Tommy Oliver - MMA Fighter

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  2. Oh, TOMMY~ *swoons*
  3. UT-SIG-EEYAHHH![/Nostalgia] :P ;)

    I've read about this.

    We three should meet at a juice bar, dressed in two-decade-old clothing for his first match.

    That's a pretty big change there, bro.
  5. This is gonna end badly for him, but awesome for whoever wants to take the title of "I just beat up the Green Ranger."
  6. Then he'll just go on a quest for new gimmick powers before returning for a curb stomp rematch. :D
  7. Everyone who's anyone is an Mma fighter now.

    I have a high school buddy who's joining the local MMA scene now. Never thought he would turn out that way though.
  8. *Becomes an MMA fighter*

    *holds up ponytail* I BEAT UP THE GREEN RANGER!
  9. Liar! Your hair is short. You cut that off yourself! >:(

    (Besides, his hair has been short for years now.)

    Bring us his karate yell in a bloodstained jar. Only then can we truly be sure of his defeat at your hands.
  10. Wahh... I don't see either Martha as anyone who would fool around with Tony Stank (sic). I'm thinking it's more likely that given the merged world that... and work with me here, I got some evil ideas.

    Tony, at about age 19 was at a tech conference in Germany. Got totally wasted and woke up in a hotel room. Normal day right?

    But, the lady next to him in bed who had introduced herself as Cindy, was in actuality...

    Sin, the daughter of Johann Schmidt AKA the Red Skull.

    This sets up the fact that HYDRA is wanting to be involved in Steven's life, and perhaps the treatments he got from HYDRA didn't make him into a Cap clone, but awakened the twice-removed Infinity Formula in his body?

    Whatcha think?
  11. Yeah. It's gonna be pretty hard to get a jar in the ring.

    Hey, Amp. I suggest you go the Rocky V route and fight him in the streets.
  12. No! Has to be in the ring. Because he must break you.
  13. Like Goldar!

    Goldar didn't really suffer brain damage from an explosion.

    It was actually a delayed reaction from the un-morphed beatdown Tommy gave him before regaining his weakened Green Ranger powers! Or at least that's the way I like to re-imagine it. ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.