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Hi! I’ve had this storyline / character saved up for quite some time now, and I really want to find a group of people who want to help me bring it to life! This RP takes place in the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, but in an AU where none of the events from the anime / characters from that anime exist. The setting will be Tokyo ; specifically the 13th ward. The main character - our leading lady - is a young ghoul named Ayako. Over the course of this RP, she will grow from a recently escaped inmate of one of the containment facilities sprouting throughout the city into one of the most feared and respected ghouls in Tokyo. I’ll reveal more of the storyline if enough people show interest!


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Heya, not exactly showing interest exactly, just checking/advising: if you're looking to round up interest, it's advisable to post your idea into the 'group brainstorming & RP search' forum, since that's where a lot of people first go to when searching for new RPs to join.

Hope you find some interest