a hotel, she socked me in the jaw-- left a nasty bruise. Apparently, she had a lot of muscle too. After clearing up the misunderstanding, she apologized and bought me a drink. She had white hair that stood out, probably because it was the sheerest, purest snow white I'd ever set eyes on. She was shorter than me by a few inches--let me make a guess, five feet eight? Sounds about right. And damn, her eyes, man. They were this deep blue color y'know, like the ocean but think...think even deeper. We had a long conversation after...well, I mean, I was really the only one talking. She kept nodding and shit, made me feel like I wasn't entertaining her, so at one point, I started to get up, called it quits and said goodbye-- but she wasn't even there when I looked back up. I didn't even know her name.

    recorded in the ❝ g o v e r n m e n txx f i l e s ❞
    Name Renee Teppet
    Age Twenty-Three

    She builds aluminum walls packed tight with fool's gold and fills the holes and cracks with steel cement. Her attitude is razor sharp, spiraling out in all directions, controlled yet chaotic, her interaction brittle, unmoving and resolute, not stopping for anyone but those that have earned her respect. She is a guard dog trained to attack on command, her command, her boss's command, whichever, whatever, give her the word and she'll bite. She slips into ice, letting people see but a blurry outline of her figure, and only that which she allows: a frigid pattern of overused phrases, a series of passwords designed to lock the desperation, the need, the small child outside in the rain-- these, she has to keep them in. She has no other choice.


    Occupation Specialized Forces
    Charges Byta
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  18. [​IMG]
    Personal Information:
    [Codename] "Abaddon" Formally Gabriel Romero a.k.a "Paladin"
    [Age] 26

    Physical Information

    [Height] 6ft 4in

    [Hair color]
    Unknown. Pressumabed to be black.

    [Eye color]
    Unknown. Pressumed to be brown

    [Body type]

    Abaddon's body is wirey and sinuous. Sleek and almost cat-like. He has a very nimble physique and has the uncanny ability of hiding its strength behind a facade of limber muscle that, at first glance, doesn't appear to be much. This is a ruse, however. It makes him shockingly adroit which pays homage to his love of all things bladed and serrated. He has also trained himself to be double jointed in multiple locations making escape for him a near constant reality.

    [Defining Mark(s)]

    -Wears the banner A Cruce Salus "From the cross comes salvation".

    - A large 'Machete'-type blade with "Qui Vixit"Latin for "Who Lived"

    -Wears black, armored military suit with hardpoints of cermamic and metal plating covering weak spots including the chestand groin.

    -Has a modified armored helmet with a 'faceplate' of an actual human skull attached.

    [Combat skills]

    Being former special forces, Abaddon formerly known as Gabriel, was trained in a myriad of tactical and strategic methods. Including, and ironically at that, counter-terrorism. He was trained with various weaponry including the M4 carabine, the Mk.14 EBR, and M9. Though his mainstay, and preffered method of execution is with something bladed, usually a modified machete or bowie knife. If anything, he is extremely deadly with knives and his bare hands than he is with a gun.

    Caution is a foremost when confronting this man.

    Abaddon has also been trained in sabatoge which includes demolitions, guriella warfare and assassination. Though by no means is a true assassin. He has various networks as well; people like minded or forced to commit due to the threat of violence or worse--torture and death at the hands of this brutal man. He has advanced, but not expert skills with computers and smart phones--especially when it contibutes to making an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) of some sort.

    [Charges] Stich (?), Bandage (Possibly)


    Abaddon's strengths lie in the ambiguity of his nature. There's just something truly terrifying to be said about someone who seems to have no rhyme or real true reason for comitting heinous acts of terrorisim and sheer violence. Not being able to understand what one is up against is his true strength.

    However, if you are talking about physical ability, Abaddon is at the top when it comes to close-quarters combat. His ability to move swift and yet still pack a lethal blow (If he just stops at one), is not to be underestimated. His throwing knives can cover short distances with great accuracy, while heavier ones hes used to butcher people before are intentionally heavy the blades sport deliberate 'chipping' to bite into flesh and tear rather than just cleanly cut which provides more risk for the opponent.


    If one of Abaddon's strengths is being elusive and psychologically terrifying, then one of his faults is being completely random. His attacks have no real 'style'. That's not to say he doesn't use his own, or that he isn't formidable in the least--he's simply uncontrolled in his actions. When his psychosis sets in, beserks; randomly lashing out at anything and everything around him. He may be fighting one opponent at on moment, then destroying a gasline the next.

    This can be viewed as both a mental and physical handicap. Because however you put it, it suits both territories just fine. These psychotic 'snaps' are mostly attributed to his addiction to stim packs. When he was given the charge he lay near death on the battlefield. Given to help him survive a grevious injury, it turned him in death incarnate; ruthlessly and savagely attacking any one or anything. Due to the way the chemicals unfortunately responded with the depleted serotonin left in his brain, it caused a catastrophic re-write of his personality.


    [Psyche Evaluation]

    Gabriel Romano. A former vertan hero that has since been purged of his heroic deeds, with egregarious acts of terror. This man is no longer the man he was. Where before he often saved lives, now, he takes them with wanton abandon. He's killed children, he's killed elders. He's blown apart vehicles, and set fire to churches. He's even detonated a time bomb in a kidergarten school killing dozens. Who is Gabriel Romano? A living nightmare.

    This man knows the Word of God. He recites passages as if the book were open right before his very eyes. What can be even more traumatic possibly, is that the passage he recites suits the situation. Neverthless, it doesn't faze him. Rather, he seems to enjoy it. This man is incisive, methodical and brutal. He dessicates the victims he kills with his bare hands, by 'mauling' them with a puposefully chipped blade that does what it does best.

    When he isn't bombing schools and hospitals, or sending body parts to a victims loved ones--he is alone with himself and often can be heard remenescing about the trauma that occured before he lost his mind. However, even though he recollects ressurecting, the memory doesn't serve to function as a mechanisim to make him stop killing. Rather it sends him spiraling in rampat lunacy. It is therefor conclusive: there is no Gabriel Romano. There is only Abaddon.
    [Systematic Information]

    [Occupation] Ex-Delta Force/ Known terrorist/Man-hunter/Mass murderer/ Zealot/ Mercenary

    [Theme] Vengeance

    [Brief History]

    Born Gabriel Codell Romano to a middle class family, he had no issues with making friends. In fact, often his classmates swamped him for intellectual insight or a friendly companion. This behaviour continued all through his grade school years; his magnetic charm simply captivated others and his atheletesism was supberb. Gabbriel graduated at the head of his class as a valedictorian, a year before Charges were released to the common public. At this time they were most being admistered to law enforcement, security agencies and military personel.

    A year later, Gabriel then called "Gabriel the Paladin" or commonly deferred as simply "Paladin", was involved involved in in-depth mission to retrieve a top scientist believed to be a part of the Charge manufacturing from a foreign enitity. Gabriel successfully retrieved the suspect, however the man in question turned out to be a mastermind in handing Charges over to gangs for profit. In what would be his final mission, the man then detonated a device in the get away vehicle killing dozens and critically wounding Gabriel himself by lodging a piece of shrapnel in his brain.

    The incident became known as Artemis Incursion and was viral world wide. Gabriwl was often blamed for the bombing because the scientist retreated before any recollection of him being there was made appearent. However to retrieve critical data, the armed forces took Gabriel's critically injured body into custody. There they treated his damaged brain cells with a Charge. It became appearent that it worked as the damaged tissue slowly healed and the doctors removed the shard of metal from the recesses of his brain.

    However, when he awoke he wasn't the same man as before. He was highly agressive, violent and showed no signs of remorse when injuring someone critically. He no longer reconised the name Gabriel or his code name Paladin. However when he killed several men in his escape he carved out the name 'Abaddon' in one of of the bodies using a broken food utensil.

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  19. Just an announcement for everyone, Too|Human will start on the 26th, expect to see a link here taking you to the main roleplay thread. And if you're wondering, you're allowed to make any last minute changes should they be necessary.
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  20. Oh hey, that's on my birthday :D
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