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  1. [​IMG]

    Akashi - Detective Zero



    The Humans have collided with the Ghouls in many occasions and for many generations. The Ghouls are spread throughout the world, and specifically in almost all of the districts in Tokyo. The CCG, or in other words, the Ghoul Investigators have been enforcing the streets at night but also during day to keep the Humans safe and free of the danger they can face. They also go by another name, but that is only used among the Ghouls themselves, which would be Doves. The CCG has initiated a program to get rid of each and every Ghoul in Tokyo, and throughout the many years, they've succeeded in annihilating them in a few districts. The danger the CCG poses is much more greater than before.

    The rumors have especially spread throughout Tokyo, which is the most dense and populated city when it comes to Ghouls. The Ghouls are running scared in many districts. Some are even afraid to act and or feist on the Humans. Investigators are also spread around the districts and often walk around the streets to make sure something unexpected doesn't happen.

    With change, the Humans are growing stronger, and for some unknown reason, the activity of the Doves in the 14th district is quite high. A sudden order from the Director of the CCG has made even the Investigators confused and suspicious about whats really going on. The sudden move to the 14th district has raised tension in the CCG and deviated the schedule planned with the program to get rid of the Ghouls in Tokyo.

    There has also been some rumors among the Ghouls about a group called Kuragari Ishi, but they are also referred to as the In'ei. What they stand for is unknown to the most, but the Ghouls scattered around the streets are wondering if they are the reason for why the Doves have turned their attention towards the 14th district. There is also semi-known cafe in the 14th district named Iblis Fleur.

    Iblis Fleur is known as a sanctuary or a safe place for the Ghouls, but not everyone knows about it. It is mostly managed by the latter, but it is also there to serve the Human customers in the area, and outside of it. In this world, there are Humans and or Ghouls that are quite different, from each and every individual. Some are trying to live their life as safe as possible, some Ghouls are slaughtering the Humans to kill time, or sate their hunger.

    Despite all the occurences happening around Tokyo, the crime rate has not decreased. Humans have been mutilated and killed horribly in the streets. Even with CCG enforcing the streets, the war between the Doves and the Ghouls has never been worse.



    Appearance: (Picture or details)


    Race: Ghoul

    Occupation: (Optional)
    Affiliation: (Optional)

    Ghoul Mask: (Picture or details)

    Likes: (Optional)
    Dislikes: (Optional)


    Kagune: (As much details as possible)

    History: (Cannot be RPed)



    Appearance: (Picture or details)


    Race: Human

    Occupation: Ghoul Investigator
    Affiliation: CCG

    Likes: (Optional)
    Dislikes: (Optional)


    Quinque: (As much details as possible)

    History: (Cannot be RPed)




    1. A maximum of three characters is allowed per player.

    2. Half-human/Half-ghouls does not exist in this roleplay. Do not make one.

    3. Godmodding, metagaming and powerplaying is strictly forbidden.

    4. No one liners, or even two. A detailed paragraph is a must. We require you to atleast post up to four lines, and not sentences. However, we encourage more.

    5. Be respectful. No bullying, arguing is allowed. If its a must, take it to the PMs. Unneccessary drama will only cause more negative attitude. You will be warned if this persists.

    6. Keep everything that relates to the OOC in the OOC thread. Do not post anything OOC related in the IC next to your post. It will be unorganized and we don't want that.

    7. Keep things as realistic as possible in terms of your character, environment and plot-wise. If an event occurs, act accordingly and realistically, depending on the situation.

    8. We encourage quality posts more than quantity, but if you're able to do both, it'll help you, your character(s), and us.

    9. This is a Tokyo Ghoul roleplay. It will have gore and blood. If you can't stand that, then this is probably not for you.

    10. Grammar is important. We strongly implore the players to explain situations/their movements, or anything that involves another party, environment as easy as possible. If your post is neat and easy on the readers, this rule should not pose a problem. If its seen, you will be notified to better your posts.

    11. All Iwaku rules apply.



    There are some base similarities between our alternate universe and the canon. Iblis Fleur is like Anteiku, and Kuragari Ishi which are also known as the In'ei is an organization like the Aogiri Tree from the canon. CCG is CCG, as always. However, both Iblis Fleur and Kuragari Ishi will be quite different. The plot will be unique with its own form and aspect.

    Kuragari Ishi is an anti/bad organization which is controlled by Akashi

    Iblis Fleur is a neutral/good organization which is controlled by Detective Zero

    CCG is controlled by both Akashi and Detective Zero.

    For starters. A maximum of three players will be allowed to create a character for either Kuragari Ishi or Iblis Fleur. It's first come, first serve. In the future, as the plot progresses, players are allowed to choose their own path.

    A minimum of three players is required for CCG at least, but as many players as possible can create a character for it.

    Any and all questions can be asked through PM to either Akashi and Detective Zero, or you can just ask them in the OOC.

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  2. Alright, now that we've got ourselves some good numbers, I'll be putting up a roster to keep track of characters, their factions (or none if they don't belong to any), etc etc etc.

    Tokyo Ghoul RP Character Roster
    Keigo Hajime - Special Class - @Akashi
    Hideki Kirigasa - First Class - @Detective Zero
    Aimery Bosco - Rank 2 - @The Bus Driver
    Fujiko Souji - Rank 1 - @DANAsaur
    Kobayashi Taiki - Rank 1 - @FrostedCamel
    Yui Sonoto - First Class - @Ascendant
    Luffy Hanasaki - First Class - @Zaryá°Stãrska
    Eitoro Shozen - First Class - @Ascendant
    Akina Natsuki - First Class 'Smiling Glaive' - @Akashi
    Rena Ikega - B+ rated - @Kigarra
    Solus Ryuukage - B rated - @Kuroshi
    Roger Burns - A+ rated "Spider Rider" - @Ascendant
    Lee Shang - S rated 'Black Reaper' - @Artorias
    Toshie Fukushima - S rated - @JaeGyu
    Reikuhara Veritahl - SS rated "Devil's Raptor" - @Detective Zero
    Sora Kisake - B rated - @Detective Zero
    Kubo Izo - S rated "Red Dragon" - @Artorias
    Kaname 'Kan' Takeshi - B rated 'Night Drake' - @Zaryá°Stãrska
    Hikari Kotomae - C rated 'Crimson Fox Pup' - @Zaryá°Stãrska
    Vera Eniyama - SS+ rated 'Moonlight Reaper' - @Akashi
    Loukain Mathis - A rated - @The Bus Driver
    Kumari - A+ rated - @Kuroshi
    Shione Tatsuyoshi - A+ rated - @Kuroshi
    Sophie Hijirikawa - B+ rated - @DANAsaur
    Mayuri Shizuka - Ghoul - @Detective Zero
    Usami Eniyama - Ghoul 'Iblis Fleur' - B rated - @Kigarra


    (Ascendant, First Class) Yui Sonoto & Aimery Bosco (Rank 2, The Bus Driver)

    (Akashi, First Class) Akina Natsuki & Kobayashi Taiki (Rank 1, FrostedCamel)

    (Ascendant, First Class) Eitoro Shozen & Luffy Hanasaki (First Class, Zaryá°Stãrska)

    (Detective Zero, First Class) Hideki Kirigasa & Fujiko Souji (Rank 1, DANAsaur)

    Keigo Hajime
    (Akashi, Special Class)

    Map of the Wards (open)
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  3. I'll put up a CS tomorrow.
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  4. Well then.. Looks like I'm going to have to do some manual research to re-find a photo I KNOW I had available to use for a character, but magically it's gone... Hrmmm..
  5. Ghouls
    Indigo eyes instead of red.

    Name: Reikuhara Veritahl; Reiku; Rei
    Age: 24

    Race: Ghoul
    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Coffee Shop Manager
    Affiliation: Iblis Fleur

    Ghoul Mask:

    Likes: Socializing, Books, mind-games
    Dislikes: Conflict, Fighting other ghouls, Dogs

    Weaknesses: Anything to slow her down; Abuse of her loyalty and compassion (Such as getting someone else involved, innocent or otherwise); If capable of connecting, straight-up powerhouses can shake her up; Coordinated teamwork of large numbers (4+ likely)

    Kagune: One of few rare cases, she holds power over both Ukaku and Rinkaku type Kagune's. The Ukaku type is similar to that of the Kirishima siblings in the canon, only instead of black or red, the color is a deep purple, the wings slightly wider in span and the way they flicker and motion is much more like fire than any other in its 'liquid' state.

    With her Rinkaku, it is also of a deep purple as normally two tentacle-like appendages come forth and act similarly as any other Rinkaku type. At most, she can form four but finds it hindering to her full potential if using both types at once.

    Strategically, she uses her Ukaku for defense and range and her Rinkaku for attack, utilizing both in unison for erratic mobility.

    Due to the Rinkaku's regenerative abilities and her own regime of keeping fit, she counteracts the Ukaku's weakness to prolonged battles, but it doesn't mean she's running on an endless pool of stamina. Anyone can run out of gas in a fight eventually, no matter what they're capable of. As well, her Ukaku's abilities allows for much more agile and faster movements to use in unison with her Rinkaku, making speed something she's classed to another level.

    Due to this and her run ins with ghouls and doves alike, she has been codenamed the Devil's Raptor.

    Personality: Calm, kind and despite the young age, wise. To those who grow close to her, she considers them family - which has become the case with most of Iblis Fleur.

    History: A ghoul originating from America, she grew up under harsh conditions with only a father to care for her as they were always moving, on the run from being caught by the likes of CCG and similar factions. As a child, it was hard for her to accept the fact she had to kill in order to survive, so for the most part she was able to instead rely on her father for that. She never enjoyed the fact that her kind was seen as monsters. What choice did they truly have? They didn't decide to become like this nor did they really have a choice. Attempting to fit in, she went to school as her father taught her how to keep her true identity hidden; learning to 'eat' food was not very pleasant at all. At the age of 17, things only got rougher for her as trouble brewed where she currently lived. A conflict between a group of ghouls and doves erupted for days, catching her father into the crossfire in the midst of it as they fled. She was safely taken away as a stowaway on a freighter ship, making its way to Japan, in which she had now spent the remainder of her life here to this point. Overcoming her loss and adjusting to her new life, it only grew tougher as she had to fight for herself completely now, and in all places Tokyo - which basically is the epicenter of all ghoul activity in the world in a way. With that, it only meant CCG and other ghouls would be a much greater threat now as she strived to survive, and in all places within the 11th ward. She learned quickly on who she could and couldn't trust, always finding it dismaying to kill but something she had to live with. Eventually, she planned out a way to maybe help those that shared her similar views, to help those who wished not to hunt, or those who were emotionally incapable of doing so. With that, Iblis Fleur was created, both as a group and a coffee shop set up in the 14th ward.

    Extra: While not wearing her mask, she wears a wig of jet-black hair to hide away her immensely long silver-white hair.

    Enjoy a soundtrack from the very show :P


    Name: Sora Kisake
    Age: 17

    Race: Ghoul
    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Coffee Shop Barista
    Affiliation: Iblis Fleur

    Ghoul Mask: (It's a tiger mask)

    Likes: N/A (May Edit later)
    Dislikes: N/A (May Edit later)

    Weaknesses: Her slight naivety and her temper could be her undoing at times, as well she's not as fast as other Kagune types.

    Kagune: Koukaku type. Dark blue in color, it envelops her back, arms and legs, while only partially of her front sort of like a coat of armor. However, it's really to enhance her own physical attacks. Lacking the extraordinary speed or sharp severity of Rinkaku or Ukaku type kagunes, hers carry forceful blows and solid defenses. Despite looking to be a rather small girl, the kagune makes her look quite beastly in size, hence her choice of mask.

    Personality: Tomboyish, irritable, mischievous
    History: (Cannot be RPed)


    CCG InvestigatorAppearance:

    Name: Hideki Kirigasa
    Age: 25

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Ghoul Investigator
    Affiliation: CCG
    Rank: First Class

    Likes: Punctuality, dedication, movies
    Dislikes: Ghouls, slackers, failure

    Weaknesses: Well he is a human.. But let's see.. Ukaku types. As long as they keep their distance, it'd be difficult for him to deal with them.

    Quinque: His quinque is a sword-styled weapon in the shape of a rapier wide enough to slash with but still meant for thrust-style attacks. Its special features allow it to strike faster than ordinary weapons through reactions of its movements, which further strengthens the thrust. Whether this was previously a kagune of a rinkaku type or a bikaku due to its nature, it is unknown as he never bothered to ask the creator.

    Personality: Quiet, serious, blunt, loyal
    History: Raised as an ordinary child in a decently well-off middle-class family, Tenchi strived to be at the top of his class, in which he was atleast within the top ranking students through his schooling. Halfway through his Highschool years, his mother fell victim to a ghoul attack, one of which that Tenchi had witnessed and escaped as they were out doing some grocery shopping. After that incident, his father was in an outrage as he questioned why there were no authorities like the CCG around to stop it when they're supposedly meant to be keeping the people safe. While Tenchi continued his schooling towards graduation, he would see it to an end without either of his parents as his father tried to avenge his wife to no avail in blind anger. Tenchi was aware of people everywhere facing loss to these ghouls, but the loss of his parents did not just slip past him like nothing. He was just never good at showing his emotions. Delving further into his schoolwork and away from any socializing, he graduated high school at the age of 17 and was on his own. Planning on what he wanted to do with his life, the events he faced and had always seen on the news, it encouraged him to try and join the CCG, to try and prevent any more deaths while he still breathed. Since then, he had joined the CCG's training academy to eventually join them in actual work.

    Extra: Aside from his Quinque, he also possesses a SOCOM MK23 .45 model sidearm fitted for Q-bullet tech reserved strictly for the CCG. Despite being American-made, he made a special request for the specific model. Despite other models, he finds it to have the best balance in what he looks for in a reliable sidearm, preferring these over ukaku-type quinques.

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  6. [​IMG]

    Kubo Izo

    The Red Dragon




    Cafe Waiter

    Iblis Fleur

    Ghoul Mask:

    The One on the Right

    Coffee | Smoking | Interacting/Socializing | Recognition

    Ghouls who think they are better than others | Work | Books | The Cold

    Up-Close Combat | Strategy | Feigning | Calm in tight situations

    Ranged-Combat | Fast/Nimble Combatants | Protecting Innocents | Large Groups | Depth-Perception (Needs Glasses/Contacts, refuses to get them. For now.)

    Rinkaku Kagune - Izo's Kagune is a vibrant red with a deep blue running down the middle of the kagune that sprouts from his back, waistline area. He has only been able to make three at a time, but making three is a hassle and causes problems, so he only sticks with two. He closes in on his enemy and uses his Rinkaku to make sure that his enemy has no way of escaping, mainly using it to wrap behind his enemy and impale them if he can.

    The Kagune shape is that of tentacles with scaled tips. They are meant to impale/stab opponents. He can also forge his Kagune together, the scales growing slightly longer and he put this in front of his body, using it as a shield.

    Izo is quiet around those he doesn't know, and is always on the defensive side. He is always wary of anyone and everyone that he has just met. They could be an Investigator, an enemy Ghoul, or a poor innocent that might get caught up in the mix between everything. He acts almost cold towards people. When he is with the members of Iblis Fleur, his demeanor changes and he opens up to them. He actually enjoys talking, caring, and being friendly to those that deserve it.

    Kubo Izo was born in the 11th Ward, in a neighborhood full of strife and violence. His Mother and Father never planned on having him, he was an accident, they didn't want to raise a child in the terrible neighborhood they lived in. Ghouls hunting and killing one another for food, or because they had their food stolen. So many problems, and a child to raise on top of it. His family struggled until he hit the age 10, his Father began to train him. Teaching him how to control his Kagune. He trained every day until he was 'ready' enough to go out and eat on his own, his parents had to worry about feeding themselves.

    At the age 15, his family moved to the 17th Ward, and it wasn't much better there. He didn't get along with the other Ghouls, they were all selfish. Just like where he use to live. One day that he will remember forever is the month that he was out, feeding on a poor victim that had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. A Ghoul decided that they would try and take Izo's meal, and they fought over the dead body. Izo won the fight, struggling, but he won and instead of leaving the ghoul to lay in the streets bleeding out slowly. He devoured the Ghoul, in a rage of anger. Ever since that day, he has regretted it and hates himself for what he did to his own kind. Fighting them away is one thing, but cannibalizing was wrong in his mind. He never returned home, he ran away, hiding from everyone. Only eating when he needed to and moving on, he lived on his own like this for 4 years before moving to the 14th Ward.

    He had heard of a group that was started in the 14th Ward, meant for helping Ghouls work together. He had always been on his own since a young age, and he hated that feeling. Knowing he was a mistake, his parents only raising him until he was old enough to eat on his own and fight on his own. He wanted to help others, help make sure no other Ghoul felt that way. He knew that there were Ghouls that shared ideals like his own, and some that didn't give a shit and would kill and do whatever they pleased. He wants to help anyway he can, but he is still defensive at first, weary that they are going to try and attack him the moment he lets his guard down and shows them kindness.

    Cellphone | Cigarettes | Lighter

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  7. I'll just mention this now, but I'd like it that no more than two other players (including Artorias' CS now) join Iblis Fleur right off the bat right now unless you expressly wish to do so. Wouldn't be fun if every ghoul joined Iblis and not start off on their own/or be part of the bad group now, would it? :P
  8. Alright. Finished with my CS, tell me if I need to add/fix anything.
  9. Well. I've updated the CS templates and removed the "strength" bit, because its not really neccessary. You can obviously keep it for your own CS unless you want to remove it. Upto you. And I'll properly review your CS when I have the time, but for now, I'd rather you have explain exactly what type of a rinkaku it is. The shape form. From the description I assume its tentacles, if anything?
  10. Yes. They are scaled at the top half of each tentacle. Meanf for impaling/stabbinng/etc.
  11. We'll likely be mentioning more things for the rp like bits of info regarding a few elements such as kakuja.

    @Artorias your CS checks out with me but please, I hope you can keep in mind that despite his history, the cannabalism from that won't influence anything kakuja related. I'll leave it to Akashi to fully explain it, but I hope you understand.
  12. I understand the Kakuja part, and he didn't fully eat the Ghoul, he didn't eat the Ghouls Kagune either. I wasn't aiming for him to have a Kakuja or anything like that, just the fact he committed cannibalism.
  13. I just wanted to say is all. Your character is all set to me otherwise :p
  14. Alright :P
  15. Well, then. there isn't really anything for me to explain so.. If that's settled. Your character is accepted.
  16. Well then.. It's all about the waiting game now. Hoping people will find this interesting enough to join.
  17. Mm, I would hope this does get some attention too. True, there's already one out there but surely somebody would make some notice, right? heh...

    On another note, I'm almost done editing my CS. Work, weather, chores and holidays have been getting in my way to have done so sooner.

    Btw @IceIceIceIceIceIceIce if you're still interested in getting in on this, why not say something here? :P
  18. @Artorias Hey, you need to post in WoF.

    Kind of a bump as I'm interested, but not really sure where to start... Not too interested with the ghoul side of things because I'm having trouble coming up with a interesting character for that.
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