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  1. He who wields such power would make a suitable king for this world, don't you think?

    Name: Noel
    Age: 17
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  2. It had once been filled with so much life and so much happiness and joy, but now he only heard the sounds of the wind blowing through the plains. Not a single bird was singing, not a single soul was seen, but the steps of his footsteps in the grass was keeping him company. The green eyes scouted over what seemed to be empty wasteland, before the sounds of more footsteps suddenly followed him and he turned around to see three men standing behind him. Their clothes shared the color of the night and their faces were hidden behind a mask, as their eyes were hardly visible to look at the empty green eyes that were staring back at them. "Give us all your money and we won't hurt ya pretty face," The one in the middle spoke in a husky voice and drew their blades.

    The red headed boy only smiled as he turned to them, looking them over. "Pathetic," He spoke as he grabbed the golden key that hanged around his neck, before he held it out in front of himself, almost as if he was opening a door, and then turned the key. A bright light emitted from the spot the key had entered, before it disappeared. In only a matter of moments plants would grow up and grab the bandits, hanging them upside down before flinging them to the ground and repeating it. He just stood there and watched as everything unfolded, and once he deemed the bandits more than enough beat up, he raised his hand and the plants stopped and retreated back into the ground. The bandits were still breathing, but they were beat up and all covered in the crimson color as he turned around and the key returned around his neck.

    "Do not bother me again," His voice was cold as the soulless green eyes looked away from the pile of bandits that were on the ground, soiling the green plain with their crimson colored blood, and the boy moved on. This was the life of the boy who had acquired the power of the key, he no longer cared much for others as he had once done. He did not even realize the change that had happened in his life. And so the red headed boy moved on the path without a single care in the world, before he ran into a tree that held a familiar face on a poster. A smirk crept up to his lips, before he walked past it.

    The poster read:
    Monster wanted.
    Dead or alive.
    Aofel Elhradin.
  3. Not to far in the distance, Noel rode her palomino stead through the tall, emerald green grass. Humming along a childhood tune, she reminisced about old times in her home growing up. Being away from home and traveling for 10 years had made her dreadfully homesick! "I wonder if Aofel still lives there." She thought, playing with the loose horse reins. Noel stared at the slow passing ground with a soft smile on her face, wondering how he might have turn out 10 years later and a grown man. Not watching where Star was walking, Noel suddenly felt a tug on her hair. She looked up and found her blonde hair had blown into a branch of a tree they had just passed under. "How did this even happen?!" She said puzzled and frustrated, pulling Star to a quick stop. Tugging on her hair, Noel began to hear some commotion in the distance, the wind traveling it down the her ear. Pausing a moment, Noel listened. She couldn't make out anything else, a bird or two chirping, or making fun of, disturbed her concentration. "Oh hush." She told the birds, annoyed, resuming the pulling and tugging of the long locks tangled in the branch.
  4. Slowly he made his way back to what he once had called 'home' now it was just another town among many. The sound of the chattering villagers disturbed the peace he had once found himself in, as he let out a sigh. It didn't take more than the count of five silently in his head before the chattering turned into whispers, whimpers and stares. They feared him, avoided him, despised him. The eyes of Aofel scanned through the crowd as eye contact with anyone would make the other flinch, and Aofel grin. In a way it felt like the wolf walking in the middle of a herd of sheep, the sheep all too terrified to even run away. One step after the other the crowd of the villagers lined on his side to allow him easy access to the streets, none dared to stay in his way.

    On his way to his home, a brave knight stepped in his way and blocked the path. He was far stronger and taller than Aofel, and almost created a shadow to the smaller and younger boy in front of him. "You are not welcomed here monster," The man spoke in a dark and husky voice filled with bravery, or was it foolishness Aofel heard? "One warning," Aofel said as the green eyes bore into the dark ones that were ab Aofel , even the air seemed to whimper away from Aofel as the two individuals stared at each other. "Get lost," Aofel continued as he grabbed the key and once more unlocked an invisible gate in front of him, but this time nothing appeared, he simply waited for the foolish man in front of him to heed his warning or face the consequences.

    "Ha! Me? Scared of a mere child?!" The foolish man spoke and Aofel grinned to him. With a simple lift of his hand the large man flew up into the air, and was flung into the nearby building, smashing through the roof and probably startling those who were inside. "Anyone else wish to bother me?" Aofel asked the crowd as they ran away, some with screams and other just hid. "I thought as much," Aofel whispered to himself as the key appeared around his neck and with a few light steps he opened the dark door to his house, and entered to enjoy some peace and quiet after his long travel home after he had ventured out to get the legendary key.
  5. Noel pulled one last time on her hair, ripping a few hair out and freeing her hair with a few sticks in it. "Really...their going to see me a grown woman with sticks in my hair." She mumbled, leading Star away from anymore suspicious traps. Coming to the top of a tall hill, Noel now saw that tall brick walls surrounding the small village. Her face spread into a wide smile and Noel kicked Star into a canter, her hopes renewed at the sight of the familiar brown shingled roof tops. Crossing the space between she and her home in an insistent, Noel dismounted at the front gates and lead her horse inside the gates. Stepping into the village, she was immediately greeted with the sounds of worried anxious voices and people rushing into a damaged house. Noel's expression changed to puzzlement as she furthered into the town center. "What's going?" She asked a person dawdling about.
    He looked at her. "Huh? Oh, Aofel." He said slowly, glancing at his house before busying off to help someone.
    Noel stood in silence briefly. "Aofel?" She said slowly, turning and looking at his house. She walked up to the door and knocked gently, shivering slightly at a sudden feeling of fear come over her.
  6. Aofel was sitting inside of the bedroom, his eyes fixated on the window as they emptily stared out into the sky and looked at a few birds passing by. The four walls around him isolating his thoughts as if his head had traveled to a whole different dimension, but was pulled back when the sound of something peculiar and very unusual entered the house. There was someone brave and foolish enough to knock on his door, had the man from earlier not learned his lesson? Aofel saw nothing wrong in repeating it, it wasn't as if Aofel did much other than fling the man across the street and startling a few others that was probably enjoying their peace. "Who holds the bravery to knock on the monster's cave?" Aofel asked himself before he stood up from the chair and walked towards the door.

    Slowly, and with a creak, the door would open itself and his emerald green eyes stared out to the blond haired girl on the other side of the door. Thump. What was that sound? Thump. Thump. It was as if there was something moving in his chest, something he had not heard or felt in several years by now. What was it? "Who are you...?" He asked the girl on the other side of the door, his voice had grown colder over the ten years they had been separated and his eyes as empty. Usually Aofel would have flung the silly girl across town, but... there was something deep inside of him that begged not to. Something that was begging to be released, but the key that hang around his neck was keeping the door to that 'thing' locked behind bars.
  7. Noel waited patiently till the door slowly creaked open. She smiled only briefly, immediately seeing the empty eyes. She hesitated before speaking. "Noel?" She said, her voice expressing the sadness of her heart. She had hoped he would recognize her, not fear he didn't even remember her. "It's been a long time. You've changed." She said slowly, her body telling her to step away. What was this strange scary feeling she kept getting. It was just Aofel. The boy that used to make mud castles with her.

    A few people stopped what they were doing and began to watch them. Most whispering and wondering why she had gone to him.
  8. "Noel..." Aofel repeated as the name did indeed ring a bell in his mind, but none that he held any recollection off. Thump. Thump. The sound in his chest didn't give up, it was starting to annoy Aofel. "I think you've gotten the wrong house," Aofel said coldly as he decided it was better for him not to get anywhere close to this girl, it made his chest feel weird on ways he had not felt in what felt to be a million years. He didn't know why, but he did not want that feeling to take control of him. "Try asking someone else," Aofel said as he closed the door on Noel, and then leaned his back against the door. His hand ran over to his chest, and clenched the shirt he was wearing. What was that feeling that kept on bothering him? It was as if something inside of his chest was trying to burst out the second he heard her voice ringing through his head, or just the sight of her blond hair and dark eyes. No one had made him feel like this in ten years... who was this girl and what was she doing to him?
  9. "No I don't." She said quickly but flinched back when he shut the door. She stared at the door blankly, thinking to herself. He has changed...and not for the good. It was like it wasn't even him. Turning, Noel looked at the towns people as if seeking an answer from them. People just slowly continued what they were doing, avoiding speaking to the young girl. "Excuse me," she said, finally reaching out to a old woman. "Why is everyone so...sad and reclusive?" She asked.
    "Where have you been? The town has been like this for years, ever since He came home." She said tiredly. "I assume your not from here then."
    Noel hesitated. "I grew up here...a long time ago." She looked around. "Is the inn still around the corner by the milk bar?" She asked.
    "Yes. Though I'd be surprised if there were a room available at this time. It's soon to be the full moon celebration and people have come in from towns around." The old lady explained.
    "That's fine, I'll go check." Noel said quickly, her mood lightening at the thought that the festival still went on. Looking back at the shut door, Noel silently promised herself to come back after finding a room and settling in. She had to know what had happened to her friend.
  10. Aofel shook the feeling out of his head and then walked over to the window to watch her leave and sighed with relief, who was this 'Noel' and why did she awaken something that had been sleeping inside of him for so long? "Do not worry your head out of such needless things," Aofel muttered to himself as he walked over to the chair where he had been sitting earlier and grabbed a book to enjoy some peaceful time reading, the only problem was... he couldn't. "Why is my chest so tight?" He asked in pure confusion as his hand was still clenching the shirt in his hand, sighing as he stood up and let his eyes wander out of the window to stare up at the sky to see the darkness beginning and then he remembered what day it was today. It was some sort of festival today wasn't there?

    "Don't you think the moon is pretty...?"

    Who was that? That voice... was it his own? Yes it was, but... why couldn't he remember the answer? The hand on his chest traveled to his head, as he slumped down on the floor and placed the book over his face. "I must be tired..." He sighed as he excused this weird feeling running through his entire being as 'exhaustion' and quickly enough fell asleep on the floor. It may not be because he was tired, but he really was tired after traveling for so long.
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  11. Noel wandered to the inn, taking her time as she enjoyed seeing the familiar buildings again. Upon entering the Inn, she soon found out they were quite full, watching as people bargained and pleaded for an extra room. She laughed slightly, watching the stressed inn keeper struggle and remembering the days he wished he had such service. What happy times. Turning, Noel left the Inn deciding it would just be a bother to Ask for a room. Maybe the Milk Bar still had the attic available? Venturing next door, she entered the festive bar, immediately recognizing the music being played.

    "Still playing your favorite song? And your not tired of it?" She said to a young red haired girl, leaning on the counter.
    The young girl looked at her and smiled. "Yes, my father says he will listen to it till death!" She giggled. "Looks like I'm in for another 5 years!"
    "Well, I was wondering if you had your attic available still, the inn is full to the top. I have money to pay, just not much." Noel explained.
    Beth, the young girl, nodded. "Yes I'm sure we have the attic clean enough for a bed. But are you sure you'll sleep? The monster lives just below you." She said slowly.
    "Monster? I don't believe in such things. I'll take it." Noel said, disregarding it quickly and sliding the money to her.
    Beth slowly took the money. "Okay, I assume you know where it is, then?" She asked
    "Yes. Thank you again!" Noel said as she turned and went up the stairs.

    In the small Attic Noel laid out her over coat and sat down, peering out the window that over looked a house and the main town circle. Ah how wonderful it was to see this view again!
  12. Darkness was surrounding him as his eyes fluttered themselves open to look at himself, another version of himself standing in front of him. His hands were chained with a pair of red handcuffs, his feet were chained with a pair of blue ones as his other self looked down on him, the eyes so cold and soulless. "You were the one who chose this," His voice was so cold too, it was completely different from what Aofel could remember himself being. When did this happen? When did the second him come out, and why was it in control right now? "Chose...?" Aofel asked as he felt himself being tired, he wasn't even sitting up, he was laying down and simply staring up at the one standing above him. Why was he so tired? There were so many things he didn't understand. Ever since he obtained the key he had been in this place, such a lonely and dark place, and it seemed like he couldn't get out either.

    "You wanted power right?" The other him asked as he squatted down to lift Aofel's tired chin up to make their eyes meet. It was the same eyes, the same face, but their eyes reflected two different things. Aofel's were brimming with life and light, but the other ones was so cold and soulless. There was nothing there, it was simply an empty shell. "I gave you power, in exchange you gave me you," He said before letting go and standing up again, walking away. "I hold the key, so stop being a nuisance to me already," He said before leaving Aofel there alone, and the next thing he knew his eyes were yet again opened to find himself laying on the floor. "Why are you suddenly acting up Aofel? It was so easy to lock you away," He asked as he looked at his chest, and then stood up, ruffling through his red stands.

    The sky was already getting dark, but today he wanted to go out and enjoy a nice evening stroll. It calmed him down and there was a full moon tonight, he loved the full moon, and if he was quick enough then he might get out before the festival starts. He hated people, they were so noisy. With that Aofel stood up from the floor and opened his door to find empty streets, smiling relieved to himself, before he began wandering down the streets.
  13. Staring out the window, taking in all the old memories, Noel noticed a form leave the building in front of her. She watched it pass through the night, wondering why he was leaving before the festival. Getting to her feet, Noel rushed down stairs, through the loud bar and entered the streets. She looked up and down the streets for the familiar form, hopping he hadn't gone to far. "Aofel?" She called quietly, deciding to go the direction she thought he might go. He couldn't shut her out if he weren't inside right? Noel wrapped her coat around her tighter, not realizing the air had dropped a couple of degrees. "He didn't leave town did he?" She wondered, exploring the alleys nervously. The dark always was a scary thing to her...
  14. Aofel was simply walking through the empty streets, trying his best to not let the cold air get to him, as his eyes were fastened on the starry sky that was blinking down on him. So many bright lights, scattered everywhere and some were blinking better than the others. It was the same thing with humans really, some where blinking a little bit brighter than every other star, and others were so dim that they would hardly be visible, but they were all there. Then there were those who were thinking they were so bright that in the end they just exploded, supernova, was the scientific term of it. Aofel was one of those, the ones who sought more power and then in the end it turned into a huge explosion where he lost everything, and now he was gone, millions of dust particles that had been sealed away and would create a new star. The star that was standing there right now, this star.

    A smirk crept across his lips with the thought of it, before he continued to walk over to an all too familiar spot. It was the same spot he would go to as a child whenever he needed to relax a little bit, to be alone. That and it held the best view of the full moon that would soon creep its way out from behind the clouds and bless him with its silver light. "So peaceful..." Aofel sighed happily as he sat down and rested his back against the trunk of the tree, closing his eyes to just enjoy the cold air of the evening brushing through his hair and clothes. This was truly peaceful, he loved this feeling.
  15. Noel turned a corner, looked around, her eyes finally adjusting to the dark. In fact, enough to see her target in the spot she assumed him be. Quietly, crept to him and plopped down beside him, leaning on the tree also. "Keep up the happy attitude." She thought, looking across at him and smiling. "Have you grown mature for festivals now?" She asked jokingly. "Your not planning on skipping it are you?"

    Now getting a better look at him, Noel noted that he had in fact grown up a lot. Though it wasn't in a good thing. He looked cold and unhappy like the old baker they would 'borrow' bread from as kids. Why was he so lonely looking? Even at such a peaceful place like this? Noel kept her questions to herself, afraid she might make he angry.
  16. The second Aofel heard someone plopping down next to him, he looked over to see the blond girl, once more, approaching him. Why was she so... persistent? Was there someone in this town that was too stupid to actually warn her about what Aofel was capable of doing? Maybe they needed yet another demonstration, but if he did then the bounty on his head would increase and that would make it more troublesome whenever he was traveling. He didn't want that. That would be annoying. "Too many people," Aofel answered short and directly, as he leaned his head on the trunk of the tree, looking away from her, though he was eyeing her from the corner of his own emerald green eyes. She was... familiar... In a bad way, his chest was throbbing and hurting just of the sight of her, her voice was echoing through his mind as if he was supposed to remember, but he didn't, and more importantly... He didn't want to either.

    "This... voice...?" He looked down to his chest as the voice of Aofel was running through his head, almost frowning before he simply stood up and began brushing some grass off himself. He couldn't stay with her, she brought trouble and made Aofel act up. It wasn't good, he needed to be good and just stay behind locked bars.
  17. Noel raised her blonde eyebrows. "To many people?" She repeated. "You never were-" Noel paused mid-sentence as he stood and acted like he was going to leave. "One not to like crowds..." She finished quietly, looking at her feet briefly. Was he sick and didn't want to make other sick also? That sounded more like him.

    Noel let out a frustrated sigh and stood up. He was already in a bad mood, wouldn't hurt to be honest now. "Why do people act like their afraid of you?" Noel asked, facing him. Part of her dreaded hearing the answer. Maybe he had become some sort of scary hunter for bounties like they used to act. She laughed slightly at that thought. "You didn't become some scary bounty hunter, did you?" She asked, mostly joking. Her bark blue eyes searched his, hoping to find some sort of emotional give away of what he might be hiding.
  18. Aofel looked at Noel with a cold stare in his eyes, the moonlight representing a silver ring around him as if it was trying to show Noel the ice cold aura that was emitting from his very being, the one who held the soulless stare. It was as if Aofel wasn't even there. In some way, he wasn't either. "They do not act. They have learned to fear me," Aofel answered, somehow finding the right time to suddenly talk to her, and let his gaze return to the beautiful night sky. There were a couple of more hours before the festival started, he could still enjoy the view a little bit more. Maybe if this girl got to hear it, she would learn to fear him too. It didn't really matter who they were, it seemed as if everyone would learn to fear the power that Aofel had managed to acquire. One way or another, they all learned.

    "I have killed many men with these two hands, many beasts and many creatures. Why? Because I gain satisfaction out of it," Aofel answered as he walked up to Noel, holding her chin in a tight, but not forceful grasp as a smirk spread across his lips. Not a kind smirk, the smirk of a lunatic. "Are you afraid of me now....?" He asked as he moved himself a little bit closer, wondering if she was fearing him or would deny what was the truth. Ever since Aofel gained the powers he had changed, and many had felt that change to never open their eyes again.
  19. Noel watched his movement and started slightly when he confirmed they were truly afraid of him. She messed with the tip of her hair as a nervous habit. "Afraid? Why would they-" she stopped speaking when he began speaking. Noel did not back away when he neared her, but did moved her head back when reached for her. For the first time, a look a fear and shock crossed her face. Her heart was racing now and her hands shaking. Satisfaction from killing? This was not the Aofel she remembered! Was she afraid? Oh yes, but would she admit it and let him win? No.

    "This isn't you Aofel." She said, pulling away from his grip and taking a step back. She now held herself in a serious manner, though her hands shaking lightly gave away her natural fear of evil. "What has..." Noel's sentence stopped at the sight of a all to familiar key glimmering in the moonlight. That key! She recognized it's description from many eavesdropping conversations. "Aofel, where did you get that key?" She asked confused.
  20. There it was. The all too familiar look of pure fear striking someone's heart like a dagger, stabbing straight through mercilessly, as Aofel let Noel pull herself back as he did as well, almost smirking upon his victory. Maybe now the girl would leave him alone, the last thing he needed was for Aofel to start acting up, and right now, he was beginning. "That voice..." He shook his head a little bit before he turned his attention back to Noel, he even managed to catch up on her small hands shaking. Had he been too bold with her? Oh well, it did not matter. If that was what was required for her to find someone else to bother than that was just fine, Aofel didn't lie after all. The hands he had was covered in crimson blood, bittersweet and warm crimson blood.

    "But I'm standing right here. Who else could it be?" Aofel asked as he before she pointed out the golden key that was glimmering thanks to the moonlight, it seemed as he forgot to tuck it back into his shirt. "I found it," He shortly answered before he tucked the key into his shirt to touch his chest once more to hide it from sight. The key looked expensive and the last thing he wanted was for some pesky thieves to get their hands on his key. "...I recognize it..." Aofel was starting to act up. What did this girl mean to him anyway? It was just yet another selfish human among a planet of many others. Damned brat, he already locked him up so it shouldn't have been that hard.
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