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    BASIC PLOT, DODGERBLUE It is the year 5608. One year after the end of the Sol Wars. A bloody galactic battle that lasted for over 20 years.

    You are on The Toko Aida. A space station on the grandest of scales. Now taken over and funded by the Imperium Republic of Sol (Commonly known as the IROS Alliance), Toko Aida is a neutral territory with a conglomerate of different species and nations pulled together for one purpose – gratuitous capitalism. Trade, Business, Shipping, Vacation, Tourism… if it can be sold, it can be found on Toko Aida. Information, Black Markets, Galactic Police, Bounty Hunters, Business Owners… everyone finds a need to visit Toko Aida.

    The Toko Aida Military Academy, previously a school to train soldiers for the sake of keeping the space station safe from invaders during the Sol Wars, is now opened up for students from every world to come and study the finer arts of warfare. ...for the purposes of maintaining peace, of course! Here, you are a student, a teacher, or a visitor to this Academy.

    JUMP IN RULES, DODGERBLUE These are pretty simple! :D

    • I have no problem with short posts and one liners! But please make sure you check for typos and add in punctuation. We want to read and understand your posts!
    • You're more than welcome to play any race, gender, alien, or zany character you come up with as long as it fits the setting! Tentacle Alien from Galemey 5? Cool! Magical Ponies? Not cool!
    • Student ages range from 16 to 25 years of age!
    • If you need to ask questions, share a character bio, or shout out to another player, please use our OUT OF CHARACTER THREAD! I don't like having OOC comments breaking up all that hot roleplay action!

    And so, one fine day at the Academy....
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  2. The promenade was easily the most precious part of the Toko Aida for Yrinky. Depending what stage the hulking space station was at in its rotation, a different view was provided through the tremendous transparent panels which lined the outskirts. It was one of the ways that Yrinky was beginning to figure out what time it was. Shutters delicately slid over bright sky-colored eye lenses as Yrinky regarded the current view, which was currently a mishmash of oranges and purples from one of the neighboring nebulae to Toko Aida. Was it that direction…? Home was out there somewhere, but Yrinky had not yet taken the time to correlate celestial bodies with the associated direction of her home planet. She made a mental note to delve into the star charts later to figure it out.

    The mere three feet from root to blossom that Yrinky stood was anything but imposing. The pale sheathing that covered her stalks created a striking contrast with her eye lenses that made them appear to glow in the proper lighting. Four stalks branched from her base, ending in prehensile leaves which were suitable for manipulation, while a main stalk only just slightly thicker than the others ended in a dainty bulb of a blossom which served as her head. Rounded “feet” which protruded from the bottom of her base were actually root structures that served as her locomotion. The beak-like leaflets which concealed her mouth parted sideways when she spoke, adding a somewhat charming feature to what was otherwise completely alien. The concept of gender was one that she had to discover on her own, but she still considered herself as “she” for the sake of avoiding confusion for most humanoids, thanks to the gentle voice she possessed.

    She had come to Toko Aida as part of an initiative of her race to participate more actively in the training programs of the alliance. To her knowledge, she was the only one of her kind here. It was a thought that gave her tremendous pride, but also left her feeling a bit lonely. The expectations placed upon her were also considerable. The hope was that she would become one of the most formidable starship captains her people had ever known after leaving the academy trained in IROS tactics and strategy. It was a high expectation, but one that she had already decided to take in stride. Worrying about the what-ifs was silly.

    Yrinky’s beak parted slightly as one of her favorite quasars came into view. The realization dawned on her that she was already late for her first class. Her leaves shuddered violently for a moment before she began waddling down the promenade as quickly as she was able, which wasn’t very quick at all. She wondered if there would be a place for her to sit, if she could sit at all.
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  3. ( Ah, I don't frequent Sci-Fi roleplays, so you'll have to forgive me if I sound a bit......umm, dumb when it comes to certain things)

    Seyn regarded the Academy through blue slits. She felt hatred for this place already. It was too big, too complex, too different from her home planet. The place felt crowded and over-bearing to her. She didn't know anyone here, nor did she come here with a wealth of expectations piled high on her broad shoulders. Seyn forced her black, bristling fur to lay flat again. How she felt didn't matter. This station, however cold and lifeless it felt, offered everything she needed; all in one place. She tightened her grip on the bag that she had slung over her shoulder and began to make her way onto the Academy grounds. The cold, steel floor felt uncomfortable and unnatural to her hardened footpads. Seyn missed the open plains and wild nature of her home planet, Taron. She knew very well that the chances of her seeing another Kronset, like herself, were slim to nothing. Her people had a distinct dislike for the other worlds and their 'alliances'. They didn't need anything from anyone, and scorned trade. A Kronset holds it's planet and it's people above any other, simply because it loves these things more than any other. So, long story short, it meant that Kronsets didn't like being on big, famous space stations with big, famous Academies.

    A loud siren sounded from somewhere, informing Syen that she was very late for her first class. Ears and tail flicking in annoyance at the noise, Syen quickened her pace through the Academy. She briefly wondered if there was a uniform requirement. She didn't want to exchange her black slacks and black shirt for some brightly colored scholar's wear. She also realized that she had failed to remember to memorize the school's layout and had no idea where her class was. Catching sight of someone that looked like a walking plant, Seyn decided to approach them for directions.
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  4. Juniper Kelley, for all intensive purposes, was the worst student in the history of Toko Aida Military Academy. At least according to every adult or fellow student that was misfortune enough to deal with her. Yet, not a single one would ever mention that thought out loud, for fear that her father Admiral William T. Kelley, one of the greatest soldiers of the Sol War, would catch wind and have them jettisoned right off the space station. It wasn't for the lack of trying on Juniper's part. She wanted to do a great job and make her father proud. In fact, when it came to academics, languages, and all that floofy stuff, she was making excellent progress. Juniper simply had a problem with the MILITARY stuff. Which left everyone wondering why the Admiral had his daughter in the Academy to begin with. The last thing the girl was cut out for was warfare. She didn't even make a competent bridge bunny.

    Speaking of military stuff, it was Juniper's current job to escort some weapons back to the lockers after a training exercise. Any one with common sense would have loaded the weapons on to a dolly and carted them around on wheels. Instead, there was Juniper with her arms circled around a dozen guns, trying to awkwardly walk her way through the promenade trying not to drop them. Step by step, jostling them here and there every time one started to slip out of her hands.
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  5. Seyn jogged quickly towards the plant-like student, so intent on her target, that she failed to register another student until she bumped rather violently into her. With a loud clatter, the large load the girl was carrying followed her to the floor. With a wince, Seyn cursed her clumsiness and immediately offered her paw forward to pull the girl up. "Forgive me," She apologized, "I was not paying attention to where I was going." Watching the girl on the ground, Seyn realized how small other races seemed compared to her. She barely had to bent over to offer her paw, something that also seemed like it would swallow the girl's own hand.
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  6. The two other students had been passing by Yrinky when the world ended. The three foot tall plant-person only had enough time to let out a quiet little “ah” that was so dainty it was out of place in response to being buried in weapons. Darkness surrounded her for a moment, and she wondered if the section of the station she had been on exploded. Such worries were laid to rest when one of the weapons slid off to reveal one of her luminescent eyes to the lit promenade. Yrinky blinked in confusion and shock. The rest of the weapons fell aside as she painstakingly pushed herself upright again.

    “Oh… now I am a mess!” She began grooming herself, straightening her various petals and hands with her beak, not unlike a bird. The act had made absolutely no discernible difference to anyone watching. Once she was finished, she looked up at the cat-student and hoo-man with vaguely sad eyes. She was still buried halfway up her body by an imposing array of weaponry. Even still, there was no mistaking the heartbreak in her voice.

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  7. With a start, Seyn turned to look at the plant creature who had appeared from under the weapons. "It seems I've made quite the mess," She said, unease brewing at the alien's tone, "Here, grab my paw, I'll pull you out." Seyn tossed her bag on the ground and offered her other paw. "Come on," She insisted, "I won't bite." It was a bit embarassing to have caused such trouble before she had even reached her first class, but Seyn was somewhat grateful. It almost seemed less awkward than just approaching one of them for directions.
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  8. "Shuttle 203 now docking in bay 7D."

    The feminine voice filled the arrivals area as indeed a small boxy ship slid into the berth and with the groaning large metal structures always seemed to make when in motion the gigantic doors lurched and then ground inextricably towards each other meeting with a loud bang. The soudns were of course audible because these were the inside doors of an airlock system and the docking bay had been retrofitted to me pressurized to allow for a greater variety of alien ships to dock with the station.

    Aside from the pilot there was only one passenger, a native tot he world that until very recently had only been known as Krub 4 C. A small isolated world that had no strategic advantage in the Sol war and hadn't even been known to be inhabited by a species that was not only intelligent but very advanced for one that had never made contact with the grater galactic community.

    Very few people knew about the Krubs and almost no one had ever seen one, they had been discovered by a probe less than a year and and for the first time one was joining the Toko Aida military academy.

    Unfortunately it was a rush job. Garn didn't know anything about the so called 'humans' he was meant to exchange cultures and goodwill with aside from what they looked and spoke like and that data had been incomplete.

    "Docking complete, please exit the shuttle and await your welcoming officer."

    The shuttle doors slid open with a pneumatic hiss and for a moment there was nothing, then a slimy purple tentacle slithered around the edge of the door frame and another reached out to plant it's hooked surface in the opposite frame and the squat purple body pulled itself into view, large frighting yellow dinner-plate shapes eyes protruded from stalks as the writhing, faintly breathing mass paused at the top of the ramp. Then the tentacles and eye withdrew onto the body and the entire mass twisted and squirmed, rising up and then burst open like a balloon to reveal what looked like a human dressed in something vaguely close to the uniform the students wore only made of an organic compound that resembles skin.


    Garn looked at the empty docking bay and with an impassive face waved to it, and then waited.
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  9. "Shuttle 203 now docking in bay 7D..."

    Yrinky blinked up at Seyn for a moment, making a noise not unlike a piece of paper being folded as her shutters slid shut. Without hesitation, she reached the pad of one of her stalks out to the offered hand and plopped it squarely in the center of Seyn’s paw. It barely passed the span of one Seyn’s fingers. Steadying herself with the help of Seyn, she managed to clumsily waddle her way out from under the pile of weapons, taking a brief moment to straighten herself… which again, had created no discernible difference in her appearance.

    She regarded the Hoo-man and Kronset back and forth for a moment, her eyes blinking slowly as though considering whether or not they were real. After a moment, the mandibles of her face split apart slowly as though she were taking a breath. She even began swaying left and right, as though what she was about to say was difficult for her.

    “Hello!” She ceased movement all at once, blinking yet again.
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  10. "Ah.....hi?" Seyn replied, a little taken aback by her reaction, "Are you okay?" The plant-girl didn't seem to be harmed, but Seyn wasn't sure she would be able to tell either way. It was strange to see someone like her in person, though her planet, of course, had the same knowledge of the different races as the other planets. She certainly smelled different from the plants on Taron.

    Seyn bent down to pick up her bag. "I'm sorry for the inconvience I have caused you," She continued, pulling up the other girl as well, "Since I am already late for class, I had better clean up the mess I've made."
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  11. “I am late too,” Yrinky sagged visibly at the mention of being late, causing her to have a slightly wilted appearance for a moment. She padded over to the pile of weapons, scrutinizing them and bobbing her head around to view them at different angles while she did so. “I will help you clean up! It will be faster.”

    She wrapped two prehensile pads around an IROS standard issue phased energy rifle; it was a training weapon at the academy, but still extremely dangerous. Her two free stalks deftly performed a functions check and cycled the venting mechanism, glancing into it to make sure it wasn’t primed. Offhandedly, Yrinky cheerfully chirped, “This is loaded.”

    “Do you think they will be mad that we are late?” She looked up from the weapon at Juniper and Seyn.
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  12. "Without a doubt," Seyn agreed, grabbing a big armful of different weapons, heedless of the danger of setting one off, "But I will accompany you to your class and explain that I was at fault for your being late." She recognised many of these weapons as standards used by the other planets during the Sol war, but she didn't really feel threatened by them. She, of course, knew how they worked and the terrible damage they could do, but they seemed small and easily broken in her arms.

    "Are you taking classes for medical pursuits?" Seyn asked. She could not imagine the small, leafy creature taking up arms and rushing into battle.
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  13. Yrinky canted her head to the side as she considered what Seyn had asked. It hadn’t occurred to her that medical pursuits were readily available here at the Academy. Still, she straightened herself slightly as though her posture would somehow validate her intents. The rifle clutched in her stalks made her look even smaller by comparison.

    “I am here to learn to be a starship captain. I am fortunate! Most sprouts do not learn to captain a ship until they have lived for seventy cycles,” She regarded Seyn from bottom to top once again. “Tall one, what do you learn?”
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  14. Juniper didn't mean to sit on the floor staring, as Seyn and Yrinky talked above her. But.... ALIENS! It wasn't as if Juniper didn't see aliens on a daily basis. But new aliens? Unique species she has never encountered before? For Juniper that was the most exciting part about being on Toko Aida and in the Academy. New people.

    "Oh um...!" Seyn was helping her off the floor and the two aliens were still talking. While they were picking up the guns, Juniper was still just standing there, watching, staring, pondering what species they might be and how their arms and legs and parts worked.

    Juniper almost completely missed the shuttle docking announcement.

    "Crap! Now I'M late! Sorry! Sorry! I'll take that, sorry!" In a blur of motion, Juniper snatched up the left over guns from the floor, and was grabbing the ones Seyn and Yrinky retrieved. Once again with several of the things in her arms, she tried to bow to both of them. "Thanks for the help! I'll see you later!" Her chirpy sing-song voice was all that Juniper left as she rushed out of the promenade, heading towards the shuttle bay. There was someone that needed a pickup, and she was just going to have to take them AND the guns at the same time.
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  15. Yrinky stared after the hoo-man for a moment. Her stalks were still held up in the position that they had been in while she was holding the rifle, apparently frozen by astonishment. Her mandibles parted as though she were going to say something, but slid shut again when she couldn’t think of anything. Instead, she twisted her head to look back at Seyn and blinked. She had forgotten to put her stalks back were they were, so they remained up in a poor parody of a shrug.
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  16. Fiona jolted awake with a grunt as the siren signaling the start of class went off followed by the soft tred of the students' feet as they filed towards their assigned class room. Having spent the last three hours with her face glued to the surface of her desk, Fiona spent the first few moments of her wakened state wondering what the heck was going on before slowly pushing her head up so that it rested heavily in her hands. The tall human female squinted a pair of hazel eyes, which were usually filled with mischief, at the classroom before her. She half expected it to be full of kids all looking at her in a concerned way, obviously having spent the last few minutes debating among themselves who should wake her up. But, instead the classroom was completely empty, and after waiting about two minutes for this fact to register Fiona fully sat up and looked around her desk. Giving her eyes a vigorous rub so as to chase away the shadow of sleep that was still pressing into her eye lids she searched around on her desk for the sheet of paper that had been given to her just three days ago. This was a bit of a difficult task as her desk was pulled high with papers, parts, a precariously balanced lamp, and her officer's jacket.

    Shuffling around stuff on her desk trying to find what she was looking for her searching became more and more frustrated and by the time she did manage to locate the paper several items had made their was to the floor and her desk looked like junk had just fallen haphazrdly on top of it. Looking at the paper she say that sure enough there were supposed to be students here, and all of them were late. One she could see was just arriving, but, she had no clue where the rest of her class was. This was a little surprising as this was one of the more popular classes, and Fiona one of the more popular teachers. Lifting herself out of her chair she made her way over to the door and stuck her head out into the hall just to check that her room was still marked with the small plaque. Sure enough there it was, Introduction to piloting: Fiona Oltonzernta. Underneath that someone, one of her advanced students probably, had stuck a piece of tape with the words "Ms. O" written on it. Many of the more reserved and conservative faculty members disagreed with most of Fiona's teaching methods, not that she ever seemed to care what they thought. Indeed as she leaned casually against the inside of the doorway she had the air of someone who was trouble. But, in any case the students seemed to enjoy her class so she was given a bit of leniency. There was also the fact that she was one of the best pilots that the Academy had ever had, and the only one who had voluntarily signed up for this job; it was common knowledge that teaching kids how to fly for the first time was one of the most stressful jobs.
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  17. Seyn stared after the human for a moment, startled, before she answered. "While I selected classes to take, I haven't quite decided what to pursue, yet," She said eventually, "I have interest in becoming a Star Ship Captain, as well as becoming a Bounty Hunter. Either way, I've started with mutual classes, like Introduction to Piloting, but I'm not sure. Tell me," She turned back to her new acquantaince, "why do you wish to become a Star Ship Captain?"
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  18. Yrinky appeared to consider each word that Seyn said carefully, as though making sure it was actually what she meant. Upon hearing that Seyn was also taking Introduction to Piloting however, Yrinky suddenly became animated once again and began swaying as she had before when saying hello. She had begun to make a low pitched “eeee” noise that no earthly syllable could hope to reproduce, which faded once she spoke.

    “You learn piloting as well!” It was pretty apparent that she was delighted by this, and it didn’t look as though she was going to stop swaying anytime soon. “I am also to learn piloting! Learning about starships is what I am supposed to do.”

    She said it like it explained everything, but then stopped swaying. “We are late for learning piloting! I do not want them to be angry!”

    Yrinky began waddling down the promenade, once again at a rather tragic rate of speed for someone so distressed. She craned her neck to look at Seyn. “Will you travel with me tall one? I can hear why you wish to be a starship captain! I am most curious about other carbon creatures!”
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  19. Garn waved again the alien's forearm wobbling more than a human's naturally would. "Hello." he said again with the exact same tone and expression as before. "Hy iz Garrn from Krub." the alien said to the still empty bay. "Tenk hyu for hyu welcome."

    Somewhere a cleaning droid beeped and the alien took that as the signal to descend the ramp and onto the platform. Humans had a custom for showing appreciation and Garn attempted it now, lips peeling back to expose glistening white teeth without taking on any definite curve.

    Then came the sound of running feet and the alien tilted it's head in the direction it came from. Creature approaching? Maybe the shuttle was early, human numbers were confusing the number of sides or curves having nothing to do with the value they represented.


    Another wave and exposure of teeth. This greeting custom was hard, especially when there was no one to greet.... was this normal.
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  20. "Well....alright then," Seyn decided. She reached Yrinky's side in two steps, "Umm, would you mind if I carried you?" Yrinky seemed to have trouble going fast and, seeing as they were both late for the same class, it would be much faster if Seyn jogged there while carrying her. "We can talk while you direct me to our class," She continued. Even if the idea of carrying someone seemed awkward to other races, she felt no reason to be embarassed by saving time and helping another reach their class in time for class. It certainly wouldn't be a burden to carry someone so small anyway.
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