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  1. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This role play contains tons and tons and tons and tons of death! (If you read the plot summary of this roleplay, you will see why.) If your character dies, you can com back, with a different character! Please keep that in mind, and approach this roleplay with an open mind!

    It is the year 2035, and a majority of the population of America is disgusted at the state of their own country. A minority of the population are delusional and rich white people, who support the government in every single action they do. Every single day, thousands of people across the nation lose their lives: because they are forced to fight with a randomly chosen person. When a person is chosen to fight, they are not informed or notified. They are drugged in their sleep, and taken to a white room, and all receive a number. Every 30 minutes, 2 numbers are chosen. The committee finds the people who bare the two numbers, and put them in a locked white room. There is no escape. The rules for the battle were simple:
    1) Use anything that is in the room to your advantage.
    2) When the time limit (30 minutes) is over, someone must be dead.

    Wanna jump in?
    In your first reply, please include the following character information:
    1) Name
    2) Age
    3) Personality
    4) Optional: If possible, include a photo of your character. It can be a drawing, manga style drawing, cartoon character, etc.

  2. 1) Name: Link
    2) Age: 16
    3) Personality: Quiet, Pushover, but is a Fighter when pushed too far
    4) Optional: Shouta+cool+anime.jpg

    Link sat up and rubbed his eyes, all he could remember was blacking out after dinner and now here he was in a white room.

    He looked down at his hands both were cuffed and on his shirt he had the number '24' taped to it, seeing this he froze and began to shake violently "N-No...not me! Why me!?" He cries softly as he looks around desperate to escape.
  3. 1) Name: Hela Hallman
    2) Age: 17
    3) Personality: Sarcastic, doesn't take anything seriously, always makes jokes at the wrong time. Is loud and obnoxious.
    4) [​IMG]

    Fuck was the first thing that came to Hela's mind as she woke up in this white ass room. She tried to rub her eyes, but found both her hands cuffed to each other.

    Well damn.

    Hela scowled deeply as she noticed the number 36 taped to her shirt.

    Well fucking damn.

    "N-No...not me! Why me!?"

    The voice of a boy brought her back to the real world, while her scowl deepened. So, him. Hela stared at him with her dark brown eyes, analyzing every inch of his body, before letting a smirk grace her features.

    "Hello. I'm glad you could make it to the party..." Her eyes wandered to the number on his shirt, before meeting his eyes once again. "...24." Without taking her eyes away from him, she raised her cuffed hands, shaking them so that the chain made noise.

    "I hope you like it kinky."
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  4. 1) Name Kai Bara
    2) Age 18
    3) Personality Mysterious
    4) Optional: [​IMG]

    As Kai wakes up he stretches his arms out and yawns, His eyes widens as he feels the cuffs on his hands. " hmm" He tugs on the cuffs making them rattle, "o great" Kai lays back down revealing the number 4 on his jacket, He starts to laugh thinking that how this was messed up.
  5. Name: Kiyoshi Suzuki
    Age: 16
    Personality: Secretive, Full of Angst
    Physical traits: 362rpiwfQ2.png
    A picture of Kiyoshi Suzuki, age 15.

    It was just another one of those days, where Kiyoshi spent thinking. He thought about why his parents named him Kiyoshi, which can translate into bright. He was everything but bright, and that was possibly the reason why the students at school teased him to no end. He thought about what he should do to stop getting bullied. At home, if you considered a small gray apartment one, his parents were arguing in Japanese.
    "Damare!" His father screamed "shut up" at the top of his lungs.
    "Issunboshi!" His mother shouted back, calling his father a "one inch boy," and leaving the apartment altogether.
    His father gritted his teeth, and growled in rage.
    After he calmed down, he finally realized Kiyoshi was standing there, watching him have another anger breakdown. "Doushita no?" His father asked Kiyoshi what was wrong.
    Thinking quickly, he replied with "Betsu ni," which meant "nothing in particular." He went to his room, and decided to spend the rest of his day in there. After eating a microwaved meal, his eyes started to get tired, and he just wanted to slip into a quiet and peaceful sleep.
    The next morning, something was wrong. Firstly, there was an unwanted amount of pain in his head. It hurt him so much, he had to make an effort to open his eyes. Secondly, the setting was different. He was in a white room, with a bunch of arm chairs, and it was filled with people. There was also a number tag on him, one that read 16. Struggling to open his eyes, he tried to find someone at a counter who would give him information, but there was nobody. He decided to remain still in his arm chair (he had hand cuffs on), and watched the clock tick
    back and forth and back and forth. There was a young adult sitting to him, and he heard him say "Oh great." There was also the noise of liquid hitting the floor, and Kiyoshi turned his back to see where the noise was coming from. An old woman sitting in an arm chair was peeing, the pee hitting the floor, and the stench of it burning his nose. What the fuck is this?





    "Numbers 16 and 4," a deep voice said over the intercom, startling Kiyoshi. "Come into the open door, and if anyone without the number 16 or 4 attempts to enter the door, they will be shot on spot. No exceptions." The male voice sounded awfully bored, but the horrified reactions of the people were heard all over the room.

    His headache was still there, and he thanked kami-sama for leading him to the location of the door. He entered it, not sure what to expect

  6. Kai opens his eyes when he hears the voice of kid near him. He begins to wipe his eyes and yawn. " hmm what the hell is that smell?" He looks around and spots the woman that had pissed on the ground not knowing what to say he just signed , Kai looks at the guy next to him . Right when he was about to speak a strange voice on an intercom announces something about numbers, He thinks to him self before looking down at his jacket. " o .... lucky me" He stands to his feet and makes his way towards the door , On his way to the door he gives the boy that was crying a little bump with his arm and whispers in his ear " don't let the others see you cry . kid " Kai nods at the boy before continue towards the door " i guess its show time" He enters the door not knowing what was on the other end of it.

  7. When he entered the door, Kiyoshi immediately saw a hallway, which was all white.
    "Hurry up, will you?" A man dressed all in white commanded, reaching for his gun.
    Kyoshi knew it was best to follow the man's instructions. At the end of the long hallway, there was a locked door. The young adult that had been sitting next to him in the large room was walking the hallway.
    Another man dressed all in black, which made the whiteness of the hallway blind Kyoshi's eyes, walked up to the two boys.
    "In 30 seconds, you both will be entering that door. Your objective is simple, kill the other person," the man dressed all in black said it as if it was something she said everyday. Maybe he did.
    Kyoshi was shocked. He tried to make eye contact with the other boy.
  8. Kai just stays quiet as he heads down the hallway , When he reaches the door he listens to what the guard has to say before looking at the boy next to him. " and if we refuse?" He says while side eyeing the guard.

  9. The guard clicked his tongue. "Sure, I don't mind if you refuse. In that case, I will sacrifice one of my babies," he replied, reaching for his gun.
    Kiyoshi and the other boy exchanged wild glances. He was so frightened, the last thing he wanted to be was a murderer! This is fucking sick, he thought.
    "So, what do you think?" The guard asked, clicking that annoying tongue of his.
    "I-I'll do it," Kiyoshi quickly replied, scared of what was going to happen. This isn't a dream, right? This should be a joke then. Please please please please please please don't make me die, Kiyoshi thought.
  10. Kai scratches his head and sighs " so its like that" Hearing the kids comment and seeing the look on his face made Him start to worry " Hey Kid.... you need to stay calm or your going to faint" He looks back at the guard " can't i have some one a little older fight" hoping it would save the younger kid. He smirks " how about you mister guard ? why dont you drop that gun of yours and take me on your self?"
  11. "Are you going to act that way, you cocky brat?" The guard replied to the other boy's request. "Your going to fight number 16, no matter if you or he doesn't like it." With no further words, he got out a metal key, and opened the door. He pushed Kiyoshi and the other boy into the room.
    "You can have a minute to mentally prepare yourself, but you have to enter the door at some point," the guard explained, because they walked into another door (one that didn't appear to be locked). Kiyoshi sighed, the feeling of despair filling him.
    "I'm going in there," he informed the other boy, and opened the door, wondering what he would find.
  12. Kai looked back at the guard after being pushed with look of hatred on his face. " yhea i got it" He turns back around and follows behind the kid when he said he was going in. when he enters the room he looks around examining the room " o what do we have here"
  13. images-6.jpeg The room was all white. Literally. It was completely white. In the room were bags. Kiyoshi had no idea the exact number, but he imagined there were quite a few. As he entered the room, he heard a loud voice. "The match begins in 30 seconds. Do not touch any of the bags before the time is over, or you will be disqualified and killed with a gun," Kiyoshi tried to take in all of the words the man said. "30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25....4. 3. 2. 1," the countdown was over. "Begin!"
    You know how some people believed everything existed for a reason? Then those bags must exist for a reason, he thought. Obviously, he should take the one closest to him. He ran to the closest one, and viciously yanked it open. There was...a water gun in there. What the hell, he thought! How does that help me in anyway? There was another bag, very close to the one he just opened. He yanked it open, the same way he had earlier. There was nothing but some sort of paper in it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? The other bags were spread out in distant places.
    "H-hey," he stammered. "How about we stop this?"
  14. Kai watched as the boy ran towards some of the bags and began opening then. He was surprise to see how the boys reaction changed when all he found useless items , what the boy did not notice was that Kai searched the nearest bag next to him. and found something . So when the boy would turn back at Kai he would see Kai holding what looked like a small shank in his hand. " well this is awkward"
  15. Half of the time, Kiyoshi hardly paid any attention to his surroundings. The other half of the time, he was so engaged in his surroundings, he felt as if he could feel the emotion of everything around him, even the objects. There was no in between. It was a fault of his, but he couldn't just "fix" it. Kiyoshi had tried, but always failed.
    In this white room, luck was obviously not on his side. He looked up at the other boy, and saw there was a shank in his hand. A shank? A motherfucking shank? The only bag that was closet to him was approximately a few feet away from the boy. Kiyoshi ran, and he tried to grab that bag, but it was easier said than done.
  16. Kai was not an idiot and new it was him or kid, He watches the boy closely , The second the boy made his way towards another bag, He sprints as fast he could towards the boy attempting to tackle him down to the ground. " NO YOU DON'T! " . From when Kai first woke up in the other room He knew what was happening. The rumors spread like wild fire in his neighborhood about the TAKERS ( a nickname Kai created for the people who would kidnap random people ) That's the reason he decided to fall back asleep, to conserve energy instead of going into a panic and wasting it.
  17. Dear Kami-sama, I think I'm going to die today. But before I die, I hope you'll give my message to some people. Firstly to my dad, I just want him to know that he is a fucking bastard. To my mom, I hope she gets killed by that bastard. She was an ignorant, self-absorbed women, and if her fate betrays her, I'll be in the sky laughing my ass off. Oh, I hope those kids at my school all die like me. Slowly, and pointlessly. Except Ailee. She was probably a bitch deep down inside, but she smiled at me everyday, and I'm thankful for that. Kiyoshi was thinking this all in his head, while trying to reach the bag. But before he could find out the contents of the bag, he was unexpectedly tacked to the ground.
    "No you don't!" The other boy screamed, scaring Kiyoshi. So this kid was going to be like this? Kiyoshi was enraged. He didn't want to die at the hands of this cocky brat!
    Kiyoshi laughed, a laugh that was filled with sadness and pain. "I'm going to fight for real now," he mumbled.
  18. Kai looks the kid in the eye " THEN FIGHT ME!" The fact that the boy was only going to fight him made Kai furious. Kai holds the shank up to the boys neck making sure he wouldn't move With hes left hand he would begin punching the boy repeatedly
  19. Kiyoshi wasn't exactly someone who loved to fight. When he was getting bullied by rich white students at school (because of his Japanese heritage, which was not common in modern day America), he never stood up for himself. That was because he kept making excuses in his mind: They're just playing around with me, I'm too tired to fight these bastards, and the list went on and on. Plus when he was being bullied, his life wasn't on the line. But today, it was a whole different case. He had a reason to fight, because he was fighting for his life! Sure, his existence wasn't all flowers and roses, but he had many ambitions for his future! He had an actual reason to live!
    There was something to his advantage: his long finger nails. Since the other man was on top of him, he decided to use his long nails as a weapon. Fuck! If only I had the white paper! He realized he needed a distraction, because his weak plan would get noticed in a matter of seconds if he didn't have one. He moved his head to the right, and did something that shocked him. He kissed the other guy's cheek, and that would definitely disturb him. It was nothing but a quick peck on a man's cheek, nothing more. He was going to put his nails to work now.
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