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    Persons of Interest

    RedFern -William Buchanan Holtz- Messer International (Unaffiliated)

    Bloodhound -Brigitte Holtz - MI6 (UK)

    Tier One (open)
    Goldfinch - Anne Surrey - MI6 (UK)

    Frau Raüchen - Margaret Ülmer - MI6 (UK)

    Hermann Giersbach; Industrialist (German)

    Merlin - Dr. Rolf Wolfsing (German)

    Tier Two (open)
    Bog-Oak - General Henry George Reeves-Bentley

    Barracuda - Shirin Reeves-Bentley (nee Keramati)

    Osprey - Eric Cole - Messer International

    Commander Jonathan Bremsford - SAS Squad Leader

    Emilé Savant - Art Dealer

    Hans Böser - German Security Chief

    Pietr Manns - Subordinate

    Karl Krieger - Subordinate

    Abdul Jawara - Blue Freedom/Alltawazun

    Bahir Durrik - Blue Freedom/Alltawazun

    Places of Interest
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    Kurnhaus Binz, Rugen

    Avalon, Berlin

    Things of Interest
    Terms (open)
    Sonnenschein - (Sunshine) - happy little space project; electromagnetic weapon capable of light-based attacks, controled via quantum entanglement
    Excalibur: data chip
    Quantum Tearing (open)
    > Satellite gets (Quantum Entangled) signal.
    > Satellite fired special laser in space toward target area on earth.
    > As laser encounters atmosphere (charged with Earth's EM Field), and "tearing into" its molecular make-up.
    > The tearing of the atmosphere's quanta amplifies the effect of the Earth's magnetic field (at that location).
    > Amplifed effect "rides" laser down to Earth, lightning in upper atmosphere is a major after-effect of the "tearing."
    > Let's say short-wavelength microwaves are a unique minor after-effect. These could be picked-up by YC's signal dishes and retroactively located as originating in th atmosphere.

    Zauberflote - (Magic Flute) Name of collective space program, umbrella moniker for funding stream from German Chancellory.
    Blue Freedom - International anarchist organization, focused on weakening state powers and environmental terrorism.
    Alltawazun - Middle-Eastern environmental activist group, a non issue but general nuisance, considered an offshoot/brother organization of Blue Freedom. Typically plunder scarce resources and divert them to the most drought-stricken areas in the ME; also help refugees cross borders into literally greener pastures.

    Brief History
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    > The world is wracked by environmental disasters, drought plagues much of the more arid areas while floods threaten the coasts. Desertification threatens scarce food and water resources.
    >UK taken over by very nationalist, military-driven government, and has been under their control for 1 generation. Set up an alliance with several countries, including Iran after their democratic revolution, which the UK covertly orchestrated. Great cooperation and exchange between nations.
    > Iran launches a weapon of mass destruction upon Jerusalem, utterly destroying the holy land. Simultaneously, in a coordinated strike, their nuclear arsenal is wiped out. UK abandons Iran and changes alliance to Israel and allies. Naturally, this leads to full-scale war in the middle east. Not everyone thinks Iran is fully culpable, however...
    > Nuclear fallout affects immediate surrounding area, making it inhospitable, and trade winds sweep nuclear cloud to the rest of the world rendering much of it unlivable
    > This leads to even more climate refugees and migrations as people seek to move to hospitable zones. The areas unaffected (so far) by the chaos struggle to deal with this and make passage very difficult. Sprawling migrant camps occupy border zones.


    Tentative Timeline
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    VIP function -> Rügen -> Wedding -> returning for first wedding anniversary
    > Arrive at Berlin Airport
    >Rugen, via train
    > Check into hotel, get set up
    > Meet Frau Rauchen, a vacationing widow, who lives in Berlin. Strike up friendship. Get mission information.
    > Go on "hike," retrieve equipment courtesy of MI6
    > Acquire car, drive to field for target practice
    > Drive to Berlin. Check into hotel, car parked in garage.
    > Necessary shopping, learning lay of the land, and tracking down the satellite's creator
    > Incident with German Security forces upon return to hotel (meet Industrialist here?)
    > Art exhibit with Industrialist, to identify creator and find their whereabouts
    > ME faction incident
    > Monitoring Sonneschein, locate Zauberflote hub, write gamebreaking code.
    > Attend gala honoring the golden boy of German industrialism, Dr. Wolfsing; they track him to the base hidden in plain sight
    > Private dinner with inventor, infiltrating the lab, acquiring Excalibur
    > Shoot-out
    > Exodus
    > Hiding out and waiting for future instructions
    > Sudden return to Berlin - Potsdamer Platz
    > Plaza explosion RF framed
    > B returns to England
    > RF covertly follows, with info on B's past
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