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  1. Hello there! I'm some internet dude.​

    My goal is to provide high-quality art for the discerning roleplayer - working closely with my clients (That's you!) to provide a professional and perfectly tailored art service.

    First, I would like to stress my artistic scope. I do a lot of stuff - design work, digital drawings of organic and static figures, even 3D modelling and texturing! I can construct you a reference sheet, draw your avatar. Don't be discouraged by mu examples: I draw human figures just as much as anthros!

    For most of you, my service will be to provide a single, full-body character drawing, in one one of two flavours:


    First, we've got the refined sketch. Exactly what it says on the tin - I'll sketch your character until it looks nice, and no longer so sketchy. This option comes in hot at 25 USD a pop, and she's yours.

    But maybe you're cashed up, and you want to go a little more fancy?


    This option, as you can see, is the painted figure. It’ll set you back 60 Yankee-doodle dollary-doos, but won’t it be beautiful?

    If you’re looking for other stuff – reference sheets, avatars, and 3D, for instance – we can discuss pricing together. If enough people ask me for these, I’ll be able to start pricing them objectively on my store page. I won’t gouge you for costs, so don’t be afraid to hit me with whatever drawing ideas or general creative work you need – at worst, I’ll politely refuse, and at best, I’ll go out and learn new skills to attempt something I’ve never done before.

    This is what I’ll create:

    Other kinds of figures!
    Headshots and avatars!
    Action shots!
    Props & Objects!
    Concept & sketch work!
    Static profile design!
    Proof reading & editing!
    Logos and font work!​

    This is what I won’t create:

    Fetish art!
    Outright objectionable material!​

    I’m also willing to offer lowpoly character models for the same price as a painted figure . If you’re interested in a simple looping animation, I would be very keen to discussing it the idea.


    (Don’t worry, your character will be properly posed! This is just a technical example.)​

    So! If my little store page has you interested, or you’d like to discuss the possibility of being interested, message me here; or, even better, catch me on Discord at...

    Hustle Nugs Inc.#5298

    I can almost guarantee a same day response – just in case the loan sharks are hot on your arse, and you need to sate their rage with some dandy scribbles.

    Thanks for reading!​
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