Tokyo Ghoul: Two Worlds (IC)

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    Akashi - Detective Zero


    The Humans have collided with the Ghouls in many occasions and for many generations. The Ghouls are spread throughout the world, and specifically in almost all of the districts in Tokyo. The CCG, or in other words, the Ghoul Investigators have been enforcing the streets at night but also during day to keep the Humans safe and free of the danger they can face. They also go by another name, but that is only used among the Ghouls themselves, which would be Doves. The CCG has initiated a program to get rid of each and every Ghoul in Tokyo, and throughout the many years, they've succeeded in annihilating them in a few districts. The danger the CCG poses is much more greater than before.

    The rumors have especially spread throughout Tokyo, which is the most dense and populated city when it comes to Ghouls. The Ghouls are running scared in many districts. Some are even afraid to act and or feist on the Humans. Investigators are also spread around the districts and often walk around the streets to make sure something unexpected doesn't happen.

    With change, the Humans are growing stronger, and for some unknown reason, the activity of the Doves in the 14th district is quite high. A sudden order from the Director of the CCG has made even the Investigators confused and suspicious about whats really going on. The sudden move to the 14th district has raised tension in the CCG and deviated the schedule planned with the program to get rid of the Ghouls in Tokyo.

    There has also been some rumors among the Ghouls about a group called Kuragari Ishi, but they are also referred to as the In'ei. What they stand for is unknown to the most, but the Ghouls scattered around the streets are wondering if they are the reason for why the Doves have turned their attention towards the 14th district. There is also semi-known cafe in the 14th district named Iblis Fleur.

    Iblis Fleur is known as a sanctuary or a safe place for the Ghouls, but not everyone knows about it. It is mostly managed by the latter, but it is also there to serve the Human customers in the area, and outside of it. In this world, there are Humans and or Ghouls that are quite different, from each and every individual. Some are trying to live their life as safe as possible, some Ghouls are slaughtering the Humans to kill time, or sate their hunger.

    Despite all the occurences happening around Tokyo, the crime rate has not decreased. Humans have been mutilated and killed horribly in the streets. Even with CCG enforcing the streets, the war between the Doves and the Ghouls has never been worse.


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  2. Tokyo Ghoul RP Character Roster
    (Npcs not included)
    Keigo Hajime - Special Class - @Akashi
    Hideki Kirigasa - First Class - @Detective Zero
    Aimery Bosco - Rank 2 - @The Bus Driver
    Fujiko Souji - Rank 1 - @DANAsaur
    Kobayashi Taiki - Rank 1 - @FrostedCamel
    Yui Sonoto - First Class - @Ascendant
    Luffy Hanasaki - First Class - @Zaryá°Stãrska
    Eitoro Shozen - First Class - @Ascendant
    Akina Natsuki - First Class 'Smiling Glaive' - @Akashi
    Rena Ikega - B+ rated - @Kigarra
    Solus Ryuukage - B rated - @Kuroshi
    Roger Burns - A+ rated "Spider Rider" - @Ascendant
    Reikuhara Veritahl - SS rated "Devil's Raptor" - @Detective Zero
    Sora Kisake - B rated - @Detective Zero
    Kubo Izo - S rated "Red Dragon" - @Artorias
    Kaname 'Kan' Takeshi - B rated 'Night Drake' - @Zaryá°Stãrska
    Hikari Kotomae - C rated 'Crimson Fox Pup' - @Zaryá°Stãrska
    Vera Eniyama - SS+ rated 'Moonlight Reaper' - @Akashi
    Loukain Mathis - A rated - @The Bus Driver
    Kumari - A+ rated - @Kuroshi
    Shione Tatsuyoshi - A+ rated - @Kuroshi
    Sophie Hijirikawa - B+ rated - @DANAsaur


    (Ascendant, First Class) Yui Sonoto & Aimery Bosco (Rank 2, The Bus Driver)

    (Akashi, First Class) Akina Natsuki & Kobayashi Taiki (Rank 1, FrostedCamel)

    (Ascendant, First Class) Eitoro Shozen & Luffy Hanasaki (First Class, Zaryá°Stãrska)

    (Detective Zero, First Class) Hideki Kirigasa & Fujiko Souji (Rank 1, DANAsaur)

    Keigo Hajime
    (Akashi, Special Class)


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  3. CCG

    A handful of documents were laid all over the desk. Asagiri Junpei, the Bureau Director of CCG in the 14th District was seated, with a concern look on his face. "There is still too much danger out there.. In the streets... Despite the many investigators patrolling..." A sigh escaped the middle-aged man's lips, before he stood up from his chair, walking over to the window. His eyes gazing out, towards the blue sky. It was already evening, and the sun would settle down within a few hours. CCG's activity in the 14th District was starting to gradually spread out. People were starting to notice. A certain Bureau Investigator, named Goru Mawatori was also in the office, but was seated by the desk. "Asagiri-san.. It may be wise for you to consider my option. About--" A sudden

    "Yui Sonoto?... Are you sure that's wise?..." Some confusion could be heard from the words that escaped the Director's mouth. Turning around, with his arms crossed before his chest. The expression plastered on Goru's face was somewhat concerned, and afraid. He unsure mentioned her name would be for the wise again. Gulping, he decided to speak up. "I dont mean to be rude, Asagiri-san. But, we could use the additional help. After all, she is one of us.. Despite her history..." Goru averted his gaze away from the Director, looking back, over at another figure who stood silently by the exit, leaning against the wall. "You know this is the right decision, don't you?.. Hajime-san?.. Help me out here..." The Bureau Investigator asked, hoping the Special Class Investigator would agree.

    A puff of smoke escaped Keigo's mouth, before he dumped the smoke in one of the ash trays on a small table next to the exit. Scratching the back of his head, with somewhat a silly look on his face. "I wouldn't say it may be for the wise.. But Asagiri-san.. Perhaps listening to Goru this time would actually work well for you, and for the CCG." Another sigh of disappointment escaped Asagiri's lips, before he approached his chair, and sat down. "I never pegged you for agreeing with Goru-kun.."

    A small giggle could be heard from Keigo. Approaching the desk. "You always do bring this awful smell of yours with you wherever you go..." Goru pointed out. "What can I say... This habit of mine.. I just cant seem to get rid of it.. If only it would scare the ghouls away from the 14th District.. Everything would've worked out for the better.. Now, wouldn't it.. Goru-kun?" Keigo rhetorically answered, before diverting his attention towards the Director.

    "But, Asagiri-san... I don't usually agree with him.. And if you want her out... Having her on a tight leash would probably be for the best... Have her on probation, despite being a First Class Investigator..." The Director was not pleased by the outcome, but it was actually quite neccessary. "Alright.. I'll put my trust in the both of you, Goru-kun and especially you, Hajime."

    A pleased smile could be seen on Goru's face. "I also have another suggestion.." Goru spoke up, before pulling a document from his bag. "I have someone who would at least pust some more pressure on Sonoto-san, if anything. Perhaps give her some more responsibility." A second later, he handed the said document over to the Director. Keigo was just standing behind him. A simple but normal expression was plastered on his face. His eyes squinted somewhat when Goru pulled the document out. It was more like a profile for the assumed partner for Yui Sonoto. He decided not to say anything, leaving it to the Director.

    "Alright. Lets see." Grabbing the document from Goru, the Director started to read it. "Aimery Bosco. Rank 2 Investigator. Quite young.. And I know his last name too well.. His father died in action. He was a brave man..." Asagiri took a small pause, before looking over at Goru, while glancing at Keigo.

    "You can vouch for him?..." He asked. "I can at least say that he'll be a good fit for her..." Goru stated. Asagiri on the other hand, kept quiet for a second, before looking over at Keigo, expecting an opinion from him as well. "I'd say why not.." Keigo responded to the new partnership. "Perhaps Sonoto will be more mother-like, while having Aimery under her wings.."

    "Alright Goru.. Hajime... So be it. Aimery Bosco will be partnered up with Yui Sonoto.. And I hope you both are right... Even if she gets results, death also follows her... And the latter part is what got her in the prison at first place..." The track record for the First Class Investigator was well known throughout CCG. Her reputation was quite bad.

    "I want you to release her from the CCG prison, Hajime.. And bring Aimery Bosco with you. So they can connect with one another right from the get-go.." Asagiri commanded, before he placed the document down on the desk. "No problem.. I'll get to that right now.. Not like I have anything better to do.." He ironically finished, before turning around. As he walked towards the exit, he pulled his cigarette pack from his pocket, before popping a smoke out from it.

    "Uh... Hajime-san.. Don't you want to know where Aimery Bosco is?...." Goru asked him. Keigo on the other hand, stopped in his tracks, not uttering a single word in response. "I figured you didn't know.. He should be in the cafeteria.. I already told him to sit tight until my return..." Goru finished. Keigo didnt give a respond, before he used his lighter to light the smoke between his lips. Before a puff escaped his mouth. A second later, he exited the office room, shutting the door behind him. "That habit of his..." Goru annoyingly whispered to himself, eventually diverting his attention back at the Director.

    "So.. about the Quillex Research Facility..." Goru curiously added. Asagiri already knew what this little meeting was really about. There was another reason why Goru, the Bureau Investigator was invited by the Bureau Director of CCG in the 14th District. "I already know Goru-kun. A small section of the research facility has been closed off due to some ghouls escaping their cells.. They are for now being contained but they need to be taken care of, immediately. From the information I've received from the scientists over there.. These ghouls have been acting like they're on drugs. Lashing out. Some of the scientist over there already fell victim to these... Abominations..." Asagiri thoroughly explained, but he wasn't entirely finished. There was more to tell.

    "I see.. Things aren't looking too good there.. I guess." A worried expression was plastered on Goru's face. He did not know what to say really. All he knew was that something was going on there but the fact that some ghouls were able to get out from their restraints really gave an awful taste in his mouth. "I have already notified Hideki Kirigasa and Fujiko Souji to be on standby. Just to be safe. And for emergency if neccessary. But what I want you to do, Goru-kun. Is to let both Eitoro Shozen and Luffy Hanaski to come here, to my office, immediately. I will notify them about this issue. Being First Class Investigators, the both of them. I'll be sending them to take care of this problem. We can't take any chances... Not when whatever that organization is called. Kura something Ishi.."

    "Kuragari Ishi.." Goru repeated the name, though correctly. "Yes.. Them... When they are also out there, specifically being a thorn in our plans for the 14th District and the ghouls.. Even if this Research Facility his hidden from public eye.. We must be ready for anything.."

    "Uhh.. Director.. Are you sure about this Ghoul Lover?... " Goru referred to Eitoro Shozen, who had gotten this odd nickname throughout CCG. Goru was not especially fond of this guy. "Shut your trap.. And notify them.. I couldn't care less about your personal opinion regarding Shozen-kun... Now get to it.." Goru was almost taken aback by the sudden high-pitched voice coming from the Director. "Y--Yes. Yes, Director... I'll get to it." Goru immediately accepted his orders. Before he stood up, and ventured out hastily.

    Asagiri sighed at Goru's exit.. "Ghoul lover... I wonder where they even get names such as this..."

    A moment later, the phone on Asagiri's desk started to ring. Picking it up, he knew exactly who it was. "What?..." He raised his voice, showing some of his displeased attitude due to Goru to the person on the other end of the line. Seconds passed, before Asagiri decided to give a response. "Alright.. Approach this... Spider Rider... Carefully.. We are not sure what he is capable of doing... We've already received reports from the CCG in the United States about how he kills his victims.. So.. Try to capture him alive, but if thats not possible, kill him. We can't afford to lose any more men.. Be on alert!!" Asagiri commanded, before a few more seconds passed. After a moment, the call ended.

    His expression was plastered with worry for his men, for CCG. For the people of the 14th District. Heavy responsibility was weighing down on him. He couldn't afford to disappoint the main office of the CCG. If anything, there were more threatening ghouls they wanted to capture, and who has been able to get out and from under CCG many times. "We'll eventually find you as well... Devil's Raptor... Moonlight Reaper..."
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  4. 14th Ward

    Elsewhere, away from all the CCG activity

    It looked to be another quiet day. A womanly figure was looking out a window on the 2nd story of a building, parting the shades some as she peered out calmly. Sighing, the woman stepped away and let the shades fall back in place as sunlight shone through the cracks it gave. Taking hold of what looked to be a wig of raven-black hair, she took some time to put it on.

    "I wonder if I'll ever find the day I will not need to bother with this.. It's a day quite far ahead for sure, if not even further.."

    The woman's voice ran smooth, a tall mirror standing against the wall as she now stood in front of it. There stood a woman of rather tall stature, eyes the shade of a light-purple, young in age and shapely in body. She wore a simple uniform of colors contrasting of white and silver, with black dress pants instead of a skirt. Some people always told her she'd look better in one, but she didn't care for that.

    Content with how she looked, the woman left the room and walked down a small hallway, a few other doors lining both sides. The door was marked with a nameplate 'Reikuhara Veritahl' with the title 'Manager' just underneath. She passed one in particular with a nameplate missing and a drawing of a flower taped on. Heading downstairs to the first floor, she opened the door to find herself in what looked to be a simple but roomy cafe.

    There, she likely saw a few familiar faces in a currently empty shop and smiled, one in particular already moving to speak up as their blue hair was the first thing to notice, "Sleep in today, manager? What good would that show to our customers and your employees if the manager's this late to work?"

    The blue-haired girl that spoke up was named Sora. Sora Kisake and unlike the woman before them, she was much more... Tomboyish and small in comparison. A pretty face but a rebellious demeanor, she was an average height girl with an A/B size cup versus their manager's obviously larger. With her build, she may have belonged to a sports team or track.

    "And if I did? I had to pick up some of Kubo's slack for last night since he himself was so busy with unexpected results, I decided to give him a hand. He may even be later than me depending... Surely you and Kaname could handle simple tasks for a coffee shop for a few hours, no?"

    "That's besides the point Rei... Some of our customers were wondering where you were, said their mornings wouldn't be the same without seeing you out and about as lively as ever."

    "Sounds like you just simply lack the charm.. Then again I guess people nowadays don't particularly like the 'small' girls.."

    "Oi-.. What's that supposed to mean, old hag??"

    An eye twitched and a brow tersed, the taller woman's lips curling into a grin as she stepped closer, "A few things, little one." Crossing her arms over her chest, Reiku ended up emphasizing the... Size of her bust in that action and turned towards Kaname with a devilish look in her eye,

    "What about you, Kan-kun? What do you think, surely a healthy young man like you has preferences.."

    Scoffing, Sora stared at Reiku with a growl, "Are you seriously--.. What kind of manager are you?!?" She barked. "You're asking a teenage boy likely still going through all his hormones that kind of question? You know that's unfair!... I hope they sag!!"

    . . . . .

    Clearly the relationship between the two was.. Rivalrous.​
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    Away from the public eyes, the ghouls who had rallied under Vera's cause were staying underground. A sort of a base created for their organization which was growing in strength and number each day. In a big, but long dinner room, there was a long table with chairs that looked as if they came from the victorian era. The walls were similar as well, with beautiful designs over them. And a fireplace on the north side of the room. The room was well-lit with lights hanging down from the ceiling. At the other end of the table, on the chair, a specific ghoul was seated. A serious expression on her face. One leg crossing the other. One of her arms resting on the chair supporters, while the other had its elbow resting on the former, with her hand supporting her chin, and her index finger reaching up to her chin. Her head was slightly tilted to the side as well.

    Her long silky but blonde hair was brightly shining due to the light coming down from the ceiling. Some of her most trusted people were in the very same room as her. Some sudden information was brought to her specifically not so long ago, by one of the lesser ghouls in Kuragari Ishi. It was something Vera just couldn't let go, even if the information was nothing but a trap, but judging by the source, the information may just be reliable. Gazing slightly at the other ghouls in the room, who she called for a small meeting.

    A sigh escaped her lips. She had to take some time to think on what a certain ghoul, who goes by the name The Seeker, brought to her. "It has been brought to my attention that there is a facility backed by the CCG. Who use the captured ghouls for their experiments.. In other words, they are being used to further their scientific need and understanding about our kind... Toying with their lives.... And they say we're the monsters.." Her expression did not falter. A hint of anger could be heard from her voice. A second later, she decided to re-adjust herself on the chair, before continuing. "I am sure you all know what I'm actually referring to, but I'll just cut to the chase.."

    "Sophie, Loukain and Kumari." Vera glanced at each one of them as she mentioned their names. "I want you three to gather a small group and go there, to this place... Called the Quillex Research Facility. I am sure you're all thrilled to hear this news, because I bet you're itching to go out there... It'll also give you guys the opportunity to grab some of that raw flesh for yourselves. There is something else I've also been notified about, but there may be no CCG Investigators guarding this... particular facility.. But if they are there... Well.. You know what to do." A small smirk could be seen on her face, before she glanced over at Shione, who she didn't mention. Diverting her attention back at the three she wanted to visit the facility, she decided to stand up from her chair.

    Her long blonde hair fluttering a tid bit. Red lipstick on her lips. Vera was wearing a black leather jacket, with a white top underneath it. And black tight pants, with black mid-heeled boots. A silver and a gold ring could be seen on her right hand, or more specifically, her index and middle finger. A golden necklace hanging around her neck, with a red gem in its center. "When you're there. the ghouls that can be saved, bring them back here. If someone does not want our help, get rid of them.. Make sure no one is left alive."

    A piece of paper with the location of this facility was placed before her, on the table, which she received from one of the lesser ghouls that shared the information with her. Vera gazed at it for a few seconds. A disatisfied expression was plastered on her face. Placing her right hand on the paper, she decided it was time to reveal the location. "This piece of paper holds the information about its whereabouts. Its on the eastern side of the 14th District. The research facility should also be underground, just like us, but it shouldn't be difficult to detect the building on the surface, which is connected to this facility. It will also take some time to reach this place. Night is also coming... Therefore, Sophie, Loukain and Kumari.. I want you all to take care of this right now."

    Letting go of the piece of paper, Vera took a few steps away from the table. "I have other business I need to attend... And visit an old friend..." Diverting her attention back at Shione, she continued. "Shione-kun.. You'll be accompanying me." A smile was expressed on her face. Showing her kind side to the young boy, who she cared for quite deeply. Her back was against the other three, before she tilted her head to the side, gazing at Sophie, Loukain and Kumari from the corner of her purple eyes. "Is there anything you would like to share? Or ask?"

    A few seconds of silence echoed throughout the victorian era-ish room, before she started to walk towards the exit, towards the big doors leading outside the dining room. Kuragari Ishi's underground base was made out of three floors, and it was hidden quite well. They were in the deepest floor, and there were several exits leading to the pipes underneath the surface, to the subways, among other ways like stairs leading up to the surface. A simple flower shop was pretty much its front, and in the backside, there was a hidden door, which was the main entrance to and from Kuragari Ishi.​
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  6. [​IMG]
    Roger "Spider Rider" Burns

    Not far from CCG 14th District HQ...

    The cramped car rumbled as it ran over a pothole, jolting First Class Investigator Takihara, Rank 1 Investigator Yousou, and Rank 2 Investigators Aitene and Ibano. The brutish, barrel-chested Takihara's first words after hitting the pothole were simple, "Damn it Ibano, drive better. I know these streets aren't amazing, but still! My papers are getting mixed up from this crap!" Ibano, a far skimpier man than Takihara, muttered some kind of apology as their leader continued, "We believe the Spider Rider is going to be present at a rundown love hotel in the shittier side of town, supposedly hunting a serial rapist. Our mission is to kill or capture him."

    Aitene, a slender young woman fresh out of the Academy with dyed blonde hair, mentioned to the squad, "Why is a ghoul hunting a serial rapist? What good does that do him?"

    "He's got some kind of hero complex is what HQ thinks. Preys on criminals exclusively as far as we can tell." Takihara flipped through a few pages before settling on one of them, "Rider's been noted as likely having been born in the United States, moved through Canada, Russia, China, India, parts of Europe, and then circled through the Middle East and back to Japan, where he's been for about two years, just moving throughout our country."

    Unsatisfied, the woman pressed the question further, "So if he preys on criminals, what's the point of apprehending him? Won't it ju-"

    "Are you some kind of Ghoul Fucker like that Shozen bastard, Aitene-san?!" barked Takihara, his face reddening with rage.

    The young female stiffened quickly and sat at attention, saying with sudden decisiveness, "No, sir!"

    Letting out a deep breath to expend some of his anger, their commander continued, "Rider is known to be able to use his kagune to form eight lethal tentacles at a time, an unprecedented amount, though we don't truly know how capable he is as he's a bitch to catch and put down. HQ currently has him pegged at an A+, but that's without much to go on in terms of combat results." The rest of the squad was likely uncomfortable about the fact they were going in essentially blind, against a Ghoul nearly equal to an Associate Class Investigator as far as was known, but it was always possible the mysterious Ghoul may just completely evade them like he seemed to usually do.

    If they had concerns, no one voiced any, allowing Takihara to give the rest of his briefing, "Ibano-san and I will hit the room directly, with you two waiting outside the hotel, on the roof, for that bastard to come up. I'm almost certain he'll go for escaping that direction, so I want you to slow him down if he gets away from us. If nothing comes up there after a few minutes, come either congratulate or help Ibano-san and I. That's the plan but anything is subject to change. Ghouls are, and will always be, as unpredictable as normal humans, with significantly more threat, and we, as Investigators, must adapt. Understood?" A chorus of agreement followed.

    The formation of Investigators fairly quickly reached the love hotel and dismounted, moving to their positions as quietly as possible, Yousou and Aitene to the roof, Takihara and Ibano towards the room. Taking what was perhaps the most dangerous position, the pair approaching the room moved quickly, their briefcases at the ready. Noises and voices floated into the ears of the brute and the weakling, though they were mostly impossible to make sense of. The pair leaned against the sides of the door and took out their quinque, both using sword-types, nodded at one another, and then bust in.

    Inside, a man wearing blue jeans and an all-weather jacket with a motorcycle helmet and mask on had two golden tentacles erupting from his lower back. One had another man, incredibly ugly yet clearly quite muscular, pierced through the chest and elevated into the air. The other tentacle was almost casually stabbing the airborne rapist, who was covered in blood with dozens of slashes on his body, and clearly to the point where he'd just given up, having already lost numerous fingers and toes. Rider, meanwhile, had managed to keep himself fairly clean of blood as he looked back at the Investigators, his face unable to be seen to determine whether he was surprised or expecting the pair.

    Takihara roared in anger and brought his quinque to bear, trying to intimidate the ghoul and draw its attention from his trembling comrade, "Surrender, Spider Rider, and we'll go easy on you!"

    The ghoul giggled, his kagune shaking the criminal's body rhythmically. The second tentacle continued to stab it repeatedly as Spider replied with complete confidence, "I'm not interested in fighting, so you'll get one warning. Leave or else."

    "Ha! As if we'd let a fucking Gho-" Takihara found his words cut off as he was forced to dodge suddenly, barely managing to avoid two tentacles that shot out from the ghoul while receiving a third, deeply penetrating cut to his thigh, Holy shit, that speed! Takihara leapt as best he could further into the room, trying to get out of the doorway, and looked back at his comrade, "Iba-"

    The man was screaming and lying on the floor, his hands that had been clenching his quinque gone, with blood pouring out of two wounds on his thighs, both clearly quite close to the femoral arteries. Seeing that blood gush out of subordinate forced Takihara to look down out at his own thigh, discovering that it too was bleeding profusely, Did he precisely hit our arteries, in that split second?

    Two halves of a body impacted the shocked First Class Investigator, knocking him through the rotten wall of the love hotel as the sound of glass shattering echoed in the room. Takihara tried his best to stand, falling to his knees twice before getting up completely, Fuck. Fuck! I underestimated him. Should've went in with all four... Ibano-san! Oh shit! The brute busied himself with tending to the wounded man as best he could, whipping out tourniquets and dragging him towards the elevator, Forgive me, Aitene and Yousou. I can only hope he just runs past you.

    Outside, the ghoul used his eight kagune to climb like his namesake up the wall of the building, tossing his body over the edge. Rider dusted himself off as he looked at the two Investigators waiting for him, both surprised at how fast he'd appeared. For a moment, there was silence until the ghoul motioned for them to move, "Leave me alone and no one gets hurt."

    Rank 1 Investigator Yousou clutched his sword and shield quinques and bellowed after a few moments of deliberation, "I'm not about to just let you get past me, a Rank 1 Investigator! Aitene-san, with me!" The completely average built man charged, shield forward, sword prepared to strike, causing the ghoul to sigh.

    Aitene watched as Rider's kagune shot out with incredibly ferocity, four merging together and then striking the upper plate of the man's shield with enough force to knock him off balance. With the shield pushed upwards, four more tentacles exploited his opening and cut through his legs and torso. Rider himself hadn't even bother to move as Yousou, dropped his quinques, bent over, and vomited blood as he clutched his chest. Blood gushed from a wound in his abdomen, two wounds on his thighs, and the wound from the arm that had held up the shield, now separated from his body at the shoulder and lying on the ground.

    Spider Rider calmly turned his helmeted head towards Aitene, all eight golden tentacles hovering at the ready by his sides, "I don't want to hurt you, especially a pretty lady like yourself, but your friends brought this on themselves. Don't be like them."

    The young woman found herself shaking uncontrollably as she looked over at her comrade, now lying in a pool of his own blood, trying to return what was likely his intestines to their original position. Rider scratched his helmet, "Eh? In shock? You must be new. It's a real bitch to train for reality." A tentacle shot out like lightning, slapping Aitene's whip quinque away and the wrapping itself around her waist. She screamed bloody murder as two other tentacles snatched Yousou and his arm, until she realized the ghoul was climbing down the hotel. A few moments later and he'd set the pair down on the concrete as crowds of people ran away in fear.

    Takihara burst from the hotel with Ibano on his back just in time to witness Rider drop off the others and then yell from the edge of the roof, "Leave me the fuck alone, and cutie, get a different line of work!" Spider disappeared immediately afterwards as the four did what they could to get their wounded to a hospital.

    The brutish leader was forced to report later everything that had occurred, including the fact that Ibano and Yousou were both disabled in combat, though inexplicably not killed. The doctor informed the First Class Investigator that all of their wounds, though heavy, had avoided vital arteries or were survivable for the most part. Takihara had little choice but to prostrate himself in apology for his failure before his superiors, all the while thinking, That son of a bitch... Spared us?

    Yui Sonoto

    In a little cell in the CCG Prison...

    "Ah, fuck this! I'm so fucking tired of these walls!" roared a sober Yui Sonoto, glad in basic prisoner garb, throwing punch after punch into her prison walls, "A fucking year! It's been an entire year that I've been in this shit hole! Aggghh!!! I just want... I just want... To fucking fight someone!" She kicked the wall repeatedly in a spot she had yet to dent, "God damn it! I want to beat someone's face in! I need a drink! Aaagghh! This place is so fucking boring!"

    The fairly young woman had been stuck inside this cell for more than a year now, without a single drop of alcohol. It was Hell incarnate. Other than the guards who brought her food or came to tell her to shut up, Yui had hardly seen anyone else as well. To tell the truth, she was lonely. Lonely, and pissed.

    She sat down with an angry thud on her simple bed, "This is ridiculous. As if it was my fault they all died, or lost hands, feet, limbs, or whatever! I'm going to go crazy if I spend any more time in this shithole..." Falling over exasperated onto her bed, Yui rubbed her head and tried to relax, before deciding it was impossible and rolling off the bed. Immediately, she began to perform push-ups, one of the few exercises she could do to take her mind off her crummy situation considering her cell didn't exactly contain modern amenities, "Sober a year... no fun for a year... nothing... Damn near not even a conversation... Not an attractive man in sight... Fuck this place... Fuck the people who put me here."

    Yui declared in her mind as she reached another hundredth push-up for the day, her face twisted in anger, I'm going to smash that fucking Director's face in for this, I swear to God. I did not deserve this.

    A guard strolled by almost on queue and yelled, "Shut the hell up, Sonoto!"
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  7. CCG HQ

    (Collaboration with Detective Zero)

    Back at Headquarters at what looked to be a small briefing room, two investigators were waiting inside as they looked to be finding a way to spend the time. Their briefcases were set aside and their quinques withdrawn, looking to be taking care of the condition of them.

    The two that were in the room consisted of a black-haired man and a pink-haired woman, both looking to find something to busy themselves besides their quinques.

    "Don't you suppose you have anything better to do than to try and get on my nerves, Fujiko?.." The male had spoke out, not really looking or referring to anything in particular as to what the woman was doing.

    The pink haired girl smiled sweetly towards the man, her blue eyes twinkling with mischief as she sat beside him. "What do you mean, Hideki?" the girl asked innocently, her voice so sweet yet has a slight tinge of sultry "You know that I'll never do such a thing to you" she purred, her sweet smile turning into a Cheshire grin.

    Fujiko ate another Maraschino cherry, one of her favorite snacks. She was bored to death, something she isn't used to. Her blue eyes wandered around the room and sighed. There is nothing interesting or better to do but to annoy her companion. Taking another cherry she looked straight into Hideki's eyes, before devouring the cherry ever so seductively.

    "You know that does nothing to me, right?.. Besides, shouldn't you be looking over your quinque? Have to make sure there are no issues with them or we'd need to send them to the labs as soon as possible.. I don't think they'd like it if we ended up having to be needed somewhere and find ourselves a quinque short."

    "Hmph. Meanie" Fujiko pouted before opening her briefcase to reveal her weapon: it was a rinkaku that is a whip sword, something she's really capable of handling. Taking her weapon out, she whipped it a couple of times, smiling at the sound it makes. "See? It's on top notch condition, nothing to worry about" she stated before returning her weapon back to its case.

    She sometimes can't stand the seriousness of Hideki which made her feel really really challenged. Standing behind him and wrapping her arms around his neck, she whispered in his ear, letting her hot breath tickle him "You shouldn't be so serious, love. Relax and have fun~" she purred before biting him playfully.

    That ended up getting a kind of reaction out of Hideki as he first grunts and sighs as she wrapped her arms around him, but the speaking and biting gauged a different, more active reaction. He was cleaning his sidearm while she did it and his body twitched from her actions. Almost slamming his pistol onto the table, he put one hand to his chest as he took a few breaths, "Picked a pretty bad time to do that Fuji.. What if I didn't have the safety on and a clip loaded in?.. If you wanted to give me a heart attack, you succeeded in the wrong fashion.."

    Leaning back in the chair he was sitting on, even while Fujiko may still be wrapped against him, he let off a long sigh as he shut his eyes, "As much as I appreciate you trying to get attention, not just from me but any others you like to toy with.. The last thing I want is to cause anything bad to happen, whether it's injury or a lecture from the higher ups.. Besides.. Scars would look unbecoming of you."

    The reaction on his face is something Fujiko wasn't expecting. She was expecting him to blush or to stutter, yet she gave him a heart attack. "Tch." Fujiko cussed, removing her arms around him and sat on the table, slightly annoyed. Why is he so...challenging and hard to crack? she thought to herself before sighing.

    "Fuji?" she asked, hearing it from him for the first time. It was rather odd from him to give a nickname so it really surprised her, making her smile. "My, its rather odd for you to give me a nickname" she stated, her eyes twinkling with excitement. Does this mean he's under my spell? that he's my slave? she thought excitedly before hearing his answer.

    "Hmm? Is Hideki-kun jealous?" she mused, leaning over to him with a sweet smile that could almost rot your teeth. It seems like he's so full of surprises that Fujiko can't get enough of. Feeling a bit of a mischief, she took a cherry and threw it at him, winking flirtatiously "Don't worry love. as long as its you, I'm willing to be hurt"

    Flinching his head back a bit from the cherry, he quietly growled before picking it up by the stem on the table, "Far from it. The others may fawn over you just from a wayward glance but it'll take more than that. I admit I am one who prefers his work, but I'm still a man. Just a bit more refined than the others in actual taste. Besides, you have your own reputation of being pretty loose about it all.."

    Shaking his head once, he looked over to his quinque now and made a quick inspection before letting it collapse back into the suitcase, reaching for his sidearm and doing a short once-over, he pulls the slide back and sets the MK23 model down before twiddling around the cherry in his fingers. Glancing to Fujiko, he nonchalantly ate it and picked it off the stem. "Thank you, I suppose..."

    "Keep that up and you might have me falling for you" she joked, pulling out her semi-automatic pistol out of her leg holster and started polishing it. The silence between them is comforting yet irritating for her fun, adventurous side is craving for something fun to do. Sighing, she laid her gun on the table and moved over to Hideki, sitting on his lap and started polishing her gun once again. "So warm~"

    "I don't think I'd know if that's a good thing or not considering your aloof nature.." He sighed once she slipped herself onto him, only giving a minor look of irritation, "I'd say something but I'd rather not be slapped, even if it'd be a blatant lie.." Glancing around, he then looked to Fujiko and sighed, shaking his head, "Maybe some day I'll actually play along to amuse you, but right now, don't expect me touching you or anything. Even then, we're still on the job, partner."
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  8. 14th Ward
    [Shibuya Area]
    Collaboration with @Akashi

    Taiki sat stirring the noodles in his kake soba, a dish he thoroughly enjoyed, and would be enjoying were it not for his company. Across from him sat his partner; and senior: First Class Investigator Akina Natsuki. "Stunning" fell short when it came to her looks, but that didn't mean it was any easier to work with her, or even have a simple meal with the Investigator. Finally Taiki took a small mouthful of noodles from his bowl, as he swallowed he looked over his partner of just over a month, "So, random Ghoul killings in the Northern part of the 14th Ward huh...?" he asked waving his chopsticks toward the woman in an attempt to break the awkward silence that had quickly grown on the two.

    "Apparently. There seems to be more than just one occasion where something like that has happened." Akina stated, holding a document with the neccessary information regarding the case in one of her hands, while the other was holding a half empty glass filled with orange juice. Her expression was somewhat serious. Not looking over at her partner while speaking. Taking a sip from her glass.

    Akina Natsuki had already eaten her fill. Though it was nothing like her partners, Kobayashi Taiki. It was a standard meal. Rice omelet if anything. She didn't finish it entirely, and stopped halfway through her food. Her concentration was more on the task they were handed by the CCG. A simple glance escaped her dark magenta eye towards Taiki, noticing how he was indulging in his food, or more specifically, his bowl of noodles. Looking back at the document she was holding, something caught her eye. "Hmm... We may have to ask around to see if anyone in the neighborhood was able to see something..."

    Something else was also running through her mind. It was more or less about the eyepatch covering her left eye. And why Taiki just hadn't mentioned that in any sort of way. She was not the type to bring it up herself, but they had been after all, partners for a little over a month.

    As Natsuki spoke, Taiki began to eat a bit more of his noodles. Stopping when she mentioned that they would have to ask around to pick up any leads. "So this has happened multiple times..." he said as he inhaled a few more noodles, "And yet we don't know anything past the fact that some people are dead... Nothing in that fancy folder of yours about the Ghouls? No masks, or even their type of kagune?... It just seems a little odd that this has happened more than once and we seem to know next to nothing about the attacks." he said looking up from his noodles. 'Sounds like more work.' with that thought Taiki was no longer hungry.

    Wiping his face off with a napkin he stood up from his seat, "Well I think I'm about as full as I can get for now. I'll pick up the tab... As long as you leave a tip." he said, giving Natsuki a slight smile. He turned and made his way to the cashier, pulling out his wallet he payed the young man and turned back toward his partner. "About ready to go?" he asked leaning against the open door to the small restaurant.

    A sigh escaped her lips because of Taiki. She almost glared at him for a second before giving him a response. "This fancy folder of mine has the information given to us by the CCG. And I was just about to mention that the only other thing we do know is that the bodies of the victims so far, have been penetrated by something that'll create a hole, or similar to it. Most likely a ghoul who is a Rinkaku user." Her attention was drawn more towards Taiki once he stood up, and offered to pay for the meal. Akina didn't utter a single word in response, before she, herself, stood up, grabbing her quinque-briefcase from the floor, before placing it on the empty space on the table.

    While Taiki was over at the cashier and taking care of the tab, she opened her briefcase, where her Ukaku type quinque was placed. She placed the folder in her hand inside a pocket in the briefcase just for that. When Taiki returned, she closed her briefcase before gazing at him for a second. "This ghoul seems to be good at escaping and hiding. Hence we know very little about what this exactly is. And I'd rather not have you slack around when we get there.. It'll only drag me down to the pit with you... Being partnered with you and all.."

    Looking over at the table with both their unfinished meals, she pulled out her wallet and slammed some money down on the table before her eyes were re-focused back at Taiki. She closed her eyes for a simple second before walking past him, towards the exit. "Yes.. Lets go.. We don't wanna be late." A moment or two later, before she reached the exit, she continued, whispering to herself. "Or will you have us be late as well?..."

    "You know, we may also know next to nothing about this Ghoul not because he's fast, or good at evading us. It may be just because all the people who've met him, er... her for that matter are dead." Taiki said letting out a small laugh as he followed behind his partner. He checked his watch, 'Plenty of time to make the train. Damnit.' he thought to himself as the prospect of more work washed over his mind in massive, neverending waves.

    Hurrying behind his partner down the road, he took a few longer than usual strides to become even with the woman. Glancing to the left he noticed a small flower shop, inside it seemed rather empty but the flowers themselves made up for the lack of people. 'That's the kind of place I could enjoy a really good book...' he thought as the shop dissapeared from view. "So how long till we get to the station?" he childishly asked Akina.

    Another sigh escaped her disappointed face. It was during numerous occasions where she'd wonder if her partner was smart and not a slacker like he usually shows out to be. "Why do you think we're going to ask around?... Because we may get some more information, and perhaps important intel at that." As they kept on walking down the crowded street, they eventually crossed over a road, before turning a corner.

    "The station should be one or two minutes away.." Akina informed Taiki. The place they were about to go was far away, and using the subway would probably be the best route. It'd get them there in an hour at best. A few minutes passed and they could see the stairs leading down to the Shibuya train station. As they approached the latter, she decided to speak up. "It's going to take us at least an hour to reach our destination, mainly Oshiage. Since we're going further north in the 14th Ward.. Just so you know."

    "Sounds good to me, just another hour I won't have to be working right?" he said as they made their way down the stairs to the subway station. The light of day suddenly left them as they turned a corner and entered the station itself, it was clean and well kept. Typical of most public works in Tokyo but it didn't mean it was safe. Taiki had read on more than a few occasions of Ghouls going on rampages in subway stations during the day simply because they're underground and sliglty more secluded from the rest of the world. 'Savages is what those Ghouls are.' he thought as his eyes darted from person to person. Anyone could be a Ghoul, and it was even more likely for there to be a Ghoul down in a subway.

    He reached into his coat and pulled out a small book as he sat himself down on a bench and awaited the train.
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  9. Solus Ryuukage

    In the 14th District, a few blocks behind the District HQ.

    The building was partially filled up with people of several ages coming and going to return and to borrow, but there were only three types of people who ever came there frequently. Those who came merely for the knowledge, others who came to pass time, and those who had nowhere else to go. Just like every other day, everything was silent besides the pages of the nostalgic, redolent books of old and new that rustled as they were flipped. Occasionally a cough and a sneeze here and there slipped out, though not so as to cause a disturbance. Among those few noises were whispers and voices that reverberated throughout the large and hollow library that failed to reach anyone's ears. Anyone but a certain girl's ears.

    Behind all the neatly stacked shelves, was a girl who sat in the very back of the library, away from any means of having contact with people specifically. She was sitting on the ground, surrounded by books scattered every where. Some were stacked while others were opened with loose papers lying around. She then let out a yawn, covering her mouth as she flipped a page in a book with words that were nearly fading out. She squinted at the faded words, trying to make them out as a shadow loomed over her, making her frown and look up at whoever it was with a glare.

    "So-lu-s..." A woman spoke in a low voice, emphasizing the syllables in Solus' name. The woman glared back at the young girl named Solus, making her shrink back and soften her gaze at the woman in her twenties who had her hand on her hips with anger evident in her voice. Solus saw what was coming next as the woman named Aria raised her voice in frustration. "How many times did I tell you to put the books back on the shelf! What is this mess? If your going to read the books, read them like a proper person on a table, neatly stacked like everyone else!" She scolded, while pointing a finger at Solus, causing them to gain some attention from the people in the library whereas others ignored it as if they've heard it many times before.

    Solus cringed at the tone of voice, making her cover her ears as she scowled at Aria. "It's not like anyone comes to this area anyway..." Solus mumbled softly to Aria as she closed her books and stacked them on top of each other.

    Aria gave out a sigh as she picked up a stack of books to help Solus bring them to a table that was isolated from everyone else. "I know, some people don't. But this is a library. We have to keep it organized for the people who will come and need a book. Not only that, your supposed to be working right now. Working hours remember?" Aria spoke as she raised an eyebrow while giving solus an accusing look. Solus looked dejected as she carried the rest of her books to the table and nodded without denial. Smiling triumphantly, Aria gave Solus a pat on the back as she left to bring a cart filled with books that have yet to be put back on the shelf. "If you finish up putting these back where they belong, you can go ahead and do whatever you were doing. Alright?" Aria suggested as Solus nodded reluctantly and began to organize the books back on the shelf once Aria left.

    "And I was getting to the good part too..." Solus said as her pet snake slithered out to her hand and hissed in response. "So... Noisy," she spoke as her head throbbed from Aria's boisterous voice. Too noisy, she thought to herself as she heard some people muttering in the library. All the voices of how their significant other broke up with them, how they failed their classes, to how their day went, or how the weather was, Solus heard it all. There was nothing she couldn't hear as long as it was near her range of hearing.

    As she was finishing up, Solus reported back to Aria and decided to leave the library for once and to also avoid some work that Aria would dump onto her while she was there. As she left, she took a deep breath of fresh air in and breathed out as she took a walk, taking a path that less people took. As she was walking, her snake Doku let out a hiss and Solus narrowed her eyes from a conversation that she heard somewhere in a dark narrow path that led to the CCG Headquarters. Out of curiosity, Solus headed towards the direction of the voices and hid behind the building that the two people who were most likely investigators were standing near. Quillex Research Facility? What are they talking about? Solus thought as she leaned in to listen in on their conversation. As she picked up bits and pieces of the information that they were discussing, her expression darkened as she shot them a disgusted look before she turned to quickly leave the scene before she was caught and created a conflict she wanted nothing to do with.

    A research facility for ghouls... Solus thought resentfully. "They never change," she spoke quietly to no one in particular as she decided to head back to the library. Heading back to the table where she set her books a while ago she sat down and opened a book, her mind wandering to the information that she had just gathered. Just as she was about to continue where she left off, Aria's voice caused her to look up in annoyance for being disrupted as Aria gave an apologetic look. "What now?" Solus nearly spat, with venom in her voice clearly heard despite her voice being barely inaudible. Aria was slightly shocked from Solus' tone of voice but shook her head and ignored it for the time being.

    "Someone is looking for you," Aria whispered into her ear as Solus whipped her head up to Aria. Aria gave a nod of her head as she turned to someone standing in the distance, waiting for a sign that he could approach. Solus nodded her head silently as usual to indicate for Aria to leave and looked at the stranger who requested for her. Whoever it was, approached solus regardless of whether she was going to disapprove or not.

    "The Seeker," the stranger spoke up. He was about to open his mouth to say something when Solus lifted her hand to indicate for the other party not to speak.

    "I don't need to know who are. Let's just get to the point," Solus said, leaving him no room to respond. "Surely you didn't come here just to gain information from me did you? I hope you know that everything comes at a price," Solus stated as she flipped the pages of the book with her left hand without looking at the man.

    "I heard that you give information," he spoke up, causing Solus to tap her right hand on the table. This caused Doku to slither out of her sleeve and wrap around her hand to constrict it from any other movement that disturbed it. "I want to know information regarding the CCG. Anything that you might know at the moment," he explained, while keeping his eyes on the snake. His expression showing his doubt as to whether she would really know something.

    "The CCG?" Solus questioned. "Why do you want information regarding the CCG? No one besides two types of people would come to ask me about that," Solus stated as she looked up the man. "But... Knowing how Iblis Fleur is, I highly doubt they would come find me without a reason to just know what the CCG are up to. So you must be from Kuragari Ishi," Solus guessed from canceling out her options of why anyone would need to find her.

    The man nodded in surprise, making Solus flash a mischievous smile that quickly left. "If that's the case, then I have something for you," she said, making him step closer as she leaned in towards him. "I heard that a facility called the Quillex Research Facility has been experimenting on captured ghouls. From where I got this information, it's surely connected to the CCG. I also heard some two stupid investigators mention the location of it. But before I tell you anymore... The price for this information." Solus Spoke straight to the point as the ghoul from Kuragari Ishi clenched his fist from what he just heard.

    "What do you want in return?" The man asked, anticipating as to what her answer would be, but also hesitant to know what it was that she wanted.

    "Since you're from Kuragari Ishi I don't think I need to state my request. Telling you this information, I can already guess what you'll be up to next. But i'll say it now, I don't care what it is that you'll do and I don't care what you do to make it happen. It would be nice if you shut down that facility," Solus spoke quietly with resentment and sadness showing in her eyes. The man didn't need need to respond as he just stared at Solus, not questioning where her resentment came from and just returned a look of understanding.

    "As for the location, " Solus mumbled while taking out a piece of paper and writing something down with a pen. "Here," she said handing him a piece of paper with her left hand. "Also," she said, making him pause before he took the paper from her hand. "My whereabouts will not be spoken of to anyone but people who will be seeing me face to face. It's a deal, right?" Solus confirmed, her soft voice sounding threatening.

    The man nodded his head and took the piece of paper, putting it somewhere safely in his pocket before he left as if he was never there.

    "Solus," Aria called out as she approached Solus. "What was that all about?" She questioned, making Solus shrug her shoulders as she looked down at her book once again.

    "Nothing you need to concern yourself with," she responded quietly as Aria frowned.

    "Actually, it does concern me. Strange people are always coming into the library and asking for you, 'The Seeker,' What's with that?" She spoke quietly as Solus shook her head. Aria sighed in defeat, knowing how Solus would never say anything more when it came to questioning what she did. The girl never spoke about anything which made her hard for Aria to understand. Aria left Solus back to her endeavors as she walked away to help people find books, leaving Solus alone in the back of the library as her pet lizard crawled down to her arm and rested on top of the snake's head.

    Solus looked down at Doku and her pet lizard Shipo and gave a small smile as she went back to reading her books, hoping that no one else would interrupt her again.
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  10. 14th Ward
    Iblis Fleur Cafe


    Today wasnt much different than any other day in the roomy Cafe that served both Ghoul and Human alike. Sadly that meant even the boob contest between Reikahura and Sora wasnt out of the norm either. Kaname was avoiding the whole rather embarrassing match as he cleaned down a table when suddenly he was pulled right into the middle of it.

    "What about you, Kan-kun? What do you think, surely a healthy young man like you has preferences.."

    The young man froze as the attention was now turned full bore onto him. Looking back at his boss, than his coworker, he really was beginning to understand the term "Stuck between a rock and a hard place". "Oh no you dont, I know better than to get between you two when it comes to...Anything." He quickly responded while holding his hands up and shaking his head. His emerald eyes a bit panicked at the question he was sure was gonna get him in trouble some way or another. 'Why am I still surprised by these 2?' He thought with a mental sigh. His voice was a medium tone but smooth and strangely calming. Quickly picking up his bin full of dishes he made a hasty retreat for the dish washing area, he raven black hair done up in messy spikes as usual.

    Not a minute later an energetic redhead skipped through the Cafe door with a bright smile. "Hi everyone!" The little girl greeted with a wave as she approached the Manager. Before Hikari could do anything more a male voice sounded from the back. "Hi-ka-ri!!" Kaname burst through the staff door looking not too happy. His head and shoulders were dripping wet. Letting out a little squeak the young Ghoul quickly dashed behind Rei as Kaname went to grab her. "You little runt!" He half shouted, half growled as he tried to catch her. Dodging his hands with ease Hikari giggled and stuck her tongue out at him. "Thats what you get for telling on me baaaaka!" She taunted, only causing Kan to reach for her more. Unfortunately for the young Ghouls, Rei was right in the middle of this little spat.
  11. [​IMG]

    Last Night. . .

    Kubo had an errand to run. It wasn't the most glorious, or the most honorable, but it fed the poor souls of Iblis Fleur and gave him something to do. If he didn't run these errands and go shopping with Rei, than he would have to become a regular waiter at the Cafe and no way in hell was he allowing that to happen. He would rather roll over and die than wait on humans and ghouls alike. He enjoyed socializing, but not serving others. He was considered the 'chef' or whatever at Iblis Fleur, which was good enough for him.

    He wore a black jacket, the inside lined with fur. The hood was up, and underneath was a silver mask that went from ear to ear. Only the eyes were visible. underneath he wore a plain white t-shirt and ratty old blue jeans with a few holes in them. "Hmmm...good places to die." He thought, if only he knew the people that hated their lives and killed themself inside their own home. It would make his job easier."Hmmm." He hummed to himself, quietly, you never know what was around the corner. As he made his way through town, the scent of blood wafted into his nostrils, and a small grin formed under his mask. He had no problem killing a human for Iblis Fleur to feed everyone, but he didn't ever tell Rei that sometimes the body was alive when he found them. His feet carried him to the alley, a body laying in the middle with the darkness shrouding over the alley. It seemed to have been an unfortunate mugging, or fight, but what mattered is that the man was dead. "Well, well. Seems like we will have dinner."

    He made his way over to the body, picking it up by the feet and slinging it over his shoulder with next to no effort. "Alright lets get you-" "Stop right there!" A man yelled at him, to be more exact a CCG Investigator. Kubo's back was to him, but even if it wasn't the Investigator couldn't know who he was, or see his face. "I would love to stick around, but I have somewhere to be." Kubo would stay and fight, but he figured that would be stupid. It would draw even more CCG around the 14th Ward, and it already had enough. He began to run, holding the body over his shoulder and making sure that he didn't drop or lose it. The investigator was in hot pursuit of him, and he was being chased for a while before he finally made a sharp turn and down an open man-hole.

    Waiting a few minutes, hearing footsteps above him and then a phone call for backup. Then, nothing. "Well shit. Going to have even more of the Doves crawling around snooping for me." He grumbled and reached in his pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a zippo lighter. Taking one,he removed his mask and placed the cigarette between his lips and flipped the lighter open, igniting the end of the cigarette before flicking the lighter shut. While he took a drag from the cigarette, he pulled out a simple, brick cellphone and dialed Rei's private number, not the cafes. "Come on, pick up." She should be up, she was waiting for him to return so they could prep the body for eating tomorrow.

    She picked up and he kept the conversation brief. She would meet him halfway to their destination to make sure he made it back safely and to make sure the Doves don't follow him back. Taking another drag from his cigarette, he tossed it to the floor and stomped it out. He didn't exit the sewer back up through the man-hole, he traveled in the sewers until coming upon another man-hole.

    He made it back without any problems, and had to stay up late at night cutting up the body and freezing it and all that fun stuff you would normally do with an animal, but he was doing it with a dead human. Ghouls had to eat some way.

    "Son of a bitch..." Kubo laid on his bed, sunlight cracking in through the shades and onto his face. It made it hard to sleep with shit like that happening. "Up most of the night and now this..." He rolled over and slowly got out of bed. He wore nothing but a white v-neck and boxer briefs. His room was immaculate. He hardly had any possessions, and the ones he did were properly cleaned and put away. Giving a hearty yawn, he made way to the closet, pulling out a pair of black dress pants. Sliding them on, he pulled off his v-neck and grabbed a different white v-neck shirt, slipping into that one before grabbing the white button up shirt. The last piece he was taking. There was a vest, but good luck getting him to wear that. Once he was dressed, he slid on his shoes and exited the room, making his way to the first level of the cafe. Where it seemed lively.

    "What the hell is going on down here?" Kubo entered the shop area of the cafe, his shirt unbuttoned, not even tucked in. His hair was a mess, but he didn't care about it. Shuffling his feet past the children and Rei, he walked over to the coffee pot. Luckily some coffee was already brewed, and he poured himself a mug. He drank the mug in one swig before pouring himself a second one, this time taking a few sips. He didn't say anything for a moment before turning back to look at everyone. He was a rather social person, when he was awake, but he was running on few hours of sleep and still had a job to do. "I will be in the back preparing some food." He could make human food, couldn't eat or taste it to see if it was good at all, but he could make it.

    Before leaving once more to the back, where the kitchen and freezer was, he turned to Rei. Normally she told him what human food he needed to make, it always seemed like cake, biscuits, cookies, and other sweets were something people had with coffee. "Anything I need to make or is what we have already enough?" He didn't actually cook the food they ate, just cut up fair proportions and put it on a plate. People who didn't work in the cafe, or for Iblis Fleur in anyway, he didn't feed.

    Pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lighter, he pulled out a cigarette and put it between his lips before lighting it. He knew Rei hated him smoking, especially out in part of the cafe where the customers could see him, but he was going back to the kitchen where he smoked. Rei could pluck the cigarette out between his lips all she wanted, but he would just grab another one. He placed the lighter and pack into his pocket.
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  12. Sophie Hijirikawa

    Sophie Hijirikawa was busy playing with pomegranates, the plump red fruit being thrown up in the air before slicing it with her kagune. She just loves how the seeds fall like droplets of blood, the floor filled with red splatters. She was having fun, until Vera mention something about the CCG.

    Hearing that the CCG has a facility keeping ghouls and experimenting on them, Sophie squeezed the pomegranate in her hand hard, causing it to explode and her white sundress now stained with red splotches. "They did what?!" she snarled, hatred and venom laced in her voice. Oh how Sophie loathed the humans, especially the CCG. Her happy life was stolen from her by them and she's not letting them steal the happy life of others too.

    She listened carefully to Vera's orders and focused on the task at hand. From her point of view, the job will be pretty easy but time consuming. "So destroy the facility, save ghouls, kill those who oppose and have dinner. Sounds good to me~" Sophie exclaimed, picking up the paper and memorizing the address before changing her clothes. She wore her typical black dress with her mask hidden in her pocket.

    Ah... the alluring smell of flowers suddenly filled her senses as she left the underground, a sweet smile gracing her face. Bushels of roses, peonies, lilies and daisies of different colors are such an eye candy to her that she never wanted to take her gaze off of them. "Hmm, I think Vera wouldn't mind if I take one of these~" Sophie said to herself as she approached a bushel of white peonies and picked one perfect bud, the white flower contrasting her pink hair when she tucked it behind her ear.

    Sighing deeply, she opened the opened the shop's front door and whispered with a crazy smile on her face "Time to get to work"
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  13. Kumari
    In the 14th District of a small antique shop.

    Inside the antique shop that gave off a familiar feeling of home, there weren't many customers or workers despite the fact that it was working hours compared to most shops around. There were only a few children hanging on to their parent's hands who were in their mid twenties and quite a bit of older people who were searching for a gift. Others were mainly just window shopping while a few teens were searching for something to add to their collection of vintage like things. Even though the age groups in the shop were diverse, it was surprisingly quiet and peaceful besides the small chatter and discussions that they kept at a low key.

    Near the register, a young girl sat on a mat near an elder lady who was keeping watch of her customers, while the young girl was sewing what seemed to be a plush. She was humming to herself a tune that someone had taught her as the elder lady smiled at the young girl, reminiscing of the day she picked her up from the streets like a poor abandoned animal. The girl was precious and she couldn't understand why anyone would bully or abandon her on the streets like that. Of course, she knew most of the reason, but she was just a young girl. It was ridiculous how she was alienated for being so different. She was just... Unique.

    "What's wrong Granny?" Kumari asked as she stopped weaving her needle through the fabric she was holding and looked up at the elder lady who she noticed was staring at her for a while with a dismal expression. The woman snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head in response as she gave Kumari a warm and kind smile.

    "It's nothing dear," she responded as she widened her eyes as if she just remembering something. "Oh no, I forgot that someone requested for me to deliver this item to them," she exclaimed as she began to panic about how she should explain why her delivery was delayed as she looked at the neatly packed box on the ground beside her. "Ah, i'm so forgetful these days.... What should I do? I can't just leave the shop here to be attended by a young girl. What if something happened while I was gone?" She began to mutter while thinking about all the possibilities of what could go wrong and also simultaneously writing a note of apology to stick on the package.

    "Don't worry, you can stay here! Kumari will do the delivery for you," Kumari suggested as she stood up with her plush bear in one of her arms.


    "Like Kumari said, don't worry. Kumari is strong see?" Kumari spoke, cutting her Granny off while flexing her arm to convince the woman she could fend for herself if something happened as she let out a laugh. "You worry to much, everything will be fine." Before the woman could say anything more, Kumari quickly grabbed the box along with the note that needed to be delivered and headed out the door. "Kumari will be back!" Kumari shouted as she lifted her hand to wave and left, leaving the shop in silence but the bells on the door clanging, and the woman to stare at Kumari's small figure slowly disappearing off into the distance with concern.

    As Kumari was walking down the streets to the address that was posted on the box, she heard some snickering from a group of students that went to her school. Turning to face their direction, Kumari flashed them a smile and whipped her head around to quickly to finish the delivery as she heard her classmates taunting and muttering insults from behind her, calling her 'Luna the Lunatic', a nickname they gave her when she was sent to the hospital a few years back. See if you can still say that once I cut out your tongues and shove it down your throat, Kumari thought to herself with a smirk as she went to find the destination of her delivery. The thought of massacring her whole school and everyone in it never left and continued to linger in her mind throughout the way.

    As she followed the address on the box, she found herself in front of a grocery shop not that far off from her Granny's shop and went to drop it off, earning her looks from people who knew her as she passed by. She despised those looks. The look of pity, scorn, and fear. Some people didn't even give her single glance of recognition that she existed and it made her want to stab them all in the eyes for seeing her in such a way. She hated it. Yet, it was something that she had long grown used to. Despite that, it didn't change that deep down, she felt hurt and even more of afraid of their glances than they ever were of her. But even then, she continued on without caring about the cowardly humans. Since they were her meals anyway, there was no point in caring about their opinions, especially when they abandoned her when she needed someone the most.

    Kumari hastily left the shop and trotted back to her Granny's antique shop as she decided to take her leave and visit her second home. "Kumari's back!" Kumari exclaimed as her granny looked up when the bells on the door rang and heard the young girl's familiar sounding voice. She then beamed a smile at Kumari that also showed relief as she got up to give Kumari a pat on the head as a well done. "Kumari is going to go, but she'll be back again sometime soon. So don't worry too much alright?" Kumari explained as the woman's eyes looked slightly lonely when Kumari explained that she would take her leave. "I'll be back," she reassured softly to the old woman as she grabbed her things to leave.

    "Did you forget anything?" The old woman asked as she stood by Kumari to see her off.

    "Nope, Kumari would never forget anything," she said as as she slung her bag on her back and pulled up her animal eared hood.

    "Alright then, stay safe," she said with a wave as Kumari took her leave as usual, leaving the the antique shop partially empty and silent besides a few customers that gradually left and the large grandfather clock against the wall, near the cashier register, ticking as each minute passed by without the young girl's company.

    Somewhere underground in the 14th District.

    Kumari headed to Kuragari Ishi's underground base making sure that no one payed any mind to her besides the fact that she was a Lunatic to them. As she was heading to a room that she normally stayed in, someone stopped her to tell her that she was requested for a meeting with Vera and her other fellow Kuragari Ishi members in the dining room. I came just in time, Kumari thought to herself with a smile as she headed to the dining room in the deepest floor.

    Once she got to the Victorian like dining room, she quietly opened the door to peek through and walked in, closing the door behind her as she leaned against the wall besides the entrance and awaited for the announcement that Vera had for them.

    Upon hearing that the CCG were torturing ghouls as an experiment, Kumari had images flash in her head of her being tied down to a steel table as she glowered, her eyes shadowed by her hood nearly covering her eyes when she tugged it down and clenched her plush bear in her arms until her knuckle became white. She then looked up when she heard her name being called to go to the Quillex Research Facility with Loukain and Sophie, making her eyes darken as she licked her lips, muttering a few words to her plush as she took out a pair of large scissors from inside the back of her plush bear and began to snip at the empty air. Taking no notice that Vera had not called Shione's name, Kumari then nodded, partially indicating to Vera that she understood as she took a look at the location of the facility and gave a questioning look at Shione when she finally noticed that he was the only odd one out, until Vera finally mentioned that he would be going with her.

    Kumari shrugged as she gave Shione a mischievous smirk before taking one more look at the piece of paper, and leaving to catch up with Sophie who had just left moments ago, barely hearing a word that Shione muttered to her as she left.
    Shione Tatsuyoshi
    Somewhere underground in the 14th District of Kuragari Ishi's base.

    Inside a certain room on the third floor of the Kuragari Ishi's base, Shione was sitting on a couch, located in the center of the room with his feet crossed on a wooden table. He was biting on a metallic pen in his mouth as he held his violin in one hand and the bow in his other. While some melodies randomly flowed into his head, Shione tapped his foot against the table to create sound as he was getting an irritated feeling from the silent room that had only one door opened, which was the only door to the room anyway. Sometimes, the thought of complaining about the location of their base often came to mind, but he refrained himself from doing so knowing well that his argument would be invalid and opinionated. So even if he did start it, it would only end in his loss. So he had no choice but to put up with being in a cooped up base underground.

    As he lifted his bow and and began to play, one of the ghouls in Kuragari Ishi came in hesitantly as he knocked on the opened door with the back of his hand. "What is it?" Shione questioned when he spat out the metallic pen he had in his mouth and put his violin to the side. He then turned his head to face the ghoul that had walked in on him and adjusted his eye patch that had shifted slightly when he turned his head.

    "Vera has an announcement for you, Loukain, Sophie, and Kumari. The meeting is in the dining room," he stated as Shione sighed while uncrossing his legs and putting them down, flat on the floor. "Are you... Going?" The ghoul asked with confusion as Shione made slow movements as if he wasn't planning on leaving the room anytime soon. "Uhh, Shione?" The ghoul spoke again with uncertainty when he got no response from Shione.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm coming," Shione said lazily as he got up and put a specific crimson violin and bow in his case out of all the other ones lining across the back wall of the room while snapping his case shut and slinging it over his shoulder. The ghoul standing at the doorway nodded in approval that Shione was going and left since his job was done. Shione then let out another sigh, deeper than the previous one and slowly walked out of the room like he had the time of the world, pausing a few times on his way to the Victorian like dining room, while also taking a detour to look at the paintings lining on the walls that he passed by many times before.

    As he neared the entrance of his destination, he slowly turned the door knob and walked in with slow, dragging footsteps. Waving lazily at the people in the room, he went to a corner located behind Vera as he put down his violin and leaned against the wall. Only to slide down and plop to the ground with one leg up and his hand hanging over it.

    While he waited for everyone else to gather in the room, he began to tap his foot on the ground to create any means of sound that would fill the silence until everyone arrived and Vera began to speak of a research facility. Despite looking as if he wasn't paying any attention, he was listening intently to the details with hidden malice and shrugged in response when he caught Vera glancing at him when she didn't mention his name along with the others. After awhile of giving out the details of the facility to the other three, Vera finally announced that he would be accompanying her to visit an old friend and noticed a kind smile on her face directed at him.

    Shione returned her smile with a softened expression as he got up and grabbed his things to stand by her. As she spoke one last time to the others, he looked at everyone else and noticed Kumari give him a smirk before she took one last look at a piece of paper Vera put out on the table and left.

    "What a Plague..." Shione mumbled, directing it to Kumari, a nickname he had randomly given her that somehow turned into 'Hell's plague.' It was a nickname that people in Kuragari Ishi now called her when she was being a pain. Following behind Vera silently, he didn't question her motives despite the curiosity nagging at him as he quietly thanked the sounds coming from their footsteps as they headed towards the exit while he also hummed a quiet melody to himself.
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  14. 14th District, close to the local pet shop
    Collab between Kigarra and Ascendant
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Rena hummed softly to herself as she walked along the street, making her way towards the local pet shop known as Pets Unlimited where she worked as the cashier. As she neared the shop she suddenly came to a stop noticing that she was about to step on rather large stage beetle that had gotten itself flipped over."Ah! Oh no! I'm sorry Mr. I'll help you out..." She spoke softly as she kneeled down and gently flipped the beetle over with a finger before cupping it between her hands. "I'll help take you towards one of the trees ok..?" Rena giggled as she began to walk, feeling the beetle hold on to her hands before lifting it's head and spreading it's wings. "Ah, you'll go on your own Mr. Beetle? Alright then." Slowly she raised up her hands before the beetle took off to....well, wherever it wanted/needed to go. To anyone else, Rena probably looked strange. After all, she was talking to a beetle she picked off the road but to Rena it was mostly out of respect. Animals lived to survive, to eat and to breed, and Rena could definitely understand how some animals were hated just for doing what their instincts told nature created them. Rena smiled to herself then let out a soft sigh before walking over into the shop. "Manager? I'm here!" She called out as she looked around the shop.

    Some distance away, a man clad in clothes recently scrubbed with one of those stain-be-gone sticks rode his motorcycle through the streets, weaving between traffic like a madman with a surprising amount of grace. The street lights were flickering on at this point as he raced past a few random vehicles, causing him to pause for a moment and look up at the increasingly dark sky, I wonder, how did those Investigators find me? They've been almost completely incompetent until now... Did someone rat me out, or did they wise up to my plans? Tearing between two trucks, the bike roared as he kicked it into a hard turn, darting down an alleyway. Adrenaline began to pour into his arteries as Rider reacted instant-by-instant to the incoming objects, a smile appearing under his helmet, Now that I think about it, Rena is probably at work... Heh heh... Wouldn't mind stopping by.

    A few more harsh turns combined with incredible speeding and he arrived at her pet shop. Turning the engine off and ripping away his helmet, the 22-year old blonde Gaijin wandered casually into the store, looking around for the teenager despite knowing her manager might give her shit for talking to someone while she was at work. Spotting her from a distance, he waved excitedly and grinned, "Rena-chaaaaaan! Hello!"

    "Ah Rena-chan, I'm glad your here now. I need to go take care of some things in the back ok?" "Yes sir!" Rena responded with a soft smile as she walked in but as she got another foot in the doorway she heard her name being called out. "Ah! It's Burns-san." Rena waved towards him before heading inside the shop. Quickly she went around the counter and set down her bag before reaching under the counter and grabbing her work apron. Fixing up her hair a bit, Rena went out from the counter and went over to Roger in order to greet him properly. "Eheh, good afternoon Burns-san. How are you today..?"

    Roger feigned sadness and frowned as she moved towards him, "You really don't need to call me Burns-san, Roger is fine, Rena." After his attempt to move past formalities, the foreigner looked up in the air and scratched his somewhat stubbly chin, "Hmm, been an interesting day. Fed some Doves that surprised me while cooking..." The Spider Rider looked back down at the ashen-haired young lady and smiled deeply, thinking to himself, Damn I wish this girl wasn't sixteen. Wait. I'm basically a criminal just by existing, so what's it really matter? After that little train, the words, "So what about you? School going well? And it's been a few days since I've seen you, want to come with me to get something to eat later," easily left his mouth.

    "Ah, s-sorry mean Roger-san...uwaah, that feels weird to say." Rena spoke with slight hesitation and embarrassment, gently holding one of her cheeks as she looked away before her eyes moved back to look at Roger. "Ah, schools fine. We had a test in English class today and well...I hope I did alright." Rena perked up a bit at the mention of going to get food. "Eh? Are you sure it's ok? I don't wanna hinder you or anything..."

    Sometimes I think this girl intentionally tries to be cute, though that's not too hard for her, ran through Roger's mind as he literally waved her concerns away, "I expect you did fine, no need to add -san either. As for hindering me, not a chance." Rider flashed a somewhat mischievous grin and then stated, "You can ride with me, I have a knack for finding good places. May also be fun too." It was almost a certainty that Rena understood that Roger was Spider Rider considering his reputation, the Ghoul who went around picking fights with and eating criminal humans. Although, it wasn't something he had decided to openly discuss with her yet.

    "Well, if you say so Roger...big brother always teases me saying that my Kagune is too big though...he can be so rude sometimes...." She said with a soft angry huff before crossing her arms. "Eh? Riding with you? Oh! I've always wanted to try riding on a motorcycle~!" Rena giggled excitedly with a small glint in her eye before she quickly composed herself. "Ah, but I should probably get back to work...don't wanna make the manager mad y', but if you want you can come in and help? I just have to be here for 2 hours today." Rena smiled softly before turning around towards the shop. "Rena-chan! What are you doing over there?" "Ah! Nothing Manager, I'm coming!" Rena quickly ran back to the shop and jump over the counter get behind it. Her family wanted her to learn to be an independent hunter but it was fine to go out with a friend right? Plus, with how many doves there'd been around lately ghouls would be more safe in numbers. Also Rena was interested to see Roger's Kagune as it seems she's never came across him while hunting alone.
    Roger smiled, glad to have gotten her to drop the formality, at least for the moment, "Why not, I'm cool with animals." They proceeded to work together for the next two hours, Roger of course being unpaid for doing so, until the time came that she was finally done. Standing near the entrance, he asked her, "Alright, ready to go?"

    The two hours went by fast since Rena had Roger to help her and soon it was time to close up. Grabbing her bag and walking to the door she nodded. "I brought everything I need~" She said with a grin as she opened up her bag a bit for Roger to see that inside was a black wig and her mask. Rena then closed it up and put it around her body. "I haven't eaten in 2 weeks so I'm pretty starving..." As she spoke, Rena's kakugan slowly appeared and she couldn't help but quickly lick her lips.

    Rider felt a jolt of intense attraction to Rena's hungry expression, forcing his own kakugan to the surface for a moment before regaining his self-control of himself and blinking a few times. He bent over towards her and whispered in the deepest baritone he could muster, intending to mess with the young woman, "Losing control, eh?" Leading her outside and to his sporty little crotch rocket of a black motorcycle, he removed a second helmet from under the seat as he placed his own on, handing it to her with an ever-flirtatious, "Don't want to ruin your pretty face, do we?" Practically jumping on the bike, he instructed her, "Alright, swing your legs over and wrap your arms around my waist. Hold on tight and just try to be relaxed. I'll avoid doing anything too crazy."

    Rena's face reddened more after hearing him, quickly holding her cheeks as she began to look worried. "E-eh? Does it look like I am? I-Is my hunger to obvious?"She panicked slightly but quickly followed after Roger as he led the way. When handed the helmet, she quickly but carefully put it on wanting to hide her blush as it intensified slightly. " this..? Uwaah, this feels so strange..." Rena questioned as she tried to follow Roger's directions correctly. Although it wouldn't hurt too much, Rena still didn't want to fall off of the bike.

    Grabbing her hands somewhat gently, Roger adjusted them to make sure she was gripping well. Looking over his shoulder, he told her, "Main thing is to stay relaxed, but keep your arms locked together." After that, he chuckled a bit and added, "At least you're like me and falling won't kill you." Returning his attention to the bike and road, he started the engine and quickly began to pick up speed, disappearing into the night with Rena in tow.

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  15. Aimery
    On that day, his life had changed forever.
    It had been raining that day, though his personality radiated the space around him like the glowing ball of fire in the atmosphere. Anxiously waiting for his father to get home, he kept a look out upon a small veranda for his silver Toyota Highlander pull in to the ever so welcoming driveway. Aimery's mother, Abella, came out to check on him with a beautiful white dress decorated with the pattern of roses. Her hair was drenched, as a few droplets of water splattered on the wooden floor. He'd felt her cold hand on his shoulder, sending a chill trough his spine.

    "Mom!" Aimery cried, a worried expression crossing his face. "You shouldn't take a shower during a storm!"

    Abella just giggled, patting the young Aimery's head as she slowly calmed down. "You're smart, honey! Mama just needed to relax. She worked a longer shift today, that's why she's home late."

    "Oh...," Aimery trailed off, his gaze returning to the empty road. Her statement reminded him of his dad. Whipping his head back around with a grin, he asked, "Is Papa working longer, too? Is that why he's not here?"

    "Oh, I don't know honey. I wouldn't think he is! Papa is probably getting you a present for your hard work at school, okay?"

    Suddenly, the phone rang, it's sound echoing through the halls and through the windows. Abella went back inside to answer it. Aimery was still watching her through the transparent windows, which she apparently hadn't known. He could also hear her if he put is ear up to the window.
    "Hello?" Abella answered, closely holding the phone to her ear. A few second went past rather slowly, but that was until her eyes became wide and her face twisted with fear. Then, the tears rolled down her rosy cheeks before she dropped the phone.

    Aimery slammed open the screen door and rushed inside. "Mama, are you okay?"

    Then, there was silence. Her head turned to the side, eyes red and blurred with tears. "Your father... he... he's dead!"

    Aimery froze. He couldn't accept that. He was convinced that he was coming home, no matter what! He turned around and was about to storm back out onto the veranda, until he was faced with a tall man, his clothes rugged and tattered. His bare feet were blemished with scars and cuts. He couldn't make out his face, but there was something abnormal about him. His sclera was shrouded in blacked, his iris the color of fresh blood. A smile shone from his warped face before the man came at him and...

    The Commission of Counter Ghoul
    somewhere in the cafeteria​


    Aimery was just about to fall off his chair when he awoke from his dream. It was more like a memory twisted into a nightmare rather than a dream. He felt the sweat trickle down the back of his neck, he knew this wasn't good. He couldn't let the man who was meeting him here see him like this! Luckily, he was prepared, for within the back pocket of his pants was a small handkerchief. He dried the sweat from his face and his neck, then folded it up and slid it back into his pocket. Taking a deep breath, Aimery adjusted himself in his seat, trying to look as neat and orderly as his father did when he came here ages ago with him. Prone to daydreaming, he had a fixed stare on one particular step in a staircase that caught his attention.
    At first, he began describing the particular step, and he knew it was weird to do so, but he had nothing better to do other than wait. Then, reality settled in. Aimery began wondering who this person meeting him was like and if they could become quick friends. After all, this was the first time he'd met this person - probably face to face, maybe they had met somewhere else.
    This was also another test for him - to interact with someone. Aimery always had that cold aura around him, but that was because he usually put on a front. He made sure that nobody would know about his video gaming hobbies and his life as a video game designer... That LEGENDS OF DWURTIDUR seemed like a big hit, the only problem he created a pen name for himself, and nobody has been able to decipher it.

    Ah... how he was getting anxious.


    Fourteenth Ward
    At a friend's house.

    "I can't... I can't take this anymore!"
    "What's wrong, Ichi? Stay with me!"
    "T-The Feels... it's too strong!"
    Suddenly, a burst of white like emerges from the crack in the Earth! What will Ichibwuya Chachawoo and Lady Envelope do? How will they survive? Join us next time in THE FEELS: The Chopin is Real - Episode Five!

    (I kinda want to say his voice as Ichibwuya is completely different than from his normal. It's a bit lower and a whole lot more rough than his normal one... ya)

    Suddenly, the television shuts off with a white flash. Loukain rested his arm once he finished shutting off the television. He looked back, a glare in his eye as his friend slowly tiptoed out of the room.
    "Where do you think you're going?" Loukain asked, anger noticeable in his tone of voice. His friend frozen, sighed, and turned around only to sincerely apologize.

    "I'm sorry, Lou!" he cried almost as if he were repenting his sins made against Loukain. "I didn't want to embarrass you, but apparently, I did... I promise not to make episodes like this again!"

    "Damn right, you aren't." he replied coldly, his eyes resembling an ice blizzard in the deep winter (totally didnt copy naruto). Though, as a sane person, he should forgive. Isn't that what they all do? "But I'll forgive you. Just make sure it doesn't happen again, alright?" he forced himself to smile, and it actually came out quite nicely.
    His friend smiled, almost as if a flowery aura was covering him. Loukain laughed nervously and tried to end the conversation there.

    "I-I'm afraid I have to go. Bye!"

    Rushing out of his friend's studio, he walked out onto the streets, his hands in his pockets. Surprisingly, he looked normal. He wore a long-sleeved striped black and white sweater and grey sweat pants with dirtied sneakers. On his back was a green book bag deflated by the lack of items in it. However, the items in there were not ordinary, for it was needed for his other 'job'.

    Kuragari Ishi
    somewhere underground​

    Every time he walked into the room, he was refreshed. It was if he were time traveling to an old era. The victorian antiques and furniture left his eyes in pleasure as he took to his usual spot in the corner of this room. He folded his arms and stared at a fascinating item in the room, trying to decipher its beauty.

    The ghoul wasn't dressed in his casual wear anymore. No, he was dressed in all black to blend in with the shadows. His outfit was lightweight, easy for maneuvering and attacking. The only problem he never exercises the most is his defense, which is evidently his worst quality as a fighter. Loukain is always coming to hate himself because of it too. The only way he's able to calm himself is unconsciously counting down like a clock...

    Suddenly, a voice broke through the air. It was a voice he knew, one whom he was commanded by - Vera.

    She began talking about the relationship between the ghouls and doves. It angered Loukain deep inside. Even if his parents weren't the victims of these tests, they were still killed by the men who performed or work with those monsters.
    One, two, three, four...

    His counting stopped once she had called three names to work on a mission at Quillex Research Facility. It brought a smile to his face when he was assured he'd be getting some food tonight. Jasper's lunch that he'd made for Loukain not only looked disgusting, not only smelled disgusting, but even a human could tell his cooking wasn't edible. Still, he forced himself to eat.
    ...Loukain wants the taste out of his mouth right now.

    The rule was to leave no one alive unless the ghould could be saved. If they didn't want their help, they'd simply die. That was his rules, or how he interpreted it anyways. (( LOOK AT IT. ))

    As he started for the exit, Vera had asked if they had any questions. He shook his head and replied with a simple, "No."
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  16. District 14, near a suspicious part of town
    Collab between Kigarra and Ascendant
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Rena continued to hold on to Roger, watching through her helmet as the street lamps and signs flashed by them...or more like, they were the ones flashing by. It was exciting yet peaceful in a strange way. She took a deep breath smelling the night air but also getting a whiff of some people as they were along the way. Her stomach growled loudly and she held on tighter to Roger before leaning up a bit to speak to him over his shoulder. "Where exactly are we going Roger-san...?"

    Rider couldn't help but continuously grin as they rode along, always grateful that this thing was such a chick magnet as he responded to her over the sound of the wind whipping by, "No -san needed! And we're going to a yakuza den!" He laughed in anticipation, intentionally trying to get her to guess as to whether or not he was joking. Taking them around a few bends, the man finally brought them to a stop in an alleyway to hide his license plateless motorcycle. "You can either wear the helmet or the mask, either is cool, but store the helmet if you take it off. Take a moment to stretch," he instructed as Roger literally started stretching his upper body, cracking his neck and knuckles, Now the question is, how much of a date can I make this?

    "Eh? A yakuza den? why there?! You're not serious right? I don't know how to handle more than 3 people" Rena exclaimed nervously. Soon they reached a stop and Rena let go of Roger, taking off the helmet as she looked around. "Ugh....I smell tobacco...were you serious Roger...?" Rena asked, her nose scrunching up slightly at the scent of tobacco. Rena put the helmet away then reached into her bag, pulling out a hair tie to put her hair in a short ponytail before slipping on the black medium-length wig. After making sure it stayed secure on her head she then pulled out out her mask and secured it as well. Taking a deep breath, Rena then put her bag away as well and tried her best to stretch. "R-roger if you're not joking I hope you won't leave me alone...I don't do so well when I'm cornered..." She spoke while leaning forwards and backwards in order to stretch her back.

    Roger laughed despite trying to remain quiet in the alleyway. In truth, he hadn't lied as he waited for her to finish. When he hadn't said anything after a few moments, she turned around and suddenly found herself being hoisted into his arms as the man spoke, "You know I'm never gonna let you down." His eight golden tentacles erupted from his back and suddenly started climbing up the building with Rena in his arms, Roger teasing with a hidden smile, "So, you like the valet service?"

    Rena's eye's widened, surprised by the sudden lift. "Uwah! R-roger! that's what your Kagune looks like?" Suddenly, although her kakugan was apparent it was easy to see the glint in her eye. Carefully she reached up and touched one of the tentacles, getting a good feel for it. "I never would've guessed you had a's really pretty, like a spiders legs." Rena smiled softly in admiration.

    "Oh erm..." Rider was actually taken aback by the combination of her words and actions, his kakugan once more forcing themselves to show under his helmet, this time beyond his ability to put down, I feel like I'm about to be arrested... Doing his best to recompose himself, he spoke to her as they ascended, "That's actually kind of a sweet compliment if you like spiders, and I'm known as Spider Rider for a reason." Beneath his helmet he felt his face actually reddening, and was glad to have the thing on. They quickly reached the dirty roof of an old building, Roger releasing her. Cracking his knuckles once more, he explained, "I've been scouting this place for a while, saving it for a night like this. It's most definitely a yakuza den, probably about ten tattooed, burly dudes in it at all times. Three stories tall. They probably have knives but it shouldn't be an issue. We won't have any trouble, unless you're afraid?"

    "Spider Rider...I guess the CCG are running out of creativity?" She chuckled softly before Roger released her. Rena once more stretched her back, her Kagune quickly taking form as each plate form out of her lower back and the curved barbed end of the tail revealing itself like a blooming flower. Her tail curled upwards as to hover over her as she too a deep breath. "I-I'm not afraid. I can do this. I'm tough, yeah" Rena quietly spoke to herself while trying to gain courage.

    "CCG aren't smart enough to be creative in the first place," said Roger with a laugh as he added confidently, "Don't worry, I'll hold back so you can take a few out too." Moving towards the rooftop entrance, he kicked the door off its hinges and down into the stairwell below, queuing a chorus of shouts from within, "Here we go!" The man motioned to follow and disappeared into the building slowly, taking his sweet time, listening carefully for the footsteps of the yakuza within.

    Rena followed, remaining silent as the made their way down the rather long stairwell. Once they entered the room, they were greeted by the sight of of the yakuza men pointing guns at them. Within the next few seconds, they all shot their guns but Rena's Kagune quickly moved to knock them away. She took a deep breath and her Kagune raised again but this time pointed at one of the members. Slowly she moved down onto her hands and feet before pushing off the ground and speeding towards him. Once she reached him she stood perfectly still before suddenly grabbing him by the throat with both hands and holding him up. The yakuza around her began shooting at her once they go the chance but the plates on her tail protected her. Once they ran out of bullets her tail slowly raised and the barbed end began to rotate before striking into a guy who Rena noticed from the corner of her eye that was planning to hack at her with a machete. "I don't like being crowded..." She spoke coldly as the end rotated within the main causing him to scream in pain as his insides were being ripped apart.

    One of the yakuza called out angrily, "The fuck are you? Wait, you're Gho-," his words cut short by the golden kagune that impaled his mouth and cut through his cervical vertebrae, the shock killing him instantly. Roger nonchalantly walked through the room, pulling back his tentacle as he mentally counted, One for me, one for Rena. Two dead. Eight remaining, all clustered in this one room like idiots. One tentacle each? Nah, won't it make it that easy for her. Looking around the place as if he owned it, he suddenly struck outward with his kagune, eight extremely lethal assemblies of Rc cells penetrating their targets. Four gangsters were dead within an instant, all having been struck precisely in the neck and heart.
    Withdrawing his kagune once more, he moved quickly around the room, ensuring all the exits were blocked off, and proceeded to lean against one of the walls, letting Rena deal with the remaining four gangsters, joking, "You said you don't know how to handle more than three people so consider this training, of course I'll save you if they come close to injuring you!" The gangsters looked at him with a mixture of fear and anger, realizing they were screwed and cornered at this point, and unsure of what to do. Clearly they were going to die.

    Rena inhaled deeply before she once more looked at the guy she was holding up, her tail end began to rotate as she pressed it against the man. It easily buried through the mans stomach. As this happened, spurts of blood hit her face which she immediately wiped off and licked off of her hand. Once she was sure the man was dead she dropped him on the floor. "Ahh....I really wanna eat now, but I should get rid of the others first..." Rena spoke as she slowly turned to face the others then slowly got on her hands and feet again. Yelling furiously, one of the yakuza ran at her with a sword which she responded to by running quickly towards him and sending her hand through his ribs and pulling out one of his lungs. From behind one of them tried sneak up on her but her tail quickly reacted and smack off their head messily. "I-is that it Roger? Did I do well...? It smells so good in here...I wanna eat now..." Rena squirmed a bit as she spoke, beginning to drool, her Bikaku wagging slightly from side to side.

    Feeling a mixture of hunger and desire that caused his blood to begin to boil, Rider smiled beneath his helmet, "Just off by one..." The last gangster was cowering in a corner at this point, resigned to die as Roger struck outward with his kagune, piercing the man's skull. Taking a moment to ensure the other doors were closed, Rider removed his helmet and set it on the floor, simultaneously using his kagune to create a pile of bodies in the center of the room. "Eat all you want, Rena," he said, taking a seat next to her and diving in, ravenously consuming his fill despite having eaten just a few days ago.

    Rena approached the pile pulling off her mask and falling to her knees before happily digging into the piles of dead bodies. Pulling on strings of muscle with her teeth as she giggled. "A bit smoky but I kinda like it~! Hm....but I don't think I should eat all of this, I'll put on too much weight..." She mumbled a bit sadly to herself while chewing on an eyeball, blood covering her mouth like sauce as it mixed with some of her saliva.

    Roger laughed for a moment, "I don't expect you to eat all of it, I couldn't." He cut a thigh off with his kagune, taking a series of bites. Smiling with bloody teeth, Rider looked at her with his ghoulish eyes, "It's such an enormous difference from the regular you and the hungry you.. Not to say I don't like that though, I do like you quite a bit..."

    "Eh....? A-ah! Thank you Roger u-um...I-I uh..." Rena blushed furiously, her voice messing up slightly as she let it slip into her normally low voice but she quickly cleared her throat to hide it before going back to a higher pitch. "E-excuse me, I had something in my throat! Uh...U-um Ah! A-a lung! Look Roger!" Rena quickly tried to change the subject as she held up the lung to give it to him.

    Roger initially raised an eyebrow at her change in pitch, somewhat surprised, until he decided to just laugh and take the lung from her, tossing it into his mouth and continuing to eat. After a few more minutes he stood up and announced, "I'm going to find the bathroom and clean up a bit, you eat everything you want and then we'll head out. Perhaps I'll take you somewhere else." With that, he left the room to clean up, tossing his helmet back on.

    "O-ok Roger!" Rena responded, still feeling embarrassed over being to that her change in personality was likable. Once she was sure he was gone, Rena let out a huge burp letting out a sigh of relief as she changed to her normal pitch. "Oh geez...where could he wanna take me?! Wait...I wonder, does this count as a date AH!" Suddenly Rena was startled by a vibration in her pocket. Wiping off her hands a bit she reached into it and pulled out her phone. "Ah! Mom.....yeah I'm alright I just went out to eat with Burns-san....nn...yeah, I brought everything with won't stay out to late. Bye Mom!" She smiled as she spoke before ending the call and putting her phone back in her pocket. "Nn...I should probably wash up too, I don't think I can eat anymore." With that she carefully stood up with the help of her Kagune before letting it recede into her then heading towards the same directions as Roger to look for a bathroom.


    After cleaning the blood off and carefully cleaning the splatters on his clothes, Rogers returned to the room and waited for Rena. Once she returned he guided her upstairs and onto the roof, taking her in his arms again and simply stepping onto the edge, looking down for a moment at the ground and then at her, "So did you enjoy the dinner?"

    "It tasted better than I expected so...I'd say I liked it." Rena smiled as she looked at him but then looked down towards the ground. "Hey Roger....have you noticed that there have been more doves lately...? I mean, a few weeks ago I almost got caught by them but I hid for a while till they gave up...It was kinda scary actually..." Rena spoke with a slight shiver before letting out a soft sigh. "But...that was when I was hunting along, two heads are better than one as most say. But, anyway, where exactly were you planning to take me Roger...?"

    If Rena could actually see Rider's face, it would be one of complete seriousness, "Yeah, they have. I met a few earlier today. Four. Had to hurt them. Somehow they tracked me down..." He stepped off the ledge, intending to give her a bit of a shock until his kagune shot out at the last moment, hitting the ground and slowing their descent until they landed gently. Releasing the young women, he got onto his bike and looked back at her, "Oh, a strip club. Just kidding, it's a cafe you might know of." As if realizing something, Roger held out his hand, "Before I forget, I'll put my number in your phone. If you get in trouble, give me a call and I'm come tear your attacker apart or something."

    "Wait, you already ate today? Roger you know you shouldn't over e-AH!!!" Rena let out a short scream of surprise but quickly covered her mouth not wanting to bring unwanted attention to themselves. Once they were on the ground and she was released, she moved her hands away placing one on her heart. "D-don't surprise me like that....!" Rena spoke, slightly angry as she tried to regain herself. She raised an eyebrow when Roger held out his hand then after being told what he wanted to do gave him her phone. She let him put it in before taking it back hen took off her mask and put it back into the bag. Rena made her way onto the bike and made sure to put on the hemet again. "I guess we'e going to Iblis Fleur then..?"

    Chucking a bit, the man nodded in affirmation as he also made sure she was holding on tightly, "Aw, worried about me? So sweet. Better hold on well... Going to pick up speed this time." Rider turned the engine on, revved his bike, and then took off down the alleyway, searing into a street and turning hard, jetting down the asphalt and towards Iblis Fleur.
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  17. 14th Ward
    [Shibuya Subway Station]
    Collaboration with @Akashi

    Akina followed her partner down the stairs, and into the Shibuya subway station. Being underground easily mad her concentrate more in her surroundings. Just like Taiki, she had to make sure no one really ambushed them now that they were waiting for the train that'll get them to Oshiage, to arrive. Her expression was pretty much serious as her briefcase was tightly grasped by her hand.

    It was only a matter of time before their ride would arrive. Akina slightly glanced over at Taiki who was left with his own devices, and had a book he was reading. For some reason it distracted her. 'A book?' She curiously thought to herself. Moving her bangs behind her right ear instinctively, she moved and stood before Taiki, gazing at him for a second, with that curious expression plastered on her face.

    Akina was somewhat unsure if striking a conversation with him would be wise. Their relationship has been rocky since they were partnered up. Her gaze was shifted towards the books cover, wondering what it was called. She slightly bent herself, tilting her head slightly to the side. You could see the questions swirling in her mind if one could look her in her eyes. "Whats the name?... This book?.. It's the first time I'm seeing you reading a book, and not slacking like you usually do.." She asked, standing close up towards Taiki, with her gaze shifted back to his eyes.

    As Taiki sat, enjoying his book he couldn't help but notice Akina's fidgeting. Moving her bangs, shifting her position, and finally, standing directly in front of him. Her question wasn't entirely surprising, although her interest in his book definitely threw Taiki off guard. In the month they had been partners neither had really delved to deep into the other as far as getting to know each other went. "It's called 'A Short History of Nearly Everything'. And yes, sometimes I do read books, I just don't tend to be at work when I read them..." he said looking up at her, "Never enough time to read at work, always something to be done... Paper work or talking to this man, or looking for this woman. Never enough time for the little enjoyable things." he said with a smile.

    Looking up at his partner he couldn't help but fixate on her eyepatch. 'Now's a better time than ever I suppose.' he thought. "So you've asked something about me, it's my turn now. I've always wondered since we were first partnered... But I haven't exactly felt comfortable enough with you to ask." he said shifting his glance down from her face, quickly realizing what that might have looked like he shot his gaze back up, "...What's with the eyepatch?" he asked quietly as to not draw unwanted attention from any of the commuters, 'Something like this is probably pretty personal' and with the thought Taiki was suddenly regretting his question.

    "You don't have to answer that. If you don't want to that is..." he said suddenly, attempting to give Akina an escape from what may have been an unfavorable memory.

    "Hmm.. That is an interesting name..." Akina added. It did seem like something she would be interested in reading for the future. "Yeah, when you do tend to be on work, we both know what you like doing... I shouldn't even spell that out for you.." Akina straightened herself up, before she glanced a bit around. It was not difficult for some of the common people in the ward to know what she was. An Investigator. Holding a briefcase, her identity was definitely not hidden unlike Taiki.

    She was about to walk by Taiki and take a seat next to him. It would at least be five more minutes before the train leaving for Oshiage would arrive. Resting her legs until then would probably be for the wise if they were to catch something unfortunate in their path "Hm?.." She rhetorically made a questioning sound, referring to what her partner said. Some old memories definitely ran through her mind like a flashback. She moved her hand over her eyepatch and slightly touched it.

    Her expression was somewhat serious now instead of the curiosity that caught her eye. Though it was not surprising he would ask her of this. If not now, it would have been later at some point. "You know.." She started, before she glanced up at the ceiling. It was a horrifying event, but she was long past that. Akina had also noticed how Taiki felt that prying was perhaps not a good idea, but in her mind, telling him wouldn't pose a problem. In the end, they were partners. "Wait.. I'll tell you, so it's fine." She finished, before taking a seat next to him.

    "During my last year in high school, I was able to stumble upon a ghoul on my way home. In broad daylight. This ghoul was already eating someone... And had a whiff of my scent, and before I knew it, it lashed out and tried to.. Well.. eat me.. But I was able to move away in the nick of time and get somewhere.. Like a crowded area. It did not follow me though.. And that's when I noticed that it was able to leave a mark on me.. Over my eye, like a scar.. That's why I have an eyepatch..." Her explanation was completely the truth. She was not afraid to tell him about her past, or a piece of it. If anything, her expression was quite casual when she mentioned the ghoul and explained it to Taiki.

    Closing his book as Akina took a seat next to him, he leaned back against the wall and shifted his head to the side, listening intently to her recollection of the event that led to her use of an eyepatch. 'Only a scar though...' he thought as he looked at her eyepatch. "Heavy story." he said letting a sigh escape, "It seems like almost every other Investigator I meet has some sort of a personal event that led them to where they are now..." he said to Akina.'Everyone but me.' he thought.

    "So... Are you not blind in that eye? Or..." he said slightly uncomfortably. Moving his view from her eyepatch he couldn't help but notice just how casual her face was as she listened to his question.

    'It really doesn't move her at all.' he thought, 'No, she's probably masking it... Just like the eyepatch masks the scar of her past.' his mind quickly walked down paths Taiki knew he shouldn't have allowed it to as more questions flooded his thoughts. In the distance the screeching of a subway car could be heard, slowly making it's way toward the Shibya station. Taiki knew there wasn't much time until their little chat would come to an end and work would once again reign supreme over all else. The prospect caused him to shiver slightly.

    "Well, I asked a question about you. Why don't you ask another about me?" he said invitingly, 'Like a team building exercise' he thought jokingly.

    She curiously had her eyes locked with Taiki. She was wondering what he would say or ask. Especially about her own past. Though the sigh was somewhat unexpected. "What's with that sigh?.. You don't believe me?.." She posed a question. Akina decided that it would be for the best if she told him something more. "Just so you know. I joined the CCG because of my interest in these ghouls.. Not because I have some personal grudge against them. But obviously, like you, it is to also protect the humans from such creatures.."

    The sound of a train closing by on their side could be heard. Glancing in its direction, she stood up, gazing back down at Taiki. "You could say I'm half-blind in that eye.. If that makes any sense.."

    A few moments passed before the train they were suppose to take arrived. Announcing its arrival thus sliding its doors open. The station got crowded again. People going in and out. Some walking by them. "I'd rather not ask. You can tell me about yourself when you feel like it.. And we've been partnered for a month.. You can go ahead and call me Akina."

    "But, enough about that. Let's move on. The train won't wait for us." She stated, before walking towards the latter. Her casual but normal expression was plastered on her face.

    "Eh..!? No, no I believe you. Just the thought of having lived through something like that before the CCG was my job, I honestly don't think I would have survived in your stead." he said quickly trying to correct his partners outlook on him. With Akina's retort about why she joined the CCG Taiki couldn't help but answer, "I get that it's not the sole reason for joining up, or even a big reason at that. I was just trying to say that it seems like all of you had some sort of an experience with Ghouls before the CCG... Unlike myself." he said as he stood to follow her to the train which had finally made it's appearance.

    Narrowly dodging a woman and her baby stroller Taiki spoke to his partner, now slightly ahead of him. "If you don't want to ask now, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk later... Akina." the name rolled off his tongue easily but he couldn't help but feel slightly aloof at the idea of calling his senior by her name, 'Hell she's only a year older than me.' he thought as he stepped into the train, grabbing an overhead railing next to Akina. The commuters quickly began to pack into the train, leaving less and less space between everyone on board. "Squished" he said quietly as he was pressed on all sides by people.

    Looking down at Akina's briefcase, silver and shining he couldn't help but wonder if it demanded respect from normal people just at the sight of it. To him it was nothing more than a weapon to fight the Ghouls, to the other people it was protection and safety. As the train got even more crowded Taiki found himself uncomfortably close to his partner. "Try not to lose your briefcase alright..?" he said jokingly, mainly in an attempt to ease some of his anxiety of being so close to Akina, 'She's my partner damnit, and it's only a fucking train ride...' he scolded himself in his mind.

    "Well.. Good. And don't sell yourself too quickly now.. I am sure you'd be able to do more in my stead back then..." If there was anything. Akina was somewhat annoyed to the fact that she couldn't move an inch or do anything but get away just in time. She was too afraid back then. Perhaps this horrifying feeling was somewhere in the back of her mind, which she had unconsciously blocked off. "It also doesn't make me a better Investigator than you just because I had some sort of an encounter with a ghoul before I joined the CCG. If anything. I am glad you're not one of the many who joined because they had something against the ghouls, on a personal level.. Or encountered them in their past."

    Finally inside the train, she grabbed one of the overhead railings. She slightly turned to the side, with her face towards the doors, her eyes focused on her partner. It did not take long before Taiki did the same, standing beside her. Her gaze automatically shifted towards the many people who got inside. Making it quite packed and almost suffocating for her. 'Ugh... I hope I don't end up smelling something awful now..' She annoyingly thought to herself. Glancing around at the people inside.

    Before she knew it, she was too close to her partner. The train eventually started to move. And the ride ahead would definetely be bumpy, making it difficult to keep the balance by holding just one overhead railing her hand had grasped. "You don't have to worry. I won't lose it.." She almost annoyingly finished. 'I know how to take care of it... Baka..' She thought to herself. The ride eventually did become bumpy. Her chest pressing against Taiki. Her expression somewhat became red and blushy. Her eyes averted down, towards the floor. She was also not taller than her partner. 'Why!... Why did it have to be so crowded at this time..I'm too close to him...' Akina eventually glanced over at Taiki, to see his reaction. She was definitely embarrassed.

    Akina responded to him, seemingly annoyed. Before Taiki couldn't say anything more the train began to move, at first it was a slow jostling but as it picked up speed the ride became less and less smooth. Every bump seemed to have Akina pressing closer and closer to Taiki, a prospect that, while not entirely terrible for Taiki, was definitely not the most comfortable for either of the new partners. 'She's my partner come on get a grip, it's just a fucking train ride!' he thought as he noticed Akina looking toward him, 'Her face is red, oh goddamnit.' he thought as he reached a hand out to steady his partner. "We don't have to tell anyone about this train ride if that works for you." he said as his face was obviously becoming red, the idea of his coworkers knowing about the events taking place led Taiki to dread returning to the 14th Ward Headquarters.
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  18. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Eitoro Shozen and Luffy Hanasaki (Collab with Zarya)

    Nestled away within the 14th District CCG Headquarters was a well-outfitted gym, one in which two Investigators were engaged in some training. A burly man by the name of Eitoro Shozen with almost-purple hair was casually jogging on a treadmill while somehow managing to read a book at the same time. Occasionally he would flip a page in rhythm with his steps, as if the exercise was a part of his own thought process.

    Alongside him, on another treadmill, ran his older yet equal partner Luffy Hanasaki, a fit young woman with what Eitoro could only describe as crimson hair. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, remembering some of the times they'd spent together for had been years at this point, ever since the pair had been in the same class in the Academy. An extremely subtle smile played on his lips before he returned his attention to his book and mentioned, making sure to use his nickname for her, "Red, any ideas where we should eat tonight? I'm thinking the paperwork will end up having to be done during dinner as well..."

    Crimson hair swayed back and forth from a ponytail as a young woman with an hourglass figure jogged on a treadmill beside a violet haired man. Luffy had one earrbud in with music going, she didn't put both in just in case someone wanted her attention. Like her partner, Eitoro. Smiling she looked over to him, her sapphire eyes standing out even more against her caramel skin than usual.

    "Letting me pick this time huh? Are you sure? Last place I chose nearly blew your ears off."
    She responded with a light laugh. Her voice was low, almost seductive yet still natural. Her tone bright and playful. "Though I did warn you against the 3 alarm Gumbo...." She teased.

    A slight tinge of red managed to worm its way onto the reserved man's face before quickly disappearing, likely forced to do so as Eitoro spoke, "You exaggerate." The muscular man looked at her again out of the corners of his eyes, "Fine, let's just go to some cafe later. I kind of would like something sweet for once... Eating purely on a diet gets boring. And I'm unlikely to end up in the bathroom for two hours after as well." He smiled lightly at that last bit, taking a quarter second longer than usual to admire Luffy's physique as she ran before returning to his book. While the violet-haired man might keep to himself, he was still a man and it was certainly nice to have such a capable and attractive partner. Occasionally he'd even consider whether the woman felt anything else towards him, but then he remembered their long friendship and the fact that they were partners.

    Three Investigators wandered into the gym, adorned in casual training attire, and paused for a moment when they caught sight of Eitoro. Disgusted looks appeared on their faces as they whispered amongst themselves and then began laughing, moving to various bits of equipment. Shozen's face didn't react to their jabs. Instead, he looked over at Luffy once more, a thought running through his mind, She still hasn't given me shit about this whole Ghoul Lover business. Maybe I can trust her to know about it... But what if I'm wrong? His voice faltered for a moment before he pushed onward, "L-Luffy, I want to talk to you about something. Let's go up to the office, okay?"

    Luffy giggled at Eitoro's blush, it was always fun catching the collected man off guard. She started picking up the pace on the mill, her breath coming in light pants now. Glancing over to him she smiles shrugging. "Sure sounds good to me. I've got a wicked craving for Cake now. Its all your fault." She teased lightly, a bit breathless. Sapphire eyes lingered on Eitoro's well muscled body for a moment as he turned his eyes back to his book. 'How can a man look that sexy reading a book.' She mentally wondered before shaking her head lightly to clear it of more lecherous thoughts. Like what Eitoro would look like shirtless right now...'Stop!' Thankfully her train of thought was cut off when some investigators started giving her partner the all too familiar sneer.

    Gnashing her teeth she turns off the treadmill and hops down.
    "One minute." She held up her index finger to Eitoro, Luffy's usual playful demeanor was gone. Now there was an unnerving aura around her as she approached the chuckling men. "Hey fella's, mind lettin me in on the joke?" She spoke in a false friendly tone, a dangerous glint in her eyes. 1 man bulked at her but the other 2 leered at her, obviously the ones without a brain. "The only joke around here is that Ghoul Fu-" His arrogant words were cut off as a fist struck him square in the jaw knocking him out cold. Cracking her knuckles Luffy looked to the other 2 with one eyebrow raised. "You were saying?" They gulped before apologizing profusely and high tailing it out of the gym with their unconscious buddy in tow.

    Satisfied Luffy turns back to the bookworm with a bright smile, a complete opposite of what she was a moment ago.

    Having paled just a little from witnessing the scene that just occurred, Eitoro sighed and motioned for them to leave, mentioning quietly as they walked out, "That wasn't necessary, Red... You might get in trouble..." Standing in the elevator together, he ran his hand through his hair, somewhat out of frustration. Luffy had a tendency to act out a bit too much, to be a bit too brash. Perhaps that why she had been chosen as his partner, to counterbalance his significantly more reserved nature. Still, he lightly smiled at her, "You don't need to protect me, you know?"

    Luffy felt a pang of guilt at Eitoro's expression, her smile faltering some as she followed him out. Glancing at him in the elevator she folds her arms, making her large bust even more noticeable beneath the white tank. "If they try and report me I'll claim slander." She stated simply, it was true afterall. At his smile she stuck her tongue out at him playfully. "What? Dont want a woman defending you, Bookworm?" She countered, using the nickname she gsve him the first time they might. He'd been reading then too. Stepping out of the elevator she looked around at all the cubicles. 'Bleh...I hate the office.' Her expression mimicked her thoughts.

    Intentionally keeping his eyes above her neckline, Eitoro looked at her and then rolled his eyes as they stepped out, "It's not that you're a woman..." They walked down through the artificial hallways formed by the cubicles, until they came upon their assigned spot. The burly man took his seat in the cramped space, shuffling some documents, appearing a bit nervous in his own way, "In any case... How would you feel if what they said was true?"

    "Mhmm..." Luffy responded with an unconvinced stare. Trailing behind the violet haired man she rolled her neck to loosen the tense muscles in it. Coming to their ajoined cubicles she plopped down in her chair with a sigh as she spun to face Eitoro. She had known him long enough to tell he was nervous about something as he shuffled around.

    Locking her fingers behind her head with her arms out and bent to her sides. She tilts her head slightly eyes sparking with curiosity.
    "Are you with one?" She asked in a partially teasing tone.

    "W-what? That way? No no no..." Eitoro's face became fully red at this point, "I'm not a Ghoul F-" Catching himself, the man breathed a few times before sighing, "No, I just let a young little girl go. She was being attacked and seemed sweet enough. Maybe I shouldn't have." Leaning back in his chair, he once more ran a hand through his hair and looked up at the ceiling, not entirely sure what to do about this situation. If he could do anything at all.

    Laughing at the reaction she was hoping for, Luffy leaned back in her chair grinning. "Thats all it is? Jeeze people in CCG need to get a life. Making such a fuss over something like that." She responded lightly. She wasnt sure if that was the right decision or not, but she wasnt there so she wasnt gonna assume anything, unlike their coworker's. "I dont know if it was right or wrong, but theres no use dwelling on the past. Who knows, maybe you were right to let her go, maybe she could be an ally someday? The future is everchanging." Despite her casual tone, there was wisdom in her words beyond her years. 'I wonder if I'll run into this young Ghoul...'

    Sighing deeply, Eitoro seemed to be stewing in his head, considering what he'd done and the consequences, until Goru, a Bureau Investigator, suddenly appeared at the entrance to their cubicle. He paused for a moment, scowling at Shozen, and then looked at Luffy as if avoiding making eye contact with the Ghoul Lover, "Hanasaki-san, Shozen-san, the Director wants both of you in his office immediately." With that, he turned on his heel and walked off, presumably back towards the Director's office.

    Shozen got to his feet quickly, but then suddenly looked at their clothes, Luffy's white, rather revealing tank top in particular, "Eh... I guess these will have to do. Director wants us there right now... I wonder for what." He offered the redhead a hand, subtly smiling.

    Luffy was spinning in her chair when Goru came in. Planting her feet she eyed him but remained silent. It didn't go unnoticed the way he reacted to Eitoro and it made her want to punch someone, again. Accepting his hand she stood up with a light smile. "I'm not one for formal wear anyway. It is unusual for him to call on us so urgently, maybe theres a Ghoul attack?" She wondered, much more relaxed than her partner as she grabbed a black leather jacket off the back of her chair.

    With Eitoro in tow she strode down the hall, slipping on the jacket as she went. It didnt take long for the two to reach the Director's office. Glancing to her partner she gave him an encouraging smile before knocking twice on the door.
    "Investigator Hanasaki and Shozen, reporting in."
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Collaboration with @Kuroshi

    After she ordered Kumari, Loukain and Sophie to destroy the Quillex Research Facility, she walked before the exit in the victorian-like dining room. They all accepted her orders without any questions. A satisfied smile was plastered on her face. She noticed from the corner of her purple eyes that Shione was going to accompany her on a different matter, which she planned on sharing with him as they got closer to this so-called destination. "Shione." She stated, before she opened the door, indirectly telling him to follow. They were going the normal route. To the surface by exiting the flower shop.

    As Shione trailed behind Vera to their destination, he hummed a melody to himself to fill the silence and keep his irritation at bay, only to stop when he heard Vera state his name. He then nodded in understanding without looking at Vera as he continued to follow behind her in silence. Being that he couldn't stand such a thing, he decided to speak up and ask about where they were headed exactly. "So... What's this 'business' you need to attend to?" He questioned, restating her words while keeping his eyes forward to where they were walking, not in the least bit concerned that he was lagging behind Vera with his slow strides.

    Once they all scattered about. Many of the ghouls in the organization could see her, standing on the sides, with both Vera and Shione pass by them. "We're visiting an old friend of mine... But I'll tell you more about this in the car." She explained. Walking down a long corridor, the sound from her mid-heeled black boots could be heard, or rather, they were echoing throughout the hard floor and their surroundings. Approaching an old but dusty elevator that'll take them straight to the first floor, she stopped in her tracks.

    She pushed open the fenced doors to the side, before she walked inside, turning around, gazing at Shione, waiting for him to enter as well. "You never did tell me why you hum such a melody.." Vera curiously, but somewhat mischievously asked him. Her purple eyes were slightly squinted, with her gaze locked with his.

    Shione grunted in response to Vera's answer, paying no mind to the other ghouls who cleared the way for them to pass. As they were gradually approaching the unkempt elevator that would take them to the first floor, he listened to the sound of Vera's heels reverberating through the corridor and filling his ears with sound. Once Vera stopped, Shione halted a few steps behind her, keeping a decent amount of space between them and looked up questioningly when she turned around to ask a question he least expected.

    "Who knows..." He answered vaguely with a distant look in his eye as he looked away from Vera while hesitantly walking into the elevator. "It was just something I picked up a while back, since I found it be calming," he spoke with a shrug and turned his head away to yawn while covering his mouth with his hand. "Does it bother you?" He asked, wondering why she even decided to bring up an irrelevent topic as to what they were doing.

    A few seconds passed before a ghoul on the other end of the elevator slid the fenced door shut. Vera eventually pushed the button that'll take them to the first floor, albeit at a medium speed. The response from Shione was definetely not surprising. If anything, most of the time he did seem like someone who was in an entire different world. It was, however one of the thing Vera actually liked about her one eyed ghoul. "Not the slightest. It rather makes me more curious about you.." She openly added.

    Her gaze was against fenced door, as they were approaching the surface, but with a smile on her face. "Tell me something, Shione. Do you not like me asking questions?" If anything, even if they were some of the ghouls she trusted the most in her organization, there was also a reason for her specifically to know more about them. "Do you not like being a part of this?.."

    As they stood inside the elevator, Shione crossed his arms and closed his eye to prevent himself from seeing the enclosed space he was in as he let out a sigh from under his breath. He refused to to show his weakness, to Vera, or to anyone in general. It was a natural instinct from his upbringing that slightly differed from everyone else. That, and it was unbecoming for a ghoul to have such a ridiculous weakness like claustrophobia. No doubt would every other ghoul look down on him for having a cowardly weakness if they were to find out.

    "I could care less," Shione finally responded to Vera indifferently after awhile of holding in his breath from the nauseous feeling in his stomach that surfaced due to the enclosed space he was in. Shione honestly didn't care about the questions, interrogation, or whatever it was. It didn't really bother him and neither he did he find any point to it. The problem currently, wasn't even whether he liked it or not. As a matter of fact, all he was thinking about was that he wanted to quickly leave the elevator. Except, one indefinite question that Vera asked, made him open his eye to glance at her. "And what part is it that you're referring to?" He inquired. "Being questioned? Being ordered to follow you? Or... Being in Kuragari Ishi?" He finished as he stepped towards the fenced door when he noticed that they finally reached the first floor.

    During their little trip with the elevator, Vera was easily able to note the way Shione was responding to her. However, she was also able to notice how he had his eyes closed almost throughout the entire voyage in such a narrow place. A disappointing sigh escaped her red lips, wondering why he was so distant in the way he spoke. Vera was also the type to let things go quite easily for the once she held dear to her. Like her own little sister. She gazed at her one eyed ghoul, whereas he finally responded with a barrage of his own questions.

    A light laugh escaped Vera's lips due to how serious he looked. "How about all of them?" She demanded, changing her tone a bit, sounding somewhat serious. They finally reached the top floor before she walked outside. A small, but old staircase could be seen in the not so distant corridor they were in. "Shione. Remember. You joined this willingly.." She gave him an open reminder and pointed out why he was even in their little base.

    Once the door to the elevator opened, Shione quickly left with relief clearly shown in his expression as he was finally able to breath in the open air. "I don't recall ever stating that I disliked anything. I was just inquiring for you to be more specific," he explained with ease as he headed towards the staircase beside Vera. "And if what you said was the case... Then I wouldn't be here in the first place," Shione spoke with a faint smile, indicating that the choices he made were the one's that he never regreted.

    "Now.... Shione.. No one said that you disliked anything. But, no matter. Lets rather just focus on whats ahead." She decided that perhaps ending the little conversation they had from since the third floor would be for the best. It was also because she decided to ignore his uncanny attitude, but she still did care for him. Before she knew it, they had already approached the staircase.

    'Finally some light..' She sighed in relief, before ascending the stairs. The door was opened on the other end, by some of the workers in the flower shop, who were obviously ghouls working for the same cause as her. They nodded as they walked past them, and in return Vera lightly smiled. The exit to the flower shop itself was right before them. Even a few customers were there to buy what the shop usually sold on the surface.

    A driver stood before a black luxurious car, before he opened the passenger door, followed by him uttering his masters name. "Vera-sama." The driver bowed his head in respect. If anything, the driver was a human, and this was one of the resources she used from the company she was a CEO at. She elegantly stepped inside the car, adjusted herself to the other end.

    Grunting in response to the end of their conversation as they reached the first floor, Shione narrowed his eyes from the radiant light that reached his eyes when one of the workers opened the door. Shooting a quick glare at whoever it was, Shione cast his eye down until it adjusted to the light. Once an unfamiliar voice spoke, he looked up to see a human who was supposedly the driver and eyed him with a look in his eye that was far beyond hunger and resembled more of what seemed to be an animal anticipating to toy with it's prey.

    Shaking his head from the thought of skinning Vera's driver with his bow, Shione looked away from the human and went to sit on the opposite end from where Vera sat, putting his violin beside him as he rested his chin on his hand and looked out the window beside him.

    Once inside, she closely paid attention to Shione. With her leg crossed over the other. A small tinted glass was separating the passengers from the driver, and the backside was also sound proof. Anything they would say could not be heard by the driver, and even if it did, the driver wouldn't live to see the rest of the day. The driver had also already been notified about where they were going. A second later, the car started to move. A small grin was formed on her face, before it turned into a more mischievious smile. "You're probably thinking why on earth would I have a human drive us around.. When they are the ones causing us such misfortune.." She started, quite casually, her purple eyes still locked towards her fellow ghoul.

    "I could see how you were at least dissatisfied by seeing him.. But sometime... In order to achieve the greater good, you'll have to be in bed with the enemy. It's a neccessary evil." She explained. Vera probably knew that Shione would still disapprove of her actions. But Vera's human side was also known throughout the public eyes, especially now that she is the CEO of the Eniyama Corporations.

    "However, Shione.. If you want. This human.." She glanced towards the tinted window, towards the driver. "You can have him... And just for you.. I'll replace him with one of our own kind..."
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  20. 14th Ward

    Iblis Fleur Cafe
    Reikuhara, Sora and Usami (& the others inside)

    (Collaboration between @Kigarra and @Detective Zero)​

    Considering how things were going in the cafe of Iblis Fleur, it was a recipe of pure drama. Sora looked ready to outright ring Kaname's neck until he got himself mixed up with Hikari's antics, having her give off a cheeky grin with narrowed eyes, "Answer or no you still get crapped on.. I guess I'll accept that for now." Sora moved to sit herself down on one of the bar stools, noticing Kubo come in now. Considering it was her and Kaname looking over the shop until now, she responded to his questions towards Reiku in a rather dull and mocking manner, but they were things that could be done, "We're set for today but you could prepare some more of the assembly part for sandwiches to fridge them after. There's fresh lettuce and the like in said fridge, all you need to do if you'd be so kind is prep them to be made tomorrow."

    On Reikuhara's side of things, the silver-white haired woman watched as the two children were fighting around her quite literally before she lifted her arms out, "Now now.." She knelt down a little as she quickly tried to snag Kaname and Hikari in each arm, pressing them inward against her body, "The two of you know better than to be fighting down here. If mine won't threaten to suffocate you to drill that lesson in, I'm sure Usami-chan could if I asked her."

    The mere mention of Usami's name made Sora make a hesitated, 'Geh--' as she recoiled, "Please tell me she got lost in traffic or something.. I feel threatened enough with you, Manager."

    Almost on cue, a tall woman with soft green hair walked into Iblis with sunglasses to cover her eyes. After looking around at everyone with the cafe she removed them and a soft smile spread across her face as her gaze stopped on Reiku, "Ah, Rei-chan!" Usami spoke with a happy tone before walking over towards her with open arms before hugging her tightly, not yet taking notice of the fact that she was holding two kids under her arms, "Ahhh, Rei-chan can I have some of your delicious coffee? I'm so tired..." She looked down and finally took notice of the other two as she felt two things pressed between her and Reiku, "Ah! Kaname-kun, Hikari-chan hello to you both as well."

    Watching as Usami managed to actually do what Reiku had threatened, if not made it worse for the little ones, Reiku smirked and laughed a bit before letting the two go, where Sora kept her distance with a constant evil glare towards Usami's chest, "Usami-chan it's good to see you, we were just talking about you too, hehe..." With her head tilted away slightly, she smirked as her eyes were aligned elsewhere vertically, "Alright, alright, I guess that's enough punishment for the two runts here.. I'll get a fresh brew going now. Oh and Kubo, Sora's right about what we need, so think you can do that? I'll help you out with the rest we need to do later. For now, you did a good job. We'll have more to discuss later tonight."

    Going over to behind the counter, Reiku went at it to make some more coffee as Kubo had inadvertantly finished the last brew. It was an easy-going day for business so far, which worked in their favor for the moment considering the gathering. Putting a finger around a cup's handle, she spun it a few times while humming before gently setting it down. Pouring in the water into the coffee brew, she took her time more than usual today, "So.. How did today go for you, Usa-chan?" She gave Usami a kind, wayward glance before a thought crossed her mind, "Ah... Hikari, I almost forgot. Mayuri gave me a call earlier, she said your mask is just about finished. She'll be around tomorrow to drop it off for you, she said you should like how it looks. Says it hits the nail square on to compliment you." With the brew finished, Reiku took the time to pour a cup of fresh coffee for everyone still in the room, smiling as she crossed her arms afterwards as the cups were set on the counter.

    "Oh, Hikari-chan is finally getting her mask? How wonderful! I can't wait to see it~" Usami exclaimed while gently clasping her hands together in excitement, moving her elbows onto the table as she soon rested her cheek against a hand. With a soft sigh Usami reached for a the first cup of coffee and took a sip before licking her lips. Her smile turned into a slight frown as worry came across her face, "Well, one of my band members, my drummer, is threatening to leave the band because our bassist cheated on her. Today they had a big arguement during practice and I really don't know how to help...I've never dated someone so I don't know what advice to give even if I tried...ugh...this really sucks..."

    "Ah... I'm sorry to hear that Usami, things like that can be pretty delicate.. As much as you want to, depending on how it is, there might just be nothing you can do about it.. Still, maybe they just need some time. How bad was it?"

    "Ah....well, drumsticks were thrown in certain places.." Usami said pointing between her legs before putting her elbow on the counter again, "So I think it was pretty bad." Usami winced slightly as she spoke before taking another sip of coffee, "And y'know...I'm not sure if my father's condition is getting better or did he even become so sick in the first place is the real mystery though..." She tightened her grip around her cup, her eyebrows furrowing.

    Reikuhara frowned gently and shook her head a little, "Well, I hope things work out in the end. Relationships are pretty delicate but friendships are something you should never try to lose. I guess I've been there, saying that... As for your father, we all hope things improve sooner rather than later."

    With a sigh, Reikuhara crossed her arms and looked over everyone in the cafe. Smiling lightly, she hummed as she thought, "Well then.. It looks like we're all here though. So, why don't we enjoy ourselves for the day. I'm sure business won't pick up too much now, but feel free to just relax."
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