Tokyo: Dark Nights

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

Tokyo, a city well known for it's great shopping, historical districts and being a hotspot for technological advances, and Yakuza fingers in almost every inch of the city. Little do most Japanese know, it's also the hot bed of Yakuza trainers teaching school children to be elite Ninja. Deep in their shadowy secret temples the children train, the most priveleged coming from Yakuza families themselves. Lately the families have been at each other's throats vying for the newly opened leadership role of all Yakuza clans.

On the other side of the law the police have also been training school kids on how to be powerful samurai cops to bring down the criminal organization. Even a few have inflitrated the ninja ranks as spies. Taking advantage of the opening they hope to place their own at the head of the Yakuza and bring them down from the inside, and if all else fails the samurai will bring them down by force, or at least try. The cops have also trained specialists to fight off the demon invasion and specialize in bringing down the dark magic of the Ninja.

Hiding in plain sight the third group of warriors have also come to fight for supremecy of Tokyo. The demons. Unleashed due to the dark arts of the Yakuza ninja and turning on their masters the Demons wish nothing more then to conquer all of mankind and destroy everyone in their path.

Will the Tokyo Police bring down the Yakuza once and for all, or will a new head take over and hold the power in Tokyo once more? Or will the Demons be successful and shackle mankind as their slaves?

Faction: (Demon, Yakuza Ninja, Samurai Cop)
Abilities: (Magic, Ki, and fighting techniques)

*Might join. . .except that I'm in like 6 RP's right now already*
I'll finish this tomorrow.

Name: Kimimaro Kurenai
Nickname/Codename: Celcius
Age: 21

Job: Teacher at her late father's dojo
Weapons: Twin Washikazi Hienma and Myouenma (yes, she has a license to carry it around)
Faction: Samurai Cop
Primary Attribute: she has little power, but is very quick. She depends on concentrating her ki into her hands to make her attacks more explosive and deal damage, but can otherwise deal little damage.
Abilities: Can absorb carbon from inorganic objects and the ground, then manipulate the structure of it to become harder than diamond or soft as graphite. However, it can only exist in a two meter radius space around her body, else it turns into dust. She typically uses it as armour.
Ki: Can concentrate ki to increase her damage dealing capabilities, cannot be used while using the diamond armour mentioned above.
Crescent Moon Stance: Hand to hand and weapon fighting stance, a fusion of Karate, Chinese Kenpo, Muay Thai, Kenjutsu, and Jujitsu. Primarily consists of counters with and without grapples and rotational attacks. Combining this form with Ki can turn increases this style's power and damage dealing capabilities.
I am also interested! @w@; I guess I'm starting to owe sign ups for a bunch of people now tomorrow, XD. I'll see if I can have it up by Saturday.
Interersted. But out of curiousity, are the cover agents for the police going through the ninja training or are they just infiltrated into the ranks of the Yakuza?
They're just infiltrating Yakuza ranks, but if you want to play one that's going through the training that's okay
Name: Harima Ono
Age: Appears to be in her early 20's (Really 2000)

Personality: She is very quiet and graceful on the outside, but dark and calculating on the inside. She has her goals set in her mind, and nobody will get in the way of her accomplishing them. She is an independent woman, and she trusts just about nobody in her quest to make the human race suffer. She is unforgiving and indiscriminate in who she gets rid of in order to accomplish this one simple goal.
Job: She works as a librarian. This was in her theory, the tamest job she could find, which might help people not suspect her when people suddenly go *krrrrr*
Faction: Demon
Well, what is she?: Harima is a Harionago, also known as a Harionna, which are ghouls that are said to be beautiful women with extensive hair, the hair being equipped with thorn-like barbs at the tip and completely under the Harionno's control.
Ensnarement: She can use her hair strands as sharp tentacles to ensnare victims. She can also slash her victims quickly and in a surprising manner.

Close-Quarters: If push comes to shove and the person hasn't given up, yet, she is rather nifty with a dagger, and is able to target key pressure points for maximum efficiency in downing a victim. She can also use a katana, but not very skillfully. She tends to use this in tandem with her Ensnarement skill if there is more than one victim.

Regrowth: If her hair is cut or damaged, it will regenerate to the length that it was within ten minutes.

Long Hair-ness, xD: Her hair can grow ridiculously long, and grows at a rate of a meter every two months.
Zypher. I hate you.

But at the same time, if you weren't so much of a brother to me, I'd love you all over.

Char sheet coming up.
Name: Kumo Satori
Age: 27


Hardened from the streets as a youth, but well disciplined as a Ninja; Kumo takes his role in the Yakuza very seriously. He would die for his faction as he is sure any of its members would do the same for him.

Quiet, but at the same time very outspoken when it comes to standing up for what he believes in. Kumo has a very no nonsense attitude. Life in a high profile Organized gang can temp a person to act flamboyantly, but Kumo knows how quick the life style can go bad. He feels he has little time for joking around.

Isolates himself from others due to years of dealing with less than respectable people. He feels that anyone has the potential to be evil therefor he plays it safe and trusts no one.

Extortionist, car thief, drug dealer
Faction: Yakuza Ninja


Non magic: Ninjutsu, various melee weapon skills, Gun skills, car jacking and assorted burglary skills.

Magic: Has the ability to harness the power of the Wind and air. Increased speed with fighting hand to hand. Often times moving so fast his body appears to be blurred. Increased speed when preforming actions such as running or jumping. His power is limited by the actual wind speed in the air. On a windy day he is at his fullest power, while not so much on a calm day.
Name: Saellia Lee
Age: Who honestly knows THAT? Try to judge by pic. I ain't saying.

Personality: Quiet, but cold, this girl never speaks unless she has to. She's a bone chilling person to be around. Probably a sociopath. Can be deceivingly good natured at times.
Job: Has control of most of the Yakuza's underground markets.
Faction: Yakuza Ninja
Abilities: Saellia, once upon a time, used to be a dancer and a gymnast, which she now uses to her advantage when evading attacks. It can be EXTREMELY hard to land a hit on her. Meanwhile, she's good with small, thin needles, usually carrying an easily concealable packet on her body all the time, having a good knowledge of where pressure points and of the body's more sensitive and vulnerable areas, and how to use that to her advantage. She likes seeing pain, so she will never cause injuries that kill, but ones that debilitate or make it unable to move without pain.
Name: Fūma "Lilû" Shu
Age: 20 (The Demon side of him however is much much older, claiming to be Sumerian in origin.)
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Personality: Shu's personality is split between his own and that of the Demon that resides inside him. While his side is that of a normal college student's, the demon's is more jagged, being an amoral bloodthirsty creature.
Job: College Student
Faction: Demon
Abilities: (Those in italics are supernatual talents, extended to him due to his demonic association while those in regular print are natual)

Martial Arts: Shu has been taking both Judo and Kendo since he was in primary school. Due to more recent events it might just help him stay alive in the days to come.

Possesed: Shu is possesed by a demon calling itself Lilû. The bond between the two is symbiotic in nature despite the parasitic nature of the relationship. Due to the bond Shu has increased physical abilities, placing him along the same level as Olympic atheletes if not above them. All of Shu's extra ordinary abilities are due to Lilû and it would take banishing him from Shu for them to disapaite completely.

Regeneration: On a nightly basis Shu regerates minor wounds he has incurred. More serious wounds such as broken bones can take upwards of a week. Severed limbs take at least a month to regrow, however if they are rebound to the stump it will reattach over night. Should Shu ever be killed, Lilû will regenerate him in a year long process.

Breath Theft: Lilû requires nourishment on a differant level than Shu. Much like a vampire, Lilû requires the life force of the living to continue his bond with Shu. Therefore the more he hungers, the weaker he gets and the more desprate he becomes. Litterally Shu may drain the life force of an one he kisses, transfering it to Lilû. As long as he gets fed often enough, Lilû is content to let Shu go about his life as he pleases but he is not above taking over to ensure the bond stays intact.
Name: Xelordasan

Age: Unknown


Personality: The things that is absolutely clear about Xelordasan is that he's insane, sadistic, vindictive, demented, and extremely power hungry. But more so that anything, he's brilliantly manipulative. Its hardly a wonder why he's such a high ranking demon. Xelordasan has gained a reputation for ripping lesser and greater demons to shreds for what appears to most as little reason beyond his own enjoyment. In reality he's systematically removing demons that might stand in his way for his bid for power. He's never seen without his cloak on, and it radiates so much darkness that its impossible to tell his appearance under it or his emotions beyond his eyes turning red for anger. He calls himself a "Demon Overlord".

Job: He works as a bouncer at Gothic-themed club. Xelordasan lacks the ability to shapeshift into anything that could pass as a human for more than twenty minutes, however his demonic appearance fits into the atmosphere of the club perfectly. His only reason for keeping the job is that he's developed a fondness for the video games the humans play and would be extremely bored during the day on his days off without them.

Faction: Demon


Control of Shadows: Xelordasan can use the darkness of shadows (and much to his own surprise, black light) and shape them into dark extensions of himself. Tendrils, bladed claws, scythes, the works. This is trivial during the day but is absolutely deadly at night. He can only control a limited about of shadows at a time, the extent to which is unknown. It is known that if he constructs two tendrils he's capable of keeping them strong enough to constrict his foes up to 250 feet, so its a fair assumption a lone tendril could reach farther, if not easier to dodge.

Runic Magic: Xelordasan's main defenses during the day is runic magic. By drawing runes in the air he can cast projectiles of the darkness and fire variety, and when drawn on the ground he's capable of setting up traps and barriers.

Regeneration: Xelordasan's regeneration is immense, but doesn't function like other demons might think. Xelordasan's only operates after he does not sustain any sort of damage for an hour because the majority of his power will go to his battle-based abilities. However to make up for this he possesses...

Soul Steal: Xelordasan uses Soul Steal to regenerate himself in battle by, as the name implies, consuming the souls of other beings around him. This can be uses to temporarily power himself up only if he is not hurt. With the combination of all of his abilities there are three rules to safely engaging the self titled "Demon Overlord": Do not engage in a dark place, do not engage him where there are people to regenerate himself with, and if you do engage him, do NOT let him get away, lest he return the next night.
Okay! Everyone's characters look great. I'll be supplying random NPCs throughout the game and I'll start it NOW
A thought dawned on me. Since most of the demons don't get to act super demon-like until night time, I was wondering if we couldn't establish a time of day at this point in time for the sake of consistency and stuff like that.
It's roughly twilight, like 5 o'clock so everything is orangey
Alright. I'll change my post to fit this.
I'll be out of comission for two weeks, NPC as needed.
I'll be joining soon and hoping to keep up with the chaos.

And Chaos.


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