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  1. "You're going down, Motormouth!" A young man in a white bodysuit and mask shouted as he sprung forward, slashing the eight foot tall monster across it's bumpy grayish green skin with his pure white sword, causing purple blood to spray from the wound and stain the man from head to toe. It's clawed hands could not stem the tide as it let out a pained roar, emitted from it's mouth filled with multiple rows of rotating teeth that was it's namesake.

    "Ah man, you know we can't dry clean these easily?!" The man added a quip, brushing the excess, goopy fluid with his free hand for added effect. The monster, however, was beyond hearing and crashed heavily onto the street, going limp. Other colored jumpsuit wearing individuals quickly crowded around him, hands on their weapons and posing together as if for a magazine.

    "And that's what you monsters get for trying to ruin Tokyo!" He shouted to the camera that had filled their latest victory. "Team Rainbow Force!!!"


    "And...cut!" A man clothed in dark robes and a dark mask said as he paused the television screen, showing a still image of the colorful group posed in all of their glory. Their sickening glory that would hopefully be short lived.

    "Yet again, a powerful monster has lost to a group of people too young to even drink alcohol in the United States! You see the problem here, why we keep loosing baddies to children? That fool disregarded our orders and took them all on at once! Out in the open! That is why Lord Gerath has given you lot, Team Dusk, this assignment in his stead. "Team Rainbow Force" has cockily revealed their true identities; students at Kamata highschool. Our spies reveal that they're training during after school hours for an upcoming prep rally. The team will be relatively alone and unguarded. You all are around school age, or at least look it, so can infiltrate the school grounds without much suspicion, enter the gym, and take them out before they can use their special bracelets to don their super mask uniforms. Any questions?"

    The short Russian boy, Viktor, let out a sigh as he glanced around the room at his companions. They didn't impress him very much yet, and in fact looked like they would blow a mission such as this, just like Motormouth did before them. They were too...chatty. Too arrogant. Too...weird? Whatever the case may be, somehow he had the feeling like they would get on his nerves in record time. He joined this group due to finding their leader amusing. Hopefully it was this judgment that was the correct one and not the other one he was making now.

    He didn't ask any questions or go to speak to any of the others just yet. Hopefully they could start their mission soon, because school time was nearing it's end.
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    "Oi, short stack...why the long face?"

    A voice, medium baritone sounded from across the room,absent of any of the obvious seriousness or knowledge of the gravity of the situation that he had been placed in. He was to the far right, his burgendy leather boots propped up on the coffee table, displaying the anime style skull and cross bones etched into them. From the boots sprouted long legs, shielded by a pair of forest green socks that disappeared under a pair of burgendy polkadot shorts. His upper body was not mich better in sense of fashion, a scarlet button up with a tan and brown striped tie, covered by a tan vest, all of this under a rolled sleeved burgendy trench coat that was torn to shreds at the edges. His arms, which were crossed at this time, where covered by a pair of elbow high, open fingered green gloves.

    His face gave off the impression of a video game addicted teenager that had not slept in weeks...and they would not be far off from the truth, being that the young man hardly ever slept at all. His hair was messy, forest green locks splayed across his face in no particular fashion, except the large spike that stuck up from his one actually knew what it was, not even its owner who had tried on many occasions to tame this beast of a hair style, of late...had fallen into a, as he so eloquently put it, "abyss of simply not giving a flying fuck."

    He blinked, icy blue stare breaking from Viktor and instead surveying his surroundings. He was too relaxed, sprawled out on the couch as if he lived there, feet propped up on table, and clawed hand lightly scratching the inside of his pointed ear.

    This was how Ito Zebb usually was...without a care in the world, as if he was not even there all the way mentally. He had not been in Tokyo long, but he had indeed reaked havoc in the name of fun. He always remained shrouded in some sort of mystery though...probably why he liked Lord Geroth so much...he had joined this team, "team dusk" as they were so properly named, for reason unknown. Maybe for fun...Even Ito could not fully explain it, his foot lightly moving up and down so some sort of internal music.

    "So we have to infiltrate a school of hormone crazed teenagers and try not to get out butts handed to us before the 'Rainbow Fags' manage to squeeze their bodies into their suit thingies, yeah?" He clearly had a grasp of the situation...but something was clearly missing. Ito smiled, sharp teeth visible from behind thin lips. "Can I be the jock? Or the Emo kid that is secretly wanting a hug so he can find inspiration for his music?? OH OH OH! I make a good metro! Just let me get into character!"
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  3. "Urgh, high school" Kanji rolled his eyes - hidden behind the scarlet mask - as he ran his fingers over the augmented reality display projected from his left gauntlet. The screen showed a complex series of lines and geometric shapes he was shaping dynamically with his fingers, twisting them into newer, spikier forms. It was very abstract, distilled representations of complex data streams. "Dullest two weeks of my life. They did not appreciate my revisions to the curriculum."

    The Crimson Striker suit looked like a small mecha, a bipel anthroform casing that added an extra foot or two to the wearer's height through dense armour plating and complex micro-circuitry. It just barely fit in the chairs provided to them. The man underneath, well, he'd quite carefully and deliberately tried to avoid his face being revealed.

    "You know, if we know their public personas we don't.. really need to do any infiltration, do we? Couldn't we just.. I don't know, bomb the school? Burn their houses down?" He ran the AR screen over to blueprints of the school in question and threw up multiple points of colour to represent each member of the Rainbow team. They were all clustered in the same spot, as this was when they were expected to be training. "Tactically speaking, this is when it'll be most dangerous to attack directly. We'll have a brief window of surprise and then it'll be a straight up brawl. More effective would be isolating the individual team members and attacking all together." To represent that, he moved one of the dots outside, then surrounded it with four black dots. The coloured dot was crossed out and then he drew out another one.
  4. "High School, a place I'm far too familiar with. Filled with slack-jawed idiots who reek of foul smelling blood. But now that I notice it, there's a faint trace of cleaner smelling blood, it's rich, almost like vanilla. It has to be those Rainbow Force people. Oh how I wish I could just intercept them now, but sunlight is not a good place to be fighting in, especially if they are aware of my weaknesses.

    Jack looked around, observing his new team-mates, and pondered if it was worth treating them as expendable, he could imagine that they've done worse things than him, but that was besides the point. There was the man in the red suit, The Crimson Striker. "A man that depends too much on his toys to do his work. But he could prove useful." Jack then turned his attention to...him. "That has got to be the strangest excuse of a man I've ever seen. How can he dress like that, that a chainsaw? This man, however strange, does look very competent at what he does, I might have use for him, if nothing else, at least a meatshield."

    Jack had stocked up on blood beforehand, just in case plans were to be made here and now, and executed first chance they got. He was itching for some action, revenge is a dish not to be left cold for too long.
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    Something was inching Ito, causing him to wiggle his nose with discontent. That did little to nothing for it, so he would have to resort to plan B. He brought his hand up, closing his fist until only his middle finger was sticking up, pointed right in Jack's direction before it disappeared up his left nostril. Classy...but it got his point across. He was slightly touchy when it came to his attire, feeling it was unique, circus-like...better than...that guy's. "At least my dick can breath, sparkles. If those pants were any tighter, you could pass as a flamboyant Robin." People under estimated Ito's their eyes he was some young punk woth no back story and poor fashion sense. In truth, he was pretty powerful...not that he wanted to brag, but was not below showing off.

    His leg moved from the table, the heel of his foot lightly tapping against the oversized chainsaw leaning against the arm of the couch. The thing was massive, nearly matching its owner's height when he was standing, which was an impressive 6'0".
    "This ain't just any chainsaw, Sparkles, this is Stacy."

    Ito clawed at the inside of his nose, a dazed, far off look in his eyes as he stared at the...vampire? Ito was pretty sure of it. He had done a bit of reading on his fellow teammates...The guy to his left "The Crimson Striker", yeah? Ito wondered how far he would make it without that suit on his back; however, the guy was smart...had connections. The deemed "Short stack" was Viktor..."Something". He had some crazy electricity powers...And the vampire was Jack, or to Ito: "Sparkles."

    "You worry about yourself, Sparkles. Wouldn't want you blinding the kiddies with you glitter display once the sun hits ya', yeah?" Ito teased, prying is finger from his nose before he stuck his tongue at the elder baddie. Jack was right in a sense. It was rather difficult to gauge anyone's strengths at the moment, but that was not really worrying Ito. He was excited, ready to get out their and start some chaos. He had been cooped up for a while since this "Meeting of Baddies to take out the Brats of Tokyo" thing had started.

    The Crimson Striker was speaking something about strategy and bombs that did nothing but cause a sour expression to work its way onto Ito's face.
    "Booorrriiiinnnggg. I say we bust in there and just rip them assholes to pieces 'fore they turn...Spilt blood is better when it is done by hand." His chainsaw reved on its own, as if agreeing to its owner's statement, causing Ito to smile and tap it once again with the heel of his boot. "Stacy thinks it's a good idea.~♪♬"
  6. "Eh? You little brat, want a piece of me?!" Viktor shouted back at the man who had insulted his height, although he was ignored after this as the meeting continued on like normal. He grumbled to himself that this child wasn't worthy of getting in a fight with anyways, so he might as well let it slide...for now.

    The man giving them the instructions listened to questions, answering them as they came along, sometimes in conjunction with one another. "Yes, it would be best if you would kill them before they have a chance to use the devices on their wrists to activate their outfits. No, you can't be the jock or the emo if it will interfere with this mission, and we certainly have no time for silly things like hugs. We cannot send any bombs from the air at the moment due to Tokyo's highly advanced anti-air system put in place ten years ago. From the ground would work better, but there's no good placement here that can be done swiftly and stealthily enough to go along with our planned mission; an attack which must be carried out within quick succession of one another around the entire city. If they discover some of our bombs before the attacks get underway then we will have lost our element of surprise and the city will enter high alert. Attacking their houses will be good in a lot of scenarios, but this group is taking their time at the gymnasium after school so that option is out of the question for them. Maybe another day once we get new targets who are taking a nice little nap."

    Looking at the projection of the scenario, he nodded. "It would certainly be good if you could isolate them as you suggested. However, one of them, a certain Yuki Takama, a girl with long, straight, black hair, is the school's student council president and would be highly difficult to trick if rumors about her are to be believed. Perhaps you could come up with something using your powers or an exceptionally cunning ruse to outsmart her. If worst comes to worst and your plan is discovered, a swift, decisive attack on all of them at once would be your best hope. Whatever you do, don't slip up on both of these options and allow them all to transform or else your odds will greatly plummet due to them both outnumbering and overpowering you."

    The door to the room opened as them an finished his explanation, revealing another man in fancy purple and black robes and shoulder length silver hair, who strolled confidently into the room.

    "Lord Gerath!" The instructor exclaimed, giving him a firm salute.

    "It appears like this group is an interesting one. Just happened to catch a listen as I was passing by," Gerath said smoothly. "Unlike some of the groups that need their hands held, you guys seem to be coming up with some decent enough ideas on your own. I predicted you might be special, so I had given you such a difficult assignment as a bit of a test of your capabilities. Please don't disappoint me."

    With that, he let out a slight smile and continued on his way past the room to one of the ones further along the hallway.

    "He really gives compliments, but don't get cocky or else you'll regret it," their instructor said. "With that being said, any more questions?...ah, yes, you may inflict as many casualties as you desire as long as it doesn't interfere with your primary assignments, the more the better, actually...we don't know of any other super powered individuals who may have secret identities at the school, but if one of them shows up, use your better judgment if to retreat or be serious here..."
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