"Too Busy" for Friends?

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While hunting for interesting new topics, I stumbled over This woman's rants! I thought it was interesting because I find myself on both ends of the rant. .___.;

Do you ever use "I'm too busy" as an excuse to avoid hanging out with friends?[/b]

Are you the one that goes out of your way to keep in touch with people, or do people always have to come to you to chat or hang out?

Are you one of those people that only contact certain friends when you wanted to rant or ask for a favor?
I have used the excuse "I'm too busy" for friends I just don't like to be stuck with for hours. XP I have one friend that will talk my ear off about EVERYTHING to the very last detail. "I went to the bathroom, then washed my hands with honey scented soap, then took five steps into the kitchen, BLAH BLAH BLAH!" It's soooo annoying.

I don't usually do the inviting, though unless I know I won't see them again or whatever. Before I left Olympia, I had two of my closest friends get together with me; they had a party set up for me in one of their houses, even. n_n Otherwise, yes, they're the ones that have to come to me for hanging out. If no one wanted to spend time with me, I just hung out in a room with my video games. >>;

I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself because I have a boyfriend I can rant to. XD On the flipside, friends rant to me ALL THE TIME. It's like, all I'm used for these days. I'm a good listener and there have been times where they begged me to come over so they could be cuddled while talking and crying... I've experienced some pretty pathetic moments but I'm always so glad that what I did made a difference. I'll stop whatever I'm doing to help someone, so as long as it's in my power. I'm never too busy for the ones I love~

I'm a REAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY busy person, but I always make time for my friends.
I call it important sacrifices.
Like, say I have a midterm tomorrow, but today's the only day I can see that friend I haven't seen for months.
I'll study ALL DAY UNTIL WE ARE SUPPOSED TO MEET for the midterm and then I'll go and have fun. I won't tell the friend of course, why make them feel guilty? And I won't feel guilty either.

I make time for my friends, because I believe, like my daddy <3, that right now, my teenage life ISNT JUST about studying.
It's about seeing the world and growing up to different experiences.
For that reason, I believe everyone should make time for their friends.

I'll settle for the 90 over the 100 if it means I got a couple of hours with someone who makes my life worthwhile :)
If I don't want to hang out I'll say why. If its, "I want to get an early night." or "I don't think I'll have fun." I'll say just that. Even said: "I have stuff to write online I said I'd get done."