Tokyo Ghoul Attempt 1(Anime)

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  1. So basically this role play is entirely based on Tokyo Ghoul

    If you have not watched or read Tokyo Ghoul, here's the gist:
    Tokyo a not so peaceful city. Inhabited by Humans and Ghouls. Ghouls are basically creatures that resemble humans almost entirely however their appetite is only satisfied by humans and cannibalism. There's an organization called CCG which basically are the exterminators of Ghouls.
    A unique quality of Ghouls is what they have in their bodies that they can use as weapons occasionally in fights unless they're super badass. This special thing called a kagune, is basically filled with these things called RC cells that can flow as easily as water but also can be as hard as steel. The shape and colors of kagune depend on where it emerges in the 4 main parts of the back (upper back around the shoulders is -Ukaku-, upper back around the shoulder blade -Koukaku-, around the lower back area -Rinkaku-, the tailbone -Bikaku-)
    The CCG are Ghoul hunters, and like hunters, they collect prizes after their target is dead. The only prize that is available is the kagune of a dead ghoul. It still functions perfectly, thanks to the technology in this anime, and can be stored in a suit case to, obviously, keep the human race calm from a giant RC weapon that can extend to great distances and kill people at will.
    Where do the ghouls live you ask? Well you see, ghouls have divided them selves among Tokyo in large groups called factions.
    These factions are names in accordance to numbers and wards. Ex: 21st Ward; 20th Ward; 13th Ward.
    Some wards are more domestic than others. Meaning, some ghouls enjoy watching the human race while some don't really care for them and eat who and what they want. Some go off into gluttonous rampages as well and some resort to torture because they can C.B.K.A. Jason #nospoilers.
    Because of the CCG always on their kagunes (pun intended), they actually had to resort to masks to make them unrecognizable to the CCG so that they're not tracked down.
    One extra thing about ghouls is that when they are hungry/feeding/fighhting the whites of both their eyes turn black and their irises turn red.; they can perform this action at will.

    Still with me?

    Anyways, time for some characters that can be chosen in this role play. (If I missed anything please inform me via message)
    Main characters include:
    Kaneki Ken Age 18
    Member of 20th ward
    Part ghoul part human (One eye turns instead of both)
    Touka Kirishima
    Age 17
    Member of 20th ward
    Rize Kamishiro
    Age Unknown
    Formerly in 11th ward then moved to 20th

    I found these 3 characters some of the most important in Tokyo Ghoul. I know there's about 2-3 more that are equally important but I don't feel like making a bio for (cause I'm so freaking tired and that's how lazy an egg can be sometimes) so I'll just name them.
    Feel free to look up wiki's for a character/characters bio's.

    [ Referenced 1/3 of the information from ]

    For those who know 100% of the Tokyo Ghoul situation, ignore that 1000+ word summary and sign up if you're interested.
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