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  1. Intro

    Call me Tohru. I'm fairly experienced with smut roleplays, and I'm looking for a variety of people to RP with. ^^


    I usually post three-four decently-sized paragraphs.

    I try to have the best spelling, grammar and punctuation possible. But I make mistakes too. ;w;

    My posting speed is different depending on how busy I am. Some days I reply multiple times, other days I only reply once. Patience is greatly appreciated.

    Romance is my favorite genre, but I also love darker themes as well.

    I do not fade to black in my RPs.

    I'd prefer you not give me a Mary Sue/Gary Stue to RP with...

    I generally use anime pictures, or written descriptions for my characters.

    I only double up in terms of playing genders in RPs like these. If I'm playing a guy/dominant character for you, please do the same for me.

    I won't do anything involving bestiality, anthro, necriphilia, or immense age gaps.

    *=the role I prefer to play

    If there's a specific plot I want, it'll be next to the pairing.

    Serial Killer x *High School Student-A killer roams the halls at Bunkamura High, and student Kamiko Fujimoto's best friend has been the latest victim. Determined to find out his killer, she comes to the conclusion that it must be the school doctor. The RP evolves from there, and will involve very dark themes, alongside a love/hate relationship.

    Big Bad Wolf x *Little Red Riding Hood-A young girl escapes from an arranged marriage by fleeing into a forbidden forest. Before she can die, she's discovered by the forest's guardian, a werewolf. He takes her in, and their relationship develops from there.

    Vampire Mansion-Derives elements from Diabolik Lovers-A young woman's father goes overseas, and is told that she cannot come with him. Instead, she'll be staying with "relatives". She's dumped at an old mansion, and upon going inside, meets six vampires that each try to claim her as their own. [Can also be a group RP]

    Brother x *Sister

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  2. I'm interested in the Big Bad Wolf x Little Red Riding Hood rp
  3. Hello! I'll PM you. ^^
  4. I'm curious about the serial killer high school student RP
  5. Hi! I'll message you.
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