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    There's a common cliche that you see your life flash before your eyes right before your death, and in that moment, Luhan could see his past flashing beneath his warm hazel eyes. Fate works in an interesting way, ruining your life within a moment. He could feel his bones being crushed, a sickening snap to his ears. His last moments as a human being was just a series of colors, blurs of sounds and sensations. The pain hit him like a wave, sucking him down just as a tidal wave does a seashell.

    He could hear an ear splitting scream, and then smudges of sensation. He could feel his broken body being transported and moved, and then a gas mask was slipped over his face. Beside him, he could feel someone sobbing.

    He remembered opening his eyes for the first time after the operation, his family embracing him, yet something hadn't felt right. More symptoms had appeared, things like disinterest in food, yet he had uncontrollable urges to eat humans, an enticing smell wafting from each form when he was hungry. He had been freaked out, and then one of his eyes had turned black, his pupil blood red. Around this time, Ghoul attacks had been broadcasted through the news, each attack rapidly interviewed over the news and analyzed. It was during this time that Luhan found something odd about his new developments: Many of his symptoms matched that of a Ghouls.

    The first year had been the hardest. He had struggled with Ghoul impulses, struggled with the psychological effects, and settled down for coffee and occasionally snatching a person off the streets. It definitely took him a long time, and at times, he had gotten depressed at watching his victims struggle before he killed them. His family began questioning his changes, why he was out so late, and why he had eaten so little when around them.

    Blinking himself awake, Luhan struggled up staring at the offender that woke him up. Shutting the electronic beep of the alarm clock off, the teen wanted to shut his eyes and enjoy the last of his sleep and drowsiness. He could hear his mom humming downstairs and the sweet smell of pancakes. Rolling out of bed, he could hear his younger sister, Tian, getting ready. He shouldn't have been able to hear her quiet foot steps from across the house, yet his ears could pick up the sounds of nearly anything, reverberating through his head.

    Getting dressed in a simple forest green t-shirt, a black sleeveless vest, and black jeans. Resting his black headphones on the base of his neck, Luhan walked into the bathroom brushing his previously ink black hair, which he had dyed an ashy brown shade.

    With his bag slung over his frame and his new books in, he strode down stairs, letting his bag settle down at the base of his feet as he took a seat at the table, giving his mother a kiss on the cheek. His stomach lurched at the smell of the pancakes, his eyes revolted at the fluffy, sweet offender. His mother placed a plate stacked high with pancakes, drizzled with syrup, a fried egg and sliced fruit before him, before giving him a ruffle on the head. Taking his fork and knife, he dug in, not really chewing, just faking it before swallowing the vile food he would have wolfed down just a year ago.

    Managing to finish his plate, Lu thanked him mom for the delicious meal. Springing up the stairs, he locked the door behind him in the bathroom before doubling over at the bathroom, throwing everything he had just eaten into the toilet. The texture, flavor, even the smell was just awful, morbidly disgusting.

    With the taste of fresh mint in his mouth, he walked back down the stairs. "Have a good day at your new school, honey." Smiling, Luhan kissed his mom.

    "Thanks, mom." Taking the coffee thermos on the table, he took a sip, melting into the smooth, velvety texture caress his throat. Bidding goodbye to his mom and younger sister goodbye, he slipped out the door.

    His new high school was packed, and he could hear younger girls gossiping and giggling as he passed by in the hallways. Checking the slip of paper into his hand, Luhan looked up, his warm brown eyes taking in the class number. This was the right room. Opening the door, he walked in, finding the class already sitting down. The teacher looked up, "This is our new student. Please introduce yourself."

    "Hello, my name is Luhan, pleased to meet you." He bowed, before the teacher directed him to a seat.

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  2. Nami, who was busy drawing squiggles into her doodle book looked up momentarily at the sound of the transfer student's voice. She wasnt all that interested but it was just plain curtesy to at least listen to his introduction before returning to the art of squiggling.

    The girls in the class gave a satisfied squeal as he ended his introduction. Gossip and whispers flying here and there from the girls, while only groans and sighs of disappointment came from the boys.

    "Darn it, not another dude!" Nami's seatmate complained. Leaning back into his seat even more. Crossing his arms over his head and tipping his chair at a dangerous angle.

    "Ha! You lost the bet!" Another male chimed in.

    The teacher tapped his pen against the board, capturing everyone's attention.

    "Alright, enough fun and games. Bring out your textbooks and turn to page 10."
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    Looking around for a moment, Luhan walked over to a girl and her seat mate/classmate. "I hope you don't mind me sitting here." Taking a seat, he could hear the girls gossiping and from the corner of his gaze he could see them stealing glances. From what he could tell, they all smelled human. None of them were ghouls, much to Luhan's relief. There would have been a lot of trouble if one had been a ghoul, they would have been able to sniff the other out. Smiling softly at the boy who was groaning, "Sorry I'm not a girl."

    Turning his attention to the teacher, Luhan ran a hand through his hair before taking out the newly assigned textbook he was given and flipped it to page ten. The class was currently learning about World History, something his class had covered in Freshman year before the accident happened. Seemed like he was already slightly ahead of his class. Listening to the teacher begin to drone on about the impeachment of Nixon, Watergate Scandal in America, Luhan propped the side of his head up with his arm as he drew little swirls on the table. Looking beside him, Luhan could see the girl beside him doodling on a sheet of paper. "That's a lovely picture, what's your name?" Luhan smiled, his honey toned eyes sparkling.
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  4. The pen hovers over the paper for a while as Nami heard the transferee. She closes the notebook and tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She was always awkward when someone she barely knows tries to strike up a conversation.

    "Uh...Nami, and uh thanks...But it's just a sketch actually..." She trails off as her fingers clutch against the edges of the notebook. It has always been a part of her. Something she cant live without, even reaching to the point that she gets teased about bringing a childish journal to class almost everyday. Nami twiddles with her fingers uncertainly before continuing. "Luhan right?"

    As soon as she turns to meet his hazel eyes, something stirred inside her. Like some kind of mysterious attraction.

    'His eyes are lovely.' She thought. 'like velvety amber honey. I guess there is a reason for the girls to be excited. He's definitely a looker.' Noticing that she was staring at him for longer than she should have, Nami lolled her head away from his gaze and turned her attention to her open textbook. The teacher's words flying into one ear and out the other.

    "Im sorry for staring." Nami mutters uncertainly, heat capturing her cheeks.
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    "It's pretty." Luhan murmured, "nice to meet you, Nami. It's a pleasure." He watched her fingers as she shut her notebook, closing her drawings from the world.

    He could feel Nami staring at him. He should have been used to the awkwardness, the staring. It seemed as if everyone had stared at him the first year after operation as he struggled with his ghoul impulses and his human consciousness. The girl seemed nice enough but Luhan turned his attention away from her seeing her cheeks growing warm. "It's fine." While his mouth didn't smile, his eyes sparkled.

    Eyes boring down at the textbook, he raised his hand as his teacher asked about how long the American diplomats had been kept in Iran. "444 days, sir."

    The staring was really starting to get to him, and when he looked up, he could see another girl blushing, giggling, and then turning to whisper to her friend. He had joined this school to lead a normal life out of his ghoulish activities. Sipping at his coffee, he could feel his hunger pangs rising. Luhan would have to feed tonight, he had managed to go without eating a human for the past few days. His lastest meal had been particularly large, since he had shared it with another ghoul on the streets. The coffee temporarily stalled his predatory hunger.

    Leaning back in his chair as the class moved on to math, and then the bell rang, signalling lunch. "Would you mind showing me where the lunch room is?" He asked Nami, running a hand through his slightly disheveled hair.
  6. As soon as the teacher left, Nami made a grab for her textbook and quickly stuffed it into her bag along with all her other stuff. Chairs scraped against the floor in unison, followed by the soft pitter patter of feet as the students made their way out of the room in one messy file. The teacher's lectures long forgotten and replaced by the usual small talk and giggles over the sound of the bell. Nami's gaze lingers on their retreating form before turning to Luhan.

    "Of course. If you want I can give you a small tour around campus after class." Nami offered, pushing her chair back so she could stand up.

    The halls were even more crowded than yesterday, Nami noted as soon as she left their classroom and dove headfirst into the sea of buffy looking jocks and cheerleaders with their frilly pom-poms, who snickered at random students and pointed at the less popular.

    'I hate school.' Nami thought begrudgingly as someone almost stepped on her foot when they were jostled back by the biggest bullies.

    "I'm not trying to say anything bad about our school or something, but this is just the everyday scenario. It can get even worse believe me..." Nami sighs as she turns to Luhan.
  7. (Let's just pretend the school day's over? That way we can move it along quicker.)



    Watching Nami hurriedly stuffing all of her books into her bag in such a manner brought out a soft smile, lighting up his features. It was evident, really, how much the girl hated school. Watching as the teacher disappeared, Luhan neatly set his books into his bag, effortlessly swinging the bag onto his back. Ghoul strength was something that still caught him off guard, what had affected him a few year ago, hardly phased him it all. He remembered accidentally breaking glass and objects because he wasn't used to being half a ghoul. He had learned to control it better, yet at moments he would still be unable to gauge how much force to hit a person with without permanently injuring the person.

    "A tour sounds great, thank you." He murmured, making his way into the crowded hallway as everyone exited their class for extracurricular activities. He could scarcely see Nami's smaller frame as she dodged through traffic, jostled by bullies, jocks, and cheerleaders. In the midst of the slight confusion, he could feel someone shoving him, a hand reaching up and trying to yank his book bag off.

    "Oops, sorry pretty boy." The other teen sneered, attempting to yank Luhan under. When he seemed unable to phase him, the bully seemed agitated. It seemed like not many people could stand up to him, he mused. "If you're so tough, why don't you come out with me, see how you do when you come sniveling after our little fight." He could see his cronies snickering, and some of the others had turned to see what the commotion was about. Inside the teen's brain, a small debate raged. If he backed down, it made him appear as a potential target for future bullying, yet, on the other hand, he didn't want to hurt the kid.

    Staring the teen down, unphased, "Fine. Name a spot."

    "In the courtyard, now."

    "Alright." Looking back down at Nami, "Sorry for dragging you into this mess." He murmured quietly. Upon arriving at the spot designated, "What's your name?" Luhan asked, running a hand through his dark hair.

    The other boy spit, "Kai, not that you'll live long enough to know that."

    It was risky fighting right outside of the school, where the teachers could see them, and students had gathered into a circle, forming an unspoken barrier. Kai raised his hands, holding them to his body in fists. He began circling, face confident.

    Luhan took a different approach, hands clasped together behind his back. Dodging neatly at Kai's round kick, Luhan didn't counter, waiting for more hits and punches to be thrown his way. Each attempt was evaded neatly and quickly, with reflexes a fencer could only be jealous for, yet a warning flashed inside his head. He was capable of moving much faster than an average human being, and hit much harder as well. Keeping things a secret could prove to be difficult. With a sigh, Luhan decided to end this pitiful dual. Kai launched himself his way, holding his arm for a punch. With a quick flick of his wrist, he caught the punch midair, gently twisting his arm, careful not to do any more damage than a sore arm. A swift kick to Kai's planted foot and a hip check, he flipped Kai over his shoulder. "Done?"

    Kai stared at him from the ground, "That wasn't human. You monster! You can't move that fast! You must be one of those monsters! Those flesh eating ghouls! Are you out to eat us too?"
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  8. (Sure xD)

    "It's fine really." Nami muttered as she followed Luhan and Kai out and into the courtyard. Anxiety rose inside her, knowing just how much of a troublemaker the other was. She was in his class for a few years in middle school and to be honest Nami never understood why Kai had to pick on almost every new student he finds interesting. Her panic however was replaced by pure astonishment as she watched Luhan evade the other's attacks fluidly. Looking almost as if he was used to the fighting, reading his opponent like an open book.

    "That wasnt human. You monster! You cant move that fast! You must be one of those monsters! Those flesh-eating ghouls! Are you out to eat us too?" Kai shrieked. At the mention of 'ghoul' Nami stiffened visibly. Memories of her parent's flesh torn off their lifeless bodies and the hungry animalistic growls the ghoul had made when it noticed her started to flood back into her mind and Nami sworr that if she thought hard and long enough she would still be able to smell the horrible stench of the deceased. Pushing those thoughts away, Nami approached both men and tore Luhan away from Kai.

    "You're just trying to make an excuse for losing." She muttered before pulling Luhan away. Somehow a crowd had formed in the midst of the fight.
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    Hearing those words, Luhan's anger truly boiled over. Until now, he had been calm and collected, seeing Kai as another nuisance. "If I were a ghoul, you wouldn't still be alive, do understand that? You challenged me to a fight, and I went along with it. Don't try to make up excuses about your loss, and stop bullying other students." His usually warm hazel eyes had darkened to an almost brown black and they flashed with anger. "Do not accuse me of anything." His voice lowered as he threatened Kai. He hated himself for letting his status be seen so easily, and more so, for letting himself go. He hadn't been able to control himself well enough. If he had, then Kai wouldn't have been able to see through him.

    Beside him, he could see the students, some with a mixture of mistrust on their face, others with admiration, or a mixture of those feelings. It seemed like not many could defeat Kai, and those who defeated him weren't exactly human either. Closing his eyes for a moment, he swallowed his angers, trying to relate to the bully on the dusty ground below him. Extending a hand, he helped Kai up. "Stop getting into fights." He murmured into Kai's ear softly so that others couldn't hear them.

    Looking back at Nami, "Let's go." He said with a gesture of his head, hoping he didn't sound too demanding. When he was further away from the school, he shifted his bag, "Sorry about that. Let me treat you to dinner as an apology. I hope you don't have anywhere to go?"
  10. Nami shakes her head at the offer. "I would love to actually...But my brother is alone at home, my aunt and uncle are probably gonna be home late and I doubt he could cook for himself. I was planning on going grocery shopping after class..." She mutters, looking down at the ground and her feet. Nami has her bag clutched tightly in her hands before she dug into her pockets for her phone. She checks the caller ID, and the name 'Aunt' flashes on the screen. Her ringtone 'Love Equation', blaring loudly.

    "Sorry I have to take this." Nami says to Luhan before she pressed the green button and brought the receiver to her ear. There was a sharp static before her aunt started to speak.

    "Hey, we probably won't be home until late tonight. Kotarou said he was going to stay over at his friend's house for a project. Do you think you'll be fine alone?" Nami hums a response into the speaker.

    "Yeah, I'll be fine....uh-huh...yeah...Bye." She shuts the phone with a small sigh after their farewells. Nami turns to Luhan with a small smile. "My aunt and uncle are going to be out until late, but my brother's going to be staying over at a friend's house. Guess that means I'm free?" Nami chuckles.
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    "Ah, that's fine, we can go another time if you'd like." He was cut off by a ringtone in the form of "Love Equation" by VIXX. He wanted to chuckle, his younger sister was obsessed with VIXX, BTS, EXO, BAP, you name it, she loves it. Zoning out slightly as Nami spoke into the phone, Luhan hummed quietly waiting for her to finish her conversation as he leaned against a tree right outside the iron gates of the school. His parents wouldn't be worried despite him coming home so late, they were used to him disappearing for half the night, and then returning in the morning hours.

    "I've got a great cafe in mind." He winked playfully, yet through his facade, he couldn't forget the disturbed and haunted expression he saw on Nami's face at the mention of the word 'ghoul.' Something must have affected her when she was younger, maybe a ghoul took someone she loved? Either way, he knew he would never be able to reveal his identity to her, and he prayed to the dear lords above she never caught him on the streets when he was feeding, though he doubted she would recognize him through the mask.

    The cafe was a short distance away, a small but cozy little building. Opening the door for Nami, his stomach was revolted by the smells of human food, yet with practice, he kept his face neutral. He could see people sipping bubble tea, which had been his favorite beverage. It was cruel really, watching people enjoy such a tasty drink, something Luhan would give half his soul up for just to drink again without a great feeling of disgust. "Don't be shy." He smiled at Nami, "Could I please get a medium black coffee.." He thought for a moment. What in this cafe looked the least offensive? "And a small ham sandwich please?"
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  12. "I'll have the same thing." Nami tells Luhan with a small smile.

    As soon as they were settled silence overtakes them for a moment. The cafe was indeed worthy of it's praise and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee couldn't be any better. They couldn't possibly stay like that all night, Nami thought, racking her mind for any possible topic. She sips on her coffee through pursed lips and sets the coffee cup down with a sigh.

    "So? How come you transferred to our school?"
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  13. Luhan~

    Settling down in a seat that Nami had led him to, Lu sipped at his coffee, ignoring his sandwich. It was a shame, the sandwiches here were good, and the revolting sensation he received when eating them wasn't as bad, unless the sandwich contained mayonnaise. That was disgusting, period. Stiffening slightly at the innocent question posed in the silence, he ran a hand through his hair, fidgeting with his bag which rested on his long legs below the table.

    "I was in a motorcycle accident, a cyclist hit me, and when I recovered, I wanted a fresh start where no one knew about who I was, and no one pitied me." He didn't elaborate, "How about you? Have you always gone to this school?"

    Leaning back in his little booth, he sipped at the black coffee, fingers wrapped around the warm mug. He had always wondered why coffee was the only thing Ghouls could eat, why not something else like boba? The teen thought, bitterly. Forcing himself to take a bite of his food to assure no questions arouse, he wanted to blanch at the taste, the color of his face draining as he held in the urge not to projectile vomit. Someone had put mayo into the sandwich. Swallowing after giving it a few seconds in his mouth to pretend he was chewing, he moved the sandwich inconspicuously a few inches away from him. "Is this school always this bad?" Running a hand through his messy hair, he glanced out the cafe window, the streets were getting dark as the sun set.
  14. It was obvious that the teen was bothered by the question, and this made Nami bite her lower lip as she listened to his story. "Sorry I probably shouldn't have asked." She murmurs, taking another sip of her coffee and taking a bite out of her sandwich. "It's not always that bad actually. It was sort of peaceful at first but then people started to think that the more popular you are the more you have the right to boss people around. I guess you could say that Kai was one of those people that were affected by that mentality. He used to be kind." Nami shrugs.

    "Hey, what's your favorite time of the day?"She asked, noticing him glance out of the window and into the bustling streets. Where people jostled past each other in a rush to get home before dark.
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  15. Luhan~

    "It's alright, you didn't know. Don't sweat over it." Offering a small smile to Nami, "It's amazing really, if you think about it, humans are bigger monsters. Humans hurt and kill for their entertainment while Ghouls kills out of necessity. Humans eat animals and flesh, how is that wrong? Because they think it's normal. But it's still just as cruel.. At least Ghouls treat their victims better than how humans treat their food.." He trailed off, murmuring to himself.

    Continuing to sip his coffee, "I like the night more. How about you?" Still staring out the window, "Is it alright if I walked you home tonight? It's getting dark, and that's when the Ghouls come out, if you've seen the recent attacks."
  16. "True...But I don't really think it's just humans...I understand that ghouls need the flesh in order to live but why take the lives of innocent people? There are a lot of horrible people out there, why not them? Why did it have to be my parents?" Nami says, almost a whisper. She heaves a heavy sigh before turning to look out the window as well. "I want to understand them better but a part of me just refuses any approach I could possibly think of. Her fingers wrapped around her cup tightly, simply relishing in the warmth it had to offer before downing the whole cup.

    "Thanks, but I think I've inconvenienced you enough for one day..."
  17. Luhan~

    He stared at Nami bleakly, eyes betraying no emotion. "If you believe that someone is truly innocent, then you are naive. Everyone harbors a monster inside them. You see your parents as innocent, but love can blind you. They could have done the worst things, yet you would still continue to love them and think highly of them just because you are their family. I can't justify for those that killed your parents, but think of it this way: You argue that ghouls kill the innocent, yet humans kill innocent animals. Animals far more innocent than humans. Those animals were raised in terrible confinement and led a life behind bars, received terrible and cruel treatment, yet humans claim there is nothing wrong with that. Then what's the difference? The ghouls only view you as animals, as a food source, just as you view cattle, chicken, and cows as food." Sighing, "Look, I don't want to get into an argument, especially when I invited you out as an apology."

    Finishing his coffee, Luhan set the mug down, throwing a dirty napkin on his untouched sandwich. "No, let me walk you home. I insist, especially with the recent Ghoul attacks." Throwing out his trash, Luhan gathered his book bag, stomach growling for a meal. It was hard controlling the hunger that raged inside of him, yet he kept his cool. The moment he lost it, his left eye would turn black, pupil ruby red, giving him away. Swinging his bag up with ease, he opened the door for Nami, the cool autumn breeze hitting him, refreshing his thoughts. Lights flashed from the city, contrasting from the midnight black sky. Winter was approaching.
  18. Nami could only stare at him in utter silence. Although what he said did make sense it was strange for a human to simply side with the ghouls. His philosophy was most definitely praise-worthy but with his eyes devoid of any emotion she couldn't quite tell what he wanted to say to say exactly. Was it, 'ghouls are the same as humans'? or was it simply 'everyone deserves their fair share of thought and consideration'? She dismisses the thought almost as quickly as it came. She gathered her stuff as well and followed him out of the cafe.

    'He really is a strange guy.' Nami thought. She tucks away her hair behind her ear as she looked up at the sky, marveling at the carpet of bright twinkling stars above them. Somewhere up there, were her parents looking down at her too? She bits her lower lip then shook her head.

    "Thanks again."
  19. Luhan~

    "I swear I'm not all that strange." He promised, adding a chuckle, yet his eyes remained cold, looking straight ahead. Fidgeting with his headphones, Luhan could sense a ghoul nearby, but that wasn't uncommon. There were many ghouls around this area. "Where do you live?" He asked Nami, turning around. "I hope I haven't kept you too long."

    As he turned off the main road, the city life drifted away from them, the environment becoming quiet and tranquil. Stiffening, he stopped. The ghoul was coming right at them. "Keeping her all to yourself?" Luhan stared, he could see a form coming out from the side of the highway. Someone he recognized. It was the ghoul he had shared a meal with, yesterday.

    "Get away from me." He growled, staring right at the ghoul.

    "Aww, c'mon. You shared with me yesterday, and she smells so good, you can't possibly think of eating her alone."

    His fists tightened, "I'm not thinking of eating her!" Turning around to Nami, he stared at her straight in the eye. "If you trust me, close your eyes and don't move." He murmured into her ear.

    ((Drama :D ))
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  20. (Lol xD *insert handmotions here* DRAMMMAAA~)

    Nami could only stare back and forth as both males exchanged their conversations. Connecting the dots, everything just suddenly clicked. His inhuman speed, his lack of appetite, the reason behind his compassion for ghouls. Maybe, just maybe. She didn't want to believe it either but all the clues just screamed yes. Having no other choice, Nami could only nod in response. Closing her eyes shut and she didn't dare move a muscle.

    'What is he exactly?'
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