To Walk Alone

Vivian's heavy sigh was unnoticed. At least, she assumed it was. She did stuff a couple brownies in her jacket pocket before she followed Vincent outside. The cross would have totally worked if he were a vampire or a werewolf. But then, not ALL folklore could be correct. That's why they were myths after all. It's not like she really wanted to hurt him. Vivian just wanted to figure out the mystery. She was kind of relieved when he didn't burst in to flames, but it still left all of her questions unanswered.

Falling in to step next to him, they made their way down the sidewalk back towards her house. It was just warm enough that the first snow from a few days ago was now a slushy mess. Vivian stepped over half melted piles as she watched Vincent. He never wore anything heavier than a light jacket, and even then he never seemed cold. She couldn't even see his breath exhaling the same way that hers did in the chilly air. Most of the time his breathing was so subtle that she doubted he ever huffed out enough air anyway. Of course he was breathing, he couldn't be walking around if he wasn't.

"I've got a couple recipes picked out already. We can choose the easiest one, I think. Or maybe it'd be better to do something creative to impress the Teach with? She's always a hardass about stuff." All of the recipes cards she had strewn on her kitchen counter included tons and tons of garlic. Vivian was already grinning about her second test.

Her house came in to view. A simple cookie-cutter design of bricks and wood. Big bay windows in the front and a solid wood door. She bounced up the sidewalk ahead of him, unlocking her front door to let them both inside. Compared to his house, her place was very lived in. Family photos on the walls and in picture frames. Articles of clothing a personal items carelessly tossed over furniture or kicked under tables. It was easy to see that her Dad must have done all the decorating. It looked very much like a mancave, with dark wood paneled walls, some hunting paraphernalia and big fake stuffed bear standing up snarling in a corner. Vivian had told Vincent weeks ago that she hated the stupid thing thanks to a completely unreasonable bear phobia, but her father adored it so she didn't complain.

"What do you think about a roasted garlic sauce?" she said casually. Dropping her bag in to a chair on her way to the kitchen. When she stopped by the counter, she conveniently had a fresh bag of garlic sitting there. Picking one up, she tossed one over to Vincent. Holding her breath to see if he dodged and fled or not!
incent wasn’t phased by the slush, and as he used his tennis shoes to trout through it had to laugh a bit, had it been a full on snow he and his family would have went up on their large roof, knock the snow down, and then used all of the snow in the back and front yard to make three Snowmen. It was this very same thing that made him actually rather happy to be in that house, they were always full of life and loved the Christmas spirit, the closer you came to it that is. For them every day was a day closer to Christmas and they didn’t enjoy the first of the year, when Christmas was actually further away, it was kind of like teasing a child with the notion, GUH. As they came close to the home and she treated off in front of him, he sensed something again… This one felt bad, really bad, something said she knew too much.

[spacer]He walked in nonetheless, against his better judgment he thought the girl was still innocent, naive and foolish. Nonetheless eh stared at the bear, reminding him of one of his favorite prey to hunt down, he enjoyed the bear because they always seemed to act like their mighty strength could do ANYTHING to help them, the pitiful worthless look they gave right before death reminded him that of the human girl, and boy did it just make the feeding process so enjoyable. As he carefully came into the Kitchen he smelt it, garlic, and saw it coming before him in just the right way. He giggled a bit and caught the garlic in his mouth crunching it to a fine pulp and swallowing it. “Eh let’s do something like Pasta, I like pasta and I think your dad would enjoy it as a left over. Is that here on one of the sheets?” he giggled, the garlic was just fun right?[/spacer]

[spacer]”No one still believed in garlic killing vampires did they? First the cross, now the garlic, she had to have known. After al her actions are different, and I smell the threat on her body, if she had the right utensils I’d be dead, no, worse than dead, I’d be…. Gone! The very thought that she might have the ability to kill him made him kind of scared, kind of. The girl was too innocent to do damage to him, this much was lucky. His parents needed to know about this soon, but if he left now she’d get suspicious, and if he went to the bathroom, she’d be MORE suspicious, s he was stuck, sitting here and listening. “If we cannot do pasta, let’s do something like a Lozano, or some kind of dish that isn’t just raw meat, I hate that.”Well there was a new fact to the table, Vincent hated meat, strange he didn’t look like the type. As he came closer to her and the garlic he had to chuckle a bit and said. “ “You love your garlic huh?” His own breath smelled of it. [/spacer]
"Oh sick, not raw anyway!" There went that idea! He was completely unaffected by garlic. All she could remember now was staking a vampire, or setting them on fire. Vivian definitely didn't want to do anything like that. She liked Vincent, she didn't want figuring out his secrets to come at the cost of murdering him. That was totally psycho.

Vivian stuck her tongue out at him, but she was quickly grinning again. Out out her pocket came a package of gum. She unwrapped a stick and stuffed it in his mouth without asking if he wanted it. "Totally going to have dragon breath for the next three days." She snickered. "Pasta sounds good though! It shouldn't take too long." Vivian picked up the recipe cards on the table looking for the things he suggested.
e laughed at wat she was doing now, the gum in h9is mouth tasted horrid so eh spit it out rather fast as he sighed a bit, it did still have the hint of garlic to it but it wasn’t as strong as before. As he watched her find the right card he was getting pots and pans out making suret hat all looked well prior to her picking things for food. It should have been a lot of fun cooking with her, it certainly turned out to be so right now anyway. As he carefully placed about four pots out he spoke “Well, it just so happens that I already know a REALLY good recipe, and I think you’d father would like it, would you like for me to write ti down for you?”

[spacer]She was suspicious of him, that much was for sure, and although it was a close suspicion, and she was on the right track, and even ahd some of the idea’s correct on his weakness, It seemed that she had no interest in his death. She was doing everything in such a light hearted way, a way that had shown her tender mercy and loving kindness. She was a sweet heart and just form being around her, it seemed to warm his heart, and give him a new hope on life in general. Looking he put the water and noodles on to boil, this was going ot taste great.[/spacer]
"Ooh, yes, here!" When he was done setting water to boil, she passed him an empty notecard and one of the glitterpens. It seemed she almost always wrote in glitterpens, including the assignment she turned in at school. Her father didn't appreciate having to write on all of his paperwork with them, but that was all she ever bought.

While Vincent wrote down the recipe, Vivian explained her dad's new work hours, ramble on about the recent conversation she had with her mother over the phone. There was that subtle change of tone in her voice that she thought no one ever noticed. A little bitterness about her mother and the woman's new life. Peeking over his shoulder to see some of the ingredients off his list, she went ahead and pulled them out of the fridge. A knife in her hand, she was working on chopping up the garlic nice and fine.

"Anyway, she's overly curious about what I am doing at school lately. So I told her about the masquerade for halloween." she continued her rambling. "She was getting all exciting talk about princess dresses and imperial queens, while _I_ tried to explain I'd rather dress as something more creepy. Like a Victorian Era vampire or Godzilla, you know? Of course she's gone all Hollywood crazy and thinks I'm the star or a teen makeover movie or something so she's all chattering on about me going to a hairdress an- Ah-- Damn!"

Vivian's rambling was cut short - literally - when she got a little too free wheeling with her knife and nicked her thumb. On inspection, she just -barely- caught it. Sighing in relief at the tiny cut. For a second there, she thought she sliced her own thumb off.
e was fine cooking and cleaning up after himself making the pasta as he went along in the kitchen. It was about down to the garlic sauce. A smile on his face as he listened to her complain about her parents, he remembered being alive and doing the same thing and reading that teenagers seemed to always hate their parents. It made perfect sense actually, he took the veggies that she had done cutting up and placed htem in a pan were he planed on cooking them with the meat in order to soak in that wonderful amazing texture of the garlic and onion. The dish was dragon-breath city, but he kind of liked it.

[spacer] I see that, so then that is to say that your mother expects you to still be a child, were as you want to be older, that all makes perfect sense. I am thinking of dressing up as a vampire too, or at least what I always think of a vampire. I have some of the uniform stuff already. I kind of have a fascination with them, despite being a little squeamish around blood.” He laughed not knowing the events to come. Now if Vincent was asked to help out any other human alive, it’d be a different story, but he wasn’t. He was asked to help out her[/spacer]

[spacer]His body tenses as he smelt it, not turning around for fear of her seeing any signs of it. He began to become dizzy with lustful hunger and the promise of a meal that was so good it made animal blood look like a Welfare check. His eyes dilated to a normal vampires blood red with golden pupils, and his fangs extended as he licked his lips, hiding all of this by working on the pasta. He ran out of the room shouting that he had to pee really badly. An action that wasn’t too impossible for him.[/spacer]

[spacer] Just after there was a sharp knock on the door followed by Vincents mother’s voice, she called in speaking of peace and wanting to check on everything. With her power she had seen Vincent getting the urge and had to make sure that Vivian was still alive.[/spacer]
[spacer]Vivian didn't seem at all concerned about Vincent running off to the bathroom so suddenly. He was a guy after all, and that seemed perfectly normal to her. She was sucking on her thumb to ease the burning when there was a knock on the front door. Still with her thumb in her mouth, she answered it, surprised to see his mother standing there looking concerned.[/spacer]

[spacer]"Oh hey! Is something wrong? Vince is in the bathroom. You can come in if you want." Vivian stepped aside, letting the older woman in. Her thumb was in her mouth for a second as she walked back to the kitchen. When she pulled it out again, the bleeding had stopped. It looked more like a papercut than anything else. Vivian washed her hands in the sink, though, so she wouldn't get herself infected.[/spacer]
She was about to come in, and smile when she smelt the blood. Goodness she was GOOD… her blood reeked like an onion in the air and it stung her nose with its scent making her lick her lips a few times. One of her ‘powers’ was the ability to resist strong blood, but it was no wonder why Vincent was in the bathroom sprinkling water on his face and was almost literally trying soap to clam himself down form the scent. But then… then his alertness went off… She was in trouble, and his mother didn’t see it…

[spacer] He moved quickly, as fast as he could the truck came in quickly, staring through hitting his mother, who was a weaker skin than the average vampire. Her skin was indeed broken and she lost a lot of blood, and was un conscious, but just before the large eighteen wheeler hit Vivian Vincent appeared. He held out his hand with a large grunt as he bent it in, spinning around and catching Vivian as they collided with the stairs, and was then drug outside and into a few trees. Soon it stopped and Vincent lay atop of her, pretending to be knocked out when he should be dead. His father calling the police.[/spacer]
Vivian awoke to find herself in the hospital. Her dad right outside the room talking to a doctor. He looked worried yet relieved all at the same time. She wiggled her toes first, shifting in the bed to see if she could even move. Outside of being really sore and a bit dizzy, she was fine. A few bruises, cuts and scrapes. But nothing was broken or seriously damaged. Vivian was really confused though!

As her dad entered the room, Vivian was just sitting up in the bed trying to remember what happened. She had just let Vince's mom in to the house, and was telling her something... Vince wasn't even in the room with them, but... she could have sworn....

"Hey, baby. How you doin'? Hurting any?" her Dad asked as he sat down in the chair next to her bed.

"Sore I guess... I don't... really know what happened. Where's Vincent and his mom?" It was coming back to her now. She distinctly remembered a lot of blood, but Vincent wasn't there. Not until... no, that couldn't be right.

Her dad rubbed his face over his hands. The whole thing had him stressed out, but he was so glad she was okay, he couldn't help but give a soft laugh. "They're okay. Amazingly you're all okay. A Semi plowed though two streets before crashing in to the house. Aastha got the worst of it, some pretty bad cuts. Vincent only had a bump on the head." He grinned, reaching out to pat her arm. "I'm glad that boy's luck rubbed off on you, kid. It could have been much worse... With the way the house looks..." He sighed again, running his hands through his hair. "Vincent's father offered to let you stay with them until our house is repaired. I think it's a good idea for you."

A semi truck? Seriously...? Vivian watched and listened to her father in disbelief. Who the hell lives through something like that? It was luck for sure. That made the second time Vincent got out of an accident without even a scratch. It was really bizarre! "Aren't you going to stay there too?" She asked, just then picking up that her father only mentioned her staying there.

This time he didn't look too happy to speak. "The driver ran off. So we're hunting him down. A couple of the boys downtown think it was a deliberate hit on an officers' home. Don't give that look, baby. I doubt it's anything like that. I'd just feel safer with you staying elsewhere, while I join the investigation. Your mother will be here in a few days to see about you."

Vivian frowned. It felt too much like her dad was hiding something, but worse of all, her mother was going to show up and think she had a right to dictate things. Didn't she have enough to think about! At least she was staying with Vincent's family and not her mom, though she figured her mom would try to change that as soon as she arrived in town.

"All right... Am I going home, er... to Vince's home tonight, or do I gotta stay here in creepyville all night?" she asked.

Her Dad grinned. "His father will be here to pick you up soon. I need to get going. Love you, kid." He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead even while she was trying to swat him away in embarrassment.
e came into the room about thirty minutes afterward. A strange look on his face that was deeper in thought, more opinionated, and stranger than anything else any other human alive had. He seemed to hold un told wisdoms and have a certain air of ‘listen’ to me type of attitude. And as he inched closer to her, pulling out a chair to sit down, he seemed worried. A look of displeasure was sharply on his face. He had a very scary tone at first. “Hello there, you’ve been at my house many times but I do not believe we’ve emt. I’m Cane.” He had a voice that was similar to Vincent’s only right now it was very dark and ominous, when he spoke it seemed like a storm began to brew.

[spacer]He showed her to the car, not saying a word the entire time, something obviously bothering him. Vincent was in the car, asleep or so it looked. He had a bandage around his head and just looked… dead. In truth he was exhausted… He had transformed that moment, showing his TRUE form.. She might have seen it, she might now have. Big black wings. Long black hair, black around his eyes, with his fangs honing from his mouth. He had needed it to withstand the blow of the semi, it was a very powerful blow. It was for that reason that he was so tired, he had to change and then change back before the police came. It was doable, but it was tiring. [/spacer]

[spacer]Vincent awoke just as they reached the car, he too was silent, nervous about what she saw and didn’t see. As he stepped out of the car he was a bit Dizzy, his mother coming out with her arm in a sling as she helped him his father kept Vivian stable too. “Come Vivian, we’ll talk about today, then take you to sleep when you are ready. But first let’s talk.” He smiled with a large smile. He waited for them to be inside as he took them to the table. Vincent sighed and looked at her. “One hell of a day, wasn’t it? Think Our teacher will be mad?” Vincent’s dad on the other hand spoke, being very stern again. “we agreed, you kids aren’t going anywhere till this is settled, no forests no school, no where but HERE.” Cain was VERY serous as he stared at her. They wouldn’t get ANY ground with him around.[/spacer]
Vivian found Cane to be a very intimidating man. You didn't say no to him. Or utter a peep! Her was very unlike his wife, who was naturally enchanting and friendly. Someone that Vivian was instantly drawn to. With Cane, she much would have preferred to hide behind something even when he tried to give her a big smile. Once they were inside, Vivian found herself slinking behind Vincent. Staying behind him and out of sight as much as she could up until they had to sit down at the table. They were apparently going to have one of those awkward family 'discussions' which would likely map out a bunch of embarrassing rules that no teenager wanted to hear coming out of a parent.

When seated, Vivian raised a finger and cleared her throat at the same time. Not entirely sure whether or not she could speak. "Uhm... We're not going to get the sex talk, are we, cause we're not really dating and all, and I thought that would just be a really, really odd conversation to have right off the bat...?"
hey all broke into laughder as they turned to face her. The simple moment of mention made them all smile as they looked form one to another still laughing. Vivian had really cheered them all up. And apparently she had never, ever, under any logic, she seemed to be ignorant and that’s what they wanted. As The mother, Aastha spoke up in calm delicate tones the table began to get quite. “No dear, to be frank… We figured that if you were to have sex you would have done it the many times you all went to the forest. At this point, we just let you go on about your business. Though, if you need the pill I can go get it for you.” She wasn’t joking about that, she didn’t want to know what might happy if her and Vincent were to somehow have children.

[spacer]Vincent looked over at his father who said. “no we were going to talk about what happened tonight, what did you see? Did you see the driver or anything weird? I do not appreciate that man doing what he did today, and it enrages me… I apologize if I scared you in the car.” Cain sighed a bit. Something in him told him she knew.. she just wasn’t saying it yet… He didn’t WANT to use his powers… but he was sure as hella bout too. [/spacer]
Oh gods. Vivian covered her face for a minute. No doubt flushing a deep red crimson. Of course his mom would be totally nonchalant about sex, and blurt everything out like it was no big deal and not completely disturbing. She was a really cool lady. ...Vivian only wished she be a little less cool about sexy stuff involving Viv and Vincent! Not that Vivian hadn't had ideas but... That was just. Ugh! Embarrassing!

Vivian didn't respond to the pill comment, it was too much. She focused on Cain, as intimidating as he was. What did she remember? It was almost like being put on the spot by some of the police officers at her Dad's work. In fact, it was odd that none of them wanted to question her about a truck mowing through her house. That was sort of a HUGE deal. Instead she was here having Vince's parents patiently awaiting an answer on practically not breathing waiting for it.

Silent as she mulled it all over in her head, she wasn't really sure what she saw. Everything happened so quickly, her head was killing her. None of it really made any sense, she mostly thought it was all dreamed up. She had been obsessing so much about trying to see if Vince was a vampire, that she probably was starting to think it was the real thing. "Hmm... honestly I don't really know... I never really saw the driver at all. Missus A was covered in blood..." That seemed to make her really uncomfortable. There was A LOT of blood, glass, bone ever...

"And Vince was in the bathroom. ...uhm no... I think I saw him come out but..." It was the point where her memory got really weird. Cause she was certain it was Vincent, but the hair and wings even. It was a split second before she passed out. "I dunno, my head really hurts and it's all kinda fuzzy and if I think about it much more I might just throw up." The statement was an honest one. She was more freaked out about his mom getting crushed and bloody than her confusion with seeing things. Tomorrow she might feel clearer about it.
ell, that ends it dear. She is too dizzy and hazy to remember what happened, besides her father is one it and can take good care of it. I’m sure if she remembers anything she’ll go and tell us or her father. So let’s just be patient dear.’ Aastha rubbed her beloveds hand with hers as she stood and got behind him, massaging his shoulders. He did seem extremely tense about something, and the fact of the matter was, he wasn’t realy loosening up. She used her one good hand and took care of her husband, her just sighed and looked at her. For a split second one could swear they spoke without words. They eye contact between them, they motion of hands and of feet, even the beginning levels of breath all seemed to note some lighting fast communication. And just like that Aastha sat down and smiled kissing him softly. It wasn’t abusive, no, it was love, he didn’t want her over working herself.

[spacer]Vincent, on the other hand, had finally had enough as he saw the kiss, then the birth control references, and lastly the eye contact, it was getting too mushy and too gooshy for him. He stared at them and laughed a bit. “Hey you two get a room, or a couple of rooms, or a house. But not this house, or this room. No one wants to see all of that.” He was feeling a lot better as he removed the bandage from his head. A sigh deep in his throat as he stared at her and then at his parents. How careless of him to almost allow Vivian to get hurt, she was HIS and no one was to claim what was his, not even death. “So, Vivy, are you hungry because I am. Hungry enough to eat a raw onion. Or garlic, or some kind of pasta.” He joked about it while he could, he knew that it was no joke however.[/spacer]

[spacer]”All jokes aside. Vivian dear, when you are full and have everything you need Vincent will show you to the upstairs guest bedroom. Aastha will put some night cloths there for you, so tell her your size and everything she’ll run out to grab you some, since your house is kind of… well dangerous right now. And by the time you are all showered up it’ll be there. The guest room you’ll be using does have it’s own shower. As well as a full on king size massaging bed. I used to have back problems and that was the bed I’d have to use. So please enjoy. Sleep as late as you want when you awake Aastha or myself, will have dinner for you. I’ll be gone to work at about noon and be out till about midnight. The Hospital needs me longer tomorrow.” Well that explained his cool calm manner about everything ,the area he majored in was medicine. He was used to seeing pain and upset faces.[/spacer]
"I think... I just want to get some sleep." Vivian appreciated Vincent's attempt at making jokes, but everything was quickly catching up to her. She was sore and tired, and a big giant bed sounded really, really nice. She mumbled her clothing size to Aastha when she stood, not wanting to blurt out loud what she wore with Vincent in the room.

Vincent showed her upstairs, and Vivian was really impressed with how nice the room was. Most of their home was pretty sparse, but their guest bedroom was comfortable and homey. Almost as if they knew they'd be having a guest over soon. Before Vincent left her, she tugged on his shirt sleeve and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Her grin was cheeky and sheepish. "Thanks for the life saving Vince... even if it was just luck." With that, she shooed him out. Before long she was able to shower, change clothes and sleep. Dreaming of things that seemed all too real...

- - -

A few days went by and Vivian was able to find a decent routine. Living with Vincent's family was strange. For some reason it felt like this wasn't they way they normally lived. But that could have easily just been her own over-active imagination. She felt bad being an extra houseguest for so long. Her dad was still out looking for that truck driver, and her mother had called to delay her arrival twice already. Everyone at school had all kinds of interesting rumors spreading around about what happened, including teasing her for staying with Vince's family. She didn't mind so much the teasing, but she still felt like something was being hidden. She hated no knowing!

Today, the house was empty. It was the weekend again, and Vincent's parents went out to run some errands. Vincent himself was tasked with going out to the grocery store. There was a temptation to snoop through all of their things, but Vivian didn't want to be one of those obnoxious house guests. For now, she had a school report she really needed to finish, which was the only reason why she hadn't joined Vince at the store. If she didn't get a good grade on this report, she was going to have to do an assload of extra credit just to make up for it.

"Crap...! Where is my book!" Vivian dug around in her backpack, and shoved around all of the things she had set up on the desk. Everything she needed was here except the one book that had all of the research in it! must have been left in her house. Grumbling to herself, Vivian found her keys and left.

The walk down the street only took a few minutes. As she approached her house, there was that ill feeling in the bit of her stomach. The truck had long since been moved, leaving a huge gapping hole through the place, only covered by a few tarps to keep out the elements. They hadn't even found a contractor yet to start work, let alone got all of their things cleared out. Vivian pushed back a tarp to step inside. There was dried up blood stains far off near the kitchen. She didn't look at those. Instead, she carefully stepped over debris and made her way up the staircase to reach her upstairs bedroom. The floor boards were a little creaky, but it all felt pretty stable.

Vivian dug around looking for her book in the mess. While she was there, she might as well grab some of her important things to take back to Vince's place.
t was dark in the house. The smell of broken lumber and exhaust from the semi that was sunk intot he carpet and the gas that landed everywhere. It was dark in there as well, no electricity, or water, or anything from the outside was linked to the house now. The semi had succeeded in ravaging the house in away that nothing else could. No one could ever find the driver, no it had disappeared a long time prior to anyone getting there and since Vincent was passed out, literally, no one could track it. However the family held a very sharp believe that it was a set up. And as Vivian soon would find out, her life would never be the same after this day. The house itself seemed to breath with life, bugs, roaches, even a few bird flew out of the house. It seemed like something had been there, but not been there.

[spacer]As Vivian moved through the house she was being stalked, stalked by something unknown, by something silent. Mist followed her And right when she reached her room it entered as well hiding in the dark. Observing her scent, another vampire family had been around her recently, but she hadn’t been eaten, which must’ve meant that the girl before him wasn’t actually their prey, no… it had to meant hey just walked past her. Yeah… And as she smelled this woman the vampire’s eyes glowed a bright red… Her blood, it sang for her.. she HAD to have it. And sure enough, just as Vivian was turning to leave there she was. Long blood red hair, glowing blood red eyes. An outfit that reviled way too much cleavage, so much so in fact that one breast hung out. A tattered dirty looking pair of jeans that had one leg torn off of them. Her wings seemed to be so huge she had to fold them to fit them in the room. And as she approached Vivian there was an unmistakable, breath capturing, odor. So strong it would make one vomit.[/spacer]

[spacer]Before Vivian could do anything the thing captured her in one hand holding her by her neck. “Tell me who the vampire is that is around you… Who are they? Is their coven strong, is their coven mighty? Why are you not eaten by them yet, why is this town still alive TEL MEE!!” The women’s breath was vile and as she squeezed Vivian’s neck tighter it was almost like a bad dream. The vampire seemed driven and concerned. and she spoke of a family of vampires, but who could it be in Vivian’s life. The poor human girl was caught up in a war. Caught up in a war of Covens. In the vampire wolrd right now, especially since Cain, the Genesis, disappeared. There was a large war for control, and certain covens were going around like gangs, trying to get rid of them. It was then obvious that Vincents mother was the true target of the Semi, not Vincent for they didn’t know he was in the house, or Vivian. [/spacer]

[spacer] As she listened to Vivian blabber her hunger kicked in, obviously the human didn’t know TOO much. And it didn’t matter. She’d learn all of her information soon enough ANYWAY. She took Vivan closer to her, breathing her hot foul breath on her neck, and dug in, in a snap. The sound crunched, slurped, and faulted in he air. Blood trickled down Vivians Neck and she was still alive. Her mind being FORCED with thoughts. Vampires existing, seeing Vincent in a new light, everything was odd. The Vampire who was bitting her was seeing her memories, and her thoughts, and understanding who was who and Vivian could see through the vampire’s eyes. Strange enough.[/spacer]

[spacer]Just when Vivian may have thought it was over a strange, familiar voice called out. “Vile, wretched beast. Get away from her NOW!” Vincents voice rang out like a bell as he swooped in and three the vampire off of Vivian, letting Vivian’s blood drain a bit. She glared at Vincent who glared back. Vivian’s eyes were open now, open to seeing Vincent’s true form. Tall and majestic he was about six feet in height. His wings were battered, tattered, and had many holes in them. He had a certain scent to him as well, pungent in nature. His stared was that of blood thirstiness. He had two large horns that grew back from his ears, they looked like extensions. He wore no shirt, two red wrist bands, and a pair of black jeans with chains on them. His hair was a dark purple. He seemed to play NO joke. The woman trembled a bit as he glared. “Leave” He called out to the vampire. She glared and disappeared in a puff of smoke, there was no fight, and he was glad. He looked at Vivian and sighed. “It’s me Vivian, Vincent, I’m going to bite your neck. There is poison in you, when I finish it’s going to make you safe… You’re going to be okay… I won’t hurt you.” He held her in his hands taking her back to her room in his house. His mother and father were both there watching, though they couldn’t be seen yet. As Vincent drank the poison out, he obviously got some of the blood. And by the time he finished he looked at Vivian, still transformed, blood on his lips and a look of passion in his eyes.[/spacer]
Vivian felt paralyze. Whether it be from fear, poison, or the severe lack of blood, she couldn't fathom. Her head was swimming in a dizzy pool of cluttered images. Things thrust in to her consciousness with an unwelcome invasion. Frightening things! Impossible things! Vampires, magic, creatures of darkness and night. Yet... These were things she suspected of her best friend. She might have thought it was just over active imagining, but this was real. This was true.

She welcomed the sight of Vincent at first, her mind so delirious with the female vampire's intrusion, that she didn't realize Vince's new form at first. With her vision clearing, he was... so different! Monstrous and feral. While he faced off with that woman, she was frightened. And frightened still when he approached her, picked her up and said he would bite her. Too afraid to fight or scream, she squeezed her eyes shut and waited for that inevitable, painful death.

Death never came. The numb, paralyzing feeling faded. Replacing itself with that sore, weak weariness. Vivian slowly opened her eyes when Vincent pulled back. Finding herself staring at a face that was so familiar but so different at the same time. His hair was so dark it seemed to have a purple sheen. Wings sprouted from his back, seemingly natural as if they had always been there. Vivian was still afraid, but his expression didn't seem dangerous. At least not in that way that made her think he'd harm her. Her had lift up to press her fingers against his mouth. Her eyes widening at the blood as she pulled it away to look.

"Wh-what... is goin' on...?" her voice came out hoarse and weak. Barely even in a hushed whisper as she questioned him.
icent rubbed her hair as he lay her down on the bed that she knew so wellt he past few days. His eyes were bright blue glowing in the dark as he sat down. His parents coming into view so she could see them now. First was Vincent’s mother Aastha. Her usual dark skin was darker, her wings were a bright white and her eyes were black, dull and colored with marble. She approached very slowly as she brought up three chairs. One for Vincent to sit in who seemed very upset, and strangely older than his Mother. He sat though looking slightly sad. She smiled still warm wearing a gorgeous white dress. She didn’t seem evil at all. Next was Cain, who was still monstrous. He had six wings so dark they appeared to be like outer space, all of which were wrapped together, otherwise being almost eight times in length. He looked to Vincent who nodded.

[spacer]”Well Vivian, you were right. You do remember, don’t you? When you tried to get my flesh to boil due to the cross, or get me to choke on the garlic. You thought I was a vampire, well I am. But, let me explain what is happening to you.” He watched his beloved carefully a slight look on his face that was just extremely calm. He spoke again his attitude was very sullen. “We are vampires, but of a special breed. We do not eat humans, we do not drink their blood we do not harm them. We do not often protect them either. Long story short we are like vigiterians. We love humans, we desire to be them and cannot. So what we do, is we take care of them. My father is a doctor, obviously. I made friends with you, about the third week of school when I decided I liked you a lot, and wanted to look after you.” Her mother smiled calmly as her son. He was telling the truth. [/spacer]
"I... I really wasn't trying to hurt you... I didn't think it was... even true.." Her Her murmured confession sounded a lot calming than the startled look on her face. Even with his explanation, she was still a bit terrified. Yet... as she sat and listened, her gaze switching from face to face, Vivian felt herself feeling more at ease. Not with the situation itself - finding out vampires were real was scary as hell! - but with them. They didn't have any intentions on hurting her. And in truth, they had all been nothing but nice to her.

Vincent's last confession finally sank in. Vivian's face flushing a soft pink. He liked her? Or did he like like her? She wasn't about to ask with his parents sitting right there. And couldn't believe she was actually worried about it when there was more frightening things to be worried about.

"Hum... so... what will you do with me now? That I know your secret...? Not that I will tell anyone. But..." Vivian honestly had no idea how all of that worked. How could a secret like that even be kept? The loss of blood was quickly taking it's toll as well. She was feeling so tired and it was increasingly hard to keep her eyes open. Yet, she didn't want to fall asleep now and miss getting answers!
ane laughed a bit as he stared at her. “Eat you, we are going to make you become a blood whore, you’ll be fed just enough to make you last and then we’ll drain you once a….’ He was cut off by Vincent who smacked him so hard a loud thud could be heard as he sighed. “He was joking… Dad is kind of… well… Cane here is the original Vampire, he’s been alive since the dawn of first man, basically in a nut shell… He is the first son of Adam…. And I am his first child. My mother Aastha was changed by ME, for him… he wasn’t sure he could restrain himself from the thirst…” Vincent said in a sigh as he rubbed Cane rubbed his face and spoke in a chil type voice. “You didn’t have to hit THAT hard… That almost hurt! Vivian… Vincent was MEAN to me.” Cane snuck behind her and used her as a shield. Aastha just laughed and waited.

[spacer]”Come on Vivian let me show you to your room… ” Vincent was VERY collected as he walked up to her and held out a hand like a gentlemen. IF Cane was… the Biblical cane who was Vincent. He said that he was his FIRST child… Did that mean there were others, did it mean that he was also extremely powerful. It must’ve felt weird to be near so many people that resulted in SO much power… As he lead her upstairs he giggled a bit. He showed her to a room with a massive king sized and a pretty nice size area around. A bathroom that was just grand, several cloths strolled out that fit her as he spun around nad spoke. “Your father was told that some gangsters were held up in your house, my father came with a shotgun and scared them away. It is believed to be related to the eighteen weeler accident. What REALLY happened is simple. The driver of the large Semi was a vampire who was out to kill ME, by killing you. In that he believed iw as there to feed on you. My those vampires are probably the same vampires behind the accident.” He sighed a bit as he came to the door and looked. [color=900cc]Get some rest and we will talk then. [/color] “[/spacer]