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  1. Magical schoolgirls. Groups of teenagers in different colored costumes. Kids in giant robots. What do they all have in common? First of all, they have thwarted many an evil plan to conquer/destroy Tokyo. Second, none of them are even adults! How do the bad guys keep loosing when they can't even fight someone half their size?! Well, a certain evil genius has had enough of this nonsense and is allowing such failures to join under his rule; following his brilliant, revolutionary orders so that they can at last succeed in their combined purpose. You see a magical girl doing a long transformation sequence so that she can utterly crush you once she finishes? Shoot her in the head while she's busy dancing. See a group of teenagers suspiciously wearing color coded clothing (matching your mortal enemy's colors perfectly) while hanging out in public? Assassinate them while they're not in their uniforms.

    Basically, this roleplay is a "destroy tokyo" done right, taking all situations where you scream at the tv screen, "this bad guy is so dumb! Why didn't he just do this?!"...and we'll do that. While the premise is silly, it will be played seriously as well, just having some jokes every now and then referencing the situations we're parodying. That being said it will actually be grounded a lot in reality, applying real world tactics and such to defeat our foes who weren't expecting it. Up until now, after all, the monsters of the week and other bad guys have been all attacking independently and often in a stereotypically stupid way.

    In this setting, magical girls, power ranger type groups, giant robots, shrine maidens with mysterious powers, karate experts who can shoot chi out of their hands, etc. all exist within the same continuity so they will all be our targets for elimination. The military is basically useless against our powers, as usual, so it will mainly be us doing a lot of boss fights to pick off anyone who can threaten our rule. The bad guys can be various, from giant sentient squids to normal humans, but if you are a large monster then you might not be participating in much other than specific fights such as fighting the giant mech.

    Anyone interested?
  2. OMG OMG OMG!~

    COUNT. ME. IN!!!!!!!~~~~ ; w ;)

    I've always wanted to play a bad guy <333
  3. Yay! Your character's rank in our evil organization could be...ambassador of the cake horde! Their power is to smother people in cake!
  4. *pokes head in* yes hello let us crush do gooders and rule Tokyo with an iron fist
  5. So let me guess, your character will be the one to yodel people to death?

    I kid, I kid. You guys can come up with your own powers and stuff.
  6. Oh no no no. I have a great idea for a character...hue hueh hue
  7. They shall all bow down before my mighty wrath....hue hUE hue
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  8. I'm thinking the first enemies we defeat will be a power ranger type group.
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  9. Hell yeah!!! They shall feel the wrath of my character...speaking of characters, what powers and abilities are we able to have??? Anything is up for grabs?
  10. Anything is up for grabs as long as it's not game breaking or too powerful. Our level of power should be around the "blowing up a single city street with laser beams" range or other abilities of similar usefulness. Our opponents will generally be more powerful or more numerous than us so we need strategy from the guy who is grouping all of the villains together. Of course our characters can also be smart on their own if desired but a lot of our help such as the monsters of the week are idiots.
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  11. Villains... I think I'm interest [shooting rainbow fart laser to destroy the city XD~!]
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  12. Sounds like a rather overpowered ability to me. :silly:
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  13. Yay for overpowered!!!!!
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  14. XD~!
  15. I should start on the roleplay...tomorrow! Yay for procrastination!

    What types of stereotypical japanese heroes should we fight the most? And any other types I missed mentioning? Random highschoolers with magical powers is another common anime thing.
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  16. I reckon a good old Shonen-Hero beatdown is to be had, those guys need to be taken down a notch.
  17. Yeah and fuck those Sailor moon, magic girl bitches!!
  18. Yeah! Screw them and their power of friendship.
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  19. Screw them mutant turtles, super hero children, and all them demon slayer thots
  20. Screw them vigilantes in tights!
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