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  1. Austin is sitting in the cafeteria reading issue 23 of Naruto while having his ear plugged with the latest Three Days Grace album. Austin looks up from his book every once in a while to make sure no one is trying to talk to him because he fears that someone would get the impression of that he is ignoring him when he isn't. Austin smiled as he was reading through the juicy parts of the book but suddenly stopped reading when his phone stopped playing the music. After Austin fixed his phone, he went back to reading but right as he did the principal called for everyone to go into the halls to go to their lockers to get their school supplies for their classes. Austin put his phone in his pocket and his manga in his backpack. Austin slowly walked to his locker and put his phone in it to make sure it doesn't get lost and then he takes out his science, Algebra, History and Language Arts binders/journals so he can be prepared. Austin walked to his first period, which was Science. Austin walked to his seat and then class begun.
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  2. Kylie rushed into class with one minute to spare. It was a miracle she had made it at all, what with Jessamine taking forever in the shower and their dad also procrastinating driving them to school. Kylie threw her curly brown hair over her shoulder and sat at the desk beside her best friend Austin.

    "Hey," she said, rushed. "Sorry I'm late, my sister sucks and my dad seems to hate me. I didn't leave you stranded before class, did I? Did any rabid teenagers attack you?" Kylie's voice was laced with a joking tone.
  3. Austin looked up at Kylie with an afraid look but it suddenly turned blank when he realized it was her. "Hey Kylie.....and no..." Austin said in a quiet voice as he looked at her slightly while doing the worksheet that was passed to him by one of the other kids in the class. Austin finished his worksheet fast and turned it in to the teacher for a grade and then he went back to his desk. Austin waited for the next assignment but while he did that someone threw a pencil at him which made him afraid. Austin looked around and saw it was one of the football players. "Oh...." Austin said before looking down at his desk in extreme fear.
  4. Kylie looked over her shoulder and saw one of the football players snickering. Irritated, she picked up the pencil he had thrown at her friend and pummelled it back at him. It hit him right between the eyes.

    "Idiot," she snapped, turning around to face Austin. "Probably one of my sister's many boyfriends."
  5. Austin saw what she did but felt that she didn't have to do that because it didn't really bother him that much since he is used to getting bullied for his quietness. Austin looked at Kylie when she made the remark about the football players and sighed. "I guess...." Austin said quietly as he rested his head on his desk. *30 minutes later* The bell rings and Austin gets up to go to his next class which is Algebra. Austin walked to his next class but as he did, the football player who through the pencil at him grabbed his shirt and slammed Austin against the lockers. "You think your little girlfriend can fight your battles for you, eh? Well I got news for you, she isn't here right now..." The football player said before punching Austin in the face which caused Austin to blackout from too much pain.
  6. Kylie rounded the corner on her way to French and saw Austin slumped on the ground. She shrieked, dropped her books and ran to him.

    "Oh my God, Austin!" Kylie said frantically, pulling his head onto her knees and tapping his cheek with her hand. "Shit, shit, shit, Austin, wake up -- "

    His eyes fluttered open, and Kylie cried in relief. "Oh my God, Austin, what happened? Jesus, we need to get you to the nurse..."
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  7. Austin looked at Kylie feeling ashamed but nodded in agreement in her proposal of him going to the nurse. Austin slowly rose and started to walk to the nurse holding his cheek since the inside of his mouth was bleeding. Austin sat on the bed on the inside of the nurses room. After about 10 minutes of being there, Austin was given a nurse pass and was sent on his way to his Algebra class which by this time was half way over. Austin sat in Algebra class and waited for it to be over and when the bell rung, he darted out of the classroom to his history class. Austin saw that Kylie was entering the classroom but when he did the jock that punched him was walking in too. Austin stopped dead in his tracks and slowly but carefully walked into the room and quietly went to his desk.
  8. Kylie looked at Austin frantically as he sat beside her in History. She leaned close to him, her hair falling onto his arm as she whispered, "Are you okay? Does it hurt? What happened? Was it that jock from this morning? Do I need to kill him?" She rattled out the questions before he could even answer her. "I am going to kill him."

    Kylie was naturally a very hot-headed person, and her anger mixed with energy often equaled violence. She had punched out her twin sister's tooth when they were five. Kylie glared at the jock.
  9. "N-Nothing happened...I just fell down and slammed my face into one of the lockers by accident..." Austin said very quietly as he could see her hair was on his arm. Austin pulled away from her a little bit because she was a little too close and that made him extremely nervous. Kylie may be his friend and all but she is still a girl and Austin is sure afraid of girls. Austin is also afraid of Kylie getting too close to him. "Y-You don't need to fight or kill anyone Kylie...I am strong enough to fight my own battles......" Austin said sadly and quietly.
  10. "I never doubted you couldn't fight your own battles, Austin," said Kylie, also moving back. "I'm just highly irrational, reckless and I like hitting things." She raised and eyebrow. "And I'm also intuitive, meaning I know you didn't fall. That's a lame excuse, I expected better from you."

    Kylie glanced back at the jock, before turning back to Austin with a serious expression. "He actually is Jessamine's boyfriend," she said quietly. "I remembered her bringing him home at one point. And Jess is my sister. She can make him leave you alone."
  11. " don't need to be so protective of me...I am not anyone special..." Austin said rubbing his neck and then he felt bad when she caught that he said he fell. "I don't understand why whenever something happens to me you have to either fight them or get someone to fight them for you..." Austin said but right as he said that a blonde girl walked up to his desk and gave him a flirty smile. "Hey Austin! How are you doing?" She asked looking at him with a big smile on her face. "I-I am doing fine I guess..." Austin said quietly looking at the ground.
  12. "You are special. You're my best friend, and I love you. And I believe it's written somewhere in the universal best friend rule book that best friends always murder their best friend's enemies."

    When the blonde girl arrived, Kylie narrowed her eyes. She knew who the girl was at once; Georgia Martin. As Jessamine was exceedingly popular, Kylie was often forced to engage in gossip about people she didn't care about and was subjected to hours of Facebook stalking.

    Kylie wasn't bothered that Georgia was talking to Austin, exactly. She was bothered because she knew Austin wouldn't want to talk to her. Austin didn't like talking. And, Kylie was bothered because Georgia had interrupted a very important conversation.

    "Hey Georgia," said Kylie monotonously. "I like your sweater," she said to appear civil, and to also move the girl's attention away from Austin. "Are you coming to the fair on Sunday. Your cookies were a huge hit last time. You practically bought the football team their new uniforms."
  13. Georgia looked at Kylie with a small smirk because she could tell that something was going on between Kylie and Austin. "Nah, I am just going to be at my house this weekend doing chores and other junk...what about you Austin? Are you doing anything this weekend?" Georiga asked with the same flirty smile that she gave to him earlier. Austin looked at Kylie in confusion to what she said but when Georgia spoke to him again he literally turned white as a ghost. "I-I don't know what I am doing....." Austin said before looking down again feeling extremely nervous and pressured. Georgia looked at Austin with concern and then placed her hand on his to help comfort him but it just made it worse. Austin's stomach and head started to hurt when Georgia did it and looked at Kylie in a why to show that he needs her to tell Georgia to back off because he doesn't want to talk to her.
  14. Kylie automatically took the hint. "Actually, Georgia, Austin and I won't be going to the fair either. We're gonna binge watch Harry Potter. I'm pretty sure Jess is going, though."

    Georgia left, disappointed, and Kylie gently rubbed Austin's back for a moment. "Okay, she's gone. I just made that up, but we can totally binge Harry Potter if you want to." Kylie frowned. "Georgia's a really pretty girl. You weren't interested at all?"
  15. Austin's back felt prickly when Kylie touched it but he tried to show that he was not bothered by it. Austin looked at Kylie and said "I don't mind doing that....only if you want to." Austin said quietly and nervously. "I am sure....she makes me cringe....she's a little too nice....I already have my sight on someone and it isn't her..." Austin said nervously.
  16. "Wait, what?" said Kylie, eyes widening. "You like someone and you haven't told me yet? I feel betrayed. Who is it?"

    Before Austin could say anything, the teacher entered the room. Kylie let it drop, but the idea of her best friend liking someone lingered in the back of her mind while she listened to a lecture on the French Revolution.

    When she and Austin left the room, they were met by Jessamine. Kylie was long over the injustice of having an identical twin; she and Jessamine were close, sharing each other's clothes and actually trying to trick people with their identical-ness.

    "Hey, Austin. Kylie, I have news." Jessamine was smiling maniacally. "You know Isaac?"

    "Really rich class president Isaac Kreytzer that looks like a much hotter version of the already hot Draco Malfoy?" clarified Kylie. "Yes, I am aware of Isaac. What about him."

    "Well, Katie said that Jenny said that Pepper said that Victor said that Quentin said that Isaac said he was going to ask you out."

    Kylie's jaw dropped. "Bullshit."

    "Bullshit not."

    "It's probably not true," said Kylie, but she hoped it was. She had liked Isaac for a while, but just a schoolgirl crush.
  17. Austin shook his head showing he would refuse to tell her who he liked because the answer to the question was: Kylie. Austin saw Kylie's twin sister Jess and scratched his head slightly because they looked exactly the same and couldn't tell them apart. Austin rubbed his arm and slowly walked away as he was heading towards the cafeteria for lunch. Austin waited in the lunch line to get lunch. When Austin got his lunch he walked over to an empty table and sat down hoping that Kylie wouldn't find him. As Austin started to eat lunch, Georgia walked up to him and sat across from him as he ate. " you and Kylie have a thing going on?" Georgia asked. Austin shook his head and looked at her nervously "No...we are just friends..." Austin said quietly as he ate. "Why are you talking to me?" Austin asked her because it is odd that all of a sudden that Georgia wanted to talk to him. "I like you look pretty handsome and I like talking to handsome guys" Georgia said with a flirty tone as she patted his head. Austin turned pale again and just looked at his food.
  18. After Jessamine filled Kylie in with all the details of Isaac allegedly asking her out, the Cabot twins walked to the cafeteria. After getting their food, Kylie sighted Austin -- and Georgia -- and led Jessamine to their table.

    "Hey, Austin, you ditched me. Traitor." Kylie sat beside him, and Jess sat beside Georgia. Kylie smirked at the annoyance on Georgia's face. Luckily, someone across the room called out for her, and Georgia smiled at Austin before leaving with her food.

    "I don't like her," said Jessamine. "She tried to flirt with Xander yesterday."

    Xander. Her boyfriend. "Speaking of Xander, Jess, do us a favour and tell him to back off Austin, okay?" said Kylie. She frowned at her lemonade. "Ew, they gave me lemonade. Jess, swap."

    Jessamine swapped her Coke for Kylie's lemonade, as they always did at lunch. Twin thing. "What did he do?" she asked Austin worriedly.
  19. "He threw a pencil at me then assaulted in the hall..." Austin said quietly but tried to not look her in the eyes. "But, please don't tell him I told you because he would surely kill me...his assaults my become gruesomer..." Austin said as he was sitting there eating still. "And Kylie...the person I like is the person is someone you should will figure it out soon" Austin said getting up since the principle called for everyone to go back to their classes.
  20. Kylie exchanged a confused look with her twin, who shrugged as if it were nothing to worry about. At the end of the school day, Kylie met Austin at the tree just behind the gate, where they normally met after school.

    "My Biology assignment looks so hard," Kylie said to Austin, reading over the assignment paper frantically. "You do Bio, right? Can you help me? I'm going to fail."

    "Kylie!" called Jessamine. Kylie turned, and saw her twin walking towards them with a six-foot-three, white-blond, gorgeous boy on her heels. Isaac. "Kylie, I was right."

    "Right about what?" said Kylie, though she knew what was happening.

    Jessamine pulled Austin a few steps back, watching Isaac with excitement burning in her eyes.

    Isaac smiled down at Kylie. She was so short compared to him.

    "Hey, Kylie," he said, stuttering like he was nervous. "Um ... I was wondering if ... um, you'd like to go out with me sometime?"
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