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  1. This story starts at school, the place where kids lives are centered.

    A while ago, middle school to be exact, a great group of kids where best friends. But around 7th grade, things started to fall apart. People drifted different ways, and some watched helplessly as their life crumbled before them. Others rose to the top, becoming jocks and realizing their dreams, but something always tugged at their hearts. What had really happened to their friends? Well now they where all about to find out. It was senior year, almost the middle of the year, the last one of high school, and one of them doesn't want to go out remembering them as a memory. So one night, they all end up going over for a sleepover at one cool mansion. How will things turn out?

    OK, so in total I need 2 girls and 3 guys
    1:The one that went downhill since the break up(@IceQueen)
    2: The one that wants to get back together (Open)
    3: Open
    4: Open
    5: Open
    6: Open

    1| As Gm of this roleplay, I reserve all right to accept or deny characters. YOU MAY NOT UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCES ENTER WITHOUT BEING ACCEPTED!!!
    I will select ONE Co Gm, to help me keep things up, same rules apply.
    Co GM: Yet to be determined
    2| No One Liners. Seriously, I know sometimes that things can get tough to handle, but
    I really hate seeing these
    3| NO GOD MODING! You should know what that is. Examples are automatic hits in a fight,
    creating Marry or Garry Sues
    4|I want creativity! Not everyone can be in a band, and not everyone can have tragic stories. Be original!
    5| Be respectful to everyone, no questions asked. OOC should always be respectful and kind, I don't want fights breaking out. If you have an issue, bring it up! Also please put a their theme song at the end of the character sheet if you read my rules.
    6| Romance is suggested, even encouraged here. I want some wonky things like "She used to like him but is dating that guy but still likes him." Sort of thing. Make it interesting.
    7| Drama is bound to happen, don't try to squash it!
    8| No Smut. This is an all ages Rp, I don't want it here. Take it to a 1x1 or Pm,
    just make sure you are within age boundaries.
    9 Have fun!

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  2. May I reserve a spot for a guy?~
  3. Yes you may~ Just go over to the Sign up and create a character
  4. Ooh! I'd love to be the girl who wants to get everyone back together! I'll go sign up but I just wanted to reserve if possible! :) :) :)
  5. It is, go right ahead
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