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  1. Setting, Tone, Expectations, and Ratings

    This takes place in modern day Japan but in an alternate reality where situations found in anime commonly exist. Most importantly, this means that Tokyo is often under attack by monsters and other evil threats, but the bad guys are continually thwarted by the various hero types that exist, from costume wearing teams of martial artists to schoolgirls who can dance around to transform into their magical alter egos. All of this fighting experience and magical abilities concentrated in one place has made Japan a major world player, and it's thought that he who takes over Tokyo would be able to rule the entire world. We wish to do just that.

    This roleplay will have some serious moments while also playing with common anime tropes and some silly moments sprinkled along the way. We shouldn't go too silly, but no need to make it all doom and gloom either, given the subject matter. Basically, you can have fun with it but stick to things that doesn't break from reason, keeping things going with the plot.

    Expectations are to post at least a paragraph or more whenever you're able to post that much, but you don't have to always do so as long as you don't make a habit of doing much less very often. Try to do good and you'll be fine. Even if you're not quite up to par at the beginning we should be very lenient and supportive and hopefully you can improve in time. Post at least once a week but preferably around every three days or more. Long story short, try to be at least intermediate quality if you're able, but if not then we won't kill you.

    I don't like a lot of cursing but people should have freedom of expression at the same time. Just try not to abuse this and cuss up a storm all the time or else that would get old very fast. The same goes for graphic violence. Every post doesn't need a bucket of blood splashing against the screen just because the tag says there will be some. I didn't make tags for romance, LGTB, etc, but this does not mean that we will exclude such content, it's just not the focus. Therefore, don't be offended and call someone names if they submit a gay character, for example, or you can be excluded from this roleplay (the same can be said for any discrimination or rude behavior amongst us). Obviously we cannot go into sex scenes due to forum rules, so even if you do include romance, going that far will be a big no no. If there's a high enough demand then you are free to make such a roleplay in the proper location following the proper rules where the scenes can play out.


    The bad guys have all but lost and the Japanese are all too complacent with their victories, having suffered minimal losses in return. Even massive monster attacks on the city have been repaired and the monsters driven from their shores. How could this happen? The Japanese youth somehow have an unusually high level of powerful magical abilities and are the driving force for all counterattacks in the area. In other words, little kids and teenagers are able to reliably defeat the monsters of the week that threaten Tokyo.

    Lord Gerath has had enough of this nonsense. He has high ambitions to conquer Tokyo after crushing it underneath his heel, but knows that, despite all of his vast power, he's still the underdog against the overwhelming numbers of the heroes. He needs help, and said help is nearly destroyed in futile attempts of attacking one at a time. Using beings made out of solid darkness called dark messengers, they have contacted as many bad guys as they could who have yet to be slain, telling them to stand down and meet him at his secret headquarters within the forest of Aokigahara at the base of Mount Fuji. Once they were assembled he gave them the ultimatum, "Join me and crush Tokyo or carry on as you had and be wiped out."

    Some of the monsters were too dumb or proud to serve under him, and just like he predicted they were soon destroyed. Having little other options if they wanted their goals to be realized, the rest pledged allegiance to Lord Gerath. Their first plan was to use surprise to their advantage, splitting up into elite teams to wipe out all of the heroes who were expecting history to repeat itself. No more attacking only straight on, single file to their dooms. They would use stealth and cunning, targeting those who they knew identities of while they were unprepared, doing a city-wide attack all at once. This would be project "Shock and Awe", showing what their new combined force was capable of, making the heroes no longer able to feel safe in their own homes while also whittling down their numbers considerably with minimal actual fighting. The monsters who could not do stealth would be waiting within the outskirts of Tokyo to rush in and help once the surprise was lost and things began to get heated. From there they would have to do a tactical retreat and reorganize back at the headquarters once they were sure they were no longer followed.

    After that the enemy would definitely wise and up and the real fighting, no, the real war would begin. It would be brutal and the villains were outnumbered hundreds to one, not even counting the normal civilians, but Lord Gerath was a genius who somehow believed that he could come out on top in all of this mess, all of the heroes dead at his feet and Tokyo his new throne.

    Team Dusk (our characters), is one of the groups taking part in this operation. However, will things go according to plan for them on their quest to take out a team of mask wearing heroes while they're hanging out at their school gymnasium as civilians? If they manage to done their suits then they're known to be a real pain, one who Team Dusk might not be ready for. Can they still pull out a victory and impress Lord Gerath or is their part in all of this dead on arrival? We're about to find out.

    Enemy Types

    JMDF = Japanese Magical Defense Force. These are trained professionals in swat looking battle gear who are sent to eliminate paranormal threats; a.k.a. our characters. These are almost never our main target due to being more like low level mooks not worth our time, because as adults they don't usually have magical powers. They sometimes employ other enemy types to handle the situation instead or else are destroyed in mass.

    Super Mask = What people call the power ranger type of people in this continuity. They often wear full body outfits of matching colors as part of a team. They're usually upper teens, old enough to have great athletic talent yet still young enough to retain certain magical powers, making them an all around threat, especially if they're provided equipment from the JMDF such as giant robots that combine together. However, only the best, richest, and most famous Super Mask teams are provided with them due to the massive expense.

    Magical Girl = Able to cloak themselves in magical energy that turns into fancy, girly looking magical outfits. They can be incredibly dangerous in magical attacks despite (or actually because of) their young age, very few in their late teens. In fact, a high end magical girl can potentially be as powerful as an entire super mask team. Not all of them are this powerful, though, and require a long start up (a.k.a. flashing lights and dancing if they feel like it) period to activate their powers as their outfit forms around them.

    Mecha Rider = Teens and children who are mysteriously connected to giant robots of various sizes, the largest as tall as skyscrapers. These are the most rare enemy type due to the extreme cost and rarity, much like the Super Mask's combining robots. Just activating them often takes a long time so they are only mobilized in extreme circumstances.

    Vigilante = A term used for random high school students with magical powers and large weapons. The women who fall under this distinction often have weird hair colors, although this change isn't commonly present in males for some reason, instead having a spiky look to it. Vigilantes have a wide range of possible powers, some canon fodder while others exceedingly difficult to kill. It's important to note that girls with magical powers aren't necessarily under the "magical girl" distinction (that being the all important transformation to activate their power in the later case). Also, for some reason there tends to be a lot more female vigilantes than male and the male ones often surround themselves in female ones when they do exist. This doesn't apply to every case, however.

    Ninja = Those who practice the ancient art of ninjutsu (not the same as Naruto, but a more "realistic" version of their supposed powers). This doesn't count as traditional magic so can be used by adults as well, requiring much training. Female ninja are called kunoichi and are more rare.

    Cloth = Members of the cloth refer to religious people such as nuns, monks, and priests who develop magical powers through a spiritual connection, so can be, and often are, older. It's rare that young people can develop a powerful enough connection which takes years of intense meditation to pull off. They sometimes wield conventional weaponry as well. They are not overly common to have to fight against, seldom hunting us down on the offensive besides a crazy priest or two.

    Yakuza = Angry at us messing with their Japan, which only they should be allowed to do, these gang members have vowed to eliminate use before we become too large of a threat, becoming our only enemy type who's also bad guys, not counting traitors to our cause.

    Unusual = An unusual is most often an adult with magical powers, although anyone with magical powers who don't fit into the other categories can be called this. This can have further distinction such as witches, sorcerers, etc.


    1. Standard roleplay rules such as not controlling other people's characters, god modding, sex scenes, be respectful of each other, all that jazz. Well, jazz music is welcome, but you see...ah, never mind. You get the idea.
    2. If you don't post in the IC for a week with us waiting on you and give us no rhyme, reason, or warning, we can decide how best to control your character, temporarily breaking your right to rule number 1 until the situation has resolved itself. If you still remain gone with us waiting on you yet again, we can take more drastic actions to take the character out of play. We'll try to do it in a manner where they can still come back if you do, if at all possible.
    3. Don't go back and forth with only one other person in the IC if they're part of a larger group, flooding out a chance for another character to do anything and then move on to the next scene together, making everyone else feel left out of the loop. If you'd like to only interact with only one or two other characters then it may be good (but not mandatory) to do a collaboration post where you both post your talking together so that it's not just a bunch of really short back and forth posts. It should also leave it open for other characters to do something before moving on with the plot unless everyone involved is okay with that.
    4. You can have more than one character but don't flood us with so many characters that they get us drowned and lost in them. If you have a ton, perhaps it would be best if they were more like NPC we're not expected to know, making them more like foot soldiers until we can slowly grow accustomed to them.
    5. You can control the good guys but we will not be following them around all day, just for certain scenes such as when they're fighting us or revealing important plot points. You may control them to a certain extent in your posts as long as you don't make them uncharacteristic or do things that mess things up, so it's best to ask us here before you make them do anything too drastic/different. Otherwise we may ask you to remove it if it's no bueno.
    6. Keep your powers to around the level of blowing up a street block with laser vision at max power, and will exhaust you once you're through. Any type of power will be welcome as long as it's not game breaking and sticks to that level of usefulness. Make sure that someone with average powers could still be a threat to you without needing some insanely specific abilities. Keep in mind that our powers will be able to grow in time but no insane leaps in power without approval. Special exceptions will be made for power level but you may be accepted under conditions that you have excuses for them not to participate very much or else they'd break the plot.
    7. Characters can't exist from canon of other media such as an actual Sailor Moon, but there can be clear parodies of characters or involve the people that inspired the characters of media to be created. Therefore, there could be a girl who looks and acts like Sailor Moon, but some of her exploits would clearly be made up when they created the Sailor Moon series.
    8. I can fairly add new rules if the need arises.

    Character Sheet

    Your character sheet should include the following information but you can add additional categories of information if desired or have it in a different format you already have typed out and are comfortable with. For sure post everything relevant to their fighting abilities that could be considered even a bit questionable to see if it gets approval. Otherwise if you try to spring out a power you had in mind at a later date, and find out I don't approve of it, then you may be disappointed that you can't use it after all this time counting on it. You don't have to post stuff that everyone could be reasonably expected to do. For things like backstory you don't have to spoil all of the major details, instead revealing stuff over time if desired.

    Don't feel the need to keep the stuff in parenthesis while making your own sheet, as that is just to provide an explanation for the different categories in the sheet if needed.

    Real Name -
    Alias - (If not using their real name)
    Age - (Monsters can live any number of years depending on the type. Young characters are allowed)
    Race - (Human or otherwise is accepted, but if your race is overpowered or not fitting of the setting than it may be turned down)
    Gender -
    Personality - (Perhaps include motivation for why they wish to conquer Tokyo unless that's secret)
    Appearance - (Height, weight, a picture or written description)

    Magical Powers -
    Talents - (Anything not related to their magic that could be useful)
    Weaknesses - (If they have any ones besides obvious stuff like "cutting off their head")

    Equipment - (Armor, weapons, items, etc.)

    Backstory -

    Character List

    Playable Characters

    Eleanor Wayne - By GreenSea
    Ito Zebb - By DoomyCakez
    Jack Brando - By Cactush
    Morimoto Kanji - By RogueState
    Viktor Petrovsky - By ImportantNobody​

    Major NPCS

    (Currently Empty)​
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  2. Real Name -

    Eleanor Wayne

    Alias -

    Cockroach man

    Age -


    Race -


    Gender -


    Personality -

    Eleanor is a man filled with determination yet have a twisted mind that can played his enemy as well as ally's psychology. Eleanor tend to keep himself as a good guy at first, there have been many stages where he easily fooled his enemy as a spy of a villain organization. He also got an arrogant way to show off his gadget to his friend but he's kind enough to lend or even make things for them.Nothing much to be said about him further but one thing for sure, he have the opportunity to be a hero but his tragic background make him be the villain.

    Appearance -


    Magical Powers -

    Possess high resistance of pain and nuclear weapon due to his cockroach attribute. His skin also gained the ability to be rubber like but not the limp.

    Talents -

    Eleanor Wayne is the son of Bruce wayne and half brother to Damien wayne, with that, his fighting skills are undeniably good. He also have his father intelligence on making hi tech gadget.

    Weaknesses -

    Bug spray- once he got bug spray, his cockroach power are gone and he'll be vulnerable.

    Bug splatter- He's not weak but he's fear of it just like any bugs would do. If it truly happens, He'll be in the back of the evil battalion.

    Equipment -

    Stink Blaster- A gun which blast notorious stinky odor nearby. Best to be used with gas mask when trigger the gun

    Bug cave- the main hive of cockroachman where he learn his enemy weakness and such.

    Bugmobile - Cockroachman's primary transportation to rob bank or escaping from the heroes.

    Backstory -
    Eleanor is the son of national Gotham Hero, Bruce Wayne and brother to the 3rd batman Damien Wayne. The 3 of them were once came in a pack of the bat-trio, Batman, Robin, and Batboy. Eleanor had been trained to be expert in fighting as well as the way of heroes and he dreamt for one day to be like his dad. It was in middle of June, night day, the road was quiet until a mass of villain came filling the road, it was the day where Gotham fall. Bruce, as batman, couldn't let this slipped and so with knowing he was outnumbered, he went into the bloody battle. Damien called the other hero headquarter but he was ignored.

    Eleanor was transported into another town with Albert with Damien's order. At the end, the both of them pronounce as dead days later, Eleanor's boiled with rage and can't help but to switched sides to the evil. Since then, he managed to create a serum which can hold him off from nuclear and that's through the DNA of cockroach. He modified it and implanted it onto his blood creating the monster that he's right now.​
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  3. Real Name
    Jasmine "Jamie" Damara Rockefeller





    Bright, Bubbly, a tiny bit unhinged, and more then a tiny bit sadistic. But then again. Who isn't?
    She loves a good time, and enjoys witty banter.
    The only thing she likes better is chaos without good reason.
    Glorious Chaos.


    Magical Powers
    Unless you consider three doctorates despite a clear sanity problem, and being able to take a punch, a power...?

    ⊕Accomplished in the realm of sciences(A PhD in Psychology, A PhD in Bioinfomatics, and a PhD in Chemistry)⊕



    Her Glasses(works for several different purposes such as inferred and so on.)

    Bombs (open)
    Little bombs with tiny faces, each with its own filling. Explosive, sleeping gas, laughing gas, etc. You'd assume you could guess by the face but time and time again she proves that wrong. Who knows how she tells the difference.

    Steel Knuckles (open)

    Stickers (open)
    The adhesive is made with chemicals that cause affects such as paralyzes or itching. Much the same as her bombs.

    Throwing Knives (open)

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  4. Real Name - Viktor Petrovsky
    Alias - Short Circuit (an alias he abandoned because people would call him "short" or "shorty" instead), Circuiter (his preferred alias)
    Age - 16
    Race - Russian Human
    Gender - Male

    Personality - He has a Napoleon complex, getting very upset when people call him short, causing sparks to shoot from his body. He's prone to using violence to solve his problems even though he's intelligent enough to do otherwise, which is due to a lack of mercy. He has outright stated that he likes most animals, especially dogs, more than humans. Being a bit of a sadist and a weirdo, as punishment he forces people to act like dogs for his amusement. He's mostly asexual, saying humans are disgusting deep down but some girls are "okay" in terms of looks, he just wouldn't bother getting into anything serious with anyone. People, therefore, are more like lab rats and stepping stones for his own ambitions.

    Appearance - He's only 5'2''.

    Magical Powers - Electricity. He's not good enough in raw power to get his attacks anywhere close to the speed or power of lightning, but can still kill people with it if the electricity hits someone's unprotected body for around 5 seconds if he's using his maximum power. His best application for his powers is for other special effects. One example is a stun setting, forming a spark of electricity on his index and middle finger held out like a gun, and then the spark shoots out quickly, possibly knocking them out cold if hitting their brain. A close range option is his namesake, short circuit, which he simply needs to place his hands on them and cause their nerves to go haywire with electricity and drop them like a stun gun hit.

    He can keep his electricity in a dormant state for a long time and then have it erupt into a burst of electricity at his will. This dormant ball, which looks like glowing static, can even be placed and move through solid objects unless they can resist electricity or magic, so can be placed inside humans and kill them later on, perfect for stealthy assassinations. Once it goes inside their body then it's insanely difficult to remove unless they gain a resistance to magic or electricity.

    He can send out smaller versions of what looks like his dormant electricity balls from his fingertips, which come out in lines that are connected by crackling static. If these lines, which he call nerve hackers, touch someone's nervous system then they can control that person like a puppet. Before he had much training they experienced very jerky movements but now they seem almost natural, just not able to go into the graceful or fine muscle movement territory. If he connects the electricity to their brain then he could shock a certain part to make them forget this process or even knock them out or kill them. They don't have to be alive to be controlled, although if dead then the nerves would break down over a long while. Controlling more than a few people at once would require the upmost of concentration.

    The only move he has that can pierce electric/magic resistant materials is his electric scalpel, which is like a one foot blade of electricity that forms out of his index and middle finger held together. He can form them on both hands at once if desired.

    Using electricity in his own body he can send it into overdrive to temporarily power up his physical abilities past normal limits, but this hurts him and will cause severe damage if used for too long.

    Talents - Intellect and knowledge of biology, science, physics, anatomy, and of course in electricity. Assassination skills.
    Weaknesses - Electric or magical resistant materials will block out his main method of attacking unless he gets up close or finds some puppets to fight for him

    Equipment - Nothing besides the clothes on his back.

    Backstory - He always had an affinity for electricity, attracting an abnormal amount of static everywhere he went. However, his powers didn't truly manifest until at school doing a lab experiment with dead frogs and electricity. While causing their muscles to twitch, Viktor accidentally touched the electricity and got a major shock, but continued shocking the frog from his own body. Realizing how abnormal this was, he tested out his abilities over the coming days. One day he grew confident enough to challenge a group of bullies who picked on him all of the time due to his small stature.

    Using his nerve hackers he was able to take control of their bodies and jump them off the roof of their school to their deaths. Mad with power, he caused more deaths over the years that he wasn't able to be traced for...until one day when a special task force got to him and said he had to fight for their cause as an assassin or be killed. He agreed to their terms, not minding his new, lucrative job as an assassin. They even helped train his powers even further, although didn't tell him why he had them or where exactly they came from.

    One day he was tasked with assassinating a Japanese diplomat who was not good for Russian interests. At this time there happened to be an uprising of villains in the works and he, too, was sent a message asking if he would join. Humored by this he visited the meetings and liked what he saw, deciding to stay here for a bit and see what develops.
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  5. New rule; characters can't be from the canon of other media such as an actual Sailor Moon, but there can be clear parodies of characters. Such characters from the media are still fictional but there can be some inspiration taken from real life people from this story's canon. Therefore there can be a Bruce Wayne who inspired people to create Batman comics, but there is no batman who did everything as seen in the batman media. Think the actual Chuck Norris and the Chuck Norris of media being two different people yet the same in some ways.

    Nobody will be as powerful as Goku so if they were inspired by a real life person then his powers were greatly exaggerated.
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  6. I just make my charrie dad, batman... is it okay?
  7. He can be the person who inspired the batman mythos, yes. He can do a lot of the stuff batman does but a ton of the stuff is clearly non-canon here such as fighting all the people from other planets, superman's part in all of that, etc. A lot of the basic batman abilities, gadgets, etc. and him being a crime fighter who stalks the night can still be real.
  8. Real Name
    Calypsonious Tartursdottir
    19 in human years
    Sea Dwelling Alien(thinking of a name)
    Thoughtful, serene, and completely done with the human race.

    Magical Powers
    §A form of Water manipulation, that's almost scary in it's entirety. The only issue is the bigger the source of water the more concentration is needed.§

    §A empath like connection with both plants and aquatic animals. Along with humanoids§



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  9. [​IMG]



    "Wanna see a cool trick???"

    General Information

    "I have a couple of titles, but my personal favorite is 'The Illusionist'...pretty awesome, right?"
    The Illusionist

    "Age ain't nothing but a number, cutie~"
    16, rumor has it he is much older.

    "Now a mystery. I could be a human, but then again I could be just a manifestation of your perception of what is a shall never know."
    Unknown; although many claim that he is some sort of demon. He never says, though.

    "You are joking, right? I mean, there is no way I can be a girl, since I'm so manly...right?"



    Ito's personality is rather...strange at best. Most people would consider him to lack intelligence from the way that he looks, sporting his ecliptic style with a lazy, be it teenage grace; however, once he opens his mouth, his true intelligence is known. He is creative, often finding joy in the oddest of things (cat death), and is easily excitable. You could say he is a bit of a fanboy when it comes to the older villans, sometimes forgetting that he even has powers. He usually comes off as light hearted and easy going, childish at times, and over all immature, enjoying humiliating his enemies first rather then killing them outright. He is a major flirt, enjoying tease his female opponents when one is pretty enough. A natural jokster, his pranks and mischief go on usually nonstop. Even his allies are likely to fall prey.

    His light hearted, energetic nature seems to change rather quickly once he is in battle, his true nature shining through to show that he is actually very malicious. Cunning, Calculating, Devious, and borderline sadistic, Ito's actually level of intelligence and sadistic creativity is quite high, breeding all sorts of naughty acts....however, once the fight is over, you will find him returning once more to his "brainless" facade.

    Lacking both sympathy and empathy, Ito's sadism holds no bounds. Crying Children, old people, Pregnant women...they are all the same in his eyes...weak. It would shock many, the observations that come from his mouth. He may sound sweet and harmless, but the venom behind those words give him a nearly serpentine complextion.



    "Tall, dark, and drop dead gorgeous"
    6 ft

    "That's not a polite question to'll make me self-conscious!"
    163 lbs

    -Body Type-
    Overall, he is long and lanky. Graceful and lithe, streamlined.

    -Eye Color-
    Blue; however, they turn red when he is using his abilities

    -Hair Color-
    Forest Green

    -Hair Style-
    Messy and unkempt, with a large spike sticking up from the top of his head at a slight angle.

    "Gorgeous of course."
    Pale skin, large owl-like eyes, slight bags under his eyes, pointed ears, sharp nails, youthful face.



    "Welcome to my world, where I shall twist your mind, bringing your greatest fears to life...or just make you think you are being attacked by a giant duck~"
    || The power of Illusion ||
    Ito can create manifestations of your greatest nightmares, or objects of his own creativity and bring them to life, trapping people in their world of horrors. This ability works best with those who have fears and weaknesses, for they will come to life and allow for Ito's victory...however, this is extremely temporary, meaning that if he does not take you out within the Illusion time limit, he is screwed. They are also extremely temperamental. If he breaks concentration, the illusion will break. Ito has also learned that this ability does not work on strong wills, which usually leaves him having to flee with his tail between his legs.

    || Transportation ||
    Using Shirley, Ito is able to cut rips into the very air, creating a portal-like hole that opens into a dimension called "The Inbetween" and allowing him to travel rather quickly from place to place. "The Inbetween" is basically a blank area of sheer nothingness that can only be accessed by slicing through the present dimension to travel through it. The Inbetween is a dimension of nothingness, even oxygen; however, it seems to not effect him, being that he usually sings and rambles while moving through ot. He does not seem to have fully mastered this yet, being that he has a habit of popping up in the wrong places. As a random note, Ito has a habit of kicking his enemies into this void, so that they can die of oxygen depletion or "boredom" as he boldly calls it.

    || Strange Durability ||
    Ito is not a weak as people may believe. He just does not enjoy unnecessary pain on his part. He is actually quite durable, able to withstand a surprising amount of damage without so mich as flinching. Maybe he really is a demon...

    || Escape Artist ||
    || Juggling ||
    || Mental Fuckery ||
    || Jokes ||
    || Pranks ||
    || Steath ||
    || Acrobatics ||
    || Fast learner ||
    || Riddles ||
    || Speed ||
    || Chainsaw Badassery ||

    || cats ||
    || Pretty Girls ||
    || Brute Strength ||
    || easily bored ||
    ||his abilities only go as far as his concentration. Once he loses concentration, his power is broken.||
    || Recklessness ||

    || Silly thing about his illusions, but Ito runs on Chii (the life force of all living things) If he runs out of chii, then he is unable to use his abilities...||
    || He doesn't like getting his own hands dirty ||


    "Say hello to Shirley."
    Shirley is his chainsaw, claimed to be made from "Demon Blood". Shirley is known to speak, or at least that is Ito claims since he often holds long, one-sided conversations with it. It is abnormally large and so strong that it can cut through practically any surface if reved high enough. It seems to be able to cut through Ito's illusions, allowing him to move freely about them. And it can cut cake!
    It seems that only Ito can weild this monster, being that it severely burns whoever touches it with pure hellfire...Ito seems safe from its wrath.

    -Random equipment-

    || random Manga books ||
    || Candy of some sort, usually lolipops ||
    || A pocket watch ||
    || a bag of cherry bombs ||
    || Pencil erasers...he likes to stick them on his fingers||
    || A picture of a cat ||



    || Candy ||
    || Girls ||
    || Riddles ||
    || Dancing ||
    || Tricks ||
    || pink, fluffy things ||
    || Naps ||
    || Sunsets ||
    || Mischief ||
    || Hugs ||
    || Going with the flow ||

    || Losing ||
    || Cats ||
    || Sour things ||
    || Country Music ||
    || Fat People ||
    || Stupid People ||
    || The heat ||
    || The cold ||
    || Being Bored ||
    || Having to fully plan something ||



    "The cool thing about an illusion is that it's origin is unknown."

    He keeps it to himself, his origin and entire life a complete mystery to everyone. There are many rumors that float around about him: Son of Pryo, the demon of Falsery, Demon General, Pyro himself; however, he never denies or claims anything. It's part of the fun for him.

    It seems that he just appeared out of nowhere about 6 mobths ago, reaking havoc on Toyko whenever it suited his fancy. He has had his wins and his loses; however, he seems to appear and disappear out of thin air...Anything else about this kid is completely
    one question:



    "Anarchy...that's where the fun is at....anarchy, chaos, destruction... and cupcakesss."
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  10. 我写完了!~~~
  11. Speaking of parodies, guess who I am parodying ^.^!

    George J. Clarke
    AKA: Jack Brando

    "Your effects are useless, useless, useless, useless!"

    18 Years Old

    Vampire, formerly human



    Mr. Superiority Complex. Jack has a sick fascination with proving that he is better than the people he is around, and is more than thrilled to have the chance to rub it in their face. When mingling with the public, he is quite a nice person, albeit very sarcastic and slips into straight malice when flustered. But as a villain to Tokyo, his Complex compels him to go to the lowest lows to prove how much better he is over the heroes and their friends, while occasionally slipping into sadistic measures to ensure he can gloat and monologue without fear of counter-attack, a trick he had only learnt recently since joining the Team.


    Magical Powers
    Inhuman Strength: Jack's transformation into a vampire has granted him massive strength and durability, making up for his rather lean figure.
    Freezing Technique: A standard Vampire technique, freezes objects on touch, human bodies can be frozen too, but only partially, with the process taking much longer than a normal object. Jack usually infuses small objects such as knives to throw at Heroes.
    Regeneration: The Vampire power Jack holds allows his wounds to heal quickly over time, the exceptions being large open wounds or loss of limbs.

    Talents -




    Knife Mastery

    Weaknesses - ​
    • Concentrated Light: unlike conventional vampires, Jack's weakness to sunlight is very different, light must be shown through his eyes, he did this specifically so he could fight under the sunlight, granted his powers are still greatly weakened under sunlight. He wears a hat to cover his eyes from the sun, but Light-Based magic, weaponry, and torches will harm him greatly.​
    • Arrogance: Jack's Superiority Complex makes him a great opportunity taker, but also a gullible idiot, fake-surrenders are his Achilles' Heel, as he gets so caught up in the moment to realise it's a trick.​
    • Blood: Well, this guy is a bloody vampire, he needs to periodically feed on blood of living things, people and animals alike, to sustain his body, and his powers, he takes vials of blood with him to fight, but they are more often than not smashed up in the chaos, otherwise he has to look for random civilians or pets to feed off during fights, or worse case scenario, attempt to feed off the heroes, that could turn ugly...​

    • Knives: 2 Styles of knives carried at all times, sets of throwing knives laid around his waist for easy use, and a small knife in his pocket for close combat.​
    • Blood Vials: Vials of blood for Jack to drink just in case he starts running low, not very useful in the long-run though.​

    Born to wealthy parents, George J. Clark grew up a bored individual, with more money and power than most of his peers, and he relished in that thought, and he made sure people knew it. But after years of tormenting peers, it wasn't enough, he needed something more. This was when he heard of the Stone Mask, a powerful object said to turn people into Vampires. This was his opportunity, he researched the object, and he obtained it, testing on a random drunk on the streets of Tokyo, if it had not been for the sunlight, George would have died that day to the Vampire. That night, without hesitation, he put the mask on himself, transforming him into a Vampire, it increased his strength, speed, and intelligence, turning his frail body into a weapon, he felt like a god! And what does a god do with that power?

    Fight Tokyo's superheroes...

    Under the Alias Jack Brando...

    And lose....


    But now, 4 years later, his skills refined, and now with a team at his side, his aim is to now crush all the heroes in Tokyo, vowing to suck their bodies dry...and show the world, that Jack Brando is the best in Japan, no...THE WORLD!​
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  12. @GreenSea

    Ito is going to tease Eleanor because of his name...
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  13. Eleanor Wayne; Accepted (under the stipulation that his batman family is who inspired the batman media rather than literally doing all of the batman stuff he's shown to have done. This shouldn't be an issue). I assume the other town he was sent off to was Tokyo? Or he decided to go to Japan afterwards to help start his new life?

    Ito Zebb; Accepted.

    Jack Brando; Accepted, just so long as his vampire powers are not able to create some massive vampire army that would break the plot. Therefore, there should for some reason be a strict limit in place for the amount of vampires that could turn.

    It seems like he and Ito would be competitive against each other a lot. From what I know of their characters, they seem like they'd be the ones responsible for allowing our enemies to "morphing time" into their outfits and turn this first battle into a struggle for survival rather than an assassination.
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  14. Ito will most likely just tease the hell out of him and purposefully piss him off~
  15. And Ito can be sneaky!!! He'd be a good assassinator when it came to being serious!! He's just reckless lol
  16. I imagine him sneaking up on one of the girls but instead starts hitting on her.
  17. Sneaking up and hugging her from behind....Like a real man
  18. And then she kills him.
  19. Trueee...if she can catch him. He wouLD probably do that as a distraction, rip open one of his little portals and push the bitCH in o.o. strategy
  20. Where would the portal lead?
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