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"It wasn't always this bad. Things used to be okay, with Aogiri and the CCG chasing each other's tails. I mean, sure, we lost some good people. Friends, family... Loved ones. But somehow, they always managed to keep it down to moderate collateral. They were the ones killing each other, and innocents were kept out of it. After all, what's a King without his people? There was a black and white, evil and good. But then that bastard killed the Owl, and now... Now we're all dead men walking..."

Murder is easy. But no one ever thought that Eto, the One-Eyed Owl of Aogiri Tree, could ever die. That was, until someone strung her up on Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge, bound with what appeared to be a ghoul's kagune. The effects were felt immediately: The CCG finally started making headway against the weakened Aogiri ghouls, and the human and ghoul populations of Tokyo's 24 wards felt secure for the first time in years knowing the dreaded Owl was finally dead. But soon, the question was raised: Where's the ghoul who killed the Owl? The CCG predicted a power vacuum would be filled by something even bigger, a nightmare the likes of which Japan had never known.

And they were right.

Mere weeks after the incident, a new organization called Nexus began spreading through the wards. Not as violent as Aogiri Tree, Nexus inducted both ghouls and humans, the former trained in the use of their kagune and the latter armed with stolen and self-made Quinque, and other Q-weaponry. It appealed to both populations of Tokyo, and Nexus was determined to cement itself where the CCG and Aogiri failed. And for the most part, they've been successful in their goals. Their mysterious leader, codenamed Arachnid, has spread far beyond even Tokyo, rumors suggesting allies in the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom, and roots reaching deep into the Japanese government.

However, as specialists at the CCG investigate Nexus deeper, and Aogiri plots to strike back, Arachnid find himself running out of options. While more effective in indoctrinating the populace, his methods are no longer moving fast enough. Wards 24-13 are his, but now he faces the home ground of his foes: The 11th Ward is strongly Aogiri, and almost everything else is heavily monitored by the CCG. Now Nexus prepares for true war, of the sort that Japan has never seen before. Calling in favors within and without the country, Arachnid has assembled his greatest disciples in the shadows, while his enemies stumble blindly in the light.

Looking for Co-GMs to help do separate IC threads for the CCG and Aogiri.

  • Be polite on the OOC.
  • 18+ content is present, ranging from sex to gore to drugs.
  • Ghouls and humans allied with Nexus can be from any country, while CCG and Aogiri characters should be from Japan.
  • Combat scenes between players should be limited to one or two sentences, to allow for fair play. However, NPC-Player combat can be anywhere from a sentence in length to a full post.
  • Posting should be, at minimum, once a week, with regard given to other players being interacted with. Posts should be of Intermediate-Adept quality, and should be a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs in length.
  • Definition of a paragraph: 4-6 sentences, of appropriate length.

  • Name:
  • Age: (Ghouls live about as long as humans)
  • Alignment: (Aogiri or Nexus)
  • Appearance:
  • CCG Codename:
  • Personality:
  • Rank: (CCG ranks for ghouls range from C-SSS. Only the GM and Co-GMs may have SSS ghoul characters, and SS ghouls are limited)
  • Kagune: (Kakuja unavailable for anyone beneath SS rating)
  • Background: (3-4 paragraphs)
  • Name
  • Age:
  • Alignment: (CCG or Nexus)
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Rank: (CCG ranks from Junior Investigator Rank 3 to Senior Investigator Special Class. Special Investigators limited to GMs, Associate Special Class limited. Nexus-Aligned humans may ignore)
  • Quinque: (If of 2nd class or higher. Disregard if Nexus-aligned)
  • Background: (3-4 paragraphs)

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Name: Kumo Hachirou

Age: 34

Alignment: Leader of Nexus


CCG Codename: "Arachnid"

Personality: Arachnid doesn't often appear in public, giving few the chance to know him. However, his lieutenants know him to be a cold and analytical individual, lacking a regard for human or ghoul life. For some, this is why he seems to include both in his private army. His mercilessness has earned him the enmity of his subordinates, who despise his blunt manner of speaking and seemingly cruel disregard for their happiness. He's even voiced the opinion that if he didn't need his comrades, he'd have devoured them, but tolerated them because on his own he was not strong enough to achieve victory over his enemies. Because of this, he leaves the recruiting of new soldiers and indoctrination of the populace to his more charismatic lieutenants, instead masterminding military operations and creating policy based on the wishes of the people. His vast intelligence has left many at the CCG dumbfounded as they try to desperately shadow his movements, only to find themselves three steps behind.

However, this outer manner doesn't necessarily summarize his entirely personality. The very reason for having begun his crusade instead of settling for a life under the rule of Aogiri was a desire for change, something different than the monarchy of the One-Eyed King or the totalitarianism of the CCG. It can be said that in this sense, he cares deeply, if not for the people, then for the idea of the people, the idea of a group beneath a leader, and that the leader should be fair. Furthermore, his own reasoning for involving humans and ghouls in his organization is that for any lasting peace, and by extension a lasting order, the two species need to learn cooperation, and to accept their places in the natural order.

Rank: SSS

Kagune: Possessing a Rinkaku, Hachirou has a highly versatile attack style. A testament to his experience and strength, Hachirou possesses eight separate tentacles, which he can manipulate separately and simultaneously. His standard approach to combat is to physically overwhelm the opponent with sudden and rapid strikes from all directions. When attacking more complex enemies, like Bikaku-users (who have natural advantages over a Rinkaku), he steps back from offense and switches to defense, countering and deflecting attacks with the intent to exhaust the enemy. Once they've been fatigued through a prolonged battle, Hachirou finishes them by severing their Kagune and impaling them.

More impressive is his ability to handle at least four opponents at once: dividing his Kagune into four pairs of tendrils, he can simultaneously combat a group of opponents, one per pair. Senior Investigators have been known to back away from a fight with the Arachnid should they discover him, instead holding out for more backup. However, even this has limits. For one, Hachirou's concentration can only stretch so far, so overwhelming numbers of strong enemies can break his focus, limiting his combat abilities. Furthermore, numerous Bikaku Quinque or ghouls can sever his Kagune, eliminating his ability to fight.

Rarely does he use his Kakuja, which is shrouded in mystery. However, it is fully developed, giving him full control when in this form. The only recorded moment in his reign when he used it is against the One-Eyed Owl, which was a fight that few can actually be said to have witnessed. Since then, no Ghoul Investigators have seen it, and he hasn't used it.

Background: Just as few truly understand what Arachnid is capable of, the story of Kumo Hachirou is hazy. The CCG have only managed to gather scraps since Arachnid is virtually a ghost; the very name "Kumo Hachirou" is itself a pseudonym, translating roughly to "Spider Eight." However, from what they have gathered, the CCG have managed to create a general biography of Japan's Public Enemy #1:

Born in the 24th ward, similarly to the One-Eyed Owl, Arachnid was forced to cannibalize other ghouls for survival due to the lack of a suitable human population. However, instead of satisfying his hunger, Arachnid became the "Binge Eater" of the 24th, contributing to his massive Rc count. From this, it can be inferred that his Kakuja developed at a young age, sending him up through the hierarchy in the 24th and drawing the attention of higher powers, namely the organizations of Aogiri Tree and V. However, opinion diverges on who picked up the wayward spider. Some, including Akira Mado, are of the opinion that he joined Aogiri Tree for the promise of power, a draw for someone who lived off of his own kind; the Owl stood in the way of his advance, so he killed her. Others buy more easily into the theory that he joined V; someone as intellectual as Arachnid would clearly be interested in the philosophical "balance" proposed by the group, and it would explain the murder of the Owl as a successful assassination of one of the group's greatest enemies. However, the top brass, including Kishou Arima, believe Arachnid to genuinely have walked his own path, refusing the recruitment of both V and Aogiri; the murder of the One-Eyed Owl, rather than being a selfish act, was instead meant to send a message: The Arachnid was the top-dog in Tokyo, not the Owl. From there, little else is known beyond public record.

The Arachnid eventually grew strong enough that he felt strong enough to face the One-Eyed Owl, and did. In battle, he managed to kill her, and used her as a message to rally support to his new cause. Citizens began to revolt against CCG control in more of the outer wards as they flocked to his message of unity and peace. Aogiri was weakened by the loss of the Owl, and began losing control over their own territories. Since then, Arachnid disappeared from the public eye. Lower-ranking Nexus officials generally lead the organization, or at least, publicly. On occasion, Arachnid will arrive on the battlefield, but even then often refuses to engage in combat.

However, more recently, he's begun to fight on the front lines more and more. As of today, 24 Senior investigators have died personally at his hands, and an untold number of Bureau and Junior Investigators at the hands of Nexus as a whole. Arachnid has become Public Enemy #1, but seems to have deeply rooted himself in the Japanese government. Rumors circulate that many top-ranking officials have come under his sway, one way or another. Normally, the CCG wouldn't take such rumors at face value; however, they've seemingly come under attack by the new Prime Minister of Japan, with threats towards their funding common nowadays, which has provoked an Internal Affairs investigation.