Tokyo Death Purgers

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  1. In Tokyo's ward of Jinbocho - the district of curiosities - lies one peculiar business that fits its designated district perfectly.

    In a back alley, on the fourth floor of a shady building, are located the offices of an infamous group. Their existence and purpose are so strange that some of the locals have come to regard them as legendary, as an urban legend. The children of Jinbocho are told stories about these people that make them appear not like ordinary humans but rather as some sorts of ghouls. Well, maybe they are... maybe they aren't.

    The only way to make sure is to visit them yourself - to enter this dark, silent alley. To find their address and gaze up at the looming old building, threatening to collapse. To ring the door bell... and then hear the front-door click without even emitting a greeting to your visit. To shakily grasp the parapet as you climb the stairs all the way to the fourth floor. Along the way you will have second thoughts. Maybe you will even decide to turn back and just forget this whole event.

    This happens a lot, actually. Many simply give up. And that is understandable... because those that climb the staircase to the top floor are special. They need answers.

    If you have come to visit these legendary offices then you are possibly a police officer or a detective. If not, then I am sorry for you... because this means that something horrible must have befallen you - the death of a loved one. Because these are the Tokyo Death Purgers.


    Today at 10 pm two sorrowful souls, shells of their former selves, had ascended the dreaded stairway. They had knocked on the door of the Purgers and been answered. The two shadows had been accepted into the layer of this group by a brightly dressed man, whose beaming outlook completely contrasted with the couple's solemn aura.

    Even after they relied to him their tale of misfortune, even after they had both broke down weeping, even after they had left his suffocating office, the man had not wavered, but rather retained that same cheerful manner of his. After all, if one is to work with depression, he better watch out not to catch it himself.

    Now that the two ghost had ceased plaguing him with their presence, the man was left to sweet sweet solitude. However, that would not last for long since he had work to do. He couldn't simply sit back and open up a book as he usually did but instead immediately picked up the phone and dialed a couple of numbers one after another, repeating the same thing to all that picked up. "Hello~ Apologies for bugging you at such a late hour, yet we've got work to do. There are some new clients"

    As soon as he was done with that, the man rang a few other individuals - some contact here and there in the police task force - and, of course, his boss. After all this had been at last completed, the cheerful guy exhaled a sigh of relief and proudly gazed at the folder lying before him. In it, he had compiled the most important factors surrounding the new task assigned to the purgers.

    Speaking of purgers, soon footsteps could be heard coming from the stairway. And suddenly, one after another, the purgers, these servants simultaneously of death and justice, entered the offices and then the secretary's lounge where he was awaiting them with a warm smile. "I'm glad to see you have all assembled! It might be very late at night, yet we never sleep. I hope you have come to realize this by now... Anyway, here is your case, which was given to us a while ago by the parents of the deceased. Be very thorough and careful with it. Shi-kun said it was very important."

    Giving off another friendly, yet in a way unnerving smile, Akiyama Satoshi handed them the folder of "The Case of the Mysterious Lolita"




    On the night of 15th June, 2015, the body of 16 year old Fujimoto Yuuki was discovered on the site of an anime convention by his best friend - Nakano Ryo - who had been searching for the boy since the previous day.

    His appearance there was very mysterious since, as his close friend related to the police, he had never shown any interest in neither cosplaying nor otaku culture. Even more surprising was the state in which the student's body was discovered. He was lying sprawled on the cement outside, naked, with his head to the side in what seemed to be an unnatural and painfully twisted position. Furthermore, the boy was covered in bruises, primarily on his face and legs. Those that stood out the most were a set of ten around his neck (obviously left by fingers), pointing at the fact that he had been chocked prior to his passing. Later it was discovered that the cause if death was asphyxiation through suffocation. Unfortunately, the murderer was found out to have been wearing gloves, hence could not be traced back via fingerprint analysis, during the act of forcing themselves onto the victim.

    Yes, forcing... it is supposed that Fujimoto Yuuki was attacked with the reason either of robbery or rape. As to why neither of them was committed in the end - this remains a mystery.

    There are many other mysteries surrounding this peculiar case, and especially those relating to the criminal and their actions. First of all, they left the wallet and identifications that Yuuki was carrying on himself close in the vicinity of the body. They also seem to have tore away in rage at the deceased's hair, plucking out whole strand of it. The reason for this unimaginable anger and brutality is unknown and doesn't fit in with some other factors. Like the fact that the killer appears to have washed their victim's face after the crime, or that they took the time to "gently" cover the corpse with a dress.

    Despite washing the face, there appeared to be traces of make-up on it. This means that there is a huge possibility that the murderer is a woman. This theory is, of course, further supported by the dress on top of Yuuki. Fortunately, the best friend - Ryo - was able to recognize it as being the possession of a mysterious lolita he had seen little before discovering his buddy's lifeless corpse. The witness claims he was searching for Yuuki on the 15th and, while in the process, this woman caught his attention. Apparently, he had spotted her before, and she always appeared to be close to where Yuuki was each time.

    Deciding to follow her in hopes of stumbling upon Yuuki, Ryo went all the way to the anime convention, when he suddenly lost the lolli. After a couple of minutes of aimlessly wondering around, he stumbled across his dead friend and immediately called the police


    Fujimoto Yuuki
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Jet black
    Background: Fujimoto Yuuki was a very average student, who received good grades and had many friends. The boy was exceptionally adored by his peers, who as though worshiped him. Thus, most cannot comprehend who would want to murder their idol, appart from some seniors he was having issues with. Yet, even they wouldn't do such a thing. To most of his friends, his death was an unfortunate incident. However, most of these people don't know him too well. The only two individuals who were well acquitted with the boy were his best friend and his girlfriend.
    - His green eyes, which are unusual in Japan, were the boy's most eye-catching feature
    - People admired him due to his charisma as well as handsomeness, which seemed very gentle at times
    - Despite not having issues at home, he seemingly avoided his parents and never confined to them


    Name: Nakano Ryo
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Hair: Bleached - originally dark brown
    Background: Ryo grew up in a strict family as their youngest child. Maybe due to that he became a total rebel at a very early age and bleached his hair, got tattoos as well as piercings. These are all features that he takes great pride in. As a matter of fact, the boy loves himself and can come off as cocky. One thing that he loves more than his own person, however, are his friends, over which he is super protective. Then, of course, there are women... he loves women, and can be overly flirty, touchy as well as possessive. This is something that his best friend, Yuuki, had noted but didn't mind. The two of them were too close to let such a thing break them apart.
    - He was the one to discover Fujimoto Yuuki's body as well as the one to call the police
    - The boy is the only one who spotted the rumored mysterious lolita
    - Ryo helped the police in their investigation

    Name: Ueda Aiko
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Black, worn in two side braids
    Background: She was brought up by her mum, as the girl's dad worked abroad most of the time. The early years of Aiko's life hold nothing exceptional. However, as soon as she entered middle school, the girl became a subject to bullying due to her appearance and geeky nature, which ticked some off. This forced her to become a recluse and to this day she lacks friends. Surprisingly, Yuuki, who was very popular among his peers, took interest in this classmate of his and proposed that they become a couple, to which she gladly agreed.
    - Aiko was Yuuki's girlfriend before his demise, which everyone found weird, seeing as she was the "nerdy" type in her class, while the boy was her complete opposite. However, their relationship appears to have had little to no bumps along the way. It was actually unnaturally relaxed, even to the point of many supposing that the two of them weren't even dating.
    - Despite this, her emotional response after Yuuki's death was very strong, seeing as Aiko literally cried her eyes out and continues to be in an extremely gloomy state even after the passing of an entire month. Her outburst was so violent and full of tears that it even appeared exaggerated...
    - As of now she is a suspect due to previously refusing to cooperate with the police forces. She obviously knows more than she lets on and is hiding information.

    Name: Maki Michio
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Background: Michio comes from an impressive background and is the oldest child in a very rich family. However, he is far from pampered. Rather than that, he is a highly disciplined and proud person, who cares solely for his dignity. As the head of the student council, he is disliked by many. This was also the case with Fujimoto Yuuki, who despised Maki Michio and regularly caused trouble for the honor student. Needless to say, the two were on very... very bad terms
    - Michio personally gave his condolences to the Fujimoto family after the death of their son. According to them, he was very honest with his words of sympathy
    - However, this doesn't put him off the suspect list since Nakano Ryo claims that Yuuki and Michio got into a very nasty fight two days before the tragedy. During their verbal row, Michio got on edge, lost his temper, hit Yuuki and then in a fit of rage screamed that he was going to kill him
    - Additionally, Michio can get quite snobbish and hostile when being interrogated

    Name: UNKNOWN
    Age: UNKNOWN - possibly in her teens, around the age of Yuuki
    Gender: Supposed female
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Hazel and curled - probably a wig
    Background: UNKNOWN
    - According to an eyewitness account, on the night of the tragedy the lolita was headed for the spot where later Yuuki's body was found naked and lifeless. Thus, it is possible that she was the last person to see the victim. Whether he was alive or deceased at the time is debatable, as is whether the lolli was the perpetrator and, ultimately, the killer.
    - Additionally, her dress was found covering the naked corps of Fujimoto Yuuki. Her other garments are yet to be found. There is a high probability that they have already been disposed of long ago.
    - Nakano Ryo was the one to give a detailed description of this mysterious individual's outlook in regards to facial features as well as clothing. Thanks to him, a criminal portrait was drawn as well as one of her complete outfit.


    The scene of the murder. Here you can come in hopes of recreating the tragedy or uncovering new clues.

    It would be a good idea to question the family as well as examine Yuuki's room.

    This is where all of your witnesses and suspects can be found. So, if you are looking to interrogate someone, give 'em a visit.
    The place where clues are stored as well as analyzed. If you wish to view something discovered during the police investigation, then come on down to the station. If you have discovered something new, than also come down since this is the place where it can be thoroughly examined. Clues so far are:

    Fujimoto Yuuki's identifications + wallet
    Traces of make-up found on the victim's face
    The dress found covering the body
    Drawing of the mysterious lolli
    Fibers from the gloves that the perpetrator carried on their person during the crime
    The strands of hair that the killer ripped off of their victim's head


    Well... this is where the bodies are preserved. Thus, if you wish to further look into exactly how the person died and what damage was done to them, then visit your friendly neighboring medical examiner, who will tell you everything he came across during the autopsy.

    This is your headquarters - the place where you must report at the end of you investigation, as well as where you should come when in need of hints or rest. The secretary - Akiyama Satoshi - can always be found here.

    The salon is a fancy wig shop in Tokyo's Harajuku district. It is known to cater to the population that lives in the ward, as it is famous for its fashion and style. Visiting the salon and questioning some workers there could possibly help trace the person who purchaser the hazel wig.


    "Well, that's all the information we have so far! You have 5 days to solve the mystery and don't forget to consult me if you need some help" Satoshi giggled "And with that, I wish you good luck..."
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  2. Any of Hayden's neighbors would tell you that the young man next door never seemed to sleep. He was always up in the wee hours of the morning, doing God knows what. Some had even detected the smell of blood wafting from the windows; the police had already been called over once. They didn't find anything, of course, but after the incident Hayden only did his particularly messy work in the basement. And that was where he could be found on this dark night.

    A cat was sprawled out on the metal cart in front of him. Dead, of course. A plastic bucket sat on the bottom shelf, collecting the blood that spilled over the edges. Hayden was so proud of himself for capturing the beast mostly intact. It belonged to an innocent man who lived in a neighboring district; that man was a coworker of a woman who had so rudely berated poor Hayden for his eccentric choice of clothing. Once he had everything he needed from the pet cat, he would leave a carefully planned trail of clues that would lead the man to the horrid woman, and she would be punished most fittingly. It made Hayden shake with glee just thinking about it.

    But that would all have to wait. The phone was ringing upstairs.

    Hayden was often the first one to arrive at the office. New cases always excited him, even if it did mean a break from his work, and the time of night hardly bothered him. Gingerly, he took the folder from Akiyama, holding it just with his fingertips as he thumbed through it, as though it would explode at any moment. The photo of the victim's body held his attention particularly well; what a humiliating death it must have been.

    "What a pretty boy he was," Hayden mused aloud. "Perhaps there was some jealousy involved in his unfortunate murder, hm?" The beautiful people were often the victims of jealousy; Hayden felt he understood that quite clearly. It was always his assumption that people gave his art hateful comments because they were jealous of its beauty. Of course, that didn't do much to narrow down the possible suspects. Oh well; best to keep an open mind anyway.
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  3. Another dart hit the board. Three. Lilou growled in anger. Why couldn't she hit a bullseye? Maybe being at a strange angle on the other side of the room was a contributing factor, but that just added to the excitement. She threw another dart. Nine. Lilou swore aloud and threw her remaining dart at the wall. Then the phone rang. She didn't move for a few seconds. She wiped her eyes and jumped up and down on the spot.
    "Alright, Red, first day on the job, no problem, you've got this."
    She ran over to the phone and picked it up, holding her breath.

    Lilou cautiously entered the office. She didn't want to attract too much attention. She was slightly disturbed as her eyes met the gaze of a smiling man. She nervously waved and took the folder he offered her. She sat on a chair, opened it, and began reading. This was a very interesting murder. She had never seen anything quite like this, not even in the movies.

    "This girl the kid saw, how do we know she's not dead, too? I mean, I wouldn't just strip in a public place like this and put my clothes over a corpse. Even if I was the killer." Lilou thought to herself for a moment. "That being said, we don't know if this person's even a girl, or if she even exists." She sighed. This was going to be a lot harder than she had expected.

    Lilou looked at Hayden. Something looked a little off about him. She had expected the people here to be more like her. Then again, she was a little off as well. She looked back down at the folder and crossed her legs.
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  4. "Another case?..........Interesting. I'll be down there shortly." Marius said as he slipped his phone back into his pocket, oblivious to the echo throughout his small but empty corner house. A soft sigh escaped him as he picked up his tank sprayer, spraying each of his white or blue roses along with his lavender in the light of the moon.

    "Mhm...I think this garden needs something more excotic. I'll have to pursue the store for need seeds next time." He thought, making a mental note as he retrieved his tall and possibly oversized bike. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary to receive a call like this from Satoshi this late at night, but his nightly showering and tending had to interrupted. It was a bit of a nuisance, but it wasn't like he could ignore the job at hand.

    Upon arriving into the office, he waved to the current occupants. Hayden seemed to be ansty as always, and a new girl. Marius wasn't sure if he had seen her before, but he waved to her and gave her a small but reassuring smile. Grabbing one of the folders off of Satoshi's desk, Marius took his seat and looked though the notes. "No, It could've been a pretty good crossdresser, but I'm willing to trust Ryo's statement, for now." His gaze still looking though the papers of the case. "I would suggest we start picking though his friends and family...especially his girlfriend." His eyes looking over her section over a few times, something about her seemed off.
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  5. Lilou was puzzled by Marius' statement. His girlfriend? She didn't seem too suspicious. To Lilou, there wasn't much chance of her being the killer, but, she may have caused his death somehow. Crazy thoughts filled Lilou's head. Thoughts that might actually be right.

    "Maybe his girlfriend caused it, and that's why she's so upset over it. Perhaps somebody else wanted to be with her, but she was too loyal to cheat on the victim? So they killed him?"

    If this actually was the case, Lilou suspected the victim's best friend. He did appear to like women a lot, maybe even so much as to kill for a girlfriend. But it seemed unlikely, the case file did state that the girl wasn't liked too much. Lilou felt the need to smoke. She bit her nails.
  6. The Closeted Martyr

    The door softly clicked behind Inna as she made her entrance into Headquarters, the sound of her steal toed combat boots tapping against the aged hardwood floor. Passing through the bodies of her comrades that sat there, receiving their intake on the new case, she didn't waste anytime to retrieve her own copy of the file. The beige folder, weighted with its remnants inside were revealed as her slender fingers curled over the cover, her eyes being greeted by the name of the case.

    The case of the Mysterious Lolita.

    Flipping through, her eyes scanning, skimming through the characters of each sentence, taking in her gist before closing the folder. The back of her heels hit the dark colored loveseat, her body falling into a sit, sinking into its leather cushions, the folder resting on her lap.

    "So young." Inna chimed in, "Hearing that statement, I would almost be sure you were describing some teen horror twisted romance film." a heavy sigh blew past her dry lips that were coated with the old taste of whiskey she unfortunately abandoned when she got the call from Akiyama-san. She missed it, the chilled drink that swirled in her hands, calming her nerves after the dinner rush at the Sushi restaurant. What was worse was, she didn't even get the chance to shower, smelling like sake, cheap cigarettes and soy sauce. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but still, Inna can't get use to the smell herself.
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  7. "That's a reasonable theory, but let's be honest, who would want her enough to murder her current partner? She has her looks, but not enough to kill for...Although, let's not rule it off yet." He said, his face contorting into one that expressed his thinking. 'Mhm...It's a bit early to say anything yet, but I'm at least starting off with her." His eyes looked at the room, noticing the growing numbers.

    "Where do you all intend to start?"
  8. [​IMG]
    Tiffany was in her condo, she was eating a nice steak. The steak came from her father's butchery, she usually cut her own slab of steak, but her father cut this one. It was tasty and lean, just like she liked it. After eating the steak, and the movie she was watching went off, she went to her kitchen. Putting the plate in the sink, she took out her phone. "Okay, I'll be right there." The group had a new case to handle. She hoped it was a bloody one...turning off her tv, Tiffany grabbed her car keys and went to the parking garage. She hated how dark and silent the place was, just cars sitting there. Tiffany did like that she had her own place, instead of having her daddy pay for a house. Getting into her black, tented, Mercedes-Benz, she drove to the headquarters.

    Parking her car, Tiffany got out. She fixed her blood red mini dress, and her tiara. Making it to the office, she smiled at everyone and took a file off the desk. Looking over it for a few minutes, she tries to picture everything happening. The victim walking around, being watched, without knowing it. "It could've been two attackers. Maybe the best friend and the girlfriend had a thing going on. The best friend has a possessive attitude, maybe he grew jealous of his friend getting the girl." When she had a theory she usually stuck to it until proven wrong.

    She looks over the cause of death and evidence. "First thing we should do is talk to the medical examiner and examine the body ourselves." Usually medical examiners and morgue workers forget to check every little detail of a dead body. Tiffany is an artist, she would have a keener eye to detail. Her and Hayden could look over the body.

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  9. Shaved wood was all over her desk and around the floor. Drawers were open all around and even a bucket full of replaceable pieces sat beside her. Lilith was carefully carving a small face and so far it looked rather rough. It had been awhile since she had a muse and it was showing. With a sigh the knife was put down and soon the face was tossed to the side. "I'll think of something for you dear face." Lilith mumbled, her accent covering her words from being understandable. The vibrations of her phone were heard from inside her work clothes. After squeezing it out and answering it was just a call for a job. "Oooh, I'll be right there." She said as an innocent smile crept onto her face.

    It didn't matter what time of night or day Satoshi called a new case was always interesting. Lilith arrived without fail and closed the door behind her. She gave Satoshi the usual warm smile as the folder was given to her. The murder was strange and all around filled with questions. Everyone was already thinking of theories and possibilities around the case. She stayed silent at first, her red lips didn't bother to part until she had something.

    "Tiffany has a point the way this murder went was out of anger of some kind. The fact he was strangled says it all. On top of that beaten then raped yet turns around and cleans them up. Doesn't that sound like two people instead of one? One that was angry and another that felt bad to the point he had to clean up the mess and dress him up." Lilith brushed some of her freshly dyed blue hair out of her face. "I can go with Tiffany and see what the body say about the idea."
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  10. "I think I'm gonna head out to the crime scene, see if our murderer left anything behind. I'm not too good with people so I won't be asking any questions." Lilou said, still reading. She looked up and around the room. "Anyone want to come with me? A recreation could be nice."

    The smell of cigarettes emanating from Inna made Lilou need to go outside. She pulled her own hair softly. She examined Tiffany as she entered the room, a slightly puzzled look on her face.
  11. The Closeted Martyr

    The ball was rolling now, the gears were turning, and everything was getting raised, questions, statements, and possible concrete answers. It was time to stop mourning over her every-day-drink and do her part. Everyone was making their entrance into HQ, saying their statements, while Inna was quietly listening getting her intake before she opened her mouth, "Who said it has to be looks to drive someone to kill for their lover? After all, you can charm any mere boy with many other ways than just a pretty face." Initiating her obvious innuendo, that being said, the upset girlfriend peaked her interest. A woman works in mysterious ways, with the way words roll of their tongue, and the way she moves her hips, it would be worth while to go check out the young girl, ask some questions, get some answers, and see what she could possibly be hiding about her deceased boyfriend.

    "The victims girlfriend, if she can't talk to the good cops, maybe she needs a little bad cop to make her talk." A little interrogation was in order, since the file it said on the young girl was incomplete, and needed a little polishing. Inna wanted to take it up, and see how she could get this girl to talk. Her eyes shifted to Marius, a slight grin curling on her lips. "What do you say?" She asked, offering partnership to The Watchful Cat, since everyone was partnering up after all.

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  12. Leaning back into the soft and impressable chair, Marius listened quietly to the others as they threw around their own ideas and adding them to his own. The others had a point about the possibility of their being two murderers, but he still had his sneaking suspicion about the dead boy's girl. "It's possible there could of been two involved, but what if the murderer killed Fuji in a fit of rage and felt remorse instantly after." Marius then noticed the cerulean eyes looking in his direction, and nodded.

    "It's a place to start. She seems a bit too suspicious if the file is right." His soft green eyes looking at her. "Though, be honest, she doesn't seem to be the type to seduce others. I doubt she barely got ahold of Fuji."He added a bit a bit coldly as he stood. Stretching as he stood up.
  13. Satoshi had sat in his place silently throughout the whole process of the purgers' arrival. With a blank look and a soft smile, he had stared up ahead into space, thinking alongside them as theories were brought forward one after another.

    With one swift movement to readjust his glasses, the man suddenly shot out of his thoughts as well as out of the chair he had been occupying up till now. Then, turning towards the bookshelf behind his desk, he soon produced a book from it. It was a rather large tome (and one that could be seen cradled in his palms time after time), with a faded cover that appeared to have a drawing on it. Unfortunately, its decrepit state didn't really allow for anyone to recognize what exactly it depicted. Silently turning the equally faded pages (whether in this state due to profuse reading or simple neglect), his permanent smile still adoring his visage, Satoshi suddenly swirled to face the purgers once more.

    With a cheerful and enthusiastic tone he chimed " Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, through his famous character Sherlock Holmes, once said: "It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgement"." This was his favorite habit of speech - cryptic, through the usage of quotes. Instantaneously snapping out of this state of his, the man spoke up again, albeit in a different tone "I'm glad to hear that you are excited~ People seem to be teaming up and, despite the fact that it is very late, I bet that all of you can't wait to get started. So, you can go on with your separate investigations. And, remember, not everything is what it seems and not all that is written is fact."
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  14. Lilou sighed depressingly at the fact that she might have to go alone. The crime scene might well be her only area of expertise, and, being new to the group, would probably make a mistake if she had to investigate the area without a partner. She uncrossed her legs and closed her folder. She looked up at Satoshi and small smile formed on her face. She stood up and wiped her eyes, looking around the room once more at her new co-workers before heading for the door. Her smile faded when she made the realization that she would also have to walk to the scene. She shook her head and muttered to herself.

    "Shut up."
  15. "Mhmmm..." Marius hummed as he listened to Satoshi's words. He knew by now to at least take his words to heart, or to be put into consideration when thinking about a case. His words were usually meant to help, but Marius couldn't help but let his judgement guide him in the beginning, but hopefully it wouldn't cloud his judgement in the end. Nodding at Satoshi one last time, he started to head for the door, but peered back to his peers. "We should all meet here sometime tomorrow to conclude whatever we find."

    Looking over at his glowing partner, he gave a slight smile. "Ready to go?"
  16. [​IMG]
    Tiffany smiled her creepy smile at Lilith, she was happy to see that someone wanted to go with her. Tiffany is a beautiful girl, but her smile gave her devilish side away. She always thought that Lilith was an adorable woman, she would be her friend in no time. Standing up, she went over to Lilith. "Ready Love?" Tiffany pulled out her car keys from her purse, waiting for Lilith to move. She heard Satoshi's quoting or whatever, every time he did that, Tiffany would giggle. He was a funny/weird character, and she loved those types. "I hope everyone finds something good. The sooner we finish this, the sooner we can come back and CELEBRATE! " She threw up her hands, laughing with her creepy Joker like smile.

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  17. Hayden caught the eyes of the new girl, Lilou. He preferred to stay on top of all the comings and goings of the Purgers in his area, so he had already heard a bit about her from Akiyama -- although this was his first time seeing her face to face. What a pretty girl she was! A gothic lolita, just like the mystery suspect. The irony of it made Hayden smile a little wider.

    The others began to chat about the details of the case, suggesting this person and that, trying to pin down the killer's motive. Personally Hayden hated theorizing until they had more than just the case files and speculation to go on. He may have been a stickler for handing out comeuppance, but he was still fair; punishing someone who didn't deserve it was a disgusting crime in his eyes. He tried to block out the more biased parts of the discussion as the other Purgers arrived and the file was passed around.

    "Isn't it beautiful?" Hayden finally said, in response to Inna's remark about the death seeming to come from a teen flick. He sighed wistfully. "Such a tragic death. It makes me so emotional." He pretended to wipe a tear from his eye, always the dramatic one.

    Tiffany's arrival caught his attention. "Ah, the Princess of Meat graces us with her presence!" he said, giving an elaborate bow in her direction. Naturally, with their shared hobbies and attitudes towards the grotesque, Hayden got along with Tiffany best of all. The two truly understood each other, a feat that few others of their caliber could replicate. Hayden liked her theory about the affair with the victim's best friend, but like all other early theories he tried to ignore it. Her suggestion to visit the morgue was a good one, however. "Yes, I completely agree." He nodded in her direction. "I would love to join you."

    With a destination finally in mind, Hayden walked to the office's front door, opened it, and spun to its side to hold it open for Tiffany and Lilith. "Our chariot awaits!" he added, giggling to himself.
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  18. Lilou left the room and stood outside the building, leaned against the wall. She talked to herself, taking out a cigarette and lighting it, placing it in her mouth and inhaling. She wondered how this new job would treat her, if she'd actually get along with anyone there, if she'd get as close to these people as she did with her band of thieves. She blew smoke and looked to the night sky, sighing. Walking all the way to the anime convention was going to be a pain in the ass. She really wished she'd gotten a partner to drive her there or at least accompany her on the walk. She shook her head.

    "Stop it."

    She threw the cigarette to the ground and stood on it before walking towards the crime scene, alone.
  19. Tiffany as ecstatic to see someone wouldn't mind going with her. At least it was someone who didn't mind dead bodies and wouldn't seem a bit weird if she may talk to the victim. It helped her think and also dead people were great to talk to. They had many stories to tell. "I'm pretty set to go." She said and noticed the smiled that was given. Tiffany would make an excellent doll. She didn't have a doll of everyone in the office only a three and one in progress, but that was because of how long she stuck to someone. Lilith hadn't had much of a chance to partner up with Tiffany let alone Hayden. Two muses in one night, she was going to have to pay close attention to the both of them. "Well tonight will surely be interesting. I'll keep your quote in mind Akiyama-san. See ya whenever we get back." She said as she followed Hayden out to the door. "Lets see what the dead has to offer."
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  20. The Inquisitive Intellect
    [ Ace R. Vladimir ]
    The night was supposedly quiet - it started with a soft wind blowing from the east, the sound of cars humming softly behind the glass wall, and the sound of a tree brushing against the glass. Ace was seated in a mobile chair with his back leaned against the plush leather backing. His glasses were positioned on the bridge of his nose, icy blue orbs fixated on files of patients. The file in his hands was a woman, manic disorder, beautiful. He read through the personal information, all she needed was pills and to contort her life style; it was a simple answer. He threw down the file and rose from his black leather seat. His spine emitted off a glorious cracking noise as he turned his body to the left then right. He walked nonchalantly to his window, staring out into the city. Bright lights and fast cars, the night was a dangerous time. When the sun slumbers the devils come out to play. When the clock stroked nine-thirty it was time for his night job. Ace grabbed his brief case and grabbed his blazer from the coat hanger.

    He walked into his car and started the engine. The car purred loudly, gradually decreasing decibels. Ace began to drive out of the garage and into the high way. The night was gorgeous - the darkened sky was lit up by twinkling stars and neon signs from alleyways. He parked his car on the curb beside a pub, his usual spot. Ace walked out into the side walk with his hand clutched the briefcase and a stoic disposition. He turned at the sight of a dark and quiet alleyway. Each step he took he emitted off an echo. There was brick walls between him and puddles, each step he took a splash would cover up the echo he created. He came to a halt when his eyes spotted a familiar door. His pointer finger pressed against the door bell. Shortly, a clicking noise implied the door was now open. He turned the doorknob and entered without noise made. His footsteps were light and emitted off no noise. As he grew closer to the secretaries room there were no other voices.

    With an assumption he believed he was late, again. Ace walked into the room and gave a small bow. He scanned the room to see three others left. He ignored the others and approached the secretary. He adjusted his tie and fixed himself up before speaking. "My apologies for my tardiness, is there anything new?" Ace pulled a well-crafted wooden seat and positioned himself in front of the secretary. He placed his brief case beside him and sat straight up. With a glance down at the table, there was a folder. Without hesitation, he took the folder and flipped through it. He read through the victim's personal information, the case itself, and the prominent suspects. Ace continued to keep his focus onto the folder taking a glance up at the secretary. He scoffed softly placing the folder back onto the table. "He sounded like a good boy, pity."

    "However, I find myself interested in interrogating the mysterious lolita." He spoke her title in a condescending manner. "She seems to know more about the case than anyone else at the moment."
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