Tons of plot lines now I just need partners!

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romance, modern,fantasy,magical, sci-fi,adventure, action, any thing goes but the list of don't like
Hello fellow Rp-er! I'm lilly321 it's nice to meet you!( ゚▽゚)/

I'll update this as often as possible! So check back and look out for new and taken plot lines! PM me if you are intrested!I'll get right to the point!

Need to knows about me:
  • If your having a bad day please tell me so I can make you feel better for your sake more then the Rp
  • Most of my plots are in mulitiverses so hang in there!
  • Lots of romance, action, adventure and a lot of heart breaks
  • Able to play multiple roles if needed
  • I'm cool if you have other plot ideas
  • I can play any gender
  • I'm a visual person if I can get you a pic of it I will
  • I'll post as often as I can
  • plot lines posted can be for either gender! Even if it states the other gender you prefer!

What I expect:
  • Fast replies or at least a few replies a day
  • Min of 3 sentences per post
  • Able to chat while RP-ing in order to better the plot and character development
  • Basic English skills (I can't spell so I wont expect you to have perfect spelling or grammar)
  • I have a lot of plot lines and they all have one thing in common a large and wide mulitverse or romance!
  • I'm cool with just about all genres
  • Willing to give honest advice about plots and characters
  • If something comes up and your not cool with it please! tell me! >.<

Not my cup of tea:
  • No Yuri or yaoi (sorry and no offense)
  • Horror and rape is out of the question
  • Ask and find out

  • FlowersPinkPurpleFloatDivider.gif

(▼へ▼メ)IMPORTANT NOTE!(▼へ▼メ)

Thank you
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⊂((・▽・))⊃ PLOTS! ⊂((・▽・))⊃
(Note if it's crossed out it's taken but you can Pm me about it and we can talk about it and think of somthing along the lines.)

o(^▽^)o NEW PLOT LINES! o(^▽^)o
Also! Please PM me about the plot lines you want and in the subject line state the name of the plot line so I can keep track of things as well as you! thanks!

Living in the stacks
(MxF) (Liberian x supernatural of your choice)

When life decides your not worth keeping you tend to be tossed around like a rag doll. Abused by her parents, foster homes never lasted more then 6 months because she kept being placed last and was moved around. That is a lot for a 5 year old to handle until they were 15. But when she hit high school things leveled out and she learned to survive. To some extents. So when she gets raped and almost kidnapped she quickly changed her mind about being a nurse and decided to do a job that required no human contact. Working in the grand library’s underground stacks. Where requests would come in and books would go out. She only left to go to bed in the apartment across the street or buy things from the store next to the library. Or go on a walk in the park full of people to avoid her past reoccurrences. But when she feels her self being watched after she finds a strange book in her homely walls of books she attracts attentions of unwanted guests…

Hunted and the hunter
(MxF) (witchxwitch hunter)

In the past to be with a human was a taboo that could get you killed by them or your sisters because humans were just that dangerous at the time. But in the present it's not the same now. It's still looked down on but no one cares. Meet the witch who became who she was because her house was bombed and lit a balze by them. Out casted it took her years to recover from the loss and a broken heart. He lost the one he loved to the witches in a blaze of flames. Both broken and lost, both share the same past strangly...the only problem? he hunts her kin and she kills his for their deeds against them. Did I mention they live next to each other?

Scars like no other
(MxF) (princess X guard)

After a bad fire and torturing from the ones who lit the place a blaze he’s scared for life. Physically and mentally. Yet he manages to move on and continue his job. Even though everyone looks at him like he’s a freak of nature. Who wouldn’t? He’s got the scars and burns to prove it. He lived through hell and came back from the dead. Being born different meant that you were. Her strange skin colouring made the wold shun her. Her parents tried to help but they could only do so much for her. So when they cross paths at an event they can’t help not notice each other. But when she’s kidnapped and he saves her ruthlessly she’s scared as well. But no the same way he is or the way she is. She’s left with the kind that makes her test her boundaries and social structure…

Soul saver
(MxF) (soul reaperXhuman)

Seeing souls is ok when they tell you what’s good to do and what’s not ok to do. Helps you make better and smarter choices in life as a kid growing up. Not ok when they suddenly change and tell you to do things you clearly know better not to do! So when she goes to help out at the hospital to spend time with her fading grandmother and sees her soul confused. She kind of helps and talks it in to staying a bit longer. Being a reaper is not an easy job. You have to deal with souls who don’t like you and want nothing to do with you. So when a girl gets in your way and basically does the opposite of your job. You kind of got fired and replaced. When they cross? I have no idea why demons and angels are suddenly appearing as teachers and strangers….

Swapping the lives of the rich and poor
(MxF) (rich girlx poor boy)(poor girlX rich boy)

Twins are born together and do every thing together. Rarely do you see one with out another. well when a fire breaks out at a mall it pushes two girls together. If the shock that the place was on fire didn't shake them. Seeing each other’s faces is surely a shock. Two people with two very different lives look the same. The same hair, eyes and height, hell! Their both like the same things! So when one decides her school life is getting too rough to handle a one day swap becomes long term as they change their lives and living arrangements to see the other side of coin. But when they both fall in love? Well that's one sour lemon life decided to toss at them.

Crime lives
(MxF)(crime lordxcivilian)

You know you messed your marriage when your wife realizes you've been keeping secrets. Not the dirty kind, the kind that made her run from you in to a storm and then show up in a hospital 3 years later with no memory of what happened let alone you. Yes life sucks. What's worse? Your enemy has the hots for her and knows about her 3 year missing story then you do. Even worse? The government is after her even though she has no clue why.

Moonlight finds
(MxF) (vampire x human)

Who knew walking out at night was so fun. The stars the moon the life in the dark, It made her feel alive to work the night shifts as a security guard. Or it was until she got fired because of one mistake she didn’t even make but just because it was her shift she got booted to the curb. Now teaching self-defense classes she settles in. Or till she comes across a kidnapping in process on one of her nightly jogs and jumps in to save the poor guy. When everyone refuses to let you out of the house, you tend to get restless and naive about the world outside the walls of your home. Like how taking blood from humans who clearly are not who they say they are is not a smart idea. So he gets tossed in a van or they try to and along comes a human who saves his ass. Oh did I mention his parents are asses and he just realized his savior is his mate?

Church of life
(MxF) (humanXsuccubus)

You know an easy target when you see on. He is only that way because there’s just never been any one to catch his eye that way. Luckily for this succubus he’s single and ready to mingle in her eyes. He doesn’t want one night stands, she does. He wasn’t ready to go to a club, she was there and waiting. But what happens when she gets chased in to his arms? Why is there a crazy mob after her? Well he has no clue but that won’t stop him from saving her. Even if she’s a living sin to him.

Troubled detective
(MxF) (heiress x heir (he has no idea her family’s rich like him))

How the heck does a shy and quiet girl gets turned into a cool and less shy detective with a 10 year old son at her side? And what’s with the sudden gifts that happen to get more and more expensive as the weeks pass? Join her as she solves cases finds love and faces her haunting past.

Blindsided by servitude
(MXF)(blind servant x crown prince)

Dumped at the gates of the place at the age of 5 is not easy. Her parents had it easy when they left her there for the dead. Taken in by the royal court to serve the crown prince. Now she has it easy. Other then serving a 10 year old who just got in to the stage of life where his mind changes every 10 mins. But she got used to it and he got used to her. She knew her feelings would never become anything more then a one sided relationship with the totally impossible. But when royals from the surrounding kingdoms come to visit. She's got more then one thing to protect....

Cure the world
(MxF) (humanXalien princess)

When your world’s resources are being poisoned and there is no cure to save the dying planet and its citizens what’s one to do? You could just horde up all the resources that are clean or clean enough to use, like the rest of the population. Or you can take charge and seek a cure. That’s what this princes is doing despite her parent’s warnings about dangers of the outside world. To hell with them is what she said before she took off to search for a cure. Looking and mapping out the stars isn’t a very exciting thesis for a paper or fun to most. But for him it’s the best topic he could be assigned to do. So what’s he to do when what looks like a star is getting bigger and closer? Panic of course! Too bad this star just landed in his back lawn at his cottage up north!

Feeding site
(MxF) (vampire x human)

When you run blood banks/ donations for all of the vampires on earth, you’d think the guy would have all the blood he’d ever want and find a mate just as easily. Too bad he doesn’t. For a girl with all the money in the world it would be easy to find a husband. Not. Both denied the one thing they want. He wants’ a woman with a spine and a brain and she wants a man with a gall and a head. So when he watches her drain a vampire to save her self and she uses her freak of a power for the first time in months to save her self. What will become of their worlds?

The lawful vampire hunter
(MxF) (telepathic vampire hunterxvampire prince)

Get in trouble with the law and you really didn't do any thing? Then you'd better call the best law firm in town. Or run in to her and she offers her services to you on the spot. Why? Well if she could read your mind like a book then there arnt many bad guys who can run around with out being caught on her turf. Of course, that's her day job. Being a lawyer and therapist. What happens when Vampires go rouge and decide their laws are no longer reasonable? well you end up as dust at her feet after she finds you and smokes you. So when she meets a seemingly rouge Vampire and is her client at the office things don't seem as black and white now.

Clueless love
(mxf) (alpha wolfx human princess)

When opposing forces have fought for centuries on end you tend to want to settle things and end them once and for all. That's what her father did once he was king. Settle the differances between their country and them. Of course one of the biggest part of it was the union of the alpha to the princess. Worried they'd not get along. her father requested him to live with them. suprisingly they get along and better then he thought! but what happens when tensions run high and he risks losing his mate? oh one more thing, she has no clue he's a were.

Diving for gold
(MxF) (mermaid x diver)
Life is hard when you can’t afford an education and lived off the docks. The only jobs you could do were fishing, cleaning and diving for things. Not a very exciting life. But when the big shots roll in to town to do some treasure hunting, You get hooked to pay bills and support your kid as best as you can. So you dive off your boat and bring back the goods. But when a storm hits and your caught buy waves suddenly the job is not worth its mess. Being the errand girl of a rich family sucks. You always get the short end of the stick and it is all because one guy likes her and he’s suppose to like the heiress. So when she saves a human from drowning her luck just might hit cloud nine. She’s willing to help him find the most if he’s willing to help her out of her rut. Only problem? She’s got no clue about the world above and he’s got no clue about the world below.

Mixing Fire and Ice
(MxF) (Princess x Prince)

He’s a fiery and passionate man who sees the best in everything and anything. There’s nothing he hasn’t been able to do. Too bad he doesn’t have friends, just advisors and acquaintance who like him for his stats and money. His family is just a big fat lie. A Kind king? Try a tyrant. A sweet and cool queen? Look up bitch and bitterness. Cheerful and bouncy princess? Check your dictionary because she’s a cold and angry tramp. She’s isolated and trapped. Her illness keeping her from her family and her people. She wants to be there and help them. But unable to control her curse she’s more of a pain then any help. Her parents actually rule the kingdom properly but with advancing armies from the rivalling kingdom put the heat on it’s on. For her she’s determined to do something. While he lays back and enjoys the sun. But when they both get kidnapped in the miss of their own plans they meet in the most unlikely of places. How will they get home? Better yet, how will they handle each other?

Living under the wrong roof
(MxF) (humanXvampire)

When you get kicked out of your house you tend to have nowhere to go. For this vamp she has no home. Her coven kicked her out all because one jealous bitch couldn’t get it that her boyfriend liked her and not the other. Turns out he only wanted her for the screw! Being rejected by your fiancé is hard. It’s worse when you bestie takes her from right under you. Hard to move on but they do. Only now she hides in his basement unseen until she attacks him out of starvation. Ya reality just got its check. Being bound to her now he’s her slave of sorts. She needs a home to belong to and he needs to fill his own gap. Did I mention she’s a vampire princess that as sent away at birth from hunters? Or that his family is the hunters who drove her parents to hide her? Go figure.

Seeing double
(MxF) (humanXdemon)

You can’t go around telling people that you can see two of them. It just doesn’t work and it lands you in the nut house. Too bad that’s what she can see. She can see you physically and see what your intentions are. So when your boss decides to quite out of the blue and give the café over to some random person he met on the streets you know something is up. Everyone else is buying the new guys lies but she won’t have any of it. She can see right through it! Taking over a café has to be the worst idea he’d had in a long time. Too bad it’s the only way to go undercover and find out who’s been scamming others with his name. He thought it’d be easy. Too bad the manager of the place can see through him in more than one way.

The quiet and violent weapons master
(MxF) (Writer/weapons makerxcrime lord son)

Some writers have side jobs some don't. well meet the one writer who collects daily reports from her clients and 'friends' to compile her breath taking books and series(they either come in or she comes for them). Plus makes custom weapons for anyone who knows of her services. Her main location is her mansion like cottage at the top of a mountain full of dragons. Where she works nonstop on her books or weapon orders. But when her editor decides to toss her under a buss she's forced to by a condo to continue her writing and a where house to continue her weapon making business. So when she crosses and crime lord's son in one of her 'repot hunts' by accident what will she do? His father is in jail as is the rest of his close family and his pals now run a small security company. Did I mention she's blind? Or that her Family out casted and tried to wipe her out of existence?

Stealing the forgotten

When your husband goes off for a business meeting with his father you think he'll come back as usual and things are all right. What happens when he doesn't come back? What happens when your a single mother at 18 to twins and your family flat out disowned you for not doing what they believed was right? You go through hell and try to make the best of it. She does for 5 years, and would have unless she'd been called to the hospital because her bestie busted her body from a bike accident. Well she walks in to the wrong room to see the sight she couldn't tell if it made her heart swell or break. Her husband, alive, awake, well. but with another woman. He claims that woman is his lover and he has no clue who she is. BTW that woman happens to be her sister and her husbands Vestie? has the hots for her

Dream walkers
(MxF) (gifted girlxtroubled boy)

There's a reason why the poor kid can't sleep properly. how can you when the terrors of the past come at you in your sleep and haunt you in your every living moment? well this kid can't his family is a mess and barely hanging on. if the kid had a choice, they'd go jump off the school roof. too bad they're the anchor for their sibling. talk about being grounded to hell. You'd think night mares are bad well the things this child see's are nothing. the child'd go to sleep and find themselves in some poor persons nightmares. The child'd use up all her time and energy to chase away the nightmare and bring in the good dreams. but when the child keeps ending up in the same night terror over and over again it gets annoying and it's time for a real wake up call.

Vampires and their servants
(MxF) (fairy princessxVampire prince)

Vampires and fairys have one thing in common. The know their mates when they see them. Different ways of finding them. Meet the fairy princess. As their law commands they must spend time serving another when they reach of age. So she goes off and ends up taken to a slavery market! With out the power to contact help her life away from home is growing grim really fast. So when the Vampire king passes by looking for servants and comes across her, he decides she's the perfect gift for his 5 year old son! Saved from one kind of slavery and tossed in to another she decides to serves the prince as best as she can. When she finds out he's her mate her life away from home got a little bit better. If watching the boy who's destined for you grow up to be a playboy is called better. Forced to watch her mate flaunt him self she decides his happiness is worth her loneliness. So when the prince learns of his real mate and his fake mate how the hell are they going to survive?

The Mute seamstress of music.
(MXF)(human x human)

When your dreams are crushed before your eyes it's kinda hard to just get over it. It takes time. For her it took 2 years to accept it and move on. High school is just another pot hole in the road she needs to drive over. Dancing helps but it's not the same as singing...or talking not that she can ever do that again with being in total pain. But when she meets the culprit who caused her muteness she can't help but to feel bitter. But for some reason when he looks at her she feels less bitter and a bit better about being mute for life. Sadly there are more pot holes in high school then her time in hell back when she first lost her voice...

Worlds align
(MxF) (Alien princess x human)

When a strange object shows up in your back yard after a massive hail storm you’d think the white ball is a chunk of ice and not some alien relic that would later in the week land a stranger going through your house to find it! Well that’s what happened He got home from work and found an Alien that looked strangely human poking at the Tv screen and your fridge empty. What do you do? Can’t turn them away when they tells you they’ve gotta be the one to find the crown that was sent to earth or their crazy twin will rule their planet and make what the wars here on earth…look like Childs play.

Living another’s life
(MxF) (fairyxhuman)

Know what really sucks? Being someone your not. What sucks more? Being forced in to the role with no way out. It sucks when your family is killed and the one person who picks you up is a mad man who happens to hold the key to your answers about your family and the other sibling that made it out alive. So she goes about her 'step siblings' life pretending to be the evil queen bitch she's not and losing her crush to the act as well! The real evil sibling? Oh she's too ill to take the spot light so her mommy took in two freaks of nature to help her get rich and live her daughters life! Being trapped is no fun and trapping others is the worst.

Spider webs of life
(MxF) (governors son X orphan)

When her parents died she lost it all. but her sister and the family business in the city! With a year in to the shop life the stores have boomed and they no longer are low class but middle tapping at high. The best part is working at her job. The worst? Attending parties to build sponsors and clients. He'd been coming to his fathers parties for the last 10 years. why? Because his parents can't find him a willing bride or one he likes. So when he finds her after she basically drenched him in rain water she's not in too much trouble. but the one who likes him is....

Assassins and love
(MxF)(Other worldly assassin/ princess X human assassin)

She's the royal assassin piss her off and you'll find your self in a ditch. Dead. Did I mention she's the twin of a princess who defies tradition? Follow her as she dishes out her skills in and out of the line of duty. in and outa school! But when the curse on her and her sisters soul kicks in, she's on ice as she searches for a cure for their age old curse.

Watchglass love
(Mxf) (magical princess x rich human)

Trapped in a tower and cursed to stay there her whole life she yearns for freedom. Just as trapped as she is the boy she watches through her watch glass. A boy with money and stats yet trapped in a mold that doesn’t fit him. He’s the key to her freedom and he is the same to her. So when he find out about her watch glass the keys to their cages seemed a little closer then they thought.

Return to Atlantis
(MxF)(Alantien princess x human) (Multiple RP-ers requested)

Shipped away at birth by their mother to avoid death from their father they’ve been living among humans with their Cono for the last decade and a half. They thought they were a normal human being. Or till an assassin comes after them and they learn that their past was nothing more than a fictional tale. They have to race against time to find the marks of the moon in order to unlock their sealed powers and over through their father’s evil reign. But what happens when the marks of the moon aren’t what they thought. But rather tattoos on 5 humans?!

Fairys and their quests
(MxF)(butterfly fairyx Spider prince)

When your father gets framed for a capital crime and is sentenced death there's little you can do to help him. Or yourself from being shipped of to marriage. The only thing you can do is to take a Royal Quest and come back alive in time before he has his head on the chopping block. Turning to the other side of the looking glass meet the prince who betrayed his people and is sentenced to bring back the wings of a fairy dead or alive in a years time. He's not a killer and he wasn't even the one who did the crime, he just happened to open the door to see his father get killed and the killer blamed him! Mind you that's his brother by the way. so when the two cross paths, both on different quests, yet the same problem how will they survive? better question who will come out alive?

falling in words apart
(MxF) (orphan x Barron)

life sucked back then. if you lost your pa you were an orphan, even with a mother. Lose both? well now your done for, But when their death leaves her and her sister their business in the city. They leave their small town to start a new and continue their family business. When they get there they find a place a mess! now they have to start from starch and build up! When a bratty sister drags you around. life sucks but when she drags you to the woman of your dreams? she doesn't look that bad now....

Family of lies
(MxF) mermaid X human)

When your lost you go to your mother. When you lose her. What do you do then better yet what happens when your home is destroyed by rebel forces against the oceans royal family? You get kidnapped and realise you’re not who you think you are. Or what you are. A mermaid? A Mage? A human? If being tossed outta the water is not bad. Try not being able to even get to mourn or even try to salvage the ruins of it. Yes High school with humans is tough. Even tougher when you try to stay under the radar and the student body prez stalks you….

Love from below.
(MxF) (mermaidXhuman)

Life is good when you can do as you please. But when life limits you to how free you can be. You tend to bend and blur the lines of can do and don’t do. Like drinking strange things you find in human ship wreaks that clearly labeled it was dangerous! It’s ok when you suddenly have more energy than a sword fish and you can hide like an octopus in cracks. But when you start getting dizzy and black out…ya that’s not ok. When you think a cure is back out at the ship wreck. Yes time to make better choices that don’t land you in a middle of a hurricane and toss you out of the sea and on to land. But hey when a human finds you naked and confused things get better?

Family ties suck
(MxF) (magic user x magic user)

Living the good life is good, nothing to worry about nothing to fear, who cares if I have no father or will never meet him?What she did care about were her mothers rules. The last time she disobayed she was in the most pain she'd ever felt in her 5 years of life or the next 10. She went from knowing who she was and her happy life to what the hell she was more then who was she now. An heriss? A mage? A fairy? A princess? If that's not bad enough of her 10 step sliblings she had to be the one chosen to fight for the title of the next Queen of their race! Did I mention her most of her step mothers hate her and one of then cursed to her to feel pain and physical injury when ever she or her twisted kids wanted?

Royalty and a whole lotta problems
(MXF)(Other worldly princess X regular rich human)

Meet the princess who defies tradition and prefers to dress the lower class! Along with her best friend, follow them as they take the magical academy’s transfer program and go to school in the human world! Will they find love on the way? Or will the curse on the princess soul seal her and her sisters fate? What happens when she is dragged in to the life of a top idol? find out!

Capturing the lost notes
(witch x magical boy)

What do you do when you find a strange big book in your grandpas basement? Well she opened it and blacked out. When she came to she realized she let lose some age old tradition that decides who will be the next ruler of the realm! She has to find all the missing musical notation that flew out of the book and put them back in. Only then can she be crowned the princess of her world. But where there is a princess there must be a prince. He is off to search for the girl who opened grand compostin. The book filled with all the worlds songs and timeless pieces. For she is his Queen and his duty is to help her fill the book and rule at her side. what happens when that journey takes them to the human world and they meet each other on the wrong side things? find out!

φ(..;) PENDING PLOT LINES! φ(..;)
(This means that the plot lines are in the process of being put together and then crossed off later on. It may or may not happen)

°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°Posted plot lines! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Also! Please PM me about the plot lines you want and in the subject line state the name of the plot line so I can keep track of things as well as you! thanks!


φ(・ω・` ) Taken plotlines φ(・ω・` )


Other pairings:

Angels and demons
Humans and demons
Humans and angels
Vampire and humans
Werewolf and humans

any thing else that you want to do!


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