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    Tokyo Ghoul: The 28th Ward
    This story begins in a alternate ward, far away from the 20th and even further away from the 11th ward. This city is bent on rebuilding and rising from the ashes, 12 years ago the anti-ghoul organization named the CCG stormed the area with a army of over 1,000. A war erupted and in the end the CCG won, they stood upon the ashes and crumbs of houses they and the ghouls destroyed. Those few ghouls who survived fled from the city and moved and some decided to stay within the destroyed city, hoping that some day they can rebuild the city.

    Although there are ghouls who are peaceful and hoping to rebuild the city, there are other ghouls who are bent on revenge. These vengeful ghouls are called the ''Hakaisha'' and they believe that not only are the CCG wrong but the local ghouls and humans are also to blame. The Hakaisha are bent on destroying the locals of the 28th ward and the whole CCG, they believe that the only way to restore the city is to destroy it and rebuild from scratch. The Hakaisha don't have a group hideout, however some of them have places they stay at similar to houses but in abandoned areas.

    The other ghouls have many nicknames, mostly created by the Hakaisha. Although these ghouls are passive and peaceful they have yet to figure out a way to stop killing the innocent for food. They don't like the thought or site of killing others but they are forced to for survival. These ghouls are mostly seen in a resident cafe named ''YukiKaze'', delivering smiles and hope for those in need, making coffee for those who want it and comforting those who have lost their loved ones in the war. These ghouls believe that they can rebuild sooner or later with hard work and smiles. These ghouls hide their powers from the humans because they wish they were as human as they are.

    The Commission of Counter Ghoul, or better known as the CCG are agents working with the local police force to eliminate the ghoul population. These agents believe that the ghouls are blood thirsty monsters who can't get enough pleasure in killing innocent humans. Although these agents don't live in the 28th ward they are focused on the topic of it and any other ward populated with ghouls.

    The civilians in endless melancholy have deep hatred for both ghouls and the CCG, unlike other humans in most wards they carry equal hatred for both and constantly talk bad things about them. Although most are now homeless they tend to find more jobs than they were to find before the war, Sharing the current capacity of currency in the ward for payment jobs.

    These are the ghouls predatory organ and functions as their weapon and claws. It is usually as red as blood; and flexible like the flow of water (Also called liquid muscle.), but firm and sturdy. When released, a ghoul's physique is strengthened, they are more resilient and their mobility heightens. A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as "liquid muscles". The Rc cells are released from a kakuhou piercing the skin, and the released Rc cells form the kagune. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.

    Although a ghoul's healing ability is high, the healing of wounds tends to be delayed if the wounds are inflicted by a kagune. It is also evident that in order to counter a kagune in battle, one must also have a kagune, if not, at least something in relation to a kagune.

    Rc Types
    • Ukaku -
    An Ukaku kagune (Japanese 羽赫, romanization ukaku, English approximately shining feather) is spread out like feathers and is released from the shoulder area, it specializes in high speed attacks, most of the users seeming to have hugely enhanced speed. The kagune is lightweight and can be used to deliver high-speed attacks against an adversary, the primary method of attack is crystallising their kagune to deliver a high speed torrent of spike like projectiles, however whilst crystallised they are much stiffer and can't be used for short range combat . While the kagune is suited both for short-distance and long-distance attacks, short-range is considered their weakness. They are able to use their kagune as a shield and some users are shown to be able to shape them into sharp blades, reminiscent of a Koukaku, to aid in close quarters, many have shown to be able to increase the flexibility of their kagune for short range combat though this makes it ill suited for their distinctive long range attacks. Altogether, ukaku-type ghouls have a high chance to end the battle after a short time.However, releasing the Rc cells extremely decreases stamina. Thus, ukaku-type users lack endurance and are at a disadvantage if the battle drags on for a long time. Ukaku kagune can use their speed and mobility to shoot down a Bikaku-type user. However, a koukaku-type user can surprise an ukaku-type user by successfully guarding against the ukaku-type user's attacks, leaving the Ukaku vulnerable to counterattacks and exhausting the ukaku-type user in the long run.

    • Koukaku -

    A Koukaku kagune (Japanese 甲赫, romanization kōkaku, English approximately shining shell) is released below the shoulder blade. This is achieved by a high density of Rc cells. It is heavy and extremely robust. Of all the kagunes, they have the greatest sturdiness and are especially suited for defense. Normally, they are generally shaped into armors or shields. But on the offense, they can be shaped like melee weapons such as drills, hammers, blades, and swords. Due to its high weight, a koukaku's speed is inferior to all other kagunes and the kagune is hard to wield. A koukaku can fend off an ukaku onslaught using its guarding capabilities. However, a rinkaku kagune can deliver severe strikes against the slow koukaku, breaking their kagune and breaching their defenses.

    • Rinkaku -

    A Rinkaku kagune (Japanese 鱗赫, romanization rinkaku, English approximately shining scales) has an appearance similar to scaled tentacles and is released at the back around the waist. A rinkaku wielder has powerful regenerative abilities that some of them could even survive the most critical damage done to them. Its peculiar appearance and structure yield a superior striking power. A rinkaku excels in brute strength.
    This type's regenerative power is a result of the Rc cells easily binding together. Their Rc cells are more similar to liquids. However, this means that the binding force among the Rc cells must be weak, therefore making the kagune very easy to break. But because their Rc cells bind so easily, some rinkaku can bind their multiple tentacle-like kagune together to make a larger, stronger kagune. A rinkaku kagune can deliver severe strikes against the slow koukaku, penetrating the kagune and breaching the koukaku's defenses. However, a rinkaku has serious problems fighting against the balanced bikaku kagune: A bikaku has comprehensively high power, allowing them to fight against the brute-force rinkaku, and the rinkaku kagune's softness makes it comparatively easy for the bikaku to cut the kagune off. This disarms a rinkaku no matter how much strength it may possess, leaving the rinkaku at a disadvantage on the defensive. It has been shown that in some cases, a Bikaku's attack can disable a Rinkaku's regeneration.

    • Bikaku -

    A Bikaku kagune (Japanese 尾赫, romanization bikaku, English approximately shining tail) typically has a tail-like appearance and is released around the tail-bone/coccyx. It is good for medium-distance attacks and has decent offense, defense and speed. Thus, they have no notable strengths or weaknesses like the kagune based on other Rc types, meaning the kagune itself is treated as a surprise "trump card."
    A bikaku has better speed and durability against the brute-force, breakable rinkaku, allowing them to cut off the rinkaku's kagune. However, a bikaku will be overwhelmed by the faster ukaku user and will lose against the ukaku's long-range attacks. The balanced characteristics makes the kagune a preferred quinque type for investigators.

    • Kakuja -
    A kakuja (赫者, red one) is a kind of ghoul with a transformed kagune. Though it is rare, it can occur through repeated cannibalization. When a ward has a higher ghoul to human ratio, cannibalization is more common due to turf wars and or limited food sources.
    Sometimes, the transformation is incomplete, and such individuals are called Half-Kakujas. It is said that through cannibalism, a ghoul absorbs Rc cells, and this uptake of Rc cells increases their concentration within a ghoul's body. If the concentration becomes high enough, it may trigger a mutation within the cells and lead to the formation of a new kagune.

    A kakuja can evolve their armor kagune further by continuing to cannibalize their kind.

    Apart from the predatory kagune ghouls commonly possess, a kakuja has a special kagune that clads the ghoul's body and functions like an armour. The kagune amplifies the kakuja's strength or diversifies his/her abilities.

    Only allowing 4 ghouls to have this kind of kagune.

    A Quinque (Japanese クインケ, romanization kuinke) is a weapon that is fashioned from a ghoul's kagune. Manufactured from a ghoul's kakuhou, the quinque emits electrical signals that stimulate the kakuhou to release and control the kagune. The quinque can be made into various shapes like axes, guns, shields or blades to a degree, but most still retain some characteristics of the original kagune. Another difference between a quinque and a kagune is that former unlike the latter cannot change its shape nor store or absorb anymore Rc Cells other then was harvested from the ghoul it was made from. Quinque are wielded by the CCG agents.​

    NOTE and Information for those who haven't watched the show
    I will be accepting 21 people max. If it happens to get more attention in the future then i will implement the race ''Human'' as a official character sheet. If you happen to not know of tokyo ghoul then it is a modern horror with a psychological drama tone. CCG agents can have partners, however if you wish to work alone you can. This is originally based around Tokyo where a outbreak of cannibalistic ''humans'' are now threatening the current population by killing them and eating their corpse. These zombie like individuals are called ''Ghouls'' and the CCG was created to prevent the horror of murder by these creatures, however in the same goal they seek to exterminate them as well. The 28th ward is a city in a spot of tokyo where events such as this happens everyday.

    Character Sheets

    Ghoul Sheet (open)

    Personal Information

    Interest Information
    Sweet Tooth (What you crave besides flesh):
    Day hour activities (Besides work and eat):
    Night Hour activities (Besides work and eat):

    Association Information

    Parent status (Alive or Deceased):
    Sibling status:
    Personal Living Quarters (where you live):
    Company you work at (if your a Hakaisha you can't work at YukiKaze):
    Group (Hakaisha or YukiKaze member):

    Ability Information

    Kagune type:
    Kagune appearance (If you can't find a picture a description is fine):
    Kagune color:
    Weapon (If any, NOTE Ghouls cannot be hurt by sharp weapons, Blunt or construction tools might be more effective!):

    CCG/Agent Sheet (open)

    Personal Information

    Interest Information


    Association Information

    Parent status (Alive or Deceased):
    Sibling status:
    Personal Living Quarters (where you live):
    Partner (If you have one):

    Ability Information

    Quinque type (aka Kagune types):
    Quinque appearance (Usually in a brief case then activated via button, If you can't find a picture then a description is fine):

    I Don't allow a WIPs that are just copies of the character sheet with nothing filled out, All character sheets must be at least 50% or more done before you can submit a WIP!

    @Cats - Lucy Woods - School Student - The Kid of the Group
    - Bret Woods - Book Store Employee - The Intelligent one of the group

    @Wizardess - Kikuoka Mikame - Assassin - Silent Killer

    @Edward - Surudoi Ai - Leader - Cannibalistic Ghoul

    @Xia - Luhan - College Student - The Fancy Intelligent one

    @Daniel - annabeth rosaline - School Student - Peddle

    @Sleepingxdragon - Shintaro Tsukiko - Canine - Dog

    @Daniel - River James - Reaper - Lone Wolf

    @Arcandum - Logan Stokes - School Student - Flower

    @Sleepingxdragon - Hikari Tsukiko - She Wolf - Wolf

    @Makoto - Akiko Mistune - Queen - Boxer

    @Edward - Asako Seiyoumizakura - Sakura - Koukaku Killer

    @Sleepingxdragon - Alastor Alf Heron - Wolf - Kaze

    @Sleepingxdragon - Akiko Himura - Lion Heart - Bunny​
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  5. Q:Since they're brother and sister, can I just combined their history?
    Personal Information
    Name: Lucy Woods
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 98
    Age: 16
    Personality: Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Often puts the needs of others above their own needs. Observer with rich inner world of observations about people. Very perceptive of other's feelings. Private and polite. Timid, socially uncomfortable, modest, not confrontational, easily hurt. Fears drawing attention to self. Easily frightened. Easily offended or hurt. Prone to crying. Lower energy. Follows the rules, dutiful and responsible. Stable and practical, valuing security and traditions. Well-developed sense of space and function. Interested in serving others. Dislikes competition. Good at finishing tasks. Clean, organized, a planner.
    History: Bret and Lucy have always been close. The two where children to the most dangerous ghouls ever. The black panther and the red cat. Since the two where children to these powerful ghouls, they where always on the run from the CCG. One the day the CCG outsmarted the family, and trapped then in an ally. The parents had to make a difficult decision in order to save their kids. The two ghouls took on the CCG head on, for their kids can live. The kids made it out okay, but the parents died in a matter of minutes. The two children ran to a back up apartment, that their parents had just in case they had to move fast. Bret got a job at a local book store, and finished school shortly after the death of their parents.

    Interest Information
    Likes: Cats, T.v, Reading, looking at clouds, and drawing.
    Dislikes: Bullies, the CCG, dogs, people who judge.
    Hobbies: Drawing, singing, and dancing.
    Sweet Tooth: Gum, jawbreakers. and lollipops.
    Day hour activities: Going to school, and hanging out in the park.
    Night Hour activities : sitting out side and looking at the stars.

    Association Information

    Parents: Ana Woods (Mom) and Pete Woods (Dad)
    Parent status: Both Deceased
    Siblings: Bret Woods (Brother.)
    Sibling status: Bret Woods-Alive
    Personal Living Quarters: in a apartment with her brother.
    Company you work at: N/A (Goes to school though.)

    Ability Information

    Kagune type: Rinkaku
    Kagune appearance: (In picture. Ignore the wings.)
    Kagune color: Red

    Personal Information
    Name: Bret Woods
    Nickname: N/A
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 195
    Age: 20
    Personality: Outspoken and assertive. Enjoys people and is stimulating company. Outgoing, social, open, attention seeking. Insensitive. Always joking. The life of the party. Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoys debating issues. Likes one-upmanship. Talented at presentation. Gets excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Great ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. Rule breaker, risk taker, thrill seeker. Comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Appreciates strangeness and counterculture. Adaptable. Messy. Acts without thinking. Not into organized religion.

    Interest Information
    Likes: Cats, Girls, books, and games
    Dislikes: Dogs, Ghouls who kill for no reason, politics, and the heat.
    Hobbies: Reading, fishing, and working out.
    Sweet Tooth: Lifesavers(Hard candy.)
    Day hour activities: On the computer.
    Night Hour activities: Watching T.V, or reading.

    Association Information

    Parents: Ana Woods(Mom) and Pete Woods (Dad)
    Parent status: Deceased
    Siblings: Lucy woods (Sister)
    Sibling status: Lucy woods-Alive
    Personal Living Quarters Lives : In an apartment with his younger sister.
    Company you work at : Works at a local book store.

    Ability Information

    Kagune type: Bikaku
    Kagune appearance : It resembles the tail of an Orca. It is quite larger than the average Bikaku however, and being that these are such a balanced Kagune, this only makes it all the more deadly and powerful
    Kagune color: Baby Blue
    Weapon : N/A
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  6. Personal Information
    Name: Kikuoka Mikame
    Nickname: Kiki
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Age: 18
    Personality: Cold, Intelligent, Stubborn, Strong-willed, Easily Angered
    History: She was born to a set of ghoul parents who had a hard time surviving because of their hesitation to feed of human corpses. They only did it if they had to. So she took on the responsibility of bringing in kills for her parents to survive. She grew up feeling as though humans and ghouls were totally different races altogether and that they shouldn't be mixed, let alone live together, that is, until she met a group of ghouls living on the street that were different than the others. They taught her how to pick off the feedings of other ghouls so that they wouldn't have to kill humans needlessly. She started to acclimate to this way of living shortly until shortly after, she found out her parents had been slaughtered by the CCG. She has made it her goal, from now on, to take down the ccg not just for her revenge on them for killing her parents, but so that ghouls everywhere wouldn't have to suffer the same cruel death her parents recieved.

    Interest Information
    Likes: Books, Small weapons, coffee, Writing, Dogs
    Dislikes: Anything Loud, Cats, and Humans
    Hobbies: Reading, Studying, Knife Throwing Training
    Sweet Tooth (What you crave besides flesh): Chocolate Cake
    Day hour activities (Besides work and eat): Studying the CCG's movements and Reading books
    Night Hour activities (Besides work and eat): Knife Training and Sleep (If she feels like it)
    Association Information

    Parents: Mother - Misha and Brock Misame
    Parent status (Alive or Deceased): Deceased
    Siblings: None
    Sibling status: N/A
    Personal Living Quarters (where you live): In a cellar of an abandoned Grocery Store that got almost completely demolished during the war.
    Company you work at (if your a Hakaisha you can't work at YukiKaze): A freelance assassin. Doesn't work for any one company
    Group (Hakaisha or YukiKaze member): Hakaisha
    Ability Information

    Kagune type: Ukaku
    Kagune appearance (If you can't find a picture a description is fine): Her Kagune Looks like a Dragon Tail and extends out of her lower back on both sides and on her shoulderblades. She is able to pull off part of it and throw them like knives.
    Kagune color: Black
    Weapon (If any, NOTE Ghouls cannot be hurt by sharp weapons, Blunt or construction tools might be more effective!): She will sometimes use regular knives if her kagune abilities are exhausted, but only as a last resort and only if she has had the time previous to coat it with some kind of poison.
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  7. yes you sure can.
  8. Personal Information

    Name: Luhan

    Nickname: Lu, Bambi (since Lu means Deer in Mandarin)

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 125 pounds

    Age: 19


    Appearance: Reaching an average 5’11” Luhan weighs a slender 120 pounds. However lanky he is, he moves with the elusive grace of a dancer. Since most of Luhan’s height is achieved by his long legs, he is a bit of a light weight and may seem a little sickly at times. To maintain his weight, Lu’s immune system suffers greatly, causing him to get ill quickly and frequently. Throughout his lifetime, Luhan has struggled with his weight, always slightly self conscious about it. With the lack of body fat, he has a slightly willowy and feminine frame, though he hides his body underneath his clothes. Like his name suggests, Luhan is built naturally like a deer, petite, dainty, graceful, but lithe and agile. Luhan’s weight is made up of mostly muscles, which lay lightly defined underneath his skin. As much as his frame is deceiving, Luhan is actually extremely strong due to his various sports. Even though Bambi tries to state that he is manly, his fair and pale complexion does not side with his argument.

    His face is slightly heart shaped, tapering at the chin to form a smaller chin, which is a feature he received from his mother. Compared to others, Luhan’s face is quite petite, like the rest of his body. His face is pale, and near flawless, except for a few freckles just like his father's, who also burns tomato red at the slightest mention of sun. Luhan’s naturally midnight black hair is cut into something reminiscent to a quiff and Niall Horan’s haircut (when he first debuted.) Due to his bangs being slightly longer than the rest of his hair, Lulu will either spike it up, or leave it as it is, framing his small face, the bangs sweeping to the side of his forehead, covering his thick eyebrows. Luhan is among those people who are gifted with a baby face (but it is by no means pudgy) never matching up with his age. Underneath his eyebrows are his large, almond shaped eyes, often associated with asian roots, the same eyes that he shares with his mother. Far away, they seem like a dark brown shape, yet up close, you can see that the outer rims are dark brown, going to a light honey hazel color close to the iris. His round, pinchable, and soft cheeks are a rosy color, especially after dancing. Like the quote says, Luhan’s eyes are the first things that express his internal feelings. Luhan’s cheeks often backstab him, turning a crimson color whenever he blushes or compliments a girl. Bambi’s ears are pierced, both having at least one piercing, while his right ear has a second one. Often seen wearing silver dangly cross earrings, Luhan sports a black stud in his second piercing.

    On a daily basis, Luhan dresses in a peppy fashion, usually in dark or black jeans, and a nice top. He does have a penchant for black combat boots.

    Personality: You wish to know about his personality? In simple terms, Luhan is a pile of mush, a pile of tofu, if you will. He is quite literally the softest and nicest guy you will ever meet. True to his name, Luhan’s personality resembles a deer, shy, quiet, easily spooked, and sweet. Shy when you first meet him, you will quickly realize that once he warms up to you, that even though he remains a little shy, he does have quite the sense of humor and is easy to talk to. Maybe it’s due to his natural charisma, but he has a certain aura of quiet power and charm, leading others to trust his easily. Mild in personality, Luhan works hard for the things that he wishes to achieve, quietly enduring the obstacles ahead of him, and never complaining. Sweet and thoughtful, it’s no wonder why he was popular with the girls in his high school, and with their parents, who grew protective of him quickly due to his cute and innocent appearances along with his polite mannerisms and sweet demeanor. Kind, he gives without thinking of receiving. While he is easily spooked, he is loyal and courageous, not afraid to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Quick to apologize, Luhan is painfully polite, often bowing when meeting an elder, due to asian traditions.

    Gifted with a good temper, he is not easily angered, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be angered. When he is angry, it flares. sharply, and at anyone who is there. Not one to hold grudges either, he lets go of past mistakes quickly. Quite forgetful as well, Luhan is a comical person. Funny story, he once pulled a prank on someone who had fouled him by putting glue into his shampoo. He got the guy back, but the next day he used the same bottle of shampoo.. And let’s just say, that that didn’t end very well.

    Luhan is extremely self-conscious, sometimes too shy to ask for something as simple as a glass of water. He's quite different from most American boys (no offense you guys) and can be quite the gentleman. Maybe this is his flaw, but Luhan believes that if you treat someone nicely, they will treat you well back. He will always notice when a friend is upset, and isn't afraid to put himself down to cheer up a friend.

    Luhan is extremely competitive and many times, doesn't know when to stop. If someone who is close to him is in danger, he will do anything to get them back, even if that means acting recklessly and putting those around him in danger as well.

    History: Hm... I have to think it out first.


    Interest Information

    Likes: Reading, coffee, tea, knowledge, books, manga, music, animals, especially dogs, intelligent company, playing piano

    Dislikes: Killing, crazed ghouls, crazed humans, people who judge too quickly, human food,

    Hobbies: Singing, Saber Fencing, Reading, Writing, Serving coffee

    Sweet Tooth (What you crave besides flesh): Coffee really.

    Day hour activities (Besides work and eat): Luhan typically goes to school in the morning, does his homework upon coming back, and then hunts for something to eat.

    Night Hour activities (Besides work and eat): Sleep, occasionally goes out to look for other ghouls.

    Association Information

    Parents: YeNa - Mother, LuSho - Father

    Parent status (Alive or Deceased): Deceased

    Siblings: None

    Sibling status: None

    Personal Living Quarters (where you live): A modestly sized apartment with a single room, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

    Company you work at (if your a Hakaisha you can't work at YukiKaze): Currently is in college

    Group (Hakaisha or YukiKaze member): YukiKaze (for now)

    Ability Information

    Kagune type: Ukaku

    Kagune appearance (If you can't find a picture a description is fine): His Kagune takes the shape of wings resembling a little bit of a birds, the feathers rounder at the tips. His Ukaku starts off as a dark purple, nearly black color before fading slowly to a deeper blue tone, shimmering with hues of other cold shades. There are bright red, nearly pulsating, designs that web around his kagune like a spider would spin their web.

    Kagune color: Starts off as dark purple but fades to a deeper blue tone with shimmering hues of other cold tones.

    Weapon: Luhan is able to use many different rapier and katana weapons due to his exposure in fencing.

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  9. Sorry bout the amount of edits XD I didnt notice there was a Ghoul sheet.

    Personal Information
    Name: Aoi Par
    Nickname: Nightmare Butterfly
    Height: 4'9 (Ms. Shorty short much?)
    Weight: 78 lbs
    Age: 21

    Personality: Aoi is a calm, sweethearted individual, but she is very shy. At the same time, she is very impressionable and subject to a change in behavior depending on the situation.
    Aoi was alone since she was little; her mother and father passed away from a CCG attack from before she could remember. She wandered the streets alone, being under suffering the entire time. Although being a ghoul, she hated even smelling humans, the only time she ever ate from one was when she was starved into insanity. She's had many run ins with the CCG in her life, but she hasn't once been caught by them, thankfully being one to be quick on her feet. She somehow managed to make it past 20 years of life, beginning with taking the talent of mask making, but she mostly makes them for herself. You could find her walking around with a mask on at night, just as a safety precaution. As far as flesh consuming, she does go out to kill and eat humans, but she gives them a merciful, quick death, only eating just close to losing it and going on a rampage, so sometimes you could find her being rather frisky.

    Interest Information
    Likes: reading, writing, painting, mask-making, and social interaction
    Dislikes: the CCG, being hunted, being a Ghoul
    Hobbies: Mask-Making
    Sweet Tooth (What you crave besides flesh): Cute things, Children, Men
    Day hour activities (Besides work and eat): Walking through the city, visiting the park (And playing on the swing sets while no one is looking)
    Night Hour activities (Besides work and eat): Quietly patrolling the city (With a mask and robe on), and aiding any attacked ghouls.

    Association Information
    Parents: Unidentified Mother & Father
    Parent status (Alive or Deceased): Deceased
    Siblings: N/A
    Sibling status: N/A
    Personal Living Quarters (where you live): A decent-sized apartment room.
    Company you work at (if your a Hakaisha you can't work at YukiKaze): N/A; privately works for herself; her ways of getting money is either through pickpocketing or using her deceased victim's credit cards and money.
    Group (Hakaisha or YukiKaze member): N/A

    Ability Information
    Kagune type:
    Kagune appearance (If you can't find a picture a description is fine):
    Ukaku (It bears the appearance of large, blue with red outlines, "flaming" butterfly wings. The red outlines actually form a design on the wings that appear like giant eyes. Any who have seen them could describe them as beautiful, but terrifying.)
    Kagune color: Light blue, Dark blue, and red
    Weapon (If any, NOTE Ghouls cannot be hurt by sharp weapons, Blunt or construction tools might be more effective!): Hammer​
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  10. Personal Information
    Name: river james
    Nickname: reaper
    Age: 12
    Personality: river is a cold and quiet boy who keeps to him self out of caution for what has happened. he's always cold and ruthless with a shy and innocent inner self which rarely is shown. he try's his best to make friends also even though his quiet ness and shyness prevents it most of the time

    History: river grew up in a normal family with an older sister and his mother. when his father died before he was born because of the CCG his family went into hiding and did there best to fit in but they where slowly pulled apart by his sister being pulled into a gang of ghouls who wished to end the CCG but ended up being eradicated and killed when he was only seven. after this he also started to fall into a spiral of darkness like his sister did, always getting into trouble and fighting made his mothers job of keeping them hidden even harder than it already was. when he was 10 the CCG had finally caught up to them and killed his mother. After that he ran and has been running ever since. when he tryed to go to other ghouls for help they turned him away making him have a hate of most people

    Interest Information
    Likes: books, watching the night sky, running on the roof tops, tv
    Dislikes: people, human food, books that he has a hard time reading
    Hobbies: trying to read, watching tv, trying to make freinds even though he hates most people
    Sweet Tooth (What you crave besides flesh): coffee
    Day hour activities (Besides work and eat): hiding, running, watching tv, trying to read
    Night Hour activities (Besides work and eat): running, hiding
    Association Information

    Parents: sally James and Howard James
    Parent status (Alive or Deceased):
    Siblings: a sister named Annabeth James
    Sibling status: dead
    Personal Living Quarters (where you live): lives in an old factory that used to belong to an artist
    Company you work at (if your a Hakaisha you can't work at YukiKaze): none
    Group (Hakaisha or YukiKaze member): neither
    Ability Information

    Kagune type: Rinkaku
    Kagune appearance (If you can't find a picture a description is fine): in apperance
    Kagune color: sinister purple
    Weapon (If any, NOTE Ghouls cannot be hurt by sharp weapons, Blunt or construction tools might be more effective!):
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  11. [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Personal Information[/BCOLOR]
    Ghoul Number #1203
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Code Name:[/BCOLOR] WatchDog
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Psyche Status:[/BCOLOR] Notably Insane' Approach with caution
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00] General Status:[/BCOLOR] Cannibalistic

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00] Human Name:[/BCOLOR] Surudoi Ai or Suru
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Height:[/BCOLOR] 6'1
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Weight:[/BCOLOR] 182p

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Age:[/BCOLOR] 21

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Known Personality: [/BCOLOR]
    Although it is not roughly recorded or fully looked into it is known that he is 100% insane, however it is presumed that he can control everything including his actions and emotions. His insanity only explains his daily actions of ruthlessly hunting down the civilians of the ward and kidnapping them, it was only recently discovered that he takes his pray to a secluded area where he begins to torture his victims till they cannot see any hope of escaping then proceeds to eat them. His role in the Hakaisha explains a lot of his behavior as he strolls around the city with his fellow ghouls at day time, bulling other ghouls when he feels like it and striking fear into the local humans whenever he can.
    He was born in the 28th ward along side his younger sister, although he never knew his mother due to her dying after giving birth he always had a loving and protective nature towards his sister. It was not till he began going to school is when he realized how much ghouls were hated in his ward. All this time he thought ghouls were equal to the world among humans but now that he knew that everyone literally hated them he became depressed and a loner where he never talked to anyone but his sister. His sister was kind and a bit of a shy character when everyone else were outgoing and to be honest not really nice, within a week of going to school his tone was a bit more open minded and outgoing, he gradually became friends with a few people which were also a bit more open to new things and this didn't change till one day after class.

    Suru turned the corner in the hallways near the exit when he noticed a group of guys surrounding his sister, his sister obviously scared she began crying and buckled her knees, her knees hitting the ground her eyes obviously dark with eye pupils and red veins around her eyes. This group of guys yelled and mocked her, ''Ghoul Ghoul Ghoul, you like killing others don't you, monster'' repeatedly repeating the quote till it eventually echoed as a song. Before Suru could interrupt all 4 of the guys surrounding his sister was suddenly pierced with large red spikes that grew to more spikes that spread out in a rotating manner like a flower. All 4 of these guys were now dead, everyone now looking at her in the hallway, her face now looking up to notice all the blood and what she did in front of everyone caused her eyes to grow 10 times and the shock of her expression was visible but everyone didn't care. Everyone ran and screamed yelling as if she was going to run after them next. Suru walked over to her and calmed her down as he hugged her in the time of need, she cried endlessly and her kagune obviously showing she was immediately exiled from the school, stores, and anything else forcing her to live in her house with father till she died of old age. Suru was not exiled at all due to the fact that it is not proven that he was a ghoul. Everyday he heard how much of a piece of a shit his sister was and how he was a ghoul lover, being bullied everyday was something that he couldn't handle.

    He stood his ground for 3 years after till he snapped and used his Rinkaku kagune to kill EVERYONE in the school, he went on a unstoppable rampage as he then afterwards started to eat everyone there. A day later he was gone and the only thing that was left were piles upon piles of bones and walls literally covered in blood so much that it was nearly impossible to figure out what color the walls actually were. He was never caught but it was said by rumors that the boy was blonde but that was it for the CCG to confirm. He soon created the Hakaisha right after the CCG hunted down his family killing both his father and his sister.. which happened during the war.

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Interest Information[/BCOLOR]
    • Flesh
    • Blood
    • Torture
    • Girls
    • Screams
    • Loss Hope

    • Hope
    • CCG
    • YukiKaze
    • Peace
    • Humans

    • Watching TV
    • Watching His Victims
    • Watching transformation of a psyche

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Sweet Tooth: [/BCOLOR]Girls, Blood, Torture
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00] Day hour activities: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00] Night Hour activities: [/BCOLOR]
    Being Lazy/Watching TV/Watching others

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Association Information[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00] Parents:[/BCOLOR] Yui Ai, Asuka Ai
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Parent status:[/BCOLOR] Deceased
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Siblings:[/BCOLOR] Yuki Ai
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Sibling status:[/BCOLOR] Deceased
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Personal Living Quarters:[/BCOLOR] Unfinished company building on the northern side of town.
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Company you work at:[/BCOLOR] Hakaisha Leader/Boss/Founder
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Group:[/BCOLOR] Hakaisha

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Ability Information[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00] Kagune type:[/BCOLOR] Kakuja
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Kagune appearance:[/BCOLOR] His mask is red covers his jaw and wraps around his jaw line and lower mouth, similar to large spike teeth like sharks he uses them to bite very deeply into his opponent. His armor covers everything but his chest and stomach, although his weakness is obviously his chest and stomach he can block fairly enough attacks so non connect to them.
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Kagune color:[/BCOLOR] Red and Black
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Weapon:[/BCOLOR] He uses multiple weapons but only in his torture scenes

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  12. I'll start the IC soon. The IC is where you roleplay as your character.
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  15. Personal Information

    Name: Logan Stokes​
    Nickname: NA
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 125
    Age: 19

    Personality: Logan prefers his own company rather then being surrounded by a lot of people, for him it just gets to loud and he can't keep up with everything that happens around him. It's not that he dislikes people, its just that he strongly prefers to hang out with just a couple of people at the time. As for the few friends he does have they know he is an all around nice guy that would drop everything to come to their aid.

    History: TBA

    Interest Information

    Likes: TV series (the more seasons the better), books, music.
    Dislikes: The CCG , food that just wont give up and very crowded places.
    Hobbies: Watching series and reading.
    Sweet Tooth: Just coffee
    Day hour activities: His life is mostly just school, hanging out with the few friends he has and then going out to search for food when the craving becomes to much.
    Night Hour activities : Sleeping or sitting up watching series.

    Association Information

    Parents: Marian Stokes and Oliver Stokes
    Parent status: Assumed dead
    Siblings: Non
    Sibling status: ---
    Personal Living Quarters: A totally normal apartment in the north end of town.
    Company you work at: Currently goes to school
    Group (Hakaisha or YukiKaze member): Non

    Ability Information

    Kagune type: Rinkaku
    Kagune appearance: Logans Rinkaku takes the form of 4 long tendrils with several sharp thorns sticking out from them. Just look away from the flower and it gives you a pretty good idea on how it looks.
    Kagune color: White and pink
    Weapon: Non
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