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  1. *sigh* Good Night

    I will have to finish my sheet tomorrow.
  2. It would've been easier to follow in a topic and not a clan, but eh lol. I'll stick around.
  3. "You're not a butler."
  4. Anya hum an upbeat song as she worked.
  5. How long have we been gone?
  6. Lucius eventually finished in the shower amd turned off the water.
  7. Ashley continue fussing and crying.
  8. There was a mannequin with a stylish leather vest with stripped undershirt, Anya had manage to combine a sort of biker look with Victorian style well, though flashier than what Lucius would typically wear. Anya asleep on the bed next to her work.
  9. Ashley started suckling on the bottle happily.
  10. "That's a stisfied baby."
  11. are u throwin shade mate
  12. "You're so cute."
  13. "Too bad, you could have been friends."
  14. Alright. I am online.
  15. Do you have glasses? I know I used to get that way with my old pair. My current pair has some kind of lense that makes staring at a computer screen not as damaging to your eyes. So its possible that may be whats happening.
    Or yea a mod/setting could do that too
  16. I'm working on it!
  17. One hour! Hurry!
  18. regular ok
    I kinda figured that they wouldnt last much longer :P
  19. If it's not one thing, it's another lol.