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  1. Just call me "Tom".

    I am male, 43.

    I am brand new to the site.

    Crunchy leaves are THE best.

    I prefer to one on one rp with females, any age, for erotic / sexual type rp.

    Song stuck in my head: "True love" by P!nk.
  2. Hello Tom! I hope you won't be "Very Lonely" on this site for long!

    We have whole sections dedicated to ERPGs, they have slightly unique rules to the rest of the boards, so make sure you check them out! I'm not really into romance or erotic roleplays myself, but I'm sure you can find partners to match your style

    Don't forget to check out the Content forums, too! We're always looking to improve our creativity and writing skills, and the Content Forums are the place to practice!
  3. I'll do that!

    Thanks! : )
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! Like Minibit said, I hope you won't be so lonely after a few days on this site! Need a friend? Hit me up, I love meeting new people! If you need help, look for the links or give me a holler (sanity not included).
  5. Welcome Tom! I hope you got some good RPs going on now. It's very hard to stay lonely here on the dynamic Iwaku. XD Have fun and enjoy your stay!

  6. Thank you! I actually found a few folks that seem interested! : )
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