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  1. Mission One

    Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Client: Law Firm / Pope Brothers

    Job: Two nights ago, a team of highly skilled thief's broke into the Law Firm of Pope Brothers and stole their whole data library from the buildings server rack. The thief's had taken information that pertains to financial information, and also cases that had already happened or were currently being built. The Law Firm wants us to find the thief's that are responsible and steal back the server and delete any evidence. There is only one lead, the thief’s used an extremely advance piece of technology to break into the server room, the LG1007 DRYBREAK. The object in question is only sold on street markets. First step would be to work with street sellers to find out the last purchase. The clients are extremely eager to have the job done as soon as possible, and are paying quite the fee to have it done quietly.

    Pay: $50,000 Total


    Nico stood outside of the headquarters building. He was slightly nervous, not having worked with anyone in an extremely long time. He opened the building up, pulled the blinds up and unlocked the front door. "Alright, got a just have to wait for employees?" he said quizzically. He had looked over their profiles but had not met any of them in person yet. He sat in the main lobby waiting for the others to arrive, just thinking about how to approach the job. He had the dossier's ready for the new workers... I guess this was just the waiting game then.
  2. I was in Ohio, finishing up a contract when an alert came across "The Wire". It's an app that I am testing for a friend of mine. Fifty grand to handle some thieving punks, sure I'll make the drive. I completed my contract and loaded up my all black 1975 Bronco and headed out.

    The night sky reminded me of my girl Calesto, all black with a starlight twinkle. She was amazing. Anyway, on my way to see what this new adventure had in store for me. I took the fastest route without breaking any laws, until I saw the sign Romeo Michigan two miles. When I arrived, I pulled up on an abandoned car dealership. "Well this as low key as it gets." Speaking to myself. After parking my beast, my door opens as quite as a church mouse. Placing each step carefully you couldn't even tell I was walking on broken glass and gravel. I cross the threshold to behold a man sitting in a chair, as if to welcome me like a Norse God on his throne. As I speak keeping a causal eye on my surrounding, "Juda one wit da contract. I am here ta wurk."
  3. Leila leaned forward, her hair streaming behind her as she slammed the throttle of her Skywave and wizzed through traffic. More than a few cars honked angrily at her as she cut in front and weaved in and out of them. "My bad!" She laughed over her shoulder, although she was anything but sorry. She had somewhere to be and wasn't about to sit in traffic like some loser, when there was more than enough space for her to 'cut in line'.
    She glanced down at the touch screen system that she had installed on her bike, and read the file that had been sent to her. "The Pope Brothers, hm? That doesn't sound lame at all." She said dryly, as she activated the GPS so she could get to the meeting place.

    When she arrived, she parked her bike and dug the steel pick that she always kept in the trunk out. Most people would just chain their bikes up, but for the past few years her bikes had been stolen or trashed by thugs and she was not about to put her most precious baby in harms way. She grabbed the pick, clipping the chain to the top of it and the back wheel of her bike, and drove the pick hard into a ground. Thankfully, no one had made an effort to renovate the place so the ground wasn't as sturdy as it could have been, so it was easy to wedge the pick in there.

    She strode towards the entrance of the building, her boots crunching loudly on the gravel. "Knock knock." She said, in greeting as she entered the room. She leaned against the wall, regarding the other two inhabitants of the building. Two blonde guys. One of them expected...The other not so much.

    She stated at the tall blonde black guy, her face splitting into a grin. "Wow. Black dude with blonde weave. Nice."
  4. Propping myself up against a dusty desk as I heard a bike follow just minutes after my arrival. The threshold was broken by a woman's voice and then a body followed. From first looks, her demeanor was that of a woman who never back down until her goal was achieved. She looked at me an commented on my hair, I replied with a slight grin in my Jamaican accent " Me hair be no weave, dat be all me pretty lady."
  5. Nico stood in the building signaling them to come inside. "We are still a few members short, I am going to wait until they arrive before we go over the details of what this work will mean to you, and what you will be responsible for." He said leaving almost a burning glare that could burn through both their skin, no matter how tough they seemed. He looked over to Ten then up at his hair... "I need to know your barber." he said bluntly.
  6. Feeling out the room, Nico spoke, the establishment of who was in charge follow his words. (In Jamaican Accent) "Always me be waiting for dem slo pokes." Nico then looked in my direction, feeling the heat from his gaze, he asked about my barber. "It's tree tangs I neva speak of; Me Real Name, Me Contract an Me Barber. Dem be secrets me neva part wit." I express with pure sincerity. Folding my arms I placed my sights out of the window looking for the stragglers.
  7. Leila's face split into another amused yet somewhat predatory grin. She gave the Jamaican dude a nod, deciding that she liked the guy. Honest and not ashamed of his lovely blonde hair. She snatched up a chair and plopped into it crossing her legs and cocking her eyebrow when the white dude glared at them. She rolled her eyes and turned to the Jamaican guy. "Okay, so if you won't give us your real name, what's your fake name?" She asked, figuring that she needed to stop referring to him as 'Jamaican dude' or 'Jamaican guy'.
  8. Jason slams on the brakes of the dark green Ford F250 and looks at the building that he's been called to. He opens the door of the large truck and slides out as he kills the last of the can of beer. With a burp he crushes the can in his hand and tosses the piece of aluminum into the bed of the truck. That's when it dawns on him that he needs to check something out. He walks to the bed and removes the tarp resting over a small mound. He looks at the glass jars filled with an amber liquid and smiles. None of the jars were damaged and that meant that the nitroglycerin was safe. With that he makes sure that he's armed for the meeting by double checking the M1911 on his hip before making his way towards the building. And that's when he notices her.

    He quickly runs towards the bike held in spot by a chain and spike and quickly looks over the frame and engine. He whistles as he admires the mechanics, but figures that it would be best to get into the building. With that he tears himself away from the art before him and makes his way into the building only to see two guys, one sticking out like three sore thumbs, and one woman. He eyes each of them as if scanning for anything that they might be hiding before finding what he was looking for: The owner of the bike. But he decides to probe her on that later.

    "Alright, I'm here. We ready to start, or waitin' on others?"
  9. Seeing the amusement I placed on her face, she walked over and grabbed a chair to sit in. The beauty in the room posed a question to me about my real name, with a smirk on my face I reply "Me name be Ten. No last name, no mista. Just Ten.".
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