Tokyo Ghoul: The 28th Ward

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    Today or rather should i say.. night the ghouls are on the hunt as usual. Teaming up with Suru as he leads the Hakaisha to there meals, literally just passing YukiKaze trying to act casual so they don't notice them passing by they look and glance at the people passing by and people walking away from them down the streets. The night lights shined downwards on our heads as he pass through the streets searching for food.
    ''Nice day for a hunt am i right?'' Suru looks back at the others as they followed.

    Meanwhile in the YukiKaze the cafe holders seem at peace as some wash the tables and some wash the cups, beginning to end the day.​
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  2. River sat there in his little corner of an abandoned wear house a small frown on his face as he sat there cross crossed in front of a tiny tv with his arms wrapped around his stomach. "The hell it should be night by now." He moaned to hi self before looking out a window coutiously. His eyes where the red and black like all ghouls which is why he looked out so cautiously, his mother and sister had never taught him how to change his eyes back to normal so it was pretty hard for him to leave during the day.

    "Come ooon!" He groaned again before he turned away and ran into the wear house to find his back pack and mask then left immediately slipping on the tiny bandana over his mouth and nose then looking around coutiously again before nodding the all clear to him self.
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  3. Aoi stood over the cowering man, her kagune spread rather elegantly from her back, like a pair of wings from a butterfly ready to take off. She had picked him, for being foolish enough to wander the deserted streets alone so late at night. She currently had the mask of a cute red fox on, her hoodie covering her hair. The man looked rather queasy from staring at her "butterfly" wings, which was understandable because of the coloring and eye-like patterns on them.
    "I apologize." She said, the wings seeming to crystalize, "But you're dying now."

    She made short work of killing him; cut the head off, eat the body. She began at the belly area, having taken his top off for the sake of easy eating. She was going to lose her mind if she didn't pick a target tonight; her one-month deadline was close, and she was feeling extremely itchy in the head. Nowadays, whenever she started to drool profoundly, she picked a target and stalked them until they got to a secluded area. Unlike most ghouls that lurked, she was rather benevolent, but she was taking her feeding times for granted; she needed to eat more often, or she'd get sick... But with this body, she tore into like a hungry lion tearing into a gazelle.

    "Thank you for the meal..." She said mid way in eating, her mouth covered with blood.
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  4. Lucy chased a running man. "Oh god, oh god, oh god." The man repeated as he kept running. Lucy didn't like this time month, the month that her and her brother need to eat. The ghoul chased the man for about ten minutes. The man then made a wrong turn, and ran in a one way ally. The man ran to the end of the ally, and ran into the wall. "No!" The man said as he punched the wall. Lucy entered the ally and slowly walked towards the man. As she walked towards him, she reveled her Kagune to the man. "Please." the man begged. "I'm sorry." Lucy said. She then used her Kagune to pierce the man through the heart. Lucy then began to tear up. Lucy's brother then walked up behind, and warped his arm around her. "It's okay Lucy." Bret said as he held his crying sister close to him. Bret then let go of Lucy. "Let's eat." Bret said as him and his sister walked towards the dead man. Bret then reached into the man's pocket, and pulled out his wallet. Bret opened it, and looked at the I.D. "Thank you Jeff for the food." Bret said as he tossed the wallet aside. Bret then took the man's shirt off, and the two began to dine on his body.
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  5. Perhaps it was drugs, or more likely impact of the lead pipe Logan had been struck with right before his food ran away, but as he laid there on the ground with his mask smashed and small amounts of blood running from the head wound, it dawned on Logan just how beautiful the night sky really was. Each star was like a tiny light-bulb, each one being more of a yellow orb then just a tiny white spot on a massive pitch black surface. He could lay there all night and just soak it all in, but sadly he was hungry and a little pissed that the girl had gotten away.

    As he sat up his mask started to crumble before him, the mouth part had totally broken of and now all that was left was the upper part and even that part was riddled with tiny fractures. So as he got on his feet he brushed of the dust, grime and blood and he put the remainder of the mask on. It still covered most his face and it would just have do do. At least for this nights hunt.

    Logan took a deep breath and smelled the air, he knew she couldn't have gotten far, not after he had managed to bite a pretty sizable chunk out of her side. The girl would die soon, from blood loss or from when he managed catch up with her and sunk his Rinkaku deep into her still beating heart, that would teach her to hit him like that. As the air entered his nose he was instantly overwhelmed with the smell of copper, it meant she was close, around the next corner close. And sadly for her, when Logan found her she was still making good use of her heart.

    "I wish I could say I was sorry" was the last thing she heard before Logan made good on his promise and sank his four long pink tendrils into her heart and as they pierced it it beat once more and then gave out completely. The life in her eyes vanished and left was a piece of meat ready to be devoured.
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  6. The woman arose from the corpse she was dining on, sliding the cutie fox mask back on her mask.
    I really wish I didn't have to do this... She thought to herself, a solemn look underneath her mask. She hated being born as a ghoul, and she hated it even more that she had to eat people to live. She had seen cake, but she never could enjoy the taste. It always tasted like a sponge covered in slime to her... Not even meat gave her a break. She tried a steak once and it tasted like how a pile of crap smelled. She never could enjoy food, and she never could get anyone to help her about it. Humans loathed their kind.

    She returned to walking the streets, licking the blood around her lips, humming gently to herself as she continued to walk. Her Kagune was retracted back into her body, her eyes having returned to normal. She heard the interesting sound of someone feasting on flesh, smelling the delicious aroma of a corpse. Was she still hungry? It seemed appetizing still. She sighed, shaking her head and walking to the source of the chewing noise, seeing a boy feasting on the corpse of a woman. She removed her mask, staring at the boy.

    "Hello. Hungry aren't you?" She stated, her eyes becoming the usual red, black, and veiny of a normal ghoul's eyes, "It seems your mask is broken though... That's pretty dangerous with the CCG wondering around."
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  7. river ran as fast as he could out of the shipping yard that hid his little home his eyes and head constantly scanning the area as he ran as quick as he could down the empty street looking for some one he could ask for "food". he hated this week of the year for many reasons the biggest was that his sister had died two days from now two or three years ago. "This stinks." he said to him self as he ran before turning down an alley and abruptly being hit by a fist in the face sending him flying forward and to the ground. "Hehehe look what we got jack. a little boy all alone." a man said as he came out of the shadows of the alley way a grin on his face and a metal bat in one hand. "I wonder if hes got anythin." Another man said as he came out from the shadows as well and rubbed his knuckles where they had contacted with rivers head. they of course hadn't noticed the mask river was wearing or his black and red eyes which was bad for them because they where human. "Shall we see jack?" The one with the bat asked his partner while jack just nodded while river slowly tried to get to his feet dazed and confused he brought a hand to his head then pulled it away to see blood before yelling loudly as the man with the bat had brought the bat to rivers back hard making him fall back to the ground again.

    "Come on little one! Do you want me to call your mommy?!?!" jack yelled at river happily as the one with the bat hit him again as hard as he could making river curl into a ball to try and protect him self. By now river would have killed them but the way they where taunting and beating him he couldn't concentrate enough to get his kagunes to come out.
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  8. Hakaisha Hunt

    Suru looked back at the small group of individuals he had following him, tonight was a joyous hunt and the real activities had only began. Even the slightest smell, the smallest drip of blood Suru could predict the direction of which it was coming from and he was usually right if not with pin point accuracy it was nearly close enough. As he walked down the street, lights above flickering off and on displaying his tattoos and bare chest to all to see. His hands usually rested inside his pockets but now when the weekly hunt begins it is usually now for pointing out victims instead of the always lazy position.

    Suru lifted his right hand and pointed towards the right, his finger barely lifted from the position of bent, His emotion clearly uncaring to even correctly point so the others would understand but the others are now use to his attitude. Before the next street light flickered four of the people that was following behind him was now gone. The four individuals sprinted, dashed, and jumped rooftop to rooftop to search for the scent that Suru noticed. In a matter of a few minutes they found the scent, as usual they split into two teams leaving one team still searching along the furthest part of the known city limits.

    The two who split from the four team group now standing up on the edge of a building looking down into a ally, glaring at two obvious ghouls facing each other, one of them had a broken mask and the other a girl obviously a gentle soul trying to some how team up with the broken down ghoul. The only obvious sounds that could be heard from below would be the heavy smoke that emitted from the sides of the masks they wear. The smoke flew upwards as the now obvious cloaked figures stepped forward causing them to consecutively fall downwards ending up positioning one behind and the other blocking the only exit. Another small gust of smoke emitted from the sides of both masks making a ''sshhh'' sound similar to what a snake would perform.

  9. Logan was already far into his meal before he heard a female voice behind him. His food was torn apart, missing chunks of flesh and currently marinading in its own blood. He turned towards the voice and came face to face with another of his kind "I appreciate the concern, but right now I would like for you to leave. From the scent of you you have already had your meal, so let me have mine in peace" However getting some alone time didn't really seem like an option as Logan as two more dropped down. This just went from okay to straight up bad.

    Logan knew who these two where or at least who the belonged to and on what felt like instinct his eyes turned to their black and red ghoul state. His Rinkaku grew out from his back and he slid the remainder of his mask on as he stood up. "Would you like to explain what the mob is here for?" He asked as he quickly scanned everywhere for a route out, but sadly there was none. There was a guy on each side and running would be a gamble to say the least. "Want the girl ? Sure, have at it. I have eaten all I need. So now just let me go and I will not bother you two again, okay ?"

    Pleading for your life is never a proud moment and there had been many years since Logan had felt so humiliated, but in times of need life trumps pride. "Come on...pleas, just let me go"
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  10. Aoi then put her adorable mask back on, sighing in relief behind the coverings. The boy looked pretty banged up, but he was eating just fine from the looks of the corpse. If he was eating, he'd be fine in a matter of minutes. Her head tilted when he warned her not to touch his food.
    "No worries, I just smelled a scent and-"
    The 'shh'ing noise cut her off, her turning around to see two figures clad in hoods and gas masks.
    "Shit..." She mumbled. She had a pretty damn good idea on who they were, that ghoul organization that lurked this ward. She's never actually engaged with one of their members, and hoped not to.

    This would not be her lucky day.

    She only turned all the way around to face the two gang members, being completely quiet. She would try the flying approach, since it was her best attack-and-escape method that she could think of off the top of her head. Her Kagune sprouted from her back, the dizzyingly beautiful wings spreading.
    Then they curled.
    She jumped,
    And she shot at them, a barriage of red and blue pins shooting down from the crystalized "wings", her then elegantly "gliding" to freedom. She could be quite abruptly stopped, however. Snatched from the air like a bird catching one as prey.
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  11. As the innocent looking woman sprouted her wings and obviously attempted to fly off it was obvious that she was beginning to attack as she only had that action to cling to. As if it was nothing to take care of the two cloaked ghouls raised there arms and wrapped them around there head, doing so they grew there kagune rapidly from there shoulder blade creating a flesh like shield that covered them entirely from the rapid attacks of the Ukaku spikes. Once the girl left they both slung there arm downwards causing there kagune to reform to offensive mode. The kagunes are now in spirals around the arm eventually creating a spike near the hand. They both began to walk slowly near the guy ghoul that they have surrounded, no matter how much he begged they would not stop or give him mercy although he offered food that was clearly delicious enough for a bribe. One stepped over the now pushed corpse that he offered to get nearest to the ghoul that was sitting clearly on the floor, his mask still broken and his perspective literally hopeless.

    The cloaked ghoul behind him swiftly delivered a kick to the back of the broken ghouls head then the ghoul in front of him delivered a strong kick as well to the face of the ghoul. The mask of this ghoul now literally gone where only crumbles remained around his face. The masked ghoul behind him now ruthlessly grabbed the hair and pulled his head back as the other ghoul swiftly injects him with a needle on the neck, the liquid inside disables a ghouls kagune to form, essentially blocking the Rc cells in his body to flow. ''Come on, come with us'' The masked ghoul behind him said as he pulled up still grabbing the hair of the ghoul causing him to be forcefully lifted from his sitting position. His voice sounded like a young boys with a slight goofy pitch. ''Shut up! We can't let others know what we sound like idiot!'' The other masked ghoul yelled at the other, his voice slightly more mature in sound but still with the same goofy pitch. ''You shut up, fuck face!'' The other yelled as his grip tightened on the poor ghouls head. ''That's it!'' The other yelled as he drew back his fist and swung, the other ghoul blocked the incoming punch with the other ghouls face. The other ghoul had lifted him up by his hair covering his face with his, causing the punch to black out the ghoul. ''Look at what you did, idiot!'' the ghoul holding the others hair yelled to the other ghoul. ''Shut up, we were suppose to blind him anyways!'' The other yelled, ''...Oh that's right'' The other said as he glared upwards mindlessly. ''Come on, Lets take this one back to base.'' The other said as they both took the ghoul to the dark cold basement of where most Hakaisha stayed. They both proceeded to tie him up to a wooden chair with only one light that of course emitted above him.


    The other two ghouls who continued to sprint forward ended up finding a poor little boy ghoul who was obviously being bullied. ''Weird.. why would a ghoul not simply kill them both?'' One said to the other as both stood tall on the roof top above, glaring at the three below. The other ones mask emitted smoke and a shhh sound right before he began speaking, ''I know, people are just weird'' The other said right before they jumped down to help. One quickly made swift work on the obvious partner of the assault group by high kicking the head clean off. Blood immediately sprouted and flew upwards from the open neck scattering blood everywhere, before the one with the bat could react he was quickly pierced with Rinkaku tails by the other masked ghoul. Both masks of the ghouls emitted smoke at the same time, a sound always emitted at the time of smoke formation making a snake like sound. ''You okay.... ghoul?'' The one with the Rinkaku kagune asked as he threw the human aside, causing his body to forcefully drag along the ground making a long strip of blood behind him.​
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  12. River grunted a little as he struggled a little to get to his feet having been hit in the head multiple times. He couldnt tell where he was or who the two people that saved him where he just looked over with a sort of hurt and weak glare not caring about them seeing his red and black eyes or not. "Wh-who.... Are you." He asked before groaning and bringing his hands to his head and feeling the wet sticky feeling of his own blood clumping his hair together and sticking to his hands before he started to go limp while his kagunes came out but immidiately fell to the ground with him. He had never expected that he would ever take such a beating so he wasnt mentaly or phisiacly ready for it amd it showed when the ghouls came along.


  13. ''Poor thing.. little one can't even feed himself..'' One masked ghoul said whilst the other agreed with a slight head motion, ''Our names shouldn't be known at this time...'' He answered the poor little ghoul than looked down at him. ''However.. i guess you could associate ourselves with the cannibalistic ghoul of the 28th ward'' Smoke emitted from his mask afterwards and as he bent down to near eye level he reached over lifting his face up by his chin. ''Poor little ghoul... let me help you'' He then snapped his fingers and the other masked ghoul pierced one of the thugs chest grasping the heart and ripping it out to toss over to the other. As the one ghoul held the heart in his hand he lowered it slowly down nearest to the kids face, blood literally running like a river down between his fingers quickly forming a pool of blood. ''You want this kid? I bet you do... Eat up. You'll need it... to survive of course'' A final gust of smoke flew from the mask creating a final shhh sound.
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  14. River looked up at the heart before he weakly reached out and grabed it then brought it to his mouth then quickly bit the heart in half quickly chewing and swallowing it then licking his lips with a small breath of releif. "Th-thank you." He whispered before quickly eating the rest of the heart then looking up at them blood running down his face. He was thank ful of there kindness but knew he would have to run soon even though he was to weak to eaven lift his kagunes. "Th-tha..." He whispered again before his eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head and he slowly leaned forward amd passed out right there. He was to weak to even realise that he would most likely be taken to the cannabalistic ghoul now and torutred then killed and eaten which sucked missreably but what was he going to do, he was just a child how could he fight the cannabalistic of the 28th ward.

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  15. As soon at the woman had touched the ground, her Kagune retracted and she bolted off. No way in hell was she going to get involved with them... Even if she were a kind person, there's no saving that guy from them. She's been for herself since she was a kid, so she's been running away for a long time... Even if she did hate the CCG, they would eventually take care of that ghoul group, right? Yeah. They've slaughtered countless ghouls before, so a group shouldn't be that hard to exterminate.
    So after a while of running, she began to pant and slow down. She shouldn't be running like a bloody bullet through the streets, that would easily give her away. Definitely going to have to change her mask... Gotta use a different route home and-
    "Oof!" She grunted, hitting right into the back of a taller man.
    He doesn't smell very human... Crap. She thought, slowly backing away.
    "I... I apologize." She said, but her mask slipped right off when she bent her head down, "Aw come on..." She said, bending down to pick up the frustrating thing.
  16. Bret and Lucy had just got done finishing their dinner, so they got up and walked out of the ally. Bret noticed that Lucy seemed a bit down. "What's wrong sis?" Bret said as he took off his mask. Lucy sighed. "I'm just tired of killing innocent people." Lucy said as she took of her mask. Bret sighed . "I know, I don't like the fact that we need to eat people to survive, but we have to, or we'll die." Bret said. Lucy stayed quiet after Bret said what he said. "I haven't seen the CCG in awhile. You think they're going to shut down?" Bret said jokingly. Lucy chuckled at Bret's statement. "I wish that would happen. Then that would be one less thin we have to worry to about." Lucy said. Bret pulled out his phone, and looked at the time. It's getting pretty late Lucy, and you still have school tomorrow. Lucy sighed. "I hate school." Lucy pouted. All of a sudden a woman bumped into Bret. The woman fell, and Bret and Lucy turned to the apologizing woman. "No, it's okay." Bret said as he offered to help her up. Bret and Lucy noticed that she didn't smell human, and Lucy saw her mask. ~She must be a ghoul~ Bret thought to herself. "You're a ghoul aren't you?" Lucy said rudely.
  17. The girl who had approached him as he ate seemed to be about as displeased with the situation the two had found themselves in as Logan, but there was one major difference, she actually had the brains to use her wings to fire a few shards and then fly away into the night. It was surely a good thing for the girl, but it meant Logan was stuck all alone versus these two masked figures that slowly made their way towards him and he really did not like where this seemed to be heading.

    Out of nowhere Logan felt something push him forwards and directly into the ghoul in front of him's foot and just like that the few fibers that held the mask together broke and it fell to the ground shattered into about a million pieces. The assault however did not stop there. Logan felt his head get snapped backwards as someone grabbed his hair, pulling him towards them and right after that felt something sharp pierce his neck. "What was that?" Logan tried to say, but the drug had made him sluggish and the words could barely be heard, let alone understood. This rough treatment lasted for a bit longer, but in the end he ended up being used as a shield and was knocked out cold.

    How long he was out for he had no idea about, but as Logan started to open his eyes the only thing he could see was a single light and he wondered of he was seeing the light and this was really the end of the road for him. But as he started to come back more he started to feel the cold chair he was sitting on and the ropes that tied him to it. "Well Logan you ain't dead yet, but from the looks of things it isn't very long until you are"

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  18. Annabel sighed quietly as she walked down the street her school bag in her hands as she walked with them down in front of her and a human walked by her side. It was a girl about annabels age who had bright blonde hair and a sort of childish face. "Hey anna what do you want to do?" Thr girl asked annabel happily whole looking over to her and noticing Annabel wasnt paying attention. "Hey.... Anna.. Pay attention to meee." Th girl said as she grabed Annabel and hugged her from behind giggling slightly knowing annabel would flip out which she did. "H-h-hey... A-a-ak-ira let go! Th-this is emmbarasing!" Annabel said in a high pitched embarased tone as she blushed badly but was also nervous because she hadnt eaten in a while and didnt want akira to feel her stomach growl because akira would most likely start to tickle her if she didnt pay attention to her. "I saaaaaid what do you want to dooooo." Akira asked again before grinning and sliding her arm up and around annabels neck. "A-ahhhh i-i dont know i-i think mom and dad want me home!" Annabel said nervously to akira before making an embarasing squeaking sound when akira tightened her arms around annabels neck before she slipped out. "D-don do that akira!!!" She yelled embarasingly making akira laugh with glee. "But your so beautiful when you blush im kinda amazed you dont have a boyfreind yet." Akira said back making annabel blush even more and look away. The air was rank with blood tonight, it was almost sickening how much she smelt but she hid it from akira
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  19. Kikuoka sighed as she felt her stomach rumble. She didn't want to kill an innocent person, but it seemed like she had no choice at the moment. She stood up and headed out into the open. Using her kagune, she hefted herself up the side of the building. As she sniffed the air she smelled the smell of blood everywhere. In every direction there was already the smell of blood. She decided to best stay away from them, however, she had to go somewhere to get her food... She headed to the smell that wasn't as strong as the others. Sure enough, as she hopped from building to building, she looked down and spotted a sight of another ghoul's feast. She passed over it as there wasn't anything left. As she hopped over a few more buildings, she stopped herself on the top of a bar that had still been going. A human bar no less. She usually picked off, if she had to, someone from a bar that came stumbling out so they couldn't fight back. However, she hadn't killed a human herself since 4 to 5 months ago. She usually resorted to being a "vulture" of sorts and picked off other ghouls kills that they didn't finish. However, she hadn't had a big enough meal in several months so she was going to indulge. She watched a man stumble into the alley behind the bar and she struck with quickness and precision. Eating his flesh, she finished her meal within 10 minutes of the kill. As she finished and wiped off the blood from her face, her nose picked up on another group of ghouls on the prowl. She decided to try and follow them to see what was up. She followed the scent of the group of Ghouls.

  20. The day, admittedly, had been pretty dull. Even by CCG standards. No drama, no action, and sadly nothing to act upon.

    Akiko had spent a large portion of daylight going over the usual amounts of paperwork through the morning and a bits of the afternoon, only managing to snag a small break to go get lunch and make a quick stop to the library. She said not a word, listened to the petty talk of secrets, and grabbed a coffee before snaking back to sit in her cubicle through a few more grueling hours. The day was the horrible part of the being a wonderful employee of the CCG. Nothing ever happened, desk jockeys were in their glory, the superiors were in meetings and sadly, the ghouls were not out to play just yet. When the night begins to claw across the dappled canvas of the sky, that is when the fun starts.

    The woman hated doing paperwork, with a passion, and it was quite apparent with furrowed brows and clenched fists that she too was tired of this bullshit. A lion in a cage, sitting there and waiting with a silent frenzy to be let out and set free. She wanted to hold her quinque again. Feel it against the tips of her fingers and the weight shifting in her stance. Feel the surge of powder pulsating through the metal with sheer brilliance. There was a sensation deep within that moment, something familiar, yet far off into the distance shrouded by dense, fog. The adrenaline, the passion, the determination. It was all there, unattainable.

    She wanted to fight.

    A soft sigh fell from Akiko's lips as she finally raised amethyst pools from her latest research; blinking owlishly as she spotted the clock. The night was arriving, and sleep nibbled at her mind. Was it time to go home already? She couldn't tell, far too pissed at the papers scattered across her desk to even care. One call, that's all she wanted. One call for her aid at one of the wards; a couple ghouls out of control, a few lives loss. That was all it took.

    "Akiko." Someone called, one of the messengers peeping his head through the door. Her thin brows shot upwards and her eyes twinkled, looking to the stranger calling her name. Was this it? Was this that call she so desperately had been wanting? "Word from one of the superiors, we have found you a new partner."

    God fucking dammit.

    Her eyes lost that spark and grew empty, settling into the familiar facial expression she managed to master so well. A partner, that was it? "We need you to introduce yourselves, shall we go?" Akiko dusted her nimble fingers across the surface to gather up her belongings, piling them into a folder she quickly pressed against her bosom. "Yes, let's." She replied, hard and cold, figuring she might as well get this shit over with now, or never. Standing up, she followed the messenger with a swift speed, heels clicking and hair swaying, trying her best to seem presentable for whoever her new partner-in-crime was going to be.

    Let's hope they're not like the last guy.
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