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Tokyo: Dark Nights

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zypher, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Tokyo, a city well known for it's great shopping, historical districts and being a hotspot for technological advances, and Yakuza fingers in almost every inch of the city. Little do most Japanese know, it's also the hot bed of Yakuza trainers teaching school children to be elite Ninja. Deep in their shadowy secret temples the children train, the most priveleged coming from Yakuza families themselves. Lately the families have been at each other's throats vying for the newly opened leadership role of all Yakuza clans.

    On the other side of the law the police have also been training school kids on how to be powerful samurai cops to bring down the criminal organization. Even a few have inflitrated the ninja ranks as spies. Taking advantage of the opening they hope to place their own at the head of the Yakuza and bring them down from the inside, and if all else fails the samurai will bring them down by force, or at least try. The cops have also trained specialists to fight off the demon invasion and specialize in bringing down the dark magic of the Ninja.

    Hiding in plain sight the third group of warriors have also come to fight for supremecy of Tokyo. The demons. Unleashed due to the dark arts of the Yakuza ninja and turning on their masters the Demons wish nothing more then to conquer all of mankind and destroy everyone in their path.

    Will the Tokyo Police bring down the Yakuza once and for all, or will a new head take over and hold the power in Tokyo once more? Or will the Demons be successful and shackle mankind as their slaves?

    Faction: (Demon, Yakuza Ninja, Samurai Cop)
    Abilities: (Magic, Ki, and fighting techniques)

    *Might join. . .except that I'm in like 6 RP's right now already*
  3. Name: Clodagh "Clo" Ó Ceithearnaigh

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Personality: Clo is like the gentle flames of a fireplace on a winter's evening. She is warm, she is nurturing, and her presence can calm most people. But, of course, if you try to prod at her too much, you're bound to get burned. Clo struggles with a temper that's set like a ticking time-bomb; she knows what triggers it and she knows it's best to avoid them, but sometimes life happens and they're set off anyways. Nonetheless, some of her training with Unity Fighters helps to blow off steam.

    Just...seriously, don't push the woman. Okay?


    History: Like most Human members of the Unity Fighters, Clo was orphaned by "The Purge of Terror". She showed an affinity for combat and discipline at a young age, and devoted much of her time to training with Arbomites since she was 14 years old. She climbed in the ranks rather quickly and formed a sense of brotherhood with the heads of the Unity Fighters. In a sense, she became a big sister to everyone in the group, doting after them and making sure they didn't stick their noses into things they shouldn't be.

    Nowadays, Clo teaches self-defense and weapon-handling to the younger bunch, always weary that another "Purge of Terror" was lurking around the corner.

    Appearance: Stands at a height of 5'7" and weighs approximately 125 lbs. Lean and slightly muscular build, short ginger hair cut into a bob, pale skin tone, and blue eyes. An abundance of scars cover her body, most of them on her legs and abdomen.


    Theme Song:
  4. I am also interested! @w@; I guess I'm starting to owe sign ups for a bunch of people now tomorrow, XD. I'll see if I can have it up by Saturday.
  5. "Daddy was busy."
  6. That's absolutely acceptable. There are multiple planets in the Tolkien Sector. Each planet represents a different era of a different story from Tolkien's works. So war of the rings era middle earth would be one of the planets. an...era... not... war of the rings era (im not totally familiar with the whole long timeline lore) would be a different planet.
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  8. "He's good."
  9. Anya finish up in the nursery and smiled, “Everyone is looking healthy.”
  10. “He is related to astorath no?” *alex sounded confused on how astorath could have such a pitiful descendent *
  11. "Yep. Now what do you want to work on?"
  12. I wanted to also check in. I am crafting my intro though I'm sure no one will read it as I will be on the neonoir area and everyone seems to be more fantasy oriented.
  14. A thought dawned on me. Since most of the demons don't get to act super demon-like until night time, I was wondering if we couldn't establish a time of day at this point in time for the sake of consistency and stuff like that.
  15. It's roughly twilight, like 5 o'clock so everything is orangey
  16. Alright. I'll change my post to fit this.
  17. I'll be out of comission for two weeks, NPC as needed.
  18. I'll be joining soon and hoping to keep up with the chaos.

    And Chaos.


    Jiang Shi c'mon atcha...post to be edited with profile.
  19. And thus the timeless Chaos/Jack roleplaying link remains.