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    As everyone knows.. it is April Fools Day! A day with many pranks and sometimes not so many laughs.
    Tell me. What are pranks you have pulled? Did you get laughs or scowls? Were you deemed the master prankster?

  2. Well I have not done this one yet but i was planning to ... Since my mom works really early in the morning I was going to hide a couple of alarm clocks in her room and make them go off 2 hours before she had to go to work...
  3. I have not done any April's fools pranks yet, but unfortunately, I have no idea what to do. The best I could come up with was to print "Abandon all hope, those who enter here" on a paper and glue it on the classroom door, but that is not much of a prank.
  4. One upon a time, Diana was the administrator for a roleplay community exactly like Iwaku. It was called Moonwings. Moonwings and Iwaku were sister sites because I was buddies with the admins/staff. Cause I am awesome. me and Ocha plotted with Rory and Gabe to prank both Moonwings and Iwaku.

    We told everyone of both sites that Gabe was buying out Moonwings for over 1000 bucks and merging the two communities together on my domain. He'd be the new owner of the two combined communities and make it an official business and I would run away with the cash.

    TWO COMMUNITIES THEN PROCEEDED TO KILL DIANA AND GABE. There were mean, horrible, spiteful, very unhumorous, nasty comments made by lots of people with no sense of humor. >:[

    It was the scariest month of my life and I have never done another April Fools Day Joke ever again. O___O

    And the hilarious part? A year later I shut down Moonwings, and a few months later then became a new Admin of Iwaku. The communities ended up merged after all.

  5. Diana's pranks are actually prophecies. She once did an April Fools Joke that the server crashed on MWs....


    We lost all or data. The games! The precious games!
  6. I didn't get pranked! D:
  7. I April Fools someone every year. Whether it be several people or just one it depends how much preperation I had. This year Asmo was a target and glad everyone on here takes it so well including himself. This is why Iwaku is da best evar.
  8. I am not good at pranks and I always worry that someone will take me seriously.
    So, I haven't really pranked anyone. xD