Tomorrow, the World

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How would you beat your enemy?

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  4. It all begins by me pitting John the Butcher against Tom the Accountant who'd ...

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  1. [​IMG]

    Tomorrow, the World is a Crime RP based in 1939 Europe with the early days of the Second World War as a backdrop. The premise poses characters as members of two opposing crime families struggling to seize hold of their city. If you are looking for a lush story and a world where your characters can grow then Tomorrow, the World is for you.

    The story begins in a fictional city near Wielun, Poland. The bustling city is a central location for imports and exports throughout the region. Unfortunately, that status which enriches the community has also grown a large criminal underground. The underground is made up of several gangs ranging in size, all desperate for their cut, all subscribing to one of two opposing families. To fend off overt conflict, the city's law enforcement is quick to break up criminal activity, but seemingly helpless to prevent it in the first place. All the while, the looming threat of war between Poland and Germany has the entire nation uncertain of what tomorrow may hold.

    • Characters have few restrictions, though, this is a semi-realistic story. The core of the story is about crime and the struggle for power, meaning you can expect the ability to build notoriety and gain clout. Greater your risk, greater the profit or loss. You can strike it big and gain power and protection, or go too far and get shot. It's all about the plan.

    • Factions are fairly simple and largely freeing. Although there are two main factions, both have several gangs beneath them. This means that two gangs can follow the same faction, but hold very different views and perspectives. In other words, just because your character fights for a bunch of greedy sadists doesn't mean they won't jump ship when a better option arises.

    • Poland may seem an odd choice for a setting, but the timing is key. The roleplay takes place in 1939 on the eve of war. While criminal parties are vying for control of their city, a war machine is about to conquer most of the world. The game is primarily concerned with a struggle for power complicated by world evenings weaving in and out.

    • Gameplay is a balance of Combat, Character Development, and Espionage. Characters will play in both factions, meaning, players will oppose other players. It will also be possible for characters to befriend their would-be enemies, perhaps plotting to usurp their masters, or perhaps a trick to kill the other. Combat can be with pistols and shotguns, or even a word to a dirty cop. Finally, there will be challenges joining players against a single force along the way. Just be careful not to get too trusting.

    • Equipment should be plausible. Chances are we don't all have American made Tommy Guns, but a few aren't hard to imagine. Wikipedia is your friend if you don't know the era well, but I won't be too much of a stickler. You are gangsters though, so some sub-machine guns, and a lot of shotguns and revolvers are expected just as much as brass knuckles and clubs.
    Let me know what you think. Once I see some interest I'll get to it on the OOC. Open to suggestions and ideas too, this isn't a one mind show :balletdancer:.
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  2. This sounds too good to be true.
    Seriously, what you just described may be everything I could possibly want in an RP.
    Mark me down as "definitely interested".
    I'd like to give you more input but you have a pretty solid idea down already so I don't want to say too much before you set it up and start but if you'd like to know if I have the proper experience to contribute just know I've done very similar roleplays before, all of them being set in the similar fashion of fictional cities in Europe (no joke), and all of them have turned out to be some of the most fun I've had in an RP.
    Really excited to see if this one sets sail, be sure to keep us updated!
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  3. You're not alone! I have been searching for a game combining these elements for a while. Back at RPG I ran a European mystery/thriller that honed in a symptom of a big radical change like an impending war, but this is much more interesting to me in that characters can get as involved or distant from the larger scheme as they wish -- until of course the world demands their attention.

    Let's hope we get a little more interest!
  4. Just give it some time and if no one wants to join in, it's still nice to have found someone on the site with some interesting ideas, regardless.
  5. Bumping. I know there are others out there!
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  6. This sounds neat. Unfortunately I can't give more than an "I'll keep an eye on it." Mostly due to fluctuating inspiration and time constraints.
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  7. I've been craving a Mafia/Gang rp for a while now and this sounds very intriguing! It'd be my first time rping something based in Poland so I'll definitely have to brush up on the history but that makes it all the more interesting. The backdrop you've created is one of the most original I have seen and I'd love to see how the story plays out. Once I'm confident in my knowledge of the setting and whatnot, I'll be happy to propose ideas.

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  8. Happy to see the interest. To be transparent, I am getting married next week and my attention is largely there. However, I will begin work on the IC and get everything up and rolling shortly. My posting expectations are reasonable, but regular, so don't be put off but also make sure you're willing to commit as much as your fellow RPers.

    @Amai Kyuti @Leyvan @Bishop
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