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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
Chief Inspector Amuro looked at her desk. The reports kept piling up and every time she solved one crime the next one had appeared, twice as confusing and three times more dangerous. Each one of her spies were always in danger of being kidnapped or caught by the Yakuza and now there were even more reports of strange creatures and demons. She tended to ignore those, focusing instead on the immediate threat of the Yakuza. Tokyo was on the verge of destruction and the citizens had no clue, what an awful place to be caught.

She picked up the phone and called Detective Kotetsu, who was investigating down in Harajuku, hoping that he would have caught onto a lead or something by now. Patiently she waited for him to answer.

"Hello?" He said, his voice tired from the late nights they both had to pull lately.

"Yes, Amuro here, head over to Tokyo Tower, looks like there might be a lead over there."

"Understood." She heard the click and hung up as well.

Quickly she rubbed her eyes and turned back to her files that never seemed to end. She knew one of her cops was on the Yakuza payroll and the way one of her other ones was acting she'd almost believe demonic possession, but she usually figured it was lack of sleep, food or both. This city needed to be fixed and fast, that's why she hoped her samurai team would be able to figure this out before long...
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"Humans. I don't suppose I'll ever understand them. Or perhaps I already do? As vicious and bloodthirsty as any demon. Over the past seven or so months I've watched this so called "Police Force" try to keep the illusion of peace. And thus far, they've done a gut-spewingly good job. It makes me want to kill the entire lot of them. However, where would the fun in that be? Why let these useless bags of flesh continue to think that all is well? Why not strike absolute terror into their hearts? I want to see this little fiasco with that idiotic bunch of "gangsters" go absolutely ballistic! And what better way than to throw the entire police force into panic!?"

The Demon Lord Xelordasan mused to himself from a building rooftop high up in the Harajuku streets. Next to him were three mangled bodies. As result of a recent lapse in self control he ended up snacking on a few souls. One body was missing its head from the upper jaw and above, another had been impaled and slashed on shadow claws to he point one could see through the three vertical slashes. The last had a hole in its chest the size of a softball.

"Such a pity. This one had such a nice body. Oh wellll!" Xelordasan's voice was almost sing-song, "One for the money, two for the show, three for the hell of it and heeeeere we go!"

Xelordasan grabbed the shadow cast by the roof access' door and grew three tentacles, dangled all three bodies over the roof's edge, and dropped all three at once. After a satisfacting sound of three bodies hitting the pavement, an even more satisfying sounds of terrified shrieks came from below.

"Hehehehehehahahahahaaaaa! I LOVE this place!" the Demon Lord giggled ecstatically. He had a bad habit of becoming overly giddy after snacking on a few souls that were never meant to regenerate himself. Xelordasan leapt to the bottom of the building and melded into the shadows before slipping into a service tunnel underground where the shadows could take him to the club to get a few hours of work in.

[Summary: Xelordasan muses about the police force's efforts to keep the city's illusion of peace intact and decides that its time to rock the boat and does so by throwing three mangled corpses off a roof onto a busy street.]
And so Harima puts away yet another book left on a table by an idiotic human. Her dark eyes look around the place, agitated. Come on girl, you've only got two hours left 'til you're off for the day, Harima encouraged herself as she continued doing her job. You can kill as many humans as you want once you're done with this stupid job, Harima thought optimistically as she began to have a little bit more spring in her step. She continued down a row of book shelves, organizing whatever seemed out of place before returning to the front desk.

"May I help you?" Harima asked quietly to a small group of kids, a graceful, toothless smile displaying on her radiant face.

"Yes, can you tell me where you would find books about baseball players?" a bright-eyed boy asked, adjusting his baseball cap after asking the question.

"Yes, the biographies and other non-fiction books are in that section to your right," Harima answered quietly, a bright smile still on her face.

"Thank you, ma'am," the kids all said quietly as they went off to the right.

Now that I think about it, at least even the children try to shut up in the library, Harima optimistically thought to herself as she took a moment to comb through her extensive dark hair.
Around dusk, or thereabouts, as a moderate breeze blew through the streets just outside of Tokyo's notorious red-light district, Kumo Satori worked in a hurried daze. His hands moving like the wings of a humming bird. His bleached out hair, an orangish red in the soft street light, hung loosely in his face. Around his waist, under his red leather trench coat, was a light weight tool belt which held all the necessary items one might need to break into and steal a car. At this moment Kumo was about two seconds away from hot wiring a 2010 Lambo reventon roadster, an insanely hot car. Although cars like this were not commonly parked alone on the street, the man guarding it was dead and stuffed in a near by dumpster. Kumo didn't take any chances. A car this hot was worth murder and the money it would bring to his Yakuza faction would earn him some much needed respect.

~ a few sparks and wire ties later ~

Kumo was behind the wheel in the blink of an eye, literally. He grinned for a second at his success before slamming it into first and edging the gas slowing with his right foot. The car jerked forward and he was doing 60 down the street. Whoever owned this car would be having a very bad night once they discovered it was gone and the guy hired to watch it dead. Whatver though, its not like Kumo really cared. And besides, who was going to stop him? His clan had members of the police force working for them and the rest of them could go to hell s far as Kumo was concerned. If it came to an all out war, Kumo was confident that his gang could shoot it out with them in the middle of Tokyo! Really tear this place up. He slowed for a red light as street lamp flickered overhead. Kumo looked over to the passenger seat, laying against the seat, propped up on the head rest, was his sword; an incredible work of art that he guarded with his life. On the surface, Kumo was nothing more than a Yukuza car thief, but under it all he was a disciplined Ninja who could harness the power of the wind. He had great respect for nature and a love for the finer things in life. Above all else though, he loved his Yakuza set. They were strong, fierce and relentless. Kumo was fearless, even the news of Demons hardly shook him. If he was to die at the hands of a demons, in his eyes, it would be a more respectable than being shot down in the streets by the Police.

~The light turned green as Kumo sped off to deliver the car~
Shu kept a relativly sane life for a college student his age. Besides the beast lurking inside him everything was normal. It took a little persuasion on the beasts part to convince him that he was real in fact, and that it was in the best interests of both parties to keep him satisfied. There was nothing worse than taking control for a couple of days and making him watch as he did things with his body, things no normal person would do. Or in some case could.

About midway through school he got a text from an anonymous sender asking to meet him at Tokyo Tower that evening. He thought nothing at it at first but as time went on he got more curious as to who the sender was and decided to meet with whom ever it was. Besides, it was not like they could do anything to cause massive tramua to him.

Now it was dusk and Shu was near the base of the tower an hour early, curiousity overwhelming him.

Emerging from the night club another 7000 yen richer, Xelordasan looked around for a safe place to drop his human disguise. He only had about three minute to do so before he'd have to recharge, "Damn twenty minute limit. Oh well!" after slipping into a dark alley and morphing back into demon form, he melded into the shadows. About two hours had passed since he entered the club, making it about seven o'clock at night. I think I'll go see what Haircut is up to..."

Haircut was his nickname for Harima Ono. As he slipped through the shadows approaching the library she worked at, he peered in to make sure no students were present. He had already had to do clean up once. He wasn't in any mood to do it again, and Haircut would probably get pissy if he decided to just leave bodies strewn about. He slipped in and hunted down Harima before placing a few runic barriers in key locations to be activated on a thought and using a shadowy tendril he flicked off the lights for more shadow. Considering his reputation among demons it wouldn't be good if she decided to try to get rid of him with the lights on. Even with the shelves casting shadows, he probably wouldn't be able to do very well. Once he materialized in the chair behind her.

"Hello, Haircut," a sneer forming on his shadow shrouded face.
Harima was closing the library for the night when something seemed eerily wrong with the place. Trying to keep her hair from floating up into an attack position, she made sure that nobody was there before going back to the front desk. It was normal for a few moments until suddenly, the lights were flicked off. Probably him, Harima thought, a scowl now on her face as she tapped her foot, waiting for him to start talking. Waiting for him, she walked over to a table in the library, only for him to appear in a seat behind her.

"Hello, Haircut," a sneer forming on his shadow shrouded face.

"What do you want?" Harima coldly responded, the ends of her hair strands now beginning to float up with her now tensing body.
Xelordasan snickered at the sight of Harima's hair raising up, "Aw, why so violent? I swear, I can't even talk to another demon anymore without risking getting slaughtered. Spare me, Haircut. I switched the lights off for a reason," the shadow demon leaned backwards, the chair tilting slightly.

"Have you seen those police squad twats lately? They're trying to crack down on those Yakuza jackasses who are letting other demons into this world. I ended up squeezing a little information about one of those humans earlier," when he got nothing but a static, questioning stare, he sucked in a shadow to create a tendril and grab the remote to the television. When he turned it on, the news was reporting about three bodies, heavily mangled that fell off a roof under suspicious circumstances.

"I swear. You can drain one human's soul without another person finding you...then another person while you're draining that Long story short humans are nosy fuckers, and now the humans are looking for some sick fucker who mangles bodies which unfortunately fits just about every demon. That and the police force are ruining my party. So that's my day in a nutshell, how are you?" Xelordasan's eyes glittered with delight, "So what would you say if I said I wanted your help in making this thing between the police and the yazkua retards go absolutely nuclear?"

[Summary: Xelordasan mentions the police cracking down on the Yazuka and flicks on the television to show the news report on the three bodies he mangled. Despite the fact that he's put the whole city on high alert, he seems particularly proud of himself and shows no remorse for what's happened. He seems distracted from his original intent which was to try to recruit someone to mix things up for the Yazuka and Police.]
Harima listened to the now rather annoying creature rant. Unh-huh, Harima wanted to say every time he spoke as he continue on. She attempted to tune him out but couldn't as he then turned on the TV, showing the story about three people getting bloodily murdered. He continued along with his speal before finally catching her attention.

"So what would you say if I said I wanted your help in making this thing between the police and the yazkua retards go absolutely nuclear?"

I obviously can't trust the guy, Harima thought. But then again, I'll be killing people directly and indirectly; sounds nice to me, Harima thought again. If I keep my eyes on this crazy demon, I should be fine, right? Harima pondered the thought before finally speaking to Xelordasan, who had begun to grow impatient.

"I would say that sounds splendid!" Harima replied, her voice much less cold now.
"Absolutely delightful!!!" he sprung from his chair. Most people would be surprised that a mass slaughterer of his own kind would get cooperation from much of anyone. Xelordasan was simply thrilled that he had someone to slaughter people with, "Your hair, my shadows, there's no end to the havoc we could reap! The Demon Lord giggled insanely. It would be absolutely brainless to trust him completely, this was true, but so long as he didn't get distracted things should work out okay. As he rolled his head around the shoulders his head stopped and his eyes locked onto Harima's breasts and there was a long pause.

"...Yum yum yum...Huh what? I didn't say anything! Go ahead and get ready. If you need me I'll be undressing you with my eyes." another insane snicker and Xelordasan began walking around waiting for Harima to get ready. Perhaps insane wasn't the best word to describe him. He decided to look for a better word in the dictionary later.
Kumo sped through the streets of Tokyo in a freshly stolen Car. He was amazed at how empty the streets were, usually at this time of night people were everywhere and traffic was terrible, but not tonight. There were people out and about, just not in the usual numbers. Something is different, thought the seasoned Yakuza member. He took a hard right, leaving a little smoke in his wake. Kumo liked to push things to their limits, and having the opportunity to drive a car as sweet as this was rare, so he slammed on the gas, fearless, and quickly made his way to the Yakuza chop shop, located in downtown Tokyo. Once there he pulled in to the dimly lit garage and put the vehicle in park. He stepped out, his blackwidow boots hitting the floor with a dull thud.

"Here's the car" said Kumo tossing the keys to the man waiting, whos eyes looked huge at the stolen prize.

'This car is....amazing, its immaculate, its...its.." The Yakuza car detail-er stopped as Kumo interrupted

"It's a Lambo" Kumo patted the man on the back, a little flattered by his outright amazed sincerity.

The chop shop doubled as a Sake house/sushi bar. Which was perfect because Kumo was in need of a drink. He walked into the bar and sat down, nodded his head in respect to the other Yakuza currently enjoying drinks. Kumo was a bit of a loner, even within his own gang. He always felt a bit detached from everyone else, although he was steadfast and loyal to his faction, the sense of partnership wasn't always present. He ordered a bottle of chilled Sake and poured himself a drink, savoring the way the strong rice wine took the edge of of his adrenalin rush. He quickly finished the drink then looked up at the TV, it was the late night news reporting about 3 mangled bodies. Demons, thought Kumo. Good or bad, those damn creatures were drawing unnecessary heat onto the city. If there was one thing Kumo did not like it was heat, especially when it could effect his business.

Kumo took another long drink and continued to watch the news, his Katana tightly concealed against his body.
Chief Inspector Amuro waited by the ambulance as the three mangled bodies were set inside. "What kind of monster could have done this?" one of the EMTs asked her.

"I don't know but I don't think you'd want to find out if you could." She shook her head. Two coroners wouldn't even get near the scene without throwing up. And the one that did get close enough to do his job passed out the minute he was done. It was like a scene fresh out of some slasher film the Americans seemed so fond of. Sighing she picked up her phone and dialed quickly. Detective Kotetsu had left the scene moments before the bodies were dropped from the building.


Detective Kotetsu rode the elevator up to the balcony of the Tokyo Tower, high above the city. He let out an exhausted sigh, running a hand through his thinning black hair and replacing the cap he had on. The setting sun looked gorgeous hitting the city lights as they turned on one by one. He was about to head back down when his phone rang.

"Yes?" He responded.

"Looks like you got a stolen car to go check out on. You know the place?" Amuro spoke quickly, he could tell her nerves were on edge as usual.

"Yeah, I know the place. Sushi place over..."

"That's the one."

"On my way." He hung up the phone and returned to his car. Hopping in and heading down to the sushi place.
Still tense, but now with her hair back in normal position, she begin to step back slowly, still looking at him. She nodded with his statements, trying to look excited. Her facial expression however went from excitement to holding back sarcastic laughter when he took a rather notable pause to look at her breasts. Wow, class act right there, Harima thought sarcastically.

"...Yum yum yum...Huh what? I didn't say anything! Go ahead and get ready. If you need me I'll be undressing you with my eyes."

"Unh-huh," Harima replied, giving him a smirk in response before walking back to the front desk and getting the keys to the library, her purse, and a plastic bag that had a change of clothes. This whole librarian get-up is too conservative for night time, Harima thought as she quickly changed at the front desk. Like anybody except for him is here, she thought as she finished getting changed into a little black dress that ended almost 5 inches above her knees. She kicked off her flats and slipped on a pair of 6' black stilettos. She rummaged through her purse and found some bright red lipstick. Dabbing her pointer finger on the tip of the lipstick, she applied it rather skillfully without a mirror, a sign that she had been used to doing this. Well, I may as well turn on the sex appeal; makes the men act stupider, Harima reasoned with herself as she put her old clothes in the plastic bag and stuffed that in her purse. She then approached Xelordasan, her eyes beckoning him forth.

"You ready?" Harima asked in a deeper voice than normal, a mischievous smile on her face.

[Summary: Harima gets her stuff and makes herself look somewhat like a prostitute before coming back to Xelordasan and asking if he's ready to go.]
Xelordasan's eyes lit up from their simmering blue to bright white as he watched Harima change. A pleased laugh escaped his twisted lips. As this continued, he began thinking of something he could take the shape of and made a mental note to see just how he might be able to have a little fun with her after their night time escapades.

"I wonder if she'd get off on being molested by tendrils? Oooooh, this night is going to be so much fun!"

"You ready?" came her voice. He gave a short laugh as tendrils coiled up her legs and brushed up against her thighs before retracting into the ground.

"My dear, I'm always ready," he stated as his body began bending and cracking. When his transformation he sighed and put a stern look on his face.


"Let's go. And remind me not to look at your legs too much. I might get distracted. Hehehehahahahaaaa!" Xelordasan opened a window and slid out of it, "Let's go hot stuff. I only got about 25 minutes with this get up and we need to take out the riff-raff if we're gonna blow the whistle on the police!"
Kumo finished the first bottle of sake in record time. At this point his cheeks were flushed crimson and his vision had a delightful, glowing, blur. He was more than a little buzzed, but far from drunk. In the last weeks, In seemed like he was always getting a little sauced up after a heist or car jacking, it was only natural to want to wind down, but a litter of sake...even the Seasoned Yakuza vet knew that was a bit excessive. He drank the lst sip from his cup and stood, throwing down some money before heading to the back room. There, he would find the Chop shop/Sushi bars other point of interest; A gun shop specializing in highly illegal weaponry.

He waked past the VIP and took a sharp left down a little passage way, nodding quickly to two men standing outside of the door. They moved aside and Kumo entered. It was run by an old timer named Ran. Ran was not a full fledged Yakuza but rather a highly prized associate. He had been in the weapon trading and arms dealing business since he could walk and knew hi s merchandise well.

With all the uprising in Demon attacks and the fact that the cops were sure to come knocking sooner or later, Kumo needed some extra firepower.

He lowered his head slightly to the little man behind the counter.

"Hello, Ran. I need a 12 gauge with a case of exploding shells"

He made the deal and concealed the weapon under his trench. He wasn't sure what the rest of the night would have in store, but at least now he was ready.
Harima felt the tendrils rub against her legs. Funny, Harima thought as he responded. His body began to crack and bend. After a few moments, the grotesque noises ceased as he sighed and projected a stern look.

"Let's go. And remind me not to look at your legs too much. I might get distracted. Hehehehahahahaaaa!" Xelordasan said as he opened a window, slipping out of the library while Harima giggled in response.

Harima soon followed the transformed demon out of the library, closing the window shut behind her as she clumsily got up and regained her balance. Harima then patted the dirt off of her dress and then looked at Xelordasan.

"Where are we goin'?" Harima asked.
Xelordasan walked down the street with a disinterested look on his face, "I guess we go hunt down some Yazuka hang out," as usual, Xelordasan hadn't thought things through to the end, "And since I have no idea where to find one, I guess we gotta find and torture some poor schmuck until he talks! How fun!"
Harima walked along side him, playfully throwing lusty glances at some men while her partner in crime walked with disinterest on his face. Finally, Harima turned her attention back to him when he began to speak of a plan of some sort. Hmmm, torturing sounds fun, but I wanna do it a certain way, hahahahaha, Harima thought darkly.

"Hmmm, well, I say we pretend that you're a pimp and I'm one of your umm, employees," Harima awkwardly started up. "Anyway, I was thinking that that could get us a schmuck to torture," Harima explained as they continued to walk.
The Demon Lord looked up inquisitively. That certainly sounded fun.


After snapping out of his daydreaming he went cross-eyed to see a man holding a gun to his face, "Since when was this street abandoned?" he mused. The thug pulled the hammer back on his gun, "Pffffft. Wow that thing is old. Where'd you get that from?"

"Just shut the fuck up and no one is gonna get hurt," the thug snorted. A sick twisted grin came across Xelordasan's face.

"Oh, no, someone's going to get hurt. Sadly its you!" as he spoke two tendrils shot out of his shoulders and grabbed the man's gun arm and pushed it up. The thug looked up to see what had grabbed him only to look down and scream looking Xelordasan's shadowy form in his face, "Let's chat, Human." Xelordasan lifted the man up and walked into a nearby alley. He looked back behind him with a crazed look in his eyes, "Coming, Haircut?"
"Hmm, I guess this schmuck works, too," Harima replied as she strutted over to the alley, following Xelordasan and the man who had pointed a gun at his face. "Do you mind if I ask the questions?" Harima asked Xelordasan as she looked at the now vulnerable human with a dark sneer, her hair slowly rising up showing that she felt a strong urge to slaughter this man right here and there.