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  1. Write what would be on the tombstone of the person above you

    Since there is no one above me....

    "Here lies Mr. Imaginary Man....
    May he rest in peace after that violent stabbing..."

    *hides her butcher knife and coughs*​
  2. ( I don't know you much so I went by picture. Sorry!)

    "Here lies Morticia Addams...
    May she rest in piece after getting poison from wearing too much make up"

  3. Here Lies Miss. Frankenille

    Let it be know lightning can strike twice.
  4. Here Lies Gomez Addams.

    Before he realized that he could only juggle three knives at a time, it was too late...
  5. Here lies Romulus

    His death, along with his face, was a Mystery
  6. Here lies Morticia Adams.
    She ran fast, and died a virgin.
  7. Here lies Dr Heavy

    Damn that Spy
  8. "Here lies Rift....
    ...may his body rest in peace after being ran over by mad angry ninjas"
  9. Here Lies Miss Frankenille...
    .... One in a million chance but she pass on after an ice cream headache