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  1. Sorry I'm not done :/
    I went and added the list of magic types, if you see one you want to add lemme know and I'll add it in. if you notice, I have a total of four in each category (Excluding Holy/Dark) each is an exact opposite of another kind of magic in the listing. (Ex. Pyro and Water go against each other.)
    I'll be finishing that up tomorrow too, which will include how casting spells work and what each type of magic is.

    ALSO! If someone has an idea for one more Dark and one more Light Magic
  2. ...that sounds like a cool experience...even if you damn well nearly died.

    It makes me curious about what comes after death, though I'll just have to simply wait my turn like the rest of us...XD
  3. You didn't finish your exploration of the beach. If you had, you would have noticed the giant-headed mutant women waiting for you.
  4. You're not going to ruin this for me.
  5. Needs more turbans.
  6. A.) [​IMG]


    B.) [​IMG]

  7. Blair

    "I-I j-j-just s-said t-that because I-I am s-sort of confused." She admitted and rubbed the back of her head "A-and I d-don't think y-you are b-blushing for my r-r-reason," she stuttered, almost shaking and red


    She shook her head "One day of kissing Jay. Nothing yet." She chuckled "Foreign word. Belle sometimes calls me that to boost my confidence." She paused "Speaking of..." she pulled out her phone and noticed multiple texts. She sighed and noticed the last one mentioned going out for the night to deal with trouble

    "Oh she's gonna kill me."
  8. indeed myrn. thus if Tain is okay with it, then it is okay.
    he starts the thread he controls it.
  9. Blair

    "I mean, I was so confused shocked and blushing." She laughed softly as she buried her face in his shoulder "I thought I was going to swoon so badly and fall."


    "Come on Jason let's just..." she would have suggested to head inside. She saw the man and twirled her weapon "Go inside and I can handle it."
  10. Blair

    She shivered again but laughed "I forgot to mention I may be a little ticklish...Neck is the worst..." she paused as she teasingly scooted back


    She scoffed "He didn't care about me. It's a damn good thing I was there." She sighed and felt another wave of nausea which settled down. "He could have hurt you too you know? I would have rather gone down fighting than leave you behind."

    Once she was on the bed she groaned and looked at her arm. She managed to repair some of it. She focused on fixing the bone and once it did she groaned out sharply. "O-okay. That hurt,"
  11. I'm kinda happy to explore, but I mean... D: How many braincells did I lose in just that short span? I have a feeling by the time I've walked around... I'll be braindead in this world

    *WIDE OPEN.*

    But actually, I've lived on the coast all my life... but not a beach. I mean, half my family lived/lives in Hawaii, but I've always been away from palm trees and such. So it is kinda weird.

    EDIT: Wait, does this mean David Carradine wasn't murdered? He just went to the beach?
  12. Everyone goes to the beach, Tain.


    *Morel Orel flashback* "IT ISN'T THE WAY WE THINK IT'S GONNA BE!!"

    *everyone gasps*
  13. Bram

    She smiled at her "H-hi." She slowly released me and went to shake her hand. "T-thanks for l-looking after him."


    She shook her head but smiled "I'm fairly certain,"
  14. What's so great about Jellyfish?
  15. They are heralds of the beach! CLOSER TO PARADISE THAN YOU'LL EVER BE.
  16. Don't you say that to the son of a fisherman.

    Especially when that son won 2nd place in a kid's Kingfish tournament at the age of 12 & got a crunch bar that had to be about 2 pounds among other prizes.



    Maybe...what Tain's beach really was....was an island in the middle of a vinegar ocean. An ocean swarming with jellyfish...

    Stinging you...over and over and over.

  18. Now I don't want to! D:< But I didn't have time. I was just starting to 'wake up' on the beach when they started rubbing my sternum, and then I was looking up at the face of my instructor and some ref going ಠ_ಠ

    Then my coach was like, "Have a nice nap?
    ಠ_ಠ" and all I could say was, "Uuu... I lost?"

    There was no time for jellyfish or vinegar dipping D:< Although jellyfish dipped in vinegar sounds DELICIOUS?!
  19. Likely just bland. Though if you ever visit that beach again, remember... no man is an island...