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  1. A green-haired girl sighed as she laid down alone on a couch. She may have come to terms with, well, what she did, but she still didn't really feel good about it. Kido Tsubomi had stabbed a man, committed brutal acts of violence without batting an eye. It had to be done, but one didn't necessarily have to like what they did, even if it was right.

    But that wasn't the reason for her current plight. Hers was much simpler, a trivial matter.

    They needed a new couch.

    Well, not really needed, but with the growing ranks of the Mekakushi Dan, Kisaragi had suggested picking up another couch so they could have more people. But it wasn't like they were flooded with money, so most of the rest of them had been against it. But Kisaragi being the popular girl she was had a fair bit of money, and had offered to get them a couch herself.

    So now, the matter was which couch to get. Not one of them managed to agree on which couch to get in the beginning, but as most of them didn't have any particularly strong feelings about it one way or the other they ended up with two choices. A bright yellow couch, and a black one. They were pretty close in design, but it was the color scheme that divided the group.

    Seto, Mary, and Kisaragi wanted the brighter colors while the others favored the black one. Kisaragi didn't really want to push the fact she was the one spending the money too hard, so her say didn't carry any more swing than anyone else's.

    That meant it was up to the leader to resolve this in some way, and now Kido was thinking about how to sort things out. A competition of sorts wouldn't be a bad idea, but their differing strengths and interests probably made a fair competition impossible.


    She suddenly sat up and put a hand to her forehead as she sighed. There was a much more obvious solution. If it had to be fair, why not make it random? She'd just spent 10 minutes thinking about the most simple thing ever.

    Still preferable than spending 10 minutes trying to stay alive, though.

    She quickly shook her head of the thought. She didn't have to worry about that kind of thing anymore. They were definitely taken away this time, it was over. No longer would she have to think about them.

    Bringing out her cell phone, Kido called each of the others and asked them to gather. It only took about half an hour for everyone to arrive at the base.

    "So! What'd ya come up with, Kido?"

    "Why did I have to come too..."

    "Don't be such a party pooper, master!"

    Kido extended her arm out, a small baseball cap in hand. Dropping it onto the table, a bunch of folded papers were visible inside.

    "Simple lottery. Whoever picks the one that says 'winner' wins."

    "Ugh, what a low-skill, RNG way to decide."

    "Eh? RNG? Shintaro, don't bring your NEET speak here, please."

    "It's not even NEET speak, dammit!"

    "Now, now," Kido clapped to calm down the two siblings, or else they'd probably be at it forever. "Just pick one. The winner decides which couch to get. To keep it fair, I'm not going to pick one. Everyone got it?"

    "Got it."

    It was a simple concept, everyone was able to respond affirmatively.

    "Got it." Except one was a little slower to speak, even if she had understood it.

    Soon the drawings began, and the NEET of the group had pulled the winning card.

    "Ah, I win."

    "I won't accept this! You were the one complaining about how this was done!" Kisaragi clenched her fist and stood up before pointing at her older brother. She could accept losing, but not to him...! But Shintaro just held the card out nonchalantly.

    "It says 'Winner.' I won."

    Everyone could practically see the smoke steaming from his sister's head, but that was that. Everyone just laughed at the buyer of the couch's misery. Black it was, then.

    The quiet one was Kido, but that wasn't anything new. She was more the type to smile silently at these types of shenanigans anyway. But that meant nobody really noticed the almost longing look in her eyes as she watched her group of friends.

    She couldn't help but appreciate them even more after everything that had happened to her. Hopefully days would go on like this forever...​
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  2. ~~~Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department~~~


    The streets were bustling in downtown Tokyo like one wouldn't believe. New York was often known as the city that never slept. The people of Tokyo had to sleep with an eye open for far too long! All due to the menace of killers that hailed not even from this country but across the sea! It seemed that no matter one turned these days, you'd find into some kind of masked lunatic. Whether they be cannibals as those killers who claimed to be from Texas were discovered to be. Or whether they were just murderous sadists, it didn't make the public feel any safer knowing they were on the loose.

    Who were these killers you may ask? Why they were none other than the very same killers who had been in the Land of the Rising Sun quite recently as a matter of fact. Infamous serial killer Jesse Cromeans AKA ChromeSkull and his partner in crime, Mickey Altieri AKA the second man to don the Ghostface Killer moniker. Together the two of them harassed Tsubomi Kido and nearly slew her. With the aid of her friends and their combined powers, Kido saw to it that the killers would see justice for their crimes! Seto even went the extra mile of popping the tires to ensure the two wouldn't be able to make a clean getaway when police arrived!

    Although it became quite clear that Chrome and Ghostface were outmatched by the superpowered teens, Mickey swore bloody vengeance! These brats would think twice before messing with the Woodsboro Killer! ChromeSkull was less than enthused however. While getting another splash of acid to the face after his first 'bath' with the stuff permanently disfigured his face was quite detestable, there were plenty of people who needed killing back in America. While the two killers may have disagreed on how to proceed, they knew they had to get the hell out of dodge before the cops got them. Actually managing to slew a few cops on their way, it quickly seemed like it was the end of the line for the two. ChromeSkull would finally pay for all the murders he had committed and Mickey would never get the infamy he was looking for.

    But then as luck would have it, a portal opened up after the two accepted a nearby magical invitation. Managing to avoid detection by police and also avoiding being arrested by a group known as the Coalition, Mickey and Chrome finally returned back to America where the two could continue on with their live. Or well Chrome would have liked to do so, Mickey couldn't stop obsessing over Kido! This obsession would have led the duo to attack multiple police stations in an attempt to figure out if maybe Kido had stopped here and on the longshot police had bumped into her! But no such luck and only attack forced the duo on the move across the country.

    Eventually running into a budding serial killer named Leslie Mancuso who went by Leslie Vernon professionally, the trio would start on a path that would ultimately bring them into confrontation with the cannibalistic Sawyer Clan and a final showdown with Kido. Said showdown ended with Mickey losing his left arm and Chrome getting stabbed in the stomach before being taken away by authorities, one cop in particular was quite excited the two killers were captured after losing a few good friends to the two. Whatever happened to Leslie though?

    Well, that's the million dollar question isn't it...?

    "Akio! AKIO ABURAME! COME INTO MY OFFICE AT ONCE!" A loud and boisterous voice rang out through the office of the department as Akio sighed and made his way towards the Chief Superintendent's office. Having been the one given most of the credit for capturing Mickey and Jesse, Akio had gotten quite a number of praise. Though he didn't exactly care much for the fanfare. He had lost people he knew, good people, to those monsters. They wouldn't be cheering for him not today or ever for that matter.

    Opening up the door and stepping inside as he jabbed his elbow into it to close it, Akio glanced at his chief. Who if his position wasn't enough of an indication had been on the force to see quite the number of crimes come and go. But while he was relieved two of the killers had been captured along with the Sawyers who were in talks of being extradited to the U.S., one loose end remained.

    "Do you know why I'v e called you in here, Akio?"

    "No, sir."

    "I want you to take a look at this picture, Akio. You might be familiar with it." Opening up a folder on his desk, the chief slid a picture across the desk towards Akio who had taken a seat by this point.


    "This...This is the mask from the crime scene where-"

    "Where you nabbed Cromeans and Altieri. Was cracked down the middle when we got there and was a mess of blood stains and rainwater. Gave it off to forensics though and we managed to pin an identity on our third masked man. They complied up what they found so far in this." Opening up the folder again, the chief slid across a page which made Akio's heart sink as the realization of what this meant finally dawned on him.

    "So this..This Leslie Vernon-"

    "Leslie Mancuso, Vernon's just a myth from around the area. We think we might have just used the name to add some 'name credit' to his image. From what we managed to learn from our allies in America, he didn't really show any signs of being able to do something like this. But given his mask was at the scene and it was smeared with his own blood, I think we might have a potential loose end running amok."

    Hearing that statement from the police chief of all things made Akio want to curl up in a small ball. He and the others had been so caught up in being pleased that ChromeSkull and Mickey were finally getting their jus desserts, the amount of attention that would have revealed all this sooner wasn't there. Thankfully, those smarter and more focused than him managed to keep their eye on the ball and pin things down. "Want me to put out an alert and warn the people, Chief?"



    "You think the public wants to hear that we got a potential murderer lurking the grounds after we caught two of the most infamous ones, Aburame? Cromeans is gonna get the rope soon and Altieri's gonna rot in that cell. Mancuso? He's a nobody, nothing gained by getting everybody all riled up into a frightened panic when we can nab him before he makes another big scene."

    Akio couldn't quite say he was one hundred percent onboard with that idea. What if Leslie did strike again and murdered more innocent people and for what? Because he doesn't have as much of a reputation as the other two, he's not worth scaring everybody over? He doesn't need to be a bogeyman for people to want to keep their distance. But he had his orders and he wasn't one to disagree with his superiors. "..Alright, sir. What would you suggest I do?"

    "Find Mancuso and make sure he's dealt with. One less thing our people have to worry about keeping them up at night. If the blood on the mask and the blood trail we found shows anything, Mancuso's likely injured and extremely agitated. Take caution bringing your men in there, Aburame, understand? Don't need to lose any more good men."

    Akio was still uncomfortable with how under the radar this whole operation felt. Killing Mancuso would no doubt have very little tears shed for it. But the fact that he was basically an unknown was enough reason to keep the public in the dark about taking him out just didn't sit well. If Mancuso was injured and already a basketcase, who knew what he'd do to someone who crossed his path and couldn't fight him off? But...He had his orders and he'd see them through to the end.

    Placing his glasses on, Akio nodded firmly.


    "It'll be done, sir."

    ~~~Shibuya, Tokyo~~~


    Shibuya was one of Tokyo's liveliest wards with it being a perfect destination for teens to take their dates for late-night fun. The fact that many stores were scattered over also helped attract many men wanting to buy their girlfriends/wives something special. But as of late, Shibuya's gotten a new attraction. That of course being the killer who was taking refuge in the ward after his grisly battle with Tsubomi Kido that left her with a stabbed thigh and him missing an eye. Having been forced to discard his mask at the crime scene, Leslie had been on the run ever since then.

    Leslie had prepared for this eventuality by doing his best to get a lay of the land. But when you ached all over and had quite the splitting headache from banging your head off a rock, you had a difficult time thinking unimpeded. Not to mention the whole getting his right eye gouged out deal. Noticing the trail of blood he'd been leaving behind, Leslie had taken some time to stop and tend to his wounds the best he could. Having brought along a roll of bandages in case he'd been injured by the 'final girl' which in this case he most certainly had!

    " for the worst. Life of a slasher.." Leslie muttered as he wrapped the roll of bandages around his head, although leaving room for his one good eye obviously. The red splotching on the bandages from his gouged out eye was still quite evident but not much that could be done about that. He had to find somewhere low and think about where to go from here. Finding an alleyway to hang around in, Leslie froze as headlights illuminated his figure in the rain. He looked like quite the odd sight. With bandages mummifying his face and dressed in blood-soaked overalls with feet that had been quite through the amount of ware and tear with cuts all over them.

    "Hold it right there!" One of the officers shouted as he stepped out from the passenger side with nightstick in hand. He'd be warned by Akio and the others that Mancuso was to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Leslie said nothing but his solitary eye watched the cop's movements. But Leslie proved to be slower on the draw for as he went for his sickle, the cop swung the nightstick and cracked Leslie right in the head. Dropping his sickle to the floor, Leslie fell onto his knee in a puddle of water as he clutched at his head. It really didn't pay to be a serial killer!

    But while Leslie was suspecting these cops may have just cuffed him then there, these cops had different orders. Mancuso wouldn't see the inside of a jail cell if these guys had a say about it. "We got those cannibals going back to America, and we got ChromeSkull and Ghosface in prison. Seems like you're next to go, Mancuso." The officer taunted as he swung the nightstick downward. It smashed Leslie in the back of the head and sent him falling face first into the puddle.

    Delivering a sharp kick to Leslie's side, the killer remained quiet as he was knocked over. The bandages had started to come unraveled as tufts of Leslie's hair poked out. But he kept his one good eye focused on the officer. Burning his glare into him. Leslie had trained vigorously. He wouldn't cry out in pain no matter what this cop did to him. But he did have one thing to say. "Heh, it's almost funny...You're so determined to keep your public from throwing a fit since you're celebrating that I've been caught...And yet you're just as bad as me!"

    The cop didn't seem to take too kindly to being compared to a killer like Leslie and raised his stick! He'd break the bastard's skull this time and then they could leave his body in a ditch! But before the stick swung downwards, music seemed to permeate the alleyway. The music seeped down the way and grunting could have been heard coming from within the squad car. Keeping one foot pressed on Leslie's back, the cop called out to his friend. But in response, the music only seemed to grow louder.


    "Nice night for a boy's and girl's night out, huh?" The w0man asked with her bra-barely concealed by her thick biker jacket. As she stepped closer with her steel-toed boots splashing in the water, she pulled down her sunglasses slightly and grinned at Leslie. The killer couldn't quite understand why. What exactly was this woman's deal and what had brought her here of all places? Had she ended up in the cop's squad car. Pointing the nightstick in the direction of the mysterious woman, she blinked at the gesture.

    "Oh, officer you're not thinking what I think you are, huh? I'd hate for someone to get hurt.." The woman said as she continued her approach as the officer raised the stick and swung it at the woman! It seemed like the cop had gotten so caught up in his power trip of being able to bully the injured killer that he didn't realize what he was getting into. Though, really could anyone have guessed what came next if they were in his shoes? The woman gripped his forearm and stopped it dead cold. Giving the officer a bored looking expression, she bared her teeth and showed off two blood soaked fangs.

    "You really shouldn't have done that copper. I don't like having to do things I hate." The woman exclaimed as she reached out her other hand to grip the officer by his throat and lifted him off his feet. Allowing Leslie to roll off to the side and grip his sickle as he watched the proceedings. What the hell was going on here?! The woman seemed to sink her fangs into the officer's neck and her eyes seemed to roll back into her head almost as if blood was some kind of drug. The officer wasn't faring as well however as his legs and hands kicked back and forth almost as if he were having a spasm. Once it seemed like the woman had her fill, she pulled her fangs out and with it came a chunk of the man's neck.

    Dropping the body to the ground, the woman sighed. "Well, shit. Gonna need to chop up two bodies tonight..." Without even turning her head, she spoke up as Leslie was trying to angle his way out of the alleyway. "Don't think about leaving, Rags. You're the whole reason I'm here.~" The mysterious woman grinned as she walked towards Leslie who tried to break out into a sprint but the woman easily cut him off. Being taken aback by the woman's speed, Leslie stumbled back and only avoided falling onto his rear as he placed one of his hands on the wall of a nearby building. The fangs, the neck bite, it all connected to..



    The woman exclaimed as she was suddenly right in Leslie's face and her glasses were off. Folded up neatly in her very noticeable cleavage. But Leslie had better and more important things to worry about. Like the whole avoiding getting his throat torn out and the fact that he might have been facing down one of his dreams. Nothing more than a supernatural killer. You had guys like Jason, Freddy, Michael, and now Fem!Dracula was here to bring him down? If his life wasn't at risk, he'd probably be loving this.

    Instinctively raising his sickle, Leslie swung the sickle towards the woman's neck in an attempt to try and decapitate her. But much to his growing horror, the woman easily gripped his hand and it was at that moment Leslie's facade finally shattered.

    "Y-You're like them...A-A monster!"

    However accurate that Leslie's frightened proclamation may have been, it didn't seem to sit well with the woman who's eyes grew blood red. Her grip on Leslie's wrist only seemed to grow tighter and tighter. Leslie's eye widened only this time it wasn't in anger but in fear! Just like the victims that had fallen by Leslie's sickle..

    "That's not very fucking..."



    "Nice, Rags."

    Having snapped Leslie's wrist to the point where the bone was sticking through flesh, the woman slammed the serial killer up against the wall. In shock from the pain of having his wrist so abruptly broken, Leslie could do little to resist as the woman lapped at the blood dripping off the wound before roughly tearing off the remaining bandages on his face. As Leslie's frightened face was exposed to the woman, she wasted little time in continuing to lick off the blood running down Leslie's face. Was this some kind of cosmic karma? He had escaped death at the hands of corrupt law enforcement only to be turned into lunch for a real monster?

    In between licks, the woman growled. "I could smell you from a mile away, Rags. Ever since I came to this place, there was so much blood in one place at one time. But you, oh you, I could smell the blood of so many others soaked into your clothes! That made you so damn enticing!"

    The licking grew more fervent and Leslie could see glimpses of her fangs here and there. "Not a rocket scientist but been around the block long enough to know a killer when I see one. Must not have been very good at it if you're on the run though. It's even worse luck that you ran right into my arms, babe.~" The vampire mockingly coddled the serial killer as he said nothing in response.

    The pain was absolutely immense and Leslie knew it was only a matter of time before she tore out his throat like she'd done to that cop.


    "Hold on! If it's blood you're looking for, I know exactly where you can get it! Just stop...licking me!" Leslie shouted as the vampire blinked before narrowing her eyes as she lapped up one last trail of blood off Leslie's face before stepping back as the rain certainly made some of her features stand out more than others. Gripping onto his fractured wrist, Leslie laid it on his lap as he glanced up at the chick who had brutally disposed of two officers and then was going to slowly make a meal out of him.

    "That so, Rags? Whatcha got in mind? More killer failures like yourself, heh heh.." The vampire snickered but Leslie ignored the comment. He was in almost too much pain to think straight let alone exchange barbs.

    "It's the chick who stopped us. She's got 'powers' like you wouldn't believe. She's got a whole group of friends that have powers! Certainly their blood has to taste a whole lot richer than mine? They'd probably be able to put up a hell of a better fight. I can lead you to them. But you gotta let me go!"

    It was a gamble and Leslie knew it. She might have just claimed he was doing it to save his scrawny ass and she'd gobble him down like a juicebox. But it wasn't often that he was at someone's mercy and he wasn't going to screw this up if he could help it. Which meant that even if it meant a run-in with Kido again, he'd do it if it avoided getting him stuck his six feet under. Much to his relief however, the woman seemed to buy Leslie's story as she pulled out her sunglasses and slipped them on.


    "I'll admit it, Rags. You went and got my attention that's for damn sure. Ain't chowed down on folks with oddities like that in a long time! Sure beats munching on the odd hobo. Now, you'll be a good little errand boy and lure me to them, won't you?" She'd say as she stroked Leslie's cheek. "'Course you will cause the alternative is I eat you and you wouldn't want that! Name's Camilla, Rags. Nice to meet ya. Now, hang on a second. This is only going to sting for a bit.."

    With that she pulled Leslie up roughly by the cover of his shirt and leaned in to bite his neck. Only unlike the cops, she was gentler with Leslie and only took as much blood as she felt she needed. Pulling her fangs out, she let Leslie drop to the ground as he immediately placed a hand on where he'd been bitten. Noticing how quickly Leslie was to see if something was wrong, Camilla cackled. More like a witch than a vampire really.

    "Hahaha! No need to get your panties in a twist, Rags! If I wanted to kill you then your head wouldn't be attached and well, we wouldn't be talking for one. No, you're going to become like me! My cute murdering errand boy.~ Do you know what your first task will be?" She grabbed Leslie's sickle and placed it in his hand and then gestured to the corpses.

    "Cut em up, throw em in the dumpster. Don't need the corpses laying out in broad daylight. After that's done? We'll work out our plan." With that Camilla patted Leslie's head as the killer rose to his feet. She was right after all, the pain had only been there for a moment and no more. His wrist even seemed to reset itself and soon it'd be as good as new. Was this what fate had in store for him? To become a member of the undead?

    Well, most slasher villains became supernatural in the sequels at one point or another. Maybe it was finally Leslie Vernon's turn?


    ~~~Cafeteria, Fuchu Prison~~~

    Mickey Altieri was a man with simple goals in life. Get an education, become a mass murderer using the persona that'd been created by two insane high-schoolers, and get a fabulous trial! Instead, he ended up having to sever his dominant arm and got stuck with a life sentence in one of Tokyo's more well-known prisons.

    What a way to go, right?

    Having at least smuggled in a cell-phone to communicate with ChromeSkull who was on Death Row and lined up to be executed as soon as possible, which didn't spell good things either. But at least Mickey still got to go and mingle which was actually part of Chrome's plan.


    Mickey for the life of him couldn't even fathom what the heck he'd done! He was the one who had to sever his own arm! Chrome just stabbed in the stomach, boo-fuckity-hoo! Tucking the cellphone away as the guards came to let him out to the cafeteria, Mickey followed behind. Eventually settling in the cafeteria, Mickey propped his elbow on the table as he glanced around.


    So who the hell here was ChromeSkull/Ghostface material?


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  3. With the matter of the couch settled, the group went out to the local department store to grab the couch they wanted. It was a fairly cloudy day, the air a little heavy, but the group paid it little mind. Momo Kisaragi, however, felt it fit the mood pretty perfectly. Her mood, at least. Why'd she have to lose to her brother of everyone? But she wouldn't let that actually get her down. It was no big deal in the long run anyway!

    Though, for being the winner, Shintaro didn't seem particularly excited. He could really care less about what they got, but if it was up to him, he definitely wanted to avoid a bright yellow couch. Heck, he wondered who would even want something crazy flashy like that. Besides his pop idol sister, of course.

    The group walked down the streets fairly happily, Kido's power giving them as much privacy as they needed. They weren't invisible, per se, but for their purposes, it was even better. Nobody would pay the group of teens wearing hoodies any undue attention, and they were free to walk and talk as they liked. And for Momo, it carried the extra benefit of cancelling out her own power.

    Making their way into the department store, Momo swiped her card to purchase the couch.

    But as it turned out, the store was a bit cheap, and wouldn't deliver the couch to their house. They had been expected to be able to move the couch themselves.


    "Couldn't you guys have researched this beforehand..." Shintaro sighed before Kano shrugged and laughed.


    "Well, nothing we can do about that. So who should move it, huh, leader?"


    "Uh, I many people does it take to move a couch? Can we even do it if we all work together? It's not a one person job, at least."


    "U-um, can I get a refund?"

    "No returns, sorry."

    " stupid brother is probably not going to be of any use here, even though he's a guy..."

    "I didn't even want any part of this!"

    "Don't be so mean, Kisaragi."

    As Mickey sat in the cafeteria, a woman who seemed to still be in her teens dropped by at his table, taking a seat in front of him, but a little bit offset. Despite being a prisoner like him, she appeared to somehow have a book in hand, her eyes focused more on the text than the food she was eating.

    But before long, she shut the book with one hand and looked at the one-armed man.


    "You. You're the Ghostface killer, correct? Imprisoned for life due to multiple accounts of manslaughter and illegal travel to Japan."

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  4. As the Gang had headed off to get the couch they decided on, Leslie and Camila were still dealing with rather grisly business. Having been turned into a creature of the night himself to avoid being turned into lunch, Leslie had been put in the role of 'grunt' once again as he finally finished chopping the two cops Camila had snacked on into fleshy bits. The reasoning for it was simple enough. She didn't want more vampires running around and stealing her food. Leslie was an exception because as a vamp, he was less prone to keeling over until Camila got what she wanted out of him.

    For his part, Leslie wasn't too keen on the whole transformation into an undead being bit. Sure, it gave him super strength and the ability to kill people with just a bite. But he could kill people with his sickle and now he had to wear heavy clothing lest the sun roast him. It was a good thing Christianity wasn't too big in Japan or else he might have had crosses to worry about too! But the absolute worst part had to be the constant aching in his stomach. It wanted him to go and drink someone's blood but Leslie found the idea absolutely revolting! Vampires may have considered themselves superior to humans and Leslie wasn't going to argue that fact after Camila effortlessly snapped his wrist but they had once been humans. Which left this uncomfortable feeling of cannibalism in his mind.

    Given he had barely survived his encounter with the Sawyers and with Kido, Leslie wanted to stay as far away from any traces of cannibalism as he could. No matter how much his stomach may have protested. Standing up and wiping the blood off his overalls, Leslie looked towards Camila.

    "Hey, the job's done. What'd you want me to do with this?"

    "Ain't it obvious, Rags? I want you to gobble it all up. Eat the real juicy bits." Camila said as her eyes flashed red once more and Leslie recoiled. "Y-You're not serious, right...?"

    "Of course...I'm not! Hahahah! Oh man, you should have seen the look on your face! You were all 'I GOTTA EAT PEOPLE??' like fuckin duh! That's the price that comes with being a vampire. Well, along with not being able to walk in sunlight without protection, no reflection, no religious icons, etc. But, nah fuckig with you aside just toss em in the dumpster. Some poor sap's bound to find them but ain't our problem. We're just cleaning up our mess." Camila said as Leslie grabbed as many of the mutilated bits as he could.

    "You mean your mess.." Leslie grumbled as he opened up the dumpster and began to dump the bits in. Sensing the hostility in Leslie's tone, Camila pulled down her sunglasses slightly and bared her fangs. "You want I do what those cops were gonna do and leave you as just a stain on the pavement, Rags?" Knowing full well that she could probably follow through on her threat even though he was a vampire as well, Leslie held up his hands. "Hey, no sweat off my nose. Your mess is my mess." Continuing to dump the rest of the parts in, Leslie let out a sigh of relief as Leslie submitted to her.

    Once he had finished, Camila grinned as she folded up her sunglasses and tucked them away again. "Nicely done, Rags! I feel sorry for the poor fucker who's gonna take out the garbage and sees those! But we better get moving. C'mon, I don't feel like walking. Let's shift and fly back to my place." The vampire exclaimed before Leslie raised an eyebrow. What the hell did she mean shift and fly?

    "Oh, uh shit that's right. You're new to this whole thing. Well, you probably know how vamps turn into bats right? We can also turn into wolves and snakes but that's not important right now. What is important is being able to do it in the first place. Every vampire has a different bat that suits them. Just close your eyes and focus."

    Camila suggested through her body language made it clear that it was more of an order rather than anything else. Leslie had half a mind to tell her to shove off for trying to get him to do something like this. What if someone swatted him out of the air or something? What if a kid hit him with his slingshot? So many things that could go wrong. But he liked his head right where it was so the serial killer closed his eyes and focused on becoming a bat and soon?

    Camila would have looked like a giant! Glancing up at her, Bat!Leslie was surprised as she pulled out what appeared to be a miniature bottle as she reached down to pick up Bat!Leslie and stuffed the bottle in his mouth.


    This was incredibly degrading in Leslie's opinion. Weren't they supposed to get flying or something? How would he able to fly with this bottle in his mouth? Though he did have to admit that whatever was in this bottle tasted absolutely delicious. But it sure as hell didn't taste like blood. Which meant he wasn't a vampire bat. What kind of bat was he? Setting Bat!Leslie on the ground, Camila smiled at him. "Well, would you look at that? Seems like the cutest things can pop up from the ugliest soil. You're an adorable little fruit bat."

    Bat!Leslie let out a series of annoyed sounding squeaks in defiance of the 'ugly' comment. Sure, looks weren't important to a serial killer. But he sure as hell wasn't ugly! Tempted to just spit out the bottle, Leslie watched as Camila finally underwent her transformation. It seemed a lot more graceful than his which had looked like a horror show in comparison with Leslie's human body hideously shifting to become a Fruit Bat. Whereas Camila's transformation could have almost been called beautiful with how easily the transition was.


    Eventually, she'd finish like Leslie had and a Vampire Bat crawled over to poke noses with Bat!Leslie. As the two squeaked at eachother, Bat!Camila made it obvious what she wanted. Stepping behind Bat!Leslie, she climbed atop his back and Bat!Leslie really wished he could have rolled his eyes as he took flight and began to soar off from the scene. He obviously didn't have the slightest clue of where he was going and he still kept the bottle in his mouth. As he flew around, he'd eventually find Camila's home thanks to her squeaks pointing him in the right direction.

    Touching down upon the sidewalk, Bat!Camila climbed off Bat!Leslie's back and began to shift into her normal form with the same elegance that she had when going into her bat form. Flicking a strand of stray hair back into place, Camila smiled as she picked up Bat!Leslie and brought him towards her house. Though given the dismissive sounding squeaks Bat!Leslie gave, he didn't seem too impressed with the digs.


    "Yeah? What, you expect me to be kicking back in a fancy castle or something? I know being a vampire is built up to be this really extravagant thing in the flicks, Rags. But even a vampire's gotta scrounge by when the economy's low." Opening up her front door, Camila shut it behind her and Bat!Leslie finished sipping the juice that was in his bottle as Camila chuckled and tucked it away. "Alright, Rags. Try transforming back. Oh, don't knock anything over by the way or I'll kill ya."

    Letting out another series of squeaks which earned him only laughter from the vampire, Leslie shifted back into his human form after a bit of trouble or two and once he was all back to normal, his eye widened at the mess he was stuck in!

    "Holy shit!"


    There was barely enough room to walk around with records, laserdiscs, and who knew what else? They were all packed away in neat and tidy shelves but there was just so much of the stuff! He was pretty sure he even saw some stuff that was around when he'd been a kid! How old was Camila supposed to be? "...So you can't afford a decent place to live but you can afford records from under the sun?" Leslie quipped and Camila snarled at him.

    "Watch your fuckin tongue, Rags! You're in the prescence of greatness! I got some of the best here! I got The Clash, The Ramones, the Dead Kennedys, the Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, you name it! I've got it and it's here! I even got laserdisc, CEDs, Betamax, you name it and I probably got it!

    The mention of CEDs and Betamax completely soared past Leslie's view of understanding as he shrugged. He'd never been a big fan of this kinda stuff. Only thing that interested him were horror stories and the news when it covered murders. "Yeah? Why don't you go ahead and play it for me then?"

    Grinning at the idea as if she were a kid on Christmas Day, Camila pulled a record off the shelf and skipped over with a bit of a hop and a prep in her step as she pulled out the record from it's sleeve.

    "This is actually the last album by The Ramones. They disbanded not too long after and soon, they were dropping like flies. But I'm telling you, Rags! Once a Ramones fan, always a Ramones fan! Always right to the end of days!" Thrusting a fist up into the air to a rather bored expression on Leslie's face, he couldn't help but frown. For a vampire which was supposed to tear people's throats out and act as if it were nothing, this one was quite excitable and seemed to have a hard-on for the Eighties!

    "!Adioa Amigos! I don't wanna grow up! Let's go!"

    As the music played, Camila grabbed onto Leslie's hand and dragged him off to explore the rest of her house. She was in a fever pitch of nostalgia and with the Ramones on her side, she wasn't going to let this slide! Showing off her bathroom, Leslie blinked at just what the hell he was looking at. It was certainly the least scary restroom he had seen but something about it creeped him out all the same.


    Maybe it was the random bin sitting on the sink. Because for a fanboy of serial killers-turned vampire-even Leslie had some affection for the Big G. Though one question did linger in Leslie's mind. "Hey, how the hell did you get all of these-" Leslie was dragged away before his question would get answered. Reaching Camila's bedroom, Leslie noted it smelled of weed as he was flung onto the bed.


    This place was about as eighties as eighties got! Posters, album covers all taped to the wall. Some pretty neat Grim Reaper animatronic sitting on the shelf with a Good Guy doll and someone else Leslie didn't know. Leslie recognized the brand right off the bat. The Good Guy series was the brand of doll that the serial killer Charles Lee Ray sealed his soul in to become 'Chucky.' and well, Leslie guessed he counted as 80s. Though as he shifted around on the bed, he threw up his hands.

    "So, are we done? Or are you finally gonna let me tell you who you gotta eat?" Leslie muttered, somewhat exasperated as Camil kicked some clothes off her chair before leaning into it as she nodded. "Shoot."

    "I didn't personally meet the others but I know they all got some kind of crazy power. One of them can look at you and make it so you focus all of your attention on them. Another one can paralyze you in place and the one that's the real pain in the ass and the leader of them? The one that did this to me?" Leslie gestured to his gaping eyesocket which happened to be missing an eyeball due to Kido. "Name's Kido Tsubomi, sixteen-seventeen ish, green hair, red eyes, purple hoodie, green pants. Kind of a bitch." That last part was mainly Leslie being bitter due to the whole eye thing but eh.

    Taking all of this information in stride, Camila rose to her feet and reached under her bed. Pulling out a guitar case, she opened it to reveal not a guitar but a katana in it's sheath of all things! Before Leslie could even question why, Camila beat him to the punch. "Had a guitar years ago. Lost the actual guitar in a bet, found a katana and kept it in here so if a fucker managed to stake me, he'd never realize what was in here and he'd probably pawn it off."


    Tossing her jacket off onto the bed, Camila's amazing physique was shown off even more as she strapped the sheath of the katana to her waist. "Teens with powers, huh? Sound like they'll be real tasty if they managed to beat a real killer like you~" Camila teased though Leslie ignored it in favor of making one thing clear. "You can chow down on the other kids, but you leave Kido for me. You got that?" Raising an eyebrow at Leslie's demand, Camila shrugged her shoulders. "You want a piece of that superpowered ass be my guest." Camila started before she lashed out and gripping Leslie by the neck, she lifted him off the bed.

    "Heh, heh, just fucking with ya. You ain't leaving unless you get my expressed permission. Don't need you going around stirring up shit and tying it back to me. I've been running a good thing for a while now and the last thing I need is an ametur screwing things up. I'll convince Kido to come here one way or another and then you can have at her, you got it?" Leslie couldn't speak on account of the hand firmly grasping his throat but he nodded his head yes.

    "Good! But it's too bad your word ain't good enough, Rags." Dragging Leslie off for the umpteenth time, Camila opened up her basement door and flung the vampire roughly down the stairs. Making her way down after Leslie, she pushed him up against the nearest support beam and grabbing some rebar she kept down here in case she needed a late night snack but didn't feel like going out, she'd tie it around Leslie's wrists.

    "W-Why are you doing this?! I wouldn't even cause any trouble! I'd chop anyone that I ate! Not that I even want to eat..." Leslie mumbled but Camila wouldn't have it. Pleased once the rebar was tight, Camila made her way up the stairs. "Don't sweat it, Rags! I'll be back before you know it!" Without another word, Camila made her way up the stairs and shut the door behind her.



    ~~Shibuya District~~

    "Masataka! The kitchen garbage can has been overflowing and you didn't notice it?!"

    "I-I'm sorry, Mom! I'll take it out right now!"

    Grumbling under his breath, Masataka pulled out the garbage bag from his kitchen's can and made his way out through the backdoor. He was lucky enough to live right next to an alleyway with a dumpster nearby so he could dump it and forget it. Though he may not want to have opened this dumpster...



    Having been set out to find Leslie Mancuso and murder him before he struck again, it seemed like it was too late for Akio Aburame and co as his cell-phone rang and his ringtone blared through the squad car. One that unfortunately seemed rather fitting. Whether Akio or his comrades knew it or not.

    "Hey, any reason why you have that as your ringtone?"

    "Have a thing for American films, their horror films especially. Fright Night's one of the better ones. But I'm telling you after dealing with guys like Cromeans and Altieri, real life is getting to be scarier than any horror movie. Turn the car around, got some panicked mom calling about body parts her son found in the dumpster behind their house. From the clothing on the parts, they think they may be cops." Akio muttered as he slipped his phone away and his partner looked as pale as a sheet. "You don't think it was..."

    "Don't. Speculate. Least not when we arrive at the scene. We have to contain this and bring Mancuso down before we get any more reports like this. When Cromeans hangs and Ghostface keels over? I'll be a much happier man, Ichiro."

    Arriving at the scene, Akio saw that there were already squad cars there. Well, more the merrier he supposed. Though less might have been better so as not to let this blow out of proportion. "Stay in the car, Ichiro." Akio murmured to his partner as he stepped out and towards the dumpster where autopsy specialists were already looking over the bits.


    "Aside from terrifying the living daylights out of the youth, what did you deduce?" Akio asked as they all turned towards Akio with each body part in seperate baggies so as not to contaminate the evidence. "From what we could find that the throat seemed to have been torn before slicing commenced. But it seems too jagged to have been done with any kind of knife. It almost resembles an animal's bite."

    "So, you're saying an animal ripped out these officer's throats and then chucked them in the dumpster. Because believe it or not that's exactly what I feel I'm hearing right now and let me just say, that I've already lost good men to those two serial killers. I'm not going to be jerked around while..." Realizing he was quickly letting his temper get the better of him, Akio sighed and gestured to the parts themselves. "Have you been able to identify what might have been used to sever the parts?"

    "Ah, well given the consistency that each cut has, it seems to line up with a scythe or a sickle type weapon. We'll have to look at it more closely at the lab to know for sure, run for fingerprints that whole deal. Are you going to be okay, Officer Akio? We know you've been through a lot..."


    "I'll be 'okay' when the person who did this to dear friends of mine is behind bars or dead. You guys do what you have to do, I'm going to phone the chief.." If this is how Mancuso wanted to go out? Then Akio would try to pull all the strings he could to make sure Mancuso got quite the send-off.

    ~~With the Couch Crew~~

    Having made sure Leslie wasn't going to be going anywhere and getting himself in trouble that would drag her down, Camila had set out to find this group that he spoke of. It'd been some time since she'd eaten anything other than vanilla humans. But ones with powers that might actually give her a challenge? Well, that was something you didn't exactly see everyday. With headphones slotted over her head and her phone tucked away in her pocket, Camila strolled the streets making sure to stay in the shade as much as she could with her sleeves pulled along her arms and her jeans, she did her best to blot out the intense rays of the sun.

    If she had just walked out in shorts and a tanktop, she'd be KFC'ed in no time flat. Still wasn't too good to loiter around even as the day drew down but she could handle it at least for a while now. She had to admit that she kind of liked having Leslie around! Sure, he was a serial killer who was apparently wanted by the police and had done so bad that they were gonna kill his ass but he was also like the little brother she never had!

    But she couldn't just let him go after this Kido himself. Given how badly he talked of her, chances are he'd get too savage and things would spiral outwards and there went everything Camila had seen in a nightmare scenario. Best case scenario was that she lured these peeps back to her place and Leslie got to chow down on Kido down in the basement. As Camila was about to pass a store however, she glanced over and saw a girl that fit Leslie's description of Kido exactly!


    "Looks like Lady Luck's playing for the undead team this go-around, heh, heh..."

    Making her way towards the group, Camila stepped inside the store and blinked as she caught a glance at Momo. Huh, for what would soon be lunch that girl was pretty damn hot. Almost made Camila feel bad for how this was all going to play out. But it'd be for the best! Well, maybe not for hot girl but for Camila? Happy ending all the way! Making her way over, Camila curiously peered at the couch they were surrounding.

    "Hate to intrude and all but couldn't help but notice you guys eyeing this particular couch. Been around this store enough myself to know how they operate." Shooting a glare at the person who had sold them the couch, Camila easily picked up the couch with one hand and held it over her shoulder. "But I think it's about time for the good samaritan deed of the day, eh?"


    Well, this was an interesting turnabout. Someone who actually knew who he was and gave a rat's ass? Most people who saw Mickey's mug usually shrugged it off as they figured ChromeSkull to be the real threat-hence why he was getting executed and why Mickey wasn't-but Mickey didn't see it like that. They were just too afraid to confront him! That was all it was. Given how the 1st Ghostface Killers had massacred their own band of friends, he supposed it couldn't be helped.

    Pushing his tray of food away as Minami approached him however, Mickey nodded.

    "Yup. Mickey Alitieri, 2nd Ghostface Killer. What can I do for you, Ms....?"

    C'mon hotstuff give the serial killer something to work with!


  5. Not one person in the Mekakushi Dan could hide their surprise. Not at some stranger trying to help them, as some people were certainly that overly friendly type, but the fact they could pick up a couch on their own was insane. And a girl at that! That was way too conspicuous and crazy! For kids who had powers of their own they could at least believe the sight before them, the sight reminding them of another gentle boy they knew named Konoha.

    But the way she spoke, acted, and looked were all completely different. Only the supernatural strength could have possibly connected them.

    Still, it wasn't like there was a better option than letting her carry it around for them. A harmless good deed, perhaps.


    "Ah, thanks for that. It probably would've been hard for us all to carry it back ourselves." Seto quickly recovered from his shock and thanked the woman. "You're a real life saver Miss...?"

    Momo simply seemed happy that she wouldn't have to be moving this huge couch all the way back, as did Kano and Marry. Though Marry seemed nervous as usual given the overbearing nature of the stranger.

    Kido and Shintaro looked on with a bit more doubt, however. Though the rest of them had powers, they'd done their best to hide the fact. Even Momo's, which naturally attracted the most attention possible, had caused her grief. What was this woman doing going around and flaunting the fact? If anyone saw, which was inevitable if she planned to walk around with this thing, what would they say? Wouldn't the police stop them, or otherwise interrogate her?

    Kido acted quickly, moving to put her hands underneath the couch as well. Thanks to this woman it took no effort, but now it looked a lot less strange. Even though carrying a couch like this was still pretty crazy. Taking the hint, Kano and Seto moved as well, both soon realizing the current lightness of the couch as well.


    "They say those who do good are rewarded. Thanks."

    They'd soon start leading her to Shintaro's apartment so as to not show them their secret hideout. Not so secret if they just showed some woman, after all.

    "Azuma. Minami Azuma. I heard you were imprisoned here, but I don't believe everything I hear. You and your partner, right?"

    Minami said little, but worded it to make Mickey seem like the important one. Though she wouldn't let him know whether that was intentional or not. She tucked the book away and extended a hand towards the serial killer.

    "Didn't expect to actually meet you here."

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  6. [​IMG]

    "Camila. Camila Bathory. Emigrated here from Hungary. Digging the place so far! Who might you guys be?"

    Camila explained joyfully as she continued to cart the couch around as if she were merely lifting a piece of paper above her head. She'd been able to tear full grown adults in half with her bare hands and could crush skulls like they were grapefruits if she felt so inclined. Doing something as mundane as moving a couch? It was child's play but hey, if it got her in good graces with her soon to be lunch, wasn't like she would complain.

    Hell, she even had a kickass song to listen to as she walked with the group! Crazy Lixx may not have been from the 80 and originated in Sweden of all places but they knew their shit. Felt like going back in time whenever she listened to one of their songs. Almost made a couch lifting operation seem pretty fucking metal! At Kido's comment, Camila snorted before adding playfully.

    "That so, huh? Well, I think I've already been gifted." She'd say flashing a grin accompanied with a wink towards Momo.

    These teens may have all had superpowers according to Rags and while she hadn't seen them in action? She really hoped she got a chance to! If this chick was the one who had the power so you had to focus all of your attention on her? Well, it'd be great to have some eyecandy as she chowed down, that's for damn sure. As the others began standing under the couch to 'help' Camila hold it, the vampire couldn't help but snicker under her breath. Were they afraid of people giving her a look over because of what she was doing? This was Japan and people could say what they wanted.

    What? Would they report a woman for being extraordinarily strong? Chances are that when the last biggest threat Japan faced were a family of rednecks who liked chili a bit too much and guys in masks and knives, reporting a vampire would get one laughed out of the place. But hey wasn't any skin off her nose in any case. She just awaited the moment she could sit down, kick her feet up, and really get to know her lunch before she ate it!



    Well, well looked like this guy had quite the head on her shoulders. She must have had connections of her own to have been able to bring that book in here. Going off how attractive she was, it didn't seem too far-fetched to assume that she charmed a guard into getting her something to pass the time in exchange for some services of her own. Of course those would just remain in Mickey's thoughts for now. He had a potential fan getting closer and closer to him. He sure as hell wasn't going to blow this.


    "You know the old saying? Don't believe everything you hear/read? Well, forget that saying because if it bleeds it leads and oh baby, I've been making a whole lot of people bleed. Namely cops who got in my way and well the bitch who got me and my partner stuck in here. You know something though? It's only really occurred to me as of late that..." Mickey glanced around before leaning in.

    "This country is full of fucking freaks."

    Sure, sure that sounded weird coming from the insane college student. But it was true and everybody else damn well knew it! In all of his brief time killing in America, he'd never come across superpowered folk like he had over here. But the irony wasn't lost on Mickey entirely.

    "I should know after all, I am one of them and so is my partner! Jesse Cromeans, aka, ChromeSkull. But you probably already know all about him." Mickey said dismissively before flashing Minami a grin. It was clear that he absolutely loved being able to get a turn to grasp at the spotlight! Someone actually wanted to talk to him instead of Chrome! Sure, it was inside of a prison in Japan but progress was progress! "Sooo, what can Ghostface do for you, Minami, hm?"

  7. [​IMG]

    "Eh?" Momo hadn't missed the wink directed her way. She was more than used to attention, but that was mostly due to her power. Kido was still around, so her power wasn't really active right now, right? What'd she mean by gifted, anyway? But she wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, so she just walked along with the others back to her brother's apartment.

    Finally setting the couch down there, silently agreeing they'd work together to move it back to the proper base later, the group took a seat on a combination of Shintaro's floor, single chair, and the new couch. Shintaro took a seat on his chair, of course, while Momo, Kido, and Marry took the couch. Seto and Kano sat on the floor, leaving an open seat on the couch for their new acquaintance.


    "Ah, a foreigner. You speak well for one. I'm Tsubomi Kido."

    "Shuuya Kano! Nice to meet you, hot stuff!" Kido threw a box of tissues at him in response.

    "Kousuke Seto. Thanks for helping out and all."

    "I'm Ene!" The small girl sitting inside Shintaro's phone greeted her, the boy lazily holding out the phone so Camila could see her.

    "I'm Momo Kisaragi! You really did us a favor here, Camila!"

    "I-I'm..." Marry stuttered before looking away.

    "Ah, she's Marry Kozakura. Don't worry, she's just a little shy. Nothing personal, you know?"


    The group stared at the one who hadn't yet introduced himself. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead while he did his best to look away from everyone. Did he really have to talk to some random lady? This "gang" of theirs was stressful enough. Geez. Sighing, he finally looked at Camila with a face that could be likened to a dead fish.


    "Shintaro Kisaragi. Airhead's older brother, unfortunately."

    "H-hey! Hold it right there, you NEET!"

    Minami leaned in to listen to what he said. Full of freaks, was it? That was how the general public would describe ESP users, probably, though he clearly hadn't meant that given how he included himself there. This man seemed little different from the rest in that regard, even though he had no qualms whatsoever with killing his fellow man. Without another word, she disappeared.

    And promptly reappeared on the other side of the table, grabbing him by the back of the head and slamming his face into the table. She dug into his pockets and took out his phone before letting him go, beginning to walk off. Opening the phone, she found the contacts he had in there, ChromeSkull being among them.

    "Thank you, Ghostface. I'll be keeping this."

    With a flat voice, she turned her back to him nonchalantly and started to move away.

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  8. [​IMG]

    "Hey, don't mention it! I'm really happy to lend a hand! Especially to a group that has cuties like you two.~"

    Camilla teased and although she briefly turned her gaze towards Kano to imply she meant him. But soon she turned towards Kido and gave her a smooch on the cheek before turning to do the same to Momo. Though with Momo, her kiss seemed to last a bit longer. "Sorry, just people back from my home country love affectionate gestures and so I thought I'd bring a bit of that with me when I moved here!"

    Plopping down onto the couch, Camila blinked as a girl within a phone seemed to wave to her. For a vampire that's likely been around longer than anyone currently in the room, it was amazing to her to see whatever the hell Ene was! "Hey, NEET-er, Shintaro! What was that cool girl you had on your phone? That's not like an app or something is it? Seems too advanced for something like that."

    Huh, she almost felt bad getting to know these guys. She was going to devour them one by one after all. They all seemed like such nice people!


    "Yeah, I'm a pretty big deal I know-" Mickey blinked as the girl seemed to vanish. Heh, he'd only been here for what a few days at the most? But was his mind already starting to lose it from realizing he'd be stuck here forever?!


    Or no, she was just another bitch with powers. It was likely enough that the guards had seen Minami's attack. But they weren't going to step in to defend the Ghostface Killer of all people. Pushing himself up, Mickey wiped at the fresh blood trail dripping down from his nose as he rose to his feet. "Powers, powers...It's always powers!" Mickey exclaimed as he rushed towards Minami t to try and tackle her.

  9. [​IMG]

    "O-oi...You know I'm a girl, right?"



    Both of the girls were caught entirely by surprise, a blush rising to both of their cheeks. Kido yanked on her hood, pulling it over her face. Momo responded by slowly raising her hand to the cheek that had been kissed. What was up with that? You didn't kiss strangers, even on the cheek like that. At least, normal people didn't. As she explained it away as a cultural difference, that did little to ease the sheepish look both of them now wore.

    The rest of the gang was equally shocked, but the one who seemed to have it the worst was Shintaro. This random woman had just kissed his sister? Was she serious?


    "What the hell do you think you're doing? And who're you calling a NEET?"

    By a complete stranger, too.

    "Master, you're actually being a responsible older brother? I'm shocked!"

    "Shut up. Ene's just a program-"

    "-a cute program!"

    "But where do you get off kissing my little sister?"

    He had a serious expression on his face, glaring daggers at the foreign woman. Even the gang, Momo included, seemed surprised. One of the rare times Shintaro wasn't being, well, Shintaro. Momo looked at him almost as if in admiration. Was he standing up for once? That NEET? Though the atmosphere was soon broken by another guy.


    "Ahaha, Japan doesn't allow same-sex marriages, but I guess you're one of those yuri girls, huh? Want us guys to leave you girls to it?"

    He was immediately treated to a roundhouse kick to the head, courtesy of one Tsubomi Kido.

    As he rushed towards her, Minami calmly turned her head over her shoulder. He was approaching like an amateur, simply trying to mindlessly grab her in some sort of sad attempt at a tackle. Perhaps it was what he'd learned from playing American football as a child, or something along those lines. Americans.

    She thrust out her leg in a side kick, planting her foot directly into Mickey's face. But just in case, she quickly recoiled the kick, stepping in to finish the job with a knee from her other leg right into Mickey's chin. Crumpling him to the floor, Minami placed a foot atop his chest.

    "Pick your fights wisely, Ghostface."

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  10. Well, those were both pleasant reactions. Camila didn't have the slightest clue what the hell Lelie was going on about. Kido seemed a bit boyish yeah but that was only as far as looks went. The way she beat up on that Kano guy and the way she blushed after a simple smooch to the cheek? It didn't seem too bitchlike to her. But the way Momo reacted got Camila's giggles coming out a bit more rapidly. Holding up one hand, she shook her head once again.

    "Hehehe, really I am sorry about that! Guess I should know better about the customs of the country I'm living in, huh? Won't happen again!"

    Giving a bow which in turn gave Kano a nice view of the vampire's cleavage, Camila blinked as Shintaro seemed to go off on him. The hell was this guy getting his knickers in a twist about? She was tempted to sock the guy right then and there. Where did he get off being as snappy was he was? So, she called him a NEET or whatever and gave his sister a smooch. He was acting as if she'd broken the law. Rising to her feet, Camila glanced over at Shintaro with narrowed eyes.


    "Where do I get off? Wherever I damn well please. Now, I apologized for what I did. Why don't you go and cool your jets, huh?"

    Camila snapped back and although nobody would have noticed that Camila had done anything but stare at Shintaro, she was actually using another one of her vampire powers. As her eyes met his, she used her ability of persuasion to convince Shintaro that yeah, maybe he did overreact just a bit. Made things a lot easier on her too. Though this guy was totally the first one getting devoured, no argument about that. But having dealt with Shintaro, Camila turned towards Momo. She'd seen plenty of attractive girls over the years but none that caught her eye like this one did.

    Turning her eyes to meet hers with Momo, Camila tried the same trick again. Only this time it was with a little less anger in her use of it. This one was just her having a bit of fun. "Now, I didn't mean to kick up any kind of fuss. You all seem like pretty fun people. Believe it or not, don't got too many pals since I moved here. If you guys ever wanna hang out, be my guest." Camila then went on to give her phone number and Momo would feel inclined to enter it into her cell-phone.

    With the deed done, Camila turned and headed for the door. "The trouble I kicked up aside? Was a real pleasure getting to meet you guys. Hope to do so again sometime!" With that the vampire was gone and as she closed the door behind her, she grinned and barely restrained a cackle. Such interesting people and she'd devour all of them!


    As the blows smashed into him and left him lying on the floor, blood ran down from Mickey's nose and his forehead as he glared at Minami. Where did she get off treating him like this? As if he was beneath her or something? What did she think he was trash or something? Not worth her time? Where the hell did she get off thinking crap like that?! So what he may not have been supernatural. He may not have had magical powers like Kido and her band of freaks and that one fucker who made him cut off hi arm. He didn't have any of that.

    But he damn well made up for it in determination. He could be knocked down and beaten black and blue but he'd just keep coming. Hell, if he hadn't passed out from the blood loss that came with losing your arm? He would have kept trying to fight Leslie and Kido even without his dominant arm! This stupid Japanese bitch wasn't going to get him down! Pushing himself up with blood running down his face, he spit onto the ground.


    "You think that's it, huh? Knock me down, a little taunt, and you walk off scot free? The Ghostface Killer doesn't give up that easily!" Mickey yelled as he swung towards Minami to try and clock her right in the face.


  11. A perverted grin crossed Kano's face momentarily before Camila suddenly went off on Shintaro. And, well, he folded.


    "...Yeah, my bad. Just, er, different cultures or something, right? Sorry, uh, Camila."

    Somehow, he didn't feel totally right saying that, but he felt like he just had to for some reason. Maybe he had been a little too rude after all.

    "Ah, typical master, backing down as always." Ene sighed.

    "Shut up."

    Momo felt a strange feeling run through her body as Camila spoke and handed her her number. As if it were the most important thing in the world, she quickly typed the number into her phone and sent her a message that said "Idol Momo Kisaragi! <3"


    "I'd love to hang out sometime! Call me too, okay?"

    The rest of the gang gave her a wave and good-bye, before deciding how they'd move the couch to their actual base...

    Minami parried the strike with her arm before throwing her elbow into Mickey's nose in response. She didn't even need to use her teleporting ability to take care of someone like this. Without another word, she simply took out Mickey's phone and began searching through his contacts and message history.

    @Chewy Rabbits
  12. [​IMG]

    "Apology accepted, Shintaro!~"

    Flashing the boy a friendly smile, it hid away Camila's true feelings. Which were that of a mocking nature. This fool had been played like a fiddle and he didn't even know it! But where did he get off talking to her like that? She had the strength to literally break him in two over her knee and he thought he could yell at her? Well, nobody could yell at her. Not ever again. Watching happily as Momo sent her a message, Camila grinned. "Pleasure is all mine, Momo."

    Once she was outside the apartment and making her way home, Camila continued to do her best to avoid direct sunlight. She could tell that part of her skin was already starting to blister due to the sunlight. Wasn't much she could do about it and sunscream wasn't going to help a supernatural affliction like this. But she wasn't going to let a weaksauce weakness like the good ol Sun get her down. She had found out her prey and even got a new phone number from a cutie! Things were looking up for Camila! Eager to get in her home and lock the door behind her, Camilla stood by the basement door with a satisfied look on her face.

    "I'm home, Rags! Sorry I took so long, one of those snot-nosed fuckers gave me a hard time! But I told him where he could stick that attitude of his! Hehehehe! Even got myself a pretty girl's number! Though I'm sure none of this shit matters to you. You just wanna know about Kido, right? The one who got away and kept on running. She seems pretty fine in my book. Both look-wise and personality. Oooh, ooh! You should have seen the way she blushed when I kissed her! I thought she was going to curl up into a little ball! Hahahaha! Well, I'll let you know the rest in a bit, Rags! I got some alone time I need to tend to!"

    Making her way into her bedroom, Camila kicked the door shut and hopped onto her bed. Putting her headphones on, Camila began to drift off to a nice sleep with a smile on her face. Didn't have to go and eat some pig's blood or put on a fake smile. Just kick back and relax.

    But every good thing must come to an end for it was as Camila's nap ended, she realized something. Although Leslie hadn't cared for her rambling, he did detest Kido and would have likely said something after she got namedropped. "...That fucker!" Camila quickly hopped out of bed and rushed into the basement. When she reached the bottom, her eyes widened and her muscles bulged. The rebar had been sent across the room and Leslie was nowhere to be seen.


    How dare he get up and just leave like that! More so after knowing full well how she'd react to it! She'd given him power, a home to stay in while the police looked for him so they could murder him in cold blood. Then this was how her kindness was repaid? Not to mention the fact that Leslie was still new to the whole vampire gig. If he went crazy with hunger he could leave a mess that Camila would have to spend days cleaning up potentially! She didn't want to have to ax the guy but he was becoming more and more of a liability with every passing moment.

    Camila's eyes flashed red and her fangs extended as she stormed out of the house and flew after Leslie. Thanks to being the one who had turned him, she could sense his movements. Most likely a fact that Leslie was not privy too before making his escape. But one he would learn all too painfully.


    With blood-soaked overalls, a worn sickle and messy hair, Leslie looked like the picture of ragged. The only difference of course was that Leslie wasn't just ragged, he was a vampire! One that had a bit of a problem controlling his hunger and the urges that came with being one of the undead. He hadn't asked for this power but had it thrust upon him in the heat of the moment. With all that he had done while Camila went to hang out with the gang? Leslie wished that she had killed him right on the spot.

    Slumping quietly into an alleyway, Leslie sketched two crosses into each of the opposite walls. So that when Camila noticed he was gone and came looking? She wouldn't even be able to get close. Of course she could have tried flying overhead in batform but no doubt she'd be too angry to think straight. She would want to make Leslie pay for what he'd done and if Leslie had a choice? He would have done the same in her shoes! He had seen himself as a necessary of the fight of good vs evil. But now what was he but the second-rate lackey to this vampire bitch? Had he become her Ghostface?


    The moment he resigned himself to becoming her Ghostface would also be the moment where he plunged a stake into his heart. That is if course if that actually did kill a vampire and all of pop culture hadn't lied to him. But in this case he knew he'd be in for it if she got a hold of him. He had left quite the mess in his wake but he'd taken steps to avoid certain 'problems' from popping up. Surely she'd listen when she showed up and they could avoid any trouble. Ah, there she was!

    "Camila? Listen, I can explain-"

    Camila held up a hand to stop Leslie and as if he were a trained dog, Leslie silenced himself as Camila began to speak.


    "I had thought I was pretty clear with this whole thing. I find the gang, kill everyone except Kido. Bring her back to my place, throw her in the basement and you can have your own little degenerate way with her. Or whatever it is you want with her, I couldn't care less. But then I see drops of blood here, there while following after you. I lapped it up, Rags and you know something? It's not your blood which means you must have gone out to feed. Which, hey I'm not gonna judge too harshly on that but you did dispose of the bodies didn't you?"

    Leslie seemed to freeze up at the question and Camila wasn't pleased. Taking a step forward, Camila paused as she suddenly felt a burning sensation on both of her arms. Hissing as she jumped back, she noticed crosses etched onto the walls. So, this guy had done his homework about vampires at least. But Camila couldn't help but still flash a little bit of a smirk at the serial killer as she continued foward, seemingly unimpeded by the crosses.

    "You seem to know your shit about vampires, Rags. But you fucked up on one thing, pal. These symbols here-these signs of holy protection? You have to have faith for them to work on me." With that the cross symbols burst into flames and Leslie was left to hold up his hands and shake them from side to side as Camila was quite annoyed with how things had been proceeding. To the point that her usual beautiful facade shattered and Leslie got a true look at this vampire's lovely face.


    "What'd you do with the bodies, Rags?! You chopped them up and disposed of them, right?! You're enough of a handful, I don't need a bunch of brainless fuckers wandering the streets! People are still cheering because those two American killers got caught. Can you imagine the media frenzy that would be kicked up if we had hordes of the living dead roaming around!? I'd have to go on the run and you? Oh, fucker I'd stake you like there was no tomorrow! Now, I'm gonna ask again. Where are the bodies?!"

    "I-I buried them!"

    "..You buried them, eh? I presume you chopped them up first?"

    "Yeah! I'm not an idiot! I know what's to be done when eating your fill! Now, can you let me go? I'll come back with you to your place or whatever-" Leslie was taken aback as he was whipped through the nearest wall, leaving a rather noticeable hole in it.


    Coughing up a wad of smoke as he pushed debris off himself, Leslie was taken aback as Camila threw him over her shoulder like one would a rowdy child. He was tempted to comment that her leaving such a noticeable hole would have been quite problematic to people who passed by. But it seemed likely that she wasn't in much of a mood for listening to anything he had to say. "Oh Rags, when we get back to my place, you are going to be so far up shit creek."

    In Camila's eagerness to see to it that Leslie was punished however for what he'd done, the 'stiffs' that Leslie had buried?


    Turns out they weren't big fans of it.


    Mickey collapsed to the ground yet again. Only this time he didn't get up, not just because of the pain which was grueling in of itself. But because of the shame! Here he was getting beaten down by yet another person with powers! Was this just his rotten lot in life? To go from person to person, each one with different powers meant to kick his ass? As Mickey contemplated his life, a new message popped up onto the screen.


  13. Kido sighed in relief as the woman left, a bit of the strange air in the room vanishing with Camila. She sort of seemed nice enough, but she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was just off. Logically there was nothing that she could really point to, but it was just...intuition, perhaps.

    But, whatever, they wouldn't have to worry about her too much. Maybe she could just give Momo a word of warning or something later. For now, they hired a truck driver to drive the couch over close by to the base, from which they carried it in by hand. None of them were particularly strong, so they were all a bit tired after all that. Deciding to split for the day, Kido, Marry, and Seto all went to rest up in their respective rooms while Shintaro went back to his apartment.

    That left Kano and Momo. Kano headed out without telling anyone where he was going, ending up hanging out at a CD store. Momo simply walked around, still being full of energy as usual. Maybe she'd run into Hibiya, or someone!

    Minami quickly sent back a message of her own.

    "Not Mickey. You could use someone better. Meet at the cafeteria ASAP."

    Quick and to the point. The sooner she could meet with this ChromeSkull and ascertain his usefulness, the better.

    @Chewy Rabbits

  14. The night seemed nice and calm for Momo, after all the serial killers Kido had fought were locked up! No way those dirtbags would ever see sunlight and good riddance to horrible people! But tonight there were terrors far more dangerous than any pyscho in a ski mask chopping up girls with an axe! No, the dangers that lurked these streets were of the supernatural variety and they were making themselves rather known! Rapid footsteps could have been heard coming closer and closer to Momo until a man slammed right into her, sending both of them tumbling to the ground.

    "A-Ah, I'm sorry! Gotta get out of here! The fucker bit me, he bit me!" The man shouted as he quickly scrambled to his feet and raced off into the night. Screaming about a 'fucker' that apparently bit him and if Momo turned to look at the man? She'd have seen that while for the most part he seemed rather ordinary, something stood out alright.


    "Oh god, I can hear it following me! RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"

    The man yelled as blood continued to drip from what appeared to be a savage looking bite-mark on his shoulder. The wound looked like it could have come from a number of any kind of wild animal but what animal could have been loose in the city?!

    It's at that point Momo likely could have heard the shuffling. The sound of a foot with a broken ankle still being dragged along the street as the one behind said sound came into view. Their attire was ragged and caked with dirt as if they'd undergone some kind of premature burial and you know what? You'd be right on the money. With decomposing flesh and an insatiable appetite for human flesh, the creature turned it's attention towards Momo and let out a bone chilling moan as it lurched towards her with it's hands outstretched.



    Blood caked the zombie's jaw and messy blonde hair was in tatters on it's head. That and the signs of wear and tear the body had gone through showed just how half-assed Leslie had been in dealing with his would-be victims. Which in turn left them to rise up and get meals of their own. Though zombies were a bit less subtle about how they went eating their food. But speaking of the one who was responsible for the rise in these rotting monsters, what was Leslie up to at the moment?

    "Do we really have to do this? I mean, you could just take me home and I could-" "No. You're not taking one step in my house looking like that. This'll be quick and easy." Camila explained as she kicked a water hydrant in half and held Leslie over the ensuing spray. Coated in blood as he was, he sure as hell wasn't tracking that shit in her house, no sir! She went through a lot of effort to clean up her messes!

    The water did it's job and washed the blood off Leslie's overalls though there was one obvious drawback. That of course being that while Leslie was squeaky clean, he was absolutely soaked to the bone! "Well, great. You went and got me all wet. Look, can we go home yet??"

    Cupping a hand over Leslie's mouth, Camila tried to think of an alternate solution. She could have easily just let Leslie drip-dry and gave him a towel when they got home. But that meant having to listen to his bitching the whole walk there and who wanted to do that? No, she had another method in mind. One that fit her vampire nature. Setting Leslie down but grabbing his hand, Camila headed off towards the nearest bar.

    "Wait, what the hell are we gonna do here-" Leslie started before he was shoved into a nearby alleyway as Camila watched one of the likely drunken patrons stumble out of the bar and grinned. "Hey buddy! Looking for some action to go along with that alcohol?"

    The vampire called out to the man who grinned at her. Well well, looked like Lady Luck was shining down on him. He'd just won a drinking contest among his buddies from work and now a hot chick wanted a piece of him? It almost seemed too good to be true! "Depends on what kinda action you're looking for, hot stuff~"

    Watching patiently as the man approached her, it wasn't until he was close enough to grab that Camila lowered her shades. Revealing her blood red eyes as she gripped the man by the neck and lifted him off his feet. "The kind that leaves you dead, hot stuff."

    Digging into the poor guy's neck with her fangs, Camila gulped down as much blood as she could. The guy was a drunkard which impaired his decision-making ability. Even if the chick's a smoking hot babe, you never approach someone when they're standing in an alleyway! It just won't be good for your health! But while Camila finished her drink and was about to start mutilating the body, she stripped the corpse of it's clothes and tossed them over to Leslie. "Get into em, now."

    "How do you even know if these are my size-"

    "I don't. Guy looked skinny as you though, Rags. So I'm sure they'll fit. Now, get a goddamn move on!"

    Grumbling as he began to strip down, Leslie couldn't even begin to describe how demeaning this felt! He was a serial killer who was going to break new ground, become notorious for his killing sprees. Instead, he ended up in Japan with a bunch of killers who ended up getting hit with the book and now here he was playing second fiddle to a vampire who treated him like the hired help. That and he may have unleashed a mess of zombies upon the masses but what Camila didn't know wouldn't get him into deep trouble.


    "So? Are we done now? You got your meal for the night, I got a new pair of clothes. Can we finally head back so you can chain me up again or-" Leslie paused as both him and Camila saw what appeared to be a zombie shuffling past them and after a hapless victim.

    "Rags, what the fuck did I just see?"

    "...Uh, a zombie?"

    "So far as I know, you and I are the only vamps in this entire goddamn country. Which means that the only way these rotting fuckers could have come about is because of us. I always make sure to mutilate my meals so they don't come back. Which means.." Camila's face took on the same monstrous visage that it had earlier as she turned towards Leslie. "I-I buried them! I don't know what happened!"

    "YOU FUCKED UP! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED! YOU...Ugh!" Camila threw Leslie over her shoulder and raced after the zombie. Who knew how many of these fuckers were shambling around the neighborhood!?

    Chrome was amused by the response. Had it been a guard, Chrome would have likely been beaten black and blue by this point. Who knows? He might not have even made it to his execution. They would have dealt with him right then and there. No, this was someone who had likely got the phone from Mickey through force-not a difficult task all things considered-and was trying to smoothtalk him themselves.

    Well, he supposed he could humor them and see how this turned out. Best to come out of this mess better than when he went in. That of course implying he got his message off to Sal and Wada in time.



  15. [​IMG]

    "Wh-what...? Mister, a-are you o-okay?"

    What the heck was up with this guy? He looked like he'd come right off of a movie set, and was stumbling her way! She wasn't the kind to really fear stuff like haunted houses and such unlike a certain other girl, but seeing it randomly in the middle of the city when she was alone was more than a bit unnerving.

    And then when he lurched forward, that just sealed the deal! She wasn't going to stick around to find out what kind of crazy this guy was!

    "Somebody! Heeeelp!"

    Momo cried for help as she turned and ran in a beeline away from the man. Who knew what this guy's intentions were, and she didn't want to know either!

    Inconvenient. Minami sighed at ChromeSkull's response. To be honest, she had no experience with prison, but she still should have expected this. Death row was rather serious, after all. She began to type up her response.

    "Understood. Minami Azuma. You help me with your connections, and I lend you my power. Your partner can attest to my capabilities."

    @Chewy Rabbits

  16. [​IMG]


    The zombie's moans only seemed to grow more and more intense as Momo ran further and further away. She might have been in disbelief at what was happening but the reality was so frightfully true. The zombie was a poor victim of Leslie's who had gotten so caught up in his bloodlust that he had bitten more people than he knew what to do with. This of course played in his goal however which was to piss Camila of to no end. The effect was somewhat lost however when the zombies were running amok and Camila had her hands on the serial killer.

    But the zombies were blissfully unaware of their past lives. All they knew now was to capture the living and devour their flesh. Even as bits of flesh and bone dripped onto the floor, he wouldn't stop pursuing Momo until he felt his succulent flesh falling down his throat. Or well at least until he had a boot smash into the back of his head and forced him down. The zombie's arms flailed as Camila looked down at him in disgust.

    "You see what you do, Leslie? You created a goddamn monster!"


    "But Camila-"

    "Enough!" Camila shouted as she forced the heel of her boot down. Caving in the zombie's skull and making sure that he stayed dead this time around. Of course this wasn't the only zombie. Not by a longshot. "You're sooooo fucking lucky I don't make you lick the brains off my-Huh? Isn't that Momo..?"

    "I dunno, I only ever got to meet Kido."

    "MOMO! HEY!"

    "...There goes any form of subtely."


    Oh? Well, he supposed the fact that she had defeated Mickey and snatched the phone from him wasn't too surprising. But it didn't speak too well in terms of feats however. Kido, an otherwise regular teenage girl had managed to escape from Mickey all on her own. So what made this girl defeating him any different? Other than the fact that she wanted a team up with him?


    Thinking it over for a moment, Chrome sighed before adding another message.


  17. Momo had been panting from exhaustion as she ran away. She wasn't out of shape by any means, but that didn't really matter when she was running from some crazed man who looked to be from a seedy part of town! Though as Camila appeared, she couldn't hide her surprise.

    "...Camila? What're you doing here?"

    She looked down at the fallen zombie in disbelief. Did...did she do that? To a human head? Was she even human?

    "I am a professional. That is all you need to know. As for your partner, he has simply been put in his place, his life and bodily functions are not in danger."

    Minami had few words to spare, even to someone whose help she was trying to enlist.

    @Chewy Rabbits
  18. [​IMG]

    "E-Eh?! O-Oh! I was just on a night jog with my friend here! Heard you screaming and came to help! "

    It wasn't THAT much of a stretch. After all, it was during the night that Camila really got to work her stuff! During the day she had to bundle up and hope she didn't end up as a pile of ashes. But as Leslie nudged her in the side, she glanced down and noticed her boot was still drenched in rotten grey matter. Sheepishly pulling it out and scraping the sole of her boot on the ground, Camila tried to give off a friendly smile.

    "I know we only just met and all, but I can't stand to see a friend in danger y'know? Whether it's a purse snatcher, some asshole, or whatever this guy was then I'll help." Taking this as a moment to look over Momo's body, Camila stepped forward and reached out to try and gently grasp Momo's hand.

    "But, I'll really know if I did a shit job or not if I know how you're doing. Did you get hurt or anything, Momo?"


    Leslie couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. The friend of the very same brat who had cost him and eye and left him in such a poor condition that he barely escaped from the police. Though, he supposed that was something to thank Camila for, if it hadn't been for her, he would have just been a corpse in a ditch. Kinda like this poor guy. Only instead of a ditch he had the unceremonious honor of having his brains plastered all over the street. Though did it really count if the guy was already dead?

    "Oh! This is my friend, Wes. Was gonna introduce you to him whenever you got a chance to hang at my place. Really didn't want our first meeting to be like this..." Camila muttered, a bit genuinely disappointed that Leslie's antics had gotten her caught up in zombie-slaying duty. But at least she had met Momo and that was always a plus when Momo was rocking that hot bod of hers.


    ChromeSkull waited before sending out his next response. This woman seemed strong enough to overpower Mickey which alone wasn't very impressive. After all, it was thanks to a teen with a hyperactive imagination that Mickey was missing an arm and Kido had narrowly avoided getting disemboweled by the Ghostface Killer. But if she could keep Mickey in line and help to reign in some of his more unsavory tendencies that could be truly helpful.


    Mickey was in too much pain to try getting up again but he knew Chrome couldn't be complimenting her. Hah, she had to be frustrated beyond belief!

    Oh how wrong poor Mickey was...

  19. [​IMG]

    "I-Is that so...?"

    That really didn't fully explain what had just happened here, but then again Konoha was harmless enough even though he was so strong, right? Maybe she was just another case like that, another one like them. In which case, she would certainly accept what had happened and the help. Camila was probably as alienated as any of them felt!

    As Camila inquired about her condition, the idol shook her head.

    "I'm okay thanks to you, Camila! Nice to meet you, Wes!" Momo managed to flash a genuine smile despite the remaining fright inside of her from the night's events.

    "Understood. We will meet soon. Returning phone."

    That was all Minami needed to know. He had accepted her help, and then when it was her turn to request, he would have to accept or lose face. Even a criminal had to be true to their word, or who would bother working for them? Fear reigned for only so long after all. When you wanted to expand further, you grew your ranks, and the greater your ranks, the greater the capacity for an uprising.

    Like tossing out a dirty napkin, she threw the phone back to Mickey. Her business with it was done, so he could have it back now.

    @Chewy Rabbits

  20. [​IMG]

    "That's awesome! I'd feel absolutely terrible if something happened to you!" Camila exclaimed as she picked Momo up in her arms, leaving the idol's face pressed against her chest as she held her tightly. "I'd hate for anything to happen to my friends!" More so Momo in particular after the rather entertaining dream the vampire had of her and Kido. Setting Momo down however, Camila sheepishly rubbed the back of her head as she glanced around.

    "Yeah, I really wish our next meet-up hadn't been like this but tell you what, how's about I walk you home? I feel like it's the least I could do. You wanna tag along, Wes?" Camila turned to ask her friend who was oh so tempted to show her a rather obscene gesture but it wasn't really his place to do so. Not now at least but when it was just the two of them? Camila was getting flipped off for sure!

    But Camila's intentions with the question had been clear enough. She knew Leslie wouldn't want to tag along with any of Kido's friends. Plus, they ran the risk of Kido getting a look at him and recognizing him as one of the many serial killers she's had to fight. So, he'd be spending the rest of his night going and slaying the zombies he had brought up. "..Nah, I got business to attend to. I'll see you around, was nice meeting you Momo." Leslie called back as he started to walk off.

    Whether or not he was human, it seemed like forces beyond Leslie's control were seeking to make his life far more difficult than it had to be. Being stabbed in the eye was one thing but nearly being beaten to death by corrupt cops to being turned into a vampire. Well, no matter how bad things got, Camila could have just killed him and that would have been the end of that. But, he supposed she did have a point. If these zombies attracted too much attention than it might lead to police to sticking their noses where they really shouldn't...

    Back with Camila and Momo, Camila waved 'Wes' off before turning back to Kido as she kindly extended a hand. "So, how's about it? Wanna walk back to your place?"


    Despite Leslie and Camila's best efforts however, one zombie had escaped their notice. Having wandered off while Leslie had been ordered to deal with the rest, this stray zombie had been found by police feeding on a poor homeless man. As one of the officers stepped out from the car, he drew his nightstick and warily approached the undead but heavily mangled corpse which wasn't quite down with it's meal yet.

    "S-Step away from the victim...N-Now.." The officer ordered although his words and his body's shakes made it clear he was frightened out of his mind. The zombie removed it's teeth from the man's skull and began to shamble towards the frightened officer. But it didn't get very far.

    Mainly due to another nightstick smashing the creature in the face and knocking it onto it's back. Pinning it to the ground, the other officer began to swing downwards until there was nothing left but red paste where the zombie's head had once been.


    Rising to his feet, Akio pulled out a handkerchief to try and wipe some of the blood off his face as he looked over his shoulder.


    "I think we found out the reason why that one body had been chopped up.." Akio muttered as he went to go and grab a cigarette out of his glove compartment. "W-Why's that??"


    As Leslie tried to wipe out what remained of his zombies and the officer in charge of finding him discovered the serial killer's handiwork, Mickey Aliteri was dealing with his own problems. One of which was his bloody nose and now the aching in his head from having his phone whipped at him. This chick was strong, there was no doubt about that. But she was just another freak! Like the bastard who cost Mickey his arm.

    Grabbing a hold of his cell-phone to see just what Chrome had said to this girl's responses, he was horrifed! Chrome seemed interested in working with this girl?! Not only had she beaten his partner up but she'd stolen the phone that Chrome had worked to smuggle in here and while she had given it back, this was the kind of partner he wanted working with the two of them?

    It seemed like no matter where Mickey was, super-powered 'freaks' would always be there to bring him down.

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