Tommy Oliver - MMA Fighter

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  2. Oh, TOMMY~ *swoons*
  3. UT-SIG-EEYAHHH![/Nostalgia] :P ;)

    I've read about this.

    We three should meet at a juice bar, dressed in two-decade-old clothing for his first match.

    That's a pretty big change there, bro.
  5. This is gonna end badly for him, but awesome for whoever wants to take the title of "I just beat up the Green Ranger."
  6. Then he'll just go on a quest for new gimmick powers before returning for a curb stomp rematch. :D
  7. He smiled happily, "I understand. If you didn't have people that you had to get back too, I think you would've stayed." he seemed a little bummed about it, but she could tell he was fine with it. "I do want to let you know though, that if you want more I am happy to oblige you with satisfaction." he was kinda glad in a way she didn't decide to leave everything behind, he didn't exactly want to have a war go on because of him and he wanted things to remain peaceful. "I think that everything will be okay and that peace will remain intact. Even if things get edgy at times, I am sure that all sides will choose to keep the peace." He offered his hand to help her up, "I guess this is a goodbye for now then."
    He called on his servants to get her clothes similar to what she was wearing before they were torn off, he described them the best he remembered. He then waited for to get changed, still watching her beautiful body as she was getting changed. He thought, "I am way too nice for a demon, giving her an option like that to half way help her remember about Lucius and her family and half about being serious. I do want her to be mine, but at the same time she seems like she needs her family." he only hoped that her mind was still somewhat adrift so that he can get away with thoughts like that, without her sensing what he was thinking.
    He continued to wait so that he could say a goodbye.
  8. He gave in again to the passion he felt. He brought her close and lay her on the bed, they were both still nude and he immersed himself in her embrace, she made him better then he was and he couldn't fight her when they were locked in each others arms, ultimately he let himself become entranced by her kiss. He passionately kissed her back he, felt more sexual drive towards her then when she first offered herself to him. She made him feel alive. Aeleosir began giving her tongue twisters and ran his hands through her hair as their lips were locked in battle, tongues turning into raging storms. His body started growing hot again and the only thought growing in his mind was, "I can't let you go. It is what I should do but the way I feel goes against everything that I should do. I want you and I am going to have you again, I doubt that we can resist, since we are already giving in again to desires. I have never known love, but I am sure that this is what it is. Yes that's right, I love you Anya." as these thoughts were going through his head his kisses grew more passionate and the emotions can be felt through his embrace, her warmth and her breath on his skin made him go crazy. He felt young again, except this time a chance to have love in his life. He couldn't let her go now, he wanted to be joined with her eternally, and he gave in to that emotion. He let his hands move across her skin and his member rub against her as they were together. When their lips parted his eyes looked into hers and he thought that they were probably going to go another many rounds, that she would be okay with it as much as he was.
  9. Liar! Your hair is short. You cut that off yourself! >:(

    (Besides, his hair has been short for years now.)

    Bring us his karate yell in a bloodstained jar. Only then can we truly be sure of his defeat at your hands.
  10. ...wait, what? How does that work???
  11. Yeah. It's gonna be pretty hard to get a jar in the ring.

    Hey, Amp. I suggest you go the Rocky V route and fight him in the streets.
  12. No! Has to be in the ring. Because he must break you.
  13. Like Goldar!

    Goldar didn't really suffer brain damage from an explosion.

    It was actually a delayed reaction from the un-morphed beatdown Tommy gave him before regaining his weakened Green Ranger powers! Or at least that's the way I like to re-imagine it. ^_^
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