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Tokyo Jungle

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BittyKitty1, Oct 26, 2014.

    The Tokyo Jungle is a multi-species roleplay. You can be a Human or any popular pet. You can also be a Zoo Animal. Animals can die and kill, and Cannibalism is rampant.
    Be ready for violence. The Hunter kills the Hunted. Sometimes, the Hunters kill the other Hunters. Anything is subject to become food. Even newborns left alone is food.

    -Sika Deer
    -Domestic Cat
    -Any Breed of Dog

    You are exhausted. You've been hunted, chased, and challenged for territory. It's been so tiring. Why did the Humans leave? Life was so much easier back then... When the Humans gave you food and lodgings. When you didn't have to worry about your next meal- Or whether you'd become a meal yourself.
    But in your heart you felt this was better. The Humans had dulled your senses and destroyed your abilities. Seeing the City reduced to rubbish and the Animals living wild somehow excites you. This was how the world was supposed to be.​