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  1. Skeleton
    Role(Basically what is a short synopsis of what they where like before):
    Appearance: (Anime Picture preferred)

    1:The one that went downhill since the break up(@IceQueen)
    2: The one that wants them back together (@Rin Mico )
    3: The Hot Head ( @KayLove)
    4: The Terminally Ill (@Tart)
    5: The Mute (@Poisoned Rose)
    6: The One Who Never Changed (@Charlie W.F.)
    7: The Lonely Rich (@GreenSea)
    8: The one that grew confident (@EternalMusic )

    1| As Gm of this roleplay, I reserve all right to accept or deny characters. YOU MAY NOT UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCES ENTER WITHOUT BEING ACCEPTED!!!
    I will select ONE Co Gm, to help me keep things up, same rules apply.
    Co GM: Yet to be determined
    2| No One Liners. Seriously, I know sometimes that things can get tough to handle, but
    I really hate seeing these
    3| NO GOD MODING! You should know what that is. Examples are automatic hits in a fight,
    creating Marry or Garry Sues
    4|I want creativity! Not everyone can be in a band, and not everyone can have tragic stories. Be original!
    5| Be respectful to everyone, no questions asked. OOC should always be respectful and kind, I don't want fights breaking out. If you have an issue, bring it up! Also please put a their theme song at the end of the character sheet if you read my rules.
    6| Romance is suggested, even encouraged here. I want some wonky things like "She used to like him but is dating that guy but still likes him." Sort of thing. Make it interesting.
    7| Drama is bound to happen, don't try to squash it!
    8| No Smut. This is an all ages Rp, I don't want it here. Take it to a 1x1 or Pm,
    just make sure you are within age boundaries.
    9| One Character per person
    10| Have fun!
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  2. Name: Dante Romano
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Role: Used to be more caring and sympathetic of others but grew to have anger issues due to issues in the past.

    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 151
    Personality: Hot headed and short tempered, quiet and keeps to himself.
    Likes: Hard rock music.
    Dislikes: hypocrites, wannabes, Country, school, history, science, math.
    Bio: over the years Dante has learned that life isn't easy and he has grown to dislike many things. He used to be more kind until he realized he wouldn't get any respect from others. Dante's older brother would beat down on him or tease him, some goes for his friends. Dante has learned that everybody can be jerks. The main reason why he grew up the way he did was because of an ex-friend, who thought it would be funny to share Dante's personal family issues on the internet. After the incident Dante confronted him about it and it ended with a fight.
    Dante then drifted away from all of his past friends.

    Spots: three.
    Theme song:
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  3. [​IMG]

    Geo Kantome



    5' 5"

    86 lbs. (underweight)

    Geo is timid and quiet. She is only a shell of her former self, who used to be confident, loud, and sure of herself, and
    has turned into something almost always silent. She doesn't speak up against any abuse that she receives, which is why some of the
    guys find her the best girl to toy with, because they can get anything out of her. She is broken, and has often thought about
    suicide, and has considered doing it soon, her planned date is the middle of the week after the sleepover.

    Geo was a happy little girl, living a happy life. She had a good family, nice friends, and even though there where some kids that bugged her a

    lot, she tried her best to ignore them. But as the friends started slipping away, the teasing came to more light. It all started with the snickering
    behind her back, then it went to name calling, and soon enough it went physical. She would come home with bruises, and often times you
    couldn't see the bruises on the outside. She became the laughing stock of the 12th grade. She doesn't eat more often than not,
    and if she does it doesn't settle well with her. She has scars running down her arms, but she doesn't speak a word.
    Now that she has no friends, she is left stranded.
    She likes to sing and play the violin, but she holds back on her voice, and due to the mean comments, she is as fragile and as
    easily startled as a doe, and even though she looked porcelain, she is feeble.

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  4. Reserving a chara
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  5. i would like to reserve 2 if that is ok with you Ice
  6. That's the thing, I want only one character per person, so I can have a greater variety of people
  7. OK @Tart @GreenSea @Poisoned Rose I have 2 male slots open, and 2 female slots. I would really like to get this on the road this week, so if you can have it done by Tuesday at 12 am, that would be best
  8. The Terminally Ill


    Name: "The name's Benjamin Hubertson! But that's way too long, so Ben will do!"
    Age: "Oh, ah, I'm seventeen years old."
    Gender: "Well..I'm a boy, if it's not already fairly obvious.."
    Sexuality: "I...uh.." Secretly Pansexual
    Role: "A role? Mm.. well, I've always been really cheerful, or so I've been told. I like to think positively and
    to help others back onto their feet if they fall. I guess I'm just a really caring guy."
    Height: "Ohh, some call me a tree! I'm 6'5!"
    Weight: "I'm fairly lean I'd assume, so somewhere around 180-190lb?"
    Personality: "Ahh, well, as I said before, I'm just really caring. I guess I can be a bit jumpy at times, or giddy if you will.
    I'm prone to be really honest and blunt, and sometimes I get overly flustered. I'm known to being really positive and ambitious!"
    Likes: "I really like sweets, and coffee is a must. I'm also fond of star gazing. I just really like outer space!"
    Dislikes: "Oh..hmm..there's not much that I dislike. But rude people are one of them, and I don't like to think about my illness."
    Bio: "'s complicated, ya see? I grew up in a wonderful home with a loving family back in Oregon, and my childhood
    was a happy one. When we moved to (not sure where this takes place?) when I was
    13 years old, I guess I was pretty sad to leave all my friends behind. But when we got to our new home, I could just tell I'd make
    some wonderful new ones. And...I did. In 7th grade. We were all so close, and we'd hang out almost every day. Then we all just
    started to split up, each one of us going down our own paths, some good and some bad. We didn't talk as much, and I grew
    really lonely once we entered highschool. But..I've made some new ones that are pretty good. But...I miss the old days ya know?
    Anyway, flash forward to last year. I was... diagnosed with a terminal illness. So..that was pretty shocking to hear that I'm slowly dying, mm?
    The doctor gave me an estimate of nine months. But with all terminal illnesses, you never know. And that's why I've decided to be the happiest I can be this year! And I'm definitely getting the group together. For that, is my dying wish."
    Other: Ben has a habit of laughing when in an awkward situation.
    If his disease is brought up, he gets fidgety and attempts to change the topic
    as fast as he can, but smoothly so others don't question.
    He hates when people are down in the dumps and say that their life has no meaning, or
    they say they don't deserve to live. He finds it offensive really,
    since he's the one slowly dying from a terminal disease. They should be thankful.
    Ben sometimes has coughing fits, or struggles breathing due to asthma, and this affects his disease a lot. He carries an inhaler every where he goes, but doesn't like when people point it out. He gets embarrassed very easily.
    Ben leans more towards men or female to male transitioners, but really, love has no limits for him. Though he's scared to love due to the illness. He doesn't want to fall in love with someone and only end up hurting them in the end with his sudden death. Sure, most of the students at school heard that he had the illness, but he doesn't want to hurt someone. That is his greatest fear.


    Theme Song:
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  9. Alright then I will just take a female I was going to make one of each but just a girl will be fine

  10. The Mute

    kat mar.jpg

    Tsuki Senju
    Role(Basically what is a short synopsis of what they where like before):
    The lively and carefree one
    105 lbs
    Along with being a mute Tsuki is a shy girl who mainly keeps to herself, but once you get to know her she is
    really sweet and caring. She can make anyone laugh and she loves to do it.

    Hot and Cold sweet tea
    Being alone (mostly)
    Anything sweet

    People bullying her for being mute
    two faced people
    Being stuck inside all the time
    Bringing up the accident

    Tsuki grew up with her parents and older sister in a relatively nice house. She use to be the laughing one in her family always carrying on about what happened in school or something crazy that the family cat had done. Then before she started High School with her big sister, who was 3 grades ahead of her, the family went on a road trip to visit her grandparents that lived very far away. On the was home from this trip there was a big accident Tsuki's family's car was hit on the passenger side and it flipped several times before landing in a ditch upside down. Tsuki was barely able to crawl out of her window and so did her dad who called the emergency services. She tried to wake her sister to get her out of the car as well as her mother... but later when they got to the hospital they found out that her big sister was pronounced dead and her mother had died on the operating table. That took everything from her drawing her into herself she refused to speak at all and refused to talk about what happened.
    Her Song
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  11. I'm excited for this to start now~ I'm having some ideas hehe
  12. I just now decided to actually read them all WITH the music and they actually all fit haha.
    I can't wait for this to start.
  13. I'm loving your character's song @KayLove it's just bad ass Hahaha. And they all fit so perfectly and all so unique~
  14. Haha I tried to make a character that fit that specific song b/c of how much I like it.
    You said you had some ideas and I'm actually really curious haha
  15. You'll have to wait and seeee~ I hope this gets started up soon he he. But I do have some things up this sleeve of mine. ;) @KayLove
  16. I hate waiting... Why must you do this to me..?

  17. Hmm..perhaps I'll PM you ^~^ hehehe @KayLove
  18. @IceQueen

    May I reserve the last guy chara? Also is the "The one that wants them back together" person who invites them over to the mansion/trying to rekindle their friendships? OR is the guy who broke up with the girl but wants to get back together? (that and I'm just over thinking things again ^^;)
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