To Walk Alone

It was hard to appreciate the grandeur of the room. Between her head swimming from bloodloss and all of this new information, Vivian could hardly think. She was vaguely aware that this room was different from the one she had been staying in at their home before. Her imagination running wild with thoughts of weird space shifting vampire powers, hidden doors to castles across the world, and other things that weren't making her foggy brain any easier to handle. The moment she was left alone, Vivian was in bed and completely unconscious. Swept away by the need for sleep and all of the overwhelming happenstance.

day or two passed before Vivian finally stirred awake. The events had taken their toll on her body and mind, leaving her exhausted, aching, and no more clear of mind than she was before. She rolled in the bed and left a head looking to see if there was an alarm clock nearby. How long did she sleep? It wasn't well. Vivian could remember having nightmares about long-fanged beasties trying to chew her. Old fashioned villages chasing after Vincent and his family with torches, and a mish mash of other crazy things.
incet walked in the room, still clothed in his vampuric beauty. His large black elegant wings that resembled a bat like structure drapped around his body now in a cloak form, under it he wore a tank to p and a pair of black jeans, his top being blue. He didn’t seem to change the same old dull blank tired look on his face. He did change a little though, he had an amazing smella bout him the kind of smell that made you want to hang around him attracted you towards him. As he gently spoke in a cool, almost wind sounding voice to get Vivian to move his shoot her slightly, soft hands with sharp nails gently finding there way to her mid back. “Hey, you might want ot wake up and eat. You have been asleep for a bit.’ He giggled stepping back so she could stretch.

[spacer]Vivian was such a beautiful girl he just couldn’t come to terms with it almost. He watned to tell her how much eh liked her, how much he wanted to hug kiss and bite at her… But things were more complicated than they always appeared. In doing that he doomed her to a life of vampirism if she were to date and eventually marry him. And he oculdn’t do that, could he? Ask someone to share in his curse of constaly killing other beings, of feeding of of their lvies to preserve his own. No that was wrong it was naughty is was ant Christian wasn’t it… As he thought about these things his eyes, un blinking,c overed in a gold color, kept their lock on Vivians face. Waiting watching, craving. [/spacer]
Vivian sucked in a breath, taking in with it what she surmised was the scent of warm caramel mixed with some woodsy spice. She hadn't meant to sound startled, but this look for Vincent was so... unique. It was different and she hadn't quite gotten used to it. The past few days... was it just days? felt like a really weird dream. The thought reminded her of the dreams she could remember from the night before.

She sat up slowly, wincing at the stiffness in her joints. It was a little awkward with the way he watched her. She wasn't sure if it was the predator in him or something more. It also made it difficult to try and get a good look at him, herself. Vivian didn't want to get caught staring, but there was just so much to see! His hair was so much longer like this. His wings were... she couldn't even think of ways to describe them.

"Don't you vampires know how to knock?" she joked, giving a faint smile to back it up. She was eying his wings again. Finally giving in to temptation to reach out and try to touch one. "Are these... awkward?"
incet chuckled at her comment. His personality seemed slightly different. A much more light, but stoic at the same time. His shoulders were broad and as she grabbed his wings he followed her hand with his eyes only to laugh some more as if he were holding a conversation in his head. His mouth didn’t move yet but his face said he was forming something to say until it finally came out in a very short sentence of “No, in fact, they feel natural.” His smirk grew as he stretched them out. They managed to fit, but when they were fully extended it made Vincent’s taller form seem small, and it made the space around them seem to diminish. The fully spread wings were breathtaking, god only knew the distance of each, six feet or more. The wing span clearly over doing that of the great eagle, it was horrific.

[spacer]Vincent retracted his wings as he carefully motioned to each pair. “These are like my right and left arms and hands. They come with me wherever and I use them constantly. When my prey, mostly exotic animals like Cheetah, began their flee I make haste to catch them. In the house, I am the fasts, and I have yet to meet a vampire faster than me. Not to mention my wings cloak me at night, making me almost invisible, with this ability I can watch my prey, see their mistakes, and pounce at my legure. But enough about prey, it must make you feel odd. You are welcome to come flying with me any time you wish, though I warn you, it is breathtaking at first. When I was first turned I was actually frightened to fly, it scared me. Now… it’s wonderful. We fly with the birds of prey and birds of fruit. The animals know when we are dangerous and we dance with them. It is glorious I’d like for you to see it some day.” Vincent sat down beside her his overly sweet smell wafting harder into her nose. A gentle and casual smirk crossing his lips.[/spacer]
"Fly with you..?" Vivian didn't hide her distrust of the idea. She wasn't really afraid of heights specifically, but the thought of flying without having a lot of nice secure metal and seat belts freaked her out a little bit. Now she imagined him flying around chasing animals and even people to snatch them up for a meal. Including some of the more frustrating people from school.

...School! With her house getting destroyed and her almost getting eaten by a vampire, she missed so many days...! It was funny, that despite all the drama, here she was cringing at the thought of make up work and needing good grades for the semester. Vivian groaned as she fell back against the bed and through an arm over her face.

"School...! Vince, I've missed so much school... the dance is any day now and-- ..." Her arm moved as she took another look at him and raised her eyebrow. "Are you... even the same age as me? Why are you going to school..." It was a very good question.
ame age as you? Not even close, let’s see here… I believe I was born, hm, I don’t know. I think about nine or ten thousand. Something like that. I don’t really remember. I remember my age by when I was created, I was, the first. Second only to Cane.”He giggled a bit more his eyes carefully watching as she mentioned school the idea of school worrying about the idea of school and make up work. “ Do not worry about work, I will take care of it for you, I’ll help you learn your work and learn your lessons and make A’s like you want. “ Vincent was so cool, calm, collected as his broad wings folded in again. His face carefully studying hers.

[spacer] “Careful, by the way, careful because pushing yourself too hard without the proper amount of blood in your system will result in fainting, you are our protection, that is to say I watch out for you. I will not allow anything to harm you, neither will I allow you to harm yourself. So please, take your time. Now then do you want to go flying sometime, have some fun with your days off. ” His eyes were calmly studying her, she was nervous and or upset about something. [/spacer]
"Thousands of years?! That's older than civilizations!" Vivian was having a hard time wrapping her mind around that. At her age, time felt like it took forever to pass by. She couldn't imagine just how long a few thousand years would feel. It made the whole question of why he'd even bother going to a high school all the more prevalent. If she were immortal, she sure wouldn't waste her time on homework!

Vivian let that one rest, though. If she started thinking about Vince as an ancient old man in a teenager's body, she would probably start freaking out all over again.

She sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "I'll... take a pass on flying, I think. And I'm not gonna break or anything. I'm just a little tired and sore. But if I stay cooped up in bed forever, I'm going to go ballistic. Can we go out?"