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Tokuchō City

[BCOLOR=transparent]The city of Tokuchō (Meaning "Characteristic" or "Features" in Japanese) is home to many people called Yūgō, but these people are special. They are completely human except species-specific animal characteristics, such as ears, wings, and tails. These people came to be because their ancestors are of a magical unknown realm. The magic from the realm flows into their homeland by the naturally occurring crystals deep underground. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]1: Please no godmodding[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]2: Bullying is not tolerated[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]3: No perfect characters, everyone has flaws right?[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]4: Kissing and flirting is fine but get the other person's consent [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]first[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Mods: [/BCOLOR]

Note: All characters are accepted. I'll acknowledge your reply with a Like and then you can start!

[BCOLOR=transparent]Creating a character:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]In this RP you can either be a Yūgō. Your character can even have a job, if your Yūgō is 17 or older you have the choice of picking a profession (or unemployment).[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Yūgō CS:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent][Anime Picture of Character] ← Optional[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Respective Animal: [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Name:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Sexual Orientation:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent](If no picture was provided) Appearance:[/BCOLOR]
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Respective Animal: Bear
Preferred Name: Shirori
Age: (young looking) 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: lesbian
Job: Librarian
Personality: Curious, thoughtful, caring, awkward around new people, and a bit cowardly
Background: Born in Tokucho City she has spent all her life in one place. She has a sister that moved out just a year ago that she is jealous of because she wants to see the world but she doesn't have the guts nor the money to do so. In order to satisfy her craving for knowledge she took up a job at the library and spends her off hours reading through the books there.
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Respective Animal: Sheep
Preferred Name: Hinami
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Job: Unemployed "Upcoming Artist"
Personality: Sweet, outgoing, always willing to make friends and very protective of them.
Background: Born and raised in Tokuchō she was very shy and curious child. She often got in trouble for wandering outside of the city alone to fawn over the beautiful plants. She soon began drawing them as a way to "take them home". By high school she had broken out of her shell, then come Senior year she drops out to pursue her art in more depth. She hopes to leave the city one day to become a famous artist but for now she spends a lot of time studying art in the library and is trying to nab some sort of art job.
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Hinami walked swiftly into the library, she only gave a weak smile or a wave to those who acknowledged her. She was in a hurry to get her usual spot. A sunny table in the corner of the library was where she did her best thinking. It was where she had come up with a new painting of hers. Blushing she thought of her portrait of the new librarian Shirori, the table not only was peaceful but gave Hinami a perfect view of her. Realizing she had been standing in the middle of the library looking like an idiot Hinami made a beeline to her spot. As she approached she relaxed a little, sighing to herself as she sat down.

Opening her sketchbook Hinami put her earbuds in and smiled. This painting was going to be her best.

@Starrynightsky Tell me if I need to add another paragraph or two. I also have some trouble starting but this went surprisingly well actually c:
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Shirori had started her shift a few minutes ago and she was already settling into her usual groove of placing the returned book back to their rightful place on the shelves. She was more that able to do so and she was almost down by the time Hinami was working on her painting. The brunette had been able to tell that she was being watched but just chopped it up to someone being too nervous to ask for help from her at first but soon enough she realized that it was Hinami. She did not formally know the other girl but she had seen her and noticed that she checked out the few art books they had which was quite rare. Finally finishing putting all the books away she returned to the help desk and looked at Hinami in curiosity and watched to see exactly why she was staring and what she was even doing.

Nah your starter was freaking adorable and I love it!!!
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Hinami had been adding fine details to Shirori's hair when she looked up. It was nothing out of the ordinary, it was a defense mechanism. If someone was too close she'd shield her drawing out of embarrassment. What she saw was nothing different than before.. except the fact that Shirori was looking back at her. Panicking that Shirori would walk over to her Hinami decided to do it herself. She took a deep breath before standing up to confront Shirori, walking sheepishly over Hinami sighed again before trying to explain.

"Miss Shirori, it's not what you think. I'm staring for a perfectly good reason, I'm not stalking you or anything. I just um am doing a project that you're a part of that's all. The uh project is a painting that I'm working on, It's um all of the people in the library. The thing is different people come in on uh different days so you know its like a challenge" Hinami started talking faster and faster out of embarrassment. When she finished she just hoped that Shirori wouldn't want to see it.
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Noting the fact that the staring girl was drawing she realized that must have been why she was looking at her so intently. When their eyes meet and Hinami became flustered Shirori couldn't help but smile at how cute she was. It probably would be a good idea to talk to her she thought but flushed at the idea actually trying to start conversation. What was she supposed to say? 'Hey I saw that you were staring at me and I thought you seem nice' no, that just sounded stupid to her. Before she could properly respond though Hinami was already making her way right to her and the bear girl catching her completely off-guard. After getting the gist of the sporadic rambling and nodding like an idiot she finally realized she should probably respond instead of letting her go on like she was.

"N-no it's okay I-I was just surprised is all..." she stammered out barely think from not being able to keep up with the sudden situation and raised up her hands and hoped the reassurance would calm her down.
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Hinami was surprised at her crush's response but thankful of it, "Oh, well then, um thank you Miss" she sighed. Though she soon thought how she had probably scared the poor librarian. Closing her eyes with confidence and crossing her arms she relaxed "And, I'm sorry about that outburst, I just didn't want to show you my painting of you.." Realizing what she had said she snapped her eyes open and uncrossed her arms. It looked like she had gotten just a bit too comfortable talking to Shirori. Not wanting to stir up any trouble Hinami tried to think of an excuse. Out of ideas Hinami had to face her fate, turning and re-instating her eye contact with Shirori she took a final deep breath readying herself for whatever was to come.
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"How come?" Shirori asked glad that the girl had become less frazzled and smiled a bit. She noted the girl rather sudden mood shift to be both very interesting and cute as she was so animated. The fact she was so easy to read made her feel a bit more confident about the conversation especially because Hinami also seemed rather awkward and that made her feel like they were on the same level in that respect. Thinking about what was going on she realized that there was a rather odd fact that she had skimmed over. "Um how do you know my name?" she asked and started considering that this girl had stared at her before as that could explain it.
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Hinami just stared at Shirori's first question wishing she could disappear, "I- um.." she began hoping there would be something to distract Shirori. Hinami soon found her second question easier to respond, so ignoring her first she slowly replied "B-because you're the librarian... aaand because you are super cute?" As soon as she spoke Hinami gave a quick bow, raced over to her supplies, and made her way to the exit

While she left she thought 'How will she respond?' and 'Why did I say that?'

((I maybe had this idea where I left the painting there?))
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Shirori found the first half of the answer to make a great deal of sense but the second half made her blush bright red as well as causing her eyes to widening. "Err uh th-thanks?" she muttered on the girl's way out in a sad attempt to respond that came too late. She felt quite sad that the girl had fled especially after it seemed they were actually starting to get somewhere. Part of her wondered whether the compliment was just made up since she seemed so eager to leave but either way her curiosity was peeked.

((I like that idea))
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Hinami looked behind her shoulder every so often to ensure she was far enough away then checked her supplies hoping she hadn't smushed, smudged, or dropped anything. Sitting down on a small wooden bench she laid everything out. "Pencils, paints, pens, eraser, sketchbook, painting.." she murmured to herself. Something seemed wrong so she checked again in her head 'Pencils, paints, pens, eraser, sketchbook'. "Oh shit shit shit" she exclaimed looking on the ground around her. Leaving her supplies she ran to retrace her steps, going as close to the library as the front door. Finding nothing outside Hinami crumbled knowing that her painting was inside. With Shirori. Inside.

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At first Shirori was going to go back to her help desk but she then saw out of the corner of her eye that there was something left on the table that the random girl had been sitting. Going over to see what it was that she had left it became obvious that it was a picture of sorts 'it can't be...' she thought and found her chuckling when she saw it indeed was the painting of her that the girl had admitted to not want her to look at yet there it was right there in her hands. She looked over the details admiring the skill put into it. She looked near the bottom for the signature to find out her name and muttered under her breath "Hanami huh... pretty name."
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Hinami was about to turn, grab her stuff and leave when she saw Shirori picking up her painting. Hinami scanned her crushes face trying to see what her expression was and to her surprise it wasn't disgust. From what she saw the girl she had put so much work into capturing didn't hate it. And that was all that mattered.

'I wonder if she even knows my name' Hinami sighed at the thought, "I put in the work, almost didn't get caught, and was going to slip it into the returns box with my signature" she muttered to herself as she turned and walked to her supplies. Walking home all she could think about was Shirori and what would happen the next day.

((Wow I just realized I started this RP in the OOC thread :/ keeping up with one thread is hard enough wow. I'll just delete the other one. I mean this thread can act as the main one))

| Respective Animal |
| Preferred Name |
| Age |
| Gender |
| Sexual Orientation |
| Job |
Part-time at a local café named Stars & Dreams.
| Personality |
Aloof ~ Unemotional ~ Short-Tempered ~ (slightly) Possessive ~ Caring ~ Protective ~ Easily Flustered ~ Intelligent ~ Sarcastic ~ Attention Whore
| Background |
Surprisingly enough, while Ai was raises in Tokuchō City, he wasn't born there. It was around the age of three when his family decided to move back to their hometown. Since then, he hadn't been outside of the city, but doesn't mind all that much. He spends his days in school, being the best of the best, and at his part-time job. He hopes to be a novelist once he graduates and spends his free time writing stories, among other things.​
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[Should I jump in now or wait until you time-skip to the next day?]
|| AI ||
Ai sighed softly as he stood behind the counter and the cash register. Today was one of the slow days for Stars & Dreams. There were a few customers who littered around, but not a lot. It was quiet and tranquil, succeeding in almost putting the young male to sleep. Resting an elbow on top of the counter and his cheek in his palm, the brunet thought of how he should just go ahead and take his break since he hadn't yet. Let someone else man the register. Coming to a decision, So straightened up and began to make his way from behind the counter and to the front door, announcing that he was taking his break. Walking outside, he breathed deeply and his ears swiveled with every sound he could pick up, tail swaying in the wind. Now, what would he do during his break?

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