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  1. Three Goddesses, three different origins. From the night sky of Tokyo, they fall to the ground.

    Three heroes from this modern metropolis will step up to protect them, even if it means the end of the world.

    Prologue I - Princess Cronus (open)

    The Titans were doomed to life in Tartarus. This was their 'punishment' for falling in the Titanomachy. Their king, Cronus, however, was placed in a different, more secure prison. Cronus, Titan King of time and bringer of the golden age, swore to rescue his brethren and start the Second Titanomachy once more. One day, Cronus finally found a method of escape... but at what cost? When he left his prison, he began to see light, he began to forgot every single thing about his life...


    A young maiden fell from the skies like a feather. Her hair was golden yellow, amd her eyes, no different from flawless emeralds. She lands onto the hands of a young human individual and greets, "my name... is Saturn... what is... yours..."

    Prologue II - Cosmic Empress Mikaboshi (open)

    Before our universe began, there was darkness.
    In this darkness, a primordial evil takes a personified form.
    This evil was Amatsu-Mikaboshi.
    The first of the Shinto Pantheon, Amenominakanushi, fought with Amatsu-mikaboshi, resulting in a big bang that created the universe and sealed Amatsu-mikaboshi.
    Every few eons, this entity would be sealed, before unleashing itself upon our world a few eons later. This cycle would be repeated. If Amatsu-mikaboshi was allowed to roam, restoring a small fraction of its power would give it the potential to destroy our world. Any more and it could create a second Big Bang to destroy our universe to create a new one

    Today, Amatsu-mikaboshi is a legend, even to the gods themselves.

    Today, Amatsu-mikaboshi is about to unleash itself from its prison, to give everyone a grim reminder...


    From the skies, a slender-looking young maiden descends. Her hair was identical to the night sky - dark and starry. She looks at the person before her. "Mika... Mika... who might you be..."

    Prologue III - Queen of Mischief (open)

    After rounds of mischief that began to turn into evil, Loki was chained in the entrails of one of his spawn. Legend has it that once his escape was complete, he would finally be free and would be prepared to start Ragnarok.

    That was what happened. The God of mischief and great flames, Loki, was gone from his supposedly eternal prison. His whereabouts are now a mystery.


    "I need... shelter..."

    tl;dr Cronus, Amatsu-mikaboshi and Loki have been turned into little girls who fell into different parts of Tokyo. All three of them suffer from anmesia. Should they regain their memories and full strength, who knows what they could do?

    As such, a very particular God Hunter has arrived upon hearing rumours about three different deities appearing in Tokyo, all three capable of causing a world-end scenario. These rumours spread to other deities, causing them to be wary about the situation.

    A little info (open)

    If you play Cronus, Mikaboshi or Loki, you must be female. Any other deity can be modified freely as long as the lore is there.
    I would prefer if the deity's guardians were just regular humans. Learning kendo or archery is alright, though.
    No one knows that these three are the very deities they are yet.
    If you play our starting three, give them different names and put the names of their true forms as their aliases.
    I would prefer if the deities and their human guardians were played by seperate roleplayers.

    Rules (open)

    You are allowed to play other gods. However, you are not allowed to play the Titans sealed in Tartarus. These other gods can have a variety of motives, from wanting to kill the world end trio to wanting to aid them.
    I will limit God Slayer characters to three.
    This RP takes place in Tokyo, so I would prefer it if your guardian character was Japanese.
    Have fun.

    Race: Deity, Human or other?
    Appearance: A picture or description, preferably anime-like to fit the RP.
    Role in Story: God Slayer? Guardian of Cronus/Mikaboshi/Loki? Other?
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  2. Name: Saturn
    Alias: Cronus, Kronos, Chronos
    Age: ???, physically 13 or 14.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Deity - Titan
    Appearance: Saturn takes the form of a young, human girl, about 1.42 metres tall. She has long, wavy blonde hair which reaches down to her lower thighs. Her shining sapphire eyes are near perfection, and her skin is white and smooth. Her limbs and body are slender and her chest is literally flat, AAA probably. Some say that she almost looks like a doll.
    She has a ♄ emblem on her circular gold-hued medallion worn around her neck, which is actually a pocketwatch when opened. She wears this medallion over her black-and-white striped scarf. Her pure, white dress has no sleeves, but has a fine collar with buttons. She wears black thigh-highs with red shoes.
    When she accesses her more powerful primal split personality, Cronus, her eyes turn ruby red and her hair, a dirtier blonde, and her dress and socks swap colours. Cronus surfaces from time to time, but has not truly awakened.
    History: As Cronus, many tales of the legendary Titan King and how he brought upon the Golden Age of humanity have been told, but the two most noteworthy tales are his rise and fall.
    After castrating and slaying his tyrant father, Uranus, Cronus and his siblings, the generation of Greco-Roman gods known as Titans, decided to start a Golden Age where everyone would be equal. This era lasted quite a while, that was, until one day, his older sister and wife, Rhea, told him that he was, one day, going to be overthrown by one of his children.
    Hearing this, Cronus devoured all his children but one - Zeus. Eventually, Zeus caused Cronus to regurgitate the other five - Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hesta. The first six Olympians then waged war against the Titans, defeating them and casting them all into the depths of Greco-Roman hell - Tartarus, with a special spot for Cronus
    That was what caused Cronus to be so filled with vengeance for the Olympians.
    After all these years, Cronus created a way out, and using this method, he escaped Tartarus and vowed to free them from the outside and start the second Titanomachy. Unfortunately, Cronus was reborn as a young virgin maiden with anmesia - Saturn. Not knowing about her past as a Titan, she spends her life with a young individual who catches her in his arms.
    Personality: Saturn is a kind little lass who often apologises. She speaks in slow mannerisms, leaving gaps between her words. She is very shy and does not reallt like trusting anyone else.
    As Cronus, she is very aggresive and perpetually blinded by vengeance, attacking without discrimination.
    Equipment: Saturn possesses an adamantine stick, Harpe, that can extend up to 2 metres. It can transform into a gunscythe. Being made from adamantine, it can pierce through nearly anything.
    Abilities: Using her pocket watch, Saturn can control time to a small extent - slow it down, speed it up, and freeze it for a short amount of time. In her dormant state, she does little. However, she can also reverse the condition of things(e.g. reverse the shattering of a vase or reviving a dead person, provided it hasn't been too long). It is noted that time is always moving forward and thus, in her current state, she cannot time-travel.
    As long as she has her favourite scarf, it is able to sprout into raven-like wings - one white and one black, giving her flight and gliding capabilities. Without Cronus being awoken, she only has enhanced jumping and gliding abilities, and is unable to truly fly like her symbolic animal - the crow. As she continues to advance, she will begin to be able to fly for longer periods.
    All plant life that surrounds her immediately liven up, even if dead. This is passive.
    Being the leader of the Titans, her strength and reflexes are actually quite extraordinary.

    When Cronus is awakened, her abilities are boosted manyfold, and can create the spell to open the Gates of Tartarus.
    Motives: She wishes to regain her memories while leading a normal life.
    Role in Story: One of the World End Trio, Cronus.
    Other: She likes ice cream.
  3. May I be the god guardian of Apollo?
  4. Sorry, only Loki, Cronus and Mikaboshi can be bound by guardians. Apollo himself, on the other hand, has enough power to be independent.
  5. Ah ok, I didn't know what those were. Are demigods allowed?
  6. I'll be putting up a loki cs later tomorrow!
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