Tombstone ( Realistic For - Hire Mercenary/Problem Solvers Roleplay )

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  1. IC -

    - Tombstone -

    A For - Hire Mercenary Role play

    - I need a break -

    Take it from me, this job never gets easier. You wake up living in different places, never really calling one place home. You fight for just enough money to get to the next job. Its a depressing line of work. When it is all that you are good at though, kind of limits your market, ya know? I have been doing this for quite a while. Worked for the biggest of scum bags, and the holiest of people. As long as you had the paper, I took the job. Kind of getting sick of this run around though. I really want to settle down, to stop running. It's time I take an honest stab at trying to help out others. To have an actual home. I do have to work though...This place could be good as any.

    There are a couple things that I will need in order to work though... A location for employment, I could probably live their until ends meet. A team, probably a small roster of skilled, or in-training partners. I guess they don't all have to have been around the long as they can defend themselves.

    - Settling Down -

    Tombstone is about a for-hire mercenary who has done all the kinds of jobs you can imagine, from overseas contracts, to in state work. He used to go by the name "Deathdime" when he was employed. He made a name for himself, and naturally made enemies at the same time. Now he goes by the name of Nico Kasebein. Nico settles down within the city of Romeo, MI. Opens up shop next to a cemetery. The building is a single story old Chevrolet Dealership that had been standing since the automotive industry was in its hay day. The building is falling apart like the rest of the city. Desperation fills the air with the harsh realization that this world isn't what they wanted it to be.

    - The Renovation -

    The building get renovated, repaired, and a new sign is placed in place where the Chevy logo used to be. TOMBSTONE reads across the sign, in big black letters with a white background. The show room is converted into a gym, offices are converted into a barracks of sorts. The main lobby office is renovated. It's clear that the building was given some much needed love. People start talking in the city, wondering what 'that' building is. The questions continue for a couple weeks. Well, just like any project big project you start, Nico is running dry on the cash. His last contract payout is almost used up.

    - Character Sheet -

    Nico uses his connection to spread the word about his business to the underbelly of America. He asks for a few things about yourself before you become employed.

    Name :

    Age :

    Sex :

    Skills :

    Personal Defects :

    Race :

    Hair Color :

    Physical Build :

    Eye Color :

    Previous Experience :

    When you are finished filling out the application, please post it on the thread.

    - Missions -

    Have some good ideas about some jobs?

    Please use this sheet to request them.




    Send the requests directly via Private Messages

    - Accepted Characters Profiles -

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  2. I'd like to join:) CS will be up in a moment, it doesn't matter if my character has killed anyone as long as they aren't evil or anything right?
  3. Name : Blythe Iventh

    Age : 24 years old

    Sex : Female

    Skills : Bow & Arrows, sword, knives; she is a good hand-to-hand, since she has a smaller frame she is fast and agile. Blythe is a natural liar and can make up a lie in less in then moments, its rare to see her run out of words seeing as how she likes to outsmart others.

    Personal Defects : She is afraid of the dark (or being alone in it), she doesn't know how to swim

    Race : Latin Italian

    Hair Color : Her hair is actually red, the same length in the picture

    Physical Build : She is curvy but stands at 5''4 (she'll get angry if you call her short)

    Eye Color : Blue

    Previous Experience : Blythe use to be a bodyguard for many important people, she's killed even though she dislikes taking a life; she's worked as a spy as well as just a friendly companion for some folks. She has have 2 people she was supposed to protect die because of different reasons but Blythe hasn't taken up a bodyguard job since those incidents.


    If you want me to change/add something, tell me:)
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  4. Name :Ten

    Age :33

    Sex :Male

    Skills : All Melee Weapons, Assault Pistols and Rifles, Stealth and Infiltration, CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Qualified and Excellent Human Liar Detector.

    Personal Defects : Practical Joker and Scarred of Domestic Animals

    Race : Jamaican

    Hair Color : Bleached Blonde

    Physical Build : Athletic Muscular

    Eye Color : Grey w/ Lite Golden Flakes

    Previous Experience : US Special Forces, Black Ops and Marines[​IMG]
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  5. Name : Leila

    Age : 25

    Sex : Female

    Skills : Angampora fighting style, guns, verbal combat (aka arguing), driving (like getaway style)

    Personal Defects : She's abrasive and sarcastic. She has issues with obeying authority. When she drives she often goes to fast so its easy for her to lose control of her vehicle. She's working on breaking the habit, but hey old habits die hard, right?

    Race : African American

    Hair Color : Brown-ish black

    Physical Build : Tall and curvy with some muscle on her.

    Eye Color : Dark brown.

    Previous Experience : Used to be a part of an all girl gang.
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  6. It depends solely on the character that you are playing. In all honesty, you could play an evil character if you wished. I have no restrictions regarding morality (saying in case you wanted to play a villain).

  7. Good character sheet, had some questions about the race though. How do you mean Latin? Like Latin American? Latin Italiano, French, Spanish?

    Other than that, it checks out.

    I will notify you when the thread has been started for IC.
  8. Alright:-) BTW fixed it

  9. Ah good except I need one modification to race. Race doesn't refer to human or not, this more refers to genetic race. Caucasian, Asian, Pacific Islander, African American, Peurto Rican, European... so on , and so forth.

    I will notify you when the IC thread has started.
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  10. Thank you, looks good!

  11. Okay, great for the most part. Race refers to genetic race though. African American, Spanish, Native American, Japanese, Korean, ect. .

    I will inform you when the IC thread has started!
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  12. Name : Nico Kasebein

    Age : 37

    Sex : Male

    Skills : Tactical Infiltration, Strategist, Manipulation, Hand to Hand (Krav Maga), Interrogation

    Personal Defects : Runs from a lot of problems he doesn't know how to solve with a good kick to the face. Not quick to trust.

    Race : Norwegian

    Hair Color : Blonde, shoulder length, layered.

    Physical Build : Mid Sized. 5' 11" , Tattoo Across mid back "Who Dares Wins"

    Eye Color : Shale

    Previous Experience : S.A.S., Countless Military Mercenary Contracts
  13. Fixed it! :3
  14. Cool cool cool, thank you :D !
  15. Fixed it.
  16. Very nice! Thank you!
  17. No problem.
  18. Just wanted to give people a heads up, the IC thread will be started at some point tomorrow. I am going to allow one more night to see if we can get any more players on board. Thank you, and have a great night/day.
  19. Name:
    Jason "Gearbox" Savage



    Weapon Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Heavy Arms(Really big guns), Demolition, Hand-to-hand combat

    Personal Defects:
    Slow movement, Short temper, Alcoholic tendencies


    Hair Color:
    Dark Brown

    Physical Build:
    A mountain of a man, Jason stands at roughly six feet and three inches with a muscle build that can scare several others. Hardened through years of messing with heavy metal parts his muscles seem to bulge needlessly while his skin takes on a non-traditional Irish trait of being tanned. A person would also notice that his skin is almost like leather, but this is easily figured out why just by looking at what he does for a living.

    Eye Color:

    Previous Experience:
    Civilian mechanic, U.S. Army Mechanic(Dishonorable Discharge), Various Terrorist Organizations(al-Qaeda, New People's Army, Continuity Irish Republic Army, etc. etc.)
  20. @Deathdime

    Hey do you mind if I add a few more skills to my character sheet? :O
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