To Write LOVE On Their Arms

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  1. I'm in need of more roleplays! This one, I was thinking of a modern fiction romance one[x]one. It's kind of cheesy, but whatever.

    Seventeen-year-old Nova Olsson (me!) doesn't fit in anywhere, not with her family, not with the people she once considered friends. Nova can see a person's whole life in their eyes, every memory, every secret, and it kills her slowly inside. After three suicide attempts her family sends her away to a co-op boarding school, her only friends her music and her reading, choosing to read in the school's library or playing music in her dorm as opposed to talking to people and -god forbid- look them in the eye. One day she accidentally meets a boy's eye and finds that she can't see his life, or his secrets- all she can see is the sorrow that draws his handsome face.

    Interested? :)
  3. YES! And first come, first serve, although I could do two threads on this one, see where they go! :D
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  4. Darn... I was too little too late >.< Sorry SeLi! I had some work to do and I couldn't get here fast enough >.<
  5. It's okay! We can do something else if you like. ^.^
  6. Good idea and nice name ;3
  7. I'm not used to playing males, but I can try~