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    BASIC PLOT, DODGERBLUE It is the year 5608. One year after the end of the Sol Wars. A bloody galactic battle that lasted for over 20 years.

    You are on The Toko Aida. A space station on the grandest of scales. Now taken over and funded by the Imperium Republic of Sol (Commonly known as the IROS Alliance), Toko Aida is a neutral territory with a conglomerate of different species and nations pulled together for one purpose – gratuitous capitalism. Trade, Business, Shipping, Vacation, Tourism… if it can be sold, it can be found on Toko Aida. Information, Black Markets, Galactic Police, Bounty Hunters, Business Owners… everyone finds a need to visit Toko Aida.

    The Toko Aida Military Academy, previously a school to train soldiers for the sake of keeping the space station safe from invaders during the Sol Wars, is now opened up for students from every world to come and study the finer arts of warfare. ...for the purposes of maintaining peace, of course! Here, you are a student, a teacher, or a visitor to this Academy.

    JUMP IN RULES, DODGERBLUE These are pretty simple! :D

    • I have no problem with short posts and one liners! But please make sure you check for typos and add in punctuation. We want to read and understand your posts!
    • You're more than welcome to play any race, gender, alien, or zany character you come up with as long as it fits the setting! Tentacle Alien from Galemey 5? Cool! Magical Ponies? Not cool!
    • Student ages range from 16 to 25 years of age!
    • If you need to ask questions, share a character bio, or shout out to another player, please use THIS THREAD! I don't like having OOC comments breaking up all that hot roleplay action!

  2. Name: Seyn

    Race: Kronset

    Home Planet: Taron

    Bio: Similar to the idea of 'cat-folk' or khajiits from Skyrim, Seyn is a massive black cat humanoid. Like most of her race, she is very large. She has broad shoulders and a big bone structure. Kronsets have very hard bones, but their skin isn't exceedingly tough. She has a large muzzle with a black nose and blue cat eyes. Her whiskers are short and white. Her teeth are mostly sharp canines, but Kronsets also have aquired molars over time to widen the variety of food they can eat. Her paws are as overly large as the rest of her body and though her back paws resemble that of a cat, her 'hands' have developed differently to aid with the handling of objects like that of a human's. Vaguely meaning, she has longer thumbs on her 'hands' than her back paws. Of course, Kronsets also have sharp claws and cat ears. They have very sensitive hearing and can see in the dark.
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  3. Name: Aaron Pendleton
    Race: Human [Hybrid]
    Home Planet: N/A
    Age: 19
    Life Expectancy: 30

    Aaron Pendleton, the son of a wealthy entrepreneur in her later years and an unknown male.

    He used to be a bright and preppy boy, going into life without a want in the world and becoming a spoiled brat by the age of six. Life changes Rapidly. At the age of twelve his mother had come under a terrible illness, the physician she hired had diagnosed her with a rare form of biological parasite that had to be flushed from her system with a decade of constant treatment. He suddenly had no mother, as she was almost constantly under the care of a group of doctors who forbid him from seeing her. His only contact was by messages she would send monthly along with a package of goodies for him to enjoy. But this did not change his personality- No, that came two years later.

    At fourteen Aaron was found to have a Catalyst DNA sequence, which severely shortened his lifespan. On that dreadful day in a whitewashed diagnostics room, Aaron had learned that his life expectancy had been reduced to thirty years at the most. Ever since that day, he began following a simple phrase made by an author long forgotten. "The brightest lights last half as long." Under this, he had begun to study hard, earning a full ride all the way through the academy and working himself into peak physical condition by the age of sixteen. Now, at nineteen, his body had already begun it's drastic turn. He has coughing fits regularly, and has to keep a vial of medicine in his side pocket to constantly drink out of to stave off unpleasant side effects. His muscle mass had deteriorated along with his bones, and he has the strength and stamina of a Seventy year old. Yet, his brain still functions. Algorithms, Engineering, Medicine, he had it all wrapped up in a mind too strong for it's body. He has accepted death as inevitable, and wants only to burn out as a bright star.
  4. You know, at first, I thought we'd be great enemies since he seemed so arrogant, then I read his bio so now I can't hit him. Who knows, maybe if you're nice enough to my country bumkin, she'll tell you of a similar disease that her planet has and you might even find a cure. Or at least something to lengthen you life by a few years without the coughing and hacking.
  5. Nah, give him a letter from his dear ol' mum and he'll be fine.
    The only cure I know of involves about a hundred souls, or one Cap'n Jack Sparrow.
  6. I'm tellin' ya, he said coals, not souls!
  7. So are we sticking to naval ranks? I just wanna know if I can make Mr. Fennel a former Sergeant, or just a Chief Petty Officer. I figure he's got to have prior experience to teach battle tactics, and with that reaction, I could definitely see him being a training NCO, Drill Sergeant or Chief especially.
  8. This'll be fun. You should make him a drill sergeant. That way he can order students to do manual labor and crap. I just know he'll love my character's attitude. Ha! This is gonna be awesome.
  9. Retired or Active? I can have a lot of fun with active, given the difference in ranks, but a lot of a different kind of fun with retired... I mean, it's pretty obvious Sam seems to think everyone is younger in comparison to him than they really are, so we could go either way. (And no, not entirely sure where he got that, kinda just works with his attitude)
  10. I'm thinking active. I want my character to easily taken on all of his 'physical punishments' for not respecting or trembling at his rank. Physical activities are easier to a giant cat than tests after all. Of course, the Academy will have all sorts of training arenas for their recruits.
  11. Sounds like a plan. Though one problem comes up: Why isn't he wearing his rank on the first day? I'm already going to have Sam give him an earful for "deceiving a superior officer" by "failing to wear proper uniform", so I guess you can come up with the reason then. Just something I figured I should point out ahead of time. The fact that Sam called him "mister" is going to become a source of contention to say the least.
  12. The reason he's so cranky towards everyone is because he has to fill in for the class he's teaching now. He should be cracking down on his own new students.
  13. He's usually in the training fields yelling at students to do better in conditioning.
  14. I love it.

    BTW: Sam is not going to try to smoke the class, he's just having a little fun. I don't wanna take Mr. Fennel's type of fun. He will, however, probably do is best to embarrass Seyn in front of the class. But nothing physical.
  15. And for the record, I dun mind which military or navy unit names you use. 8D I figure there's going to be all land/air/space/sea branches anyway since it's a huuuuge place.

    I like these characters. >:]
  16. I'm really enjoying the plot development here. I'm loving how everyone's writing their characters. Just reading this is addicting, much less adding to it!

  17. Yeah... About those questions you gave the class, were there actual factual answers?
  18. Alright, I'll post tomorrow. I was a little pre-occupied today!
  19. well, the zero velocity in zero G was technically factual, but no, the rest I figured could be made up on the spot, and everything would work out fine.
  20. Oh, thank god. I was sitting there using google, thinking that there actually was a right answer.