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  1. Hello all!

    My name is Tone, and I've been on Iwaku for about three years now. Recently I've found myself indeed of, at least, one or two new partners. I like to think that I'm pretty well versed in roleplaying at this (world building, writing characters, and writing a basic plot then building on it). I have been writing a successful (or at least what I believe to be ^^'') RP for a little over a year now, but now I'm looking to expand to a few more.

    So a little about me:

    The genres I'm really interested in are: fantasy, adventure, a little romance , and a little horror. I gotta tell you though do I love me some swords. I really into samurai characters, and the whole lore surrounding them.

    I'm always down to write a plot that has a lot of juxtaposition (using opposites a lot). The more contrast between our characters the better.

    I need a partner who will help me build a world around whatever plot we come up with. Whether it be coming up with lore or playing multiple characters I need to know you can contribute.

    I lead a very busy life (working two jobs and going to school) so I might not be able to reply every day, but I can reply just about every other day. I understand if you are in the same boat, just keep me in the loop.

    This one is important. I love using music and pictures to bring my posts, world, and characters to life. Honestly if you did the same that would be a big plus.

    What I'm looking for from you:

    Take time to craft a good post please. It doesn't matter if its one paragraph or twenty please take your time to make a good post.

    At least one paragraph to a post.

    Post when you can and when you want to. We're all busy people and that's fine, so post when you can.

    If you have ideas don't keep them hidden tell me! This is OUR RP so your ideas matter too.

    Plot Ideas:

    So I've got a few ideas kicking around in the old noggin.

    1. The first is an idea I've had for a while. Some an old school cowboy gets flung FAR into the future, and has to fight his way through various villains to get back home.

    2. There is one human on Earth that can see demons, and because of this gift he/she is hunted relentlessly through their entire lives. Just as all feels hopeless, and the trigger is about to be pulled a demon presents him/herself. The demon offers his/her protection and knowledg to the human, and in exchange he/her gets to keep the human's soul. Will you accept and learn the full extent of your power, or will you live your life in fear?

    3. It's time again for the Omni Tournament. Fighters from all over space and time have showed up to fight, and claim the title of "Omni Warrior". Will you triumph and take down every fighter in your path, or be torn to shreds in the first match?

    So there we go! If you want to RP with me post here or shoot me a PM.
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  2. Still looking =)
  3. I'll rp with you drop me a Pm and we can throw around plot ideas ^^
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