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  1. So, years from now, civilisation has been wiped out. How is unimportant. There are very little people left on Earth and it's your job to survive and reconstruct civilisation.

    Okay, sorry 'bout the crappy intro. It's something, at least. D'you want character sheets or do you wish to just jump in?
  2. I am fine with either. If you want character sheets, I am more than happy to make one, if you don't care, then let's waste no time and just jump in
  3. Lets just jump in, then. It might take me a while to post, though. Or I could post straight away. Depends where the teacher is at the moment.
  4. "Almost there," Nagisa mumbled, reaching even further for the long metal pole before her. The girl looked as if she was about to fall out of the building, attempting to get her hands on the pole almost a story below her. "Come ooooon. Why was I born with tiny arms!"

    "You look like a monkey," Manni told her, sitting back against the wall next to her. He had been told to help her, but there was no way he was going to bother. If she fell, it would be her own fault.

    "I dont' care! I need that pole!"
  5. Todd strolled down the street. It had been two days since the event and he hadn't seen a single person. He was searching for food and maybe company if he could find any.

    A noise came from down the street. Todd followed it. He saw two figures on a building, seemingly in trouble. As he got closer, he saw that a young girl was trying to get down. They must be stuck.

    Todd found a Good foothold and climbed the side of the building, up towards the girl.
    "Do you need help?" He asked her, holding out his hand.
  6. Letting out a squeak of surprise, Nagisa glanced down at the man next to her. "Er, no, it's fine," she muttered, stretching further in hopes of reaching the pole.

    "Don't be an idiot, Nagi!" Manni muttered. "If you can't reach, you can't reach it."

    "Shut, up!" Nagisa growled, finally giving up. "Hey, maybe you can hep," she murmured, "Can you pass the pole to me, please?"

    Manni rolled his eyes, crossing his arms in front of him. "Wow, you're stupid. You didn't realise you could ask for help earlier?"

    "I did! I asked you, dimwit. but no, you wouldn't help. Meanie."
  7. "Just take my hand." Todd said. "I can help lower you down."
  8. "You want me to take your hand?" Nagisa asked, tilting her head. "Er, okay..."
  9. Todd grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to himself, almost hugging her to his side, and began climbing back down the side of the wall, finding anywhere he could catch a grip as he went lower. When he got all the way down, he set her down. He called up to her friend: "Do you need help too?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.