To Walk Alone

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It was the end of summer in Eastport, Maine. Yet, like most days in the small coastal town, it was overcast and threatening to fog once the sun retreated behind the trees. In two days school would begin again. This year was marking the grand Senior year for Vivian. Everyone was so excited about graduating High School and going to college. Most even planned on going to a school well out of state. Some were going to start internships or work in family business. All her friends seemed to have a plan.

Except her.

Not that she didn't want to have a plan. A she took her time walking down the sidewalk, hands stuffed in to her pants pockets, she supposed she was the only person in town who didn't. Vivian wasn't one of those girls who sat around sulking about how terrible her life was. In truth, she was grateful that she lived with her dad instead of out in California with her mom's 'boyfriend of the week'. She also wasn't so complacent that she wanted to live in town for her whole life. Vivian just didn't have a passion. Or goals. Or vision beyond what she wanted to do other the weekend.

Walking to a strangers house to greet some new kid wasn't on her weekend to-do list, that was for sure. Vivian turned to walk up the steps that led to the big, derelict looking house that's been sitting empty on their street for the past four years. Recently it was purchased, and her dad explained there was someone about her age going to join her school. His exact words; 'How about you walk on down there and give him the town tour? We're not sure if he's living alone there, and I bet he could use a friend.' Vivian wondered how her father could even be the Police Chief, if he was sending his daughter off to a stranger's.

Vivian stopped on the porch, grabbing the door knocker and knocking as loud as she could. She was only going to knock once, and then she was going to bail. She could tell her father she tried and that no one was home!
What could one say, old, ancient, decrepit, yeah any of those words may work to define the man. Tall lean and narrow in shape with a lean figure and a smile that was friendly but seemed to hold a vicious look to it no matter how you sliced it. This of course defined Cane, the atomos, the most basic form of Vampire anyone could get, without him there would be no race, without him there would be nothing. He gave birth to what is the most famous story of the Bible, and moreover was then cursed to walk the Earth devouring what he was guilty of shedding. At first it was easy, you know, kill several people, go about the day like nothing happened, no one could hurt him, fuck he'd LAUGH if anyone tried. With his strength, his speed, his abilities, what could any human hope to do against him? Even with the power of the bullet, there was nothing any pathetic runt of flesh and blood could hope to do, nothing but pray to their God and die.

That was of course until life became life, and his inner human took off, and his children, that he accidently produced, became ravenous whores who whipped whole cities off of maps and decimated civilizations as if they were play things. That was until Dracula came…. Cane could never forget, no, never forgive himself for letting that pumps ass live, well die. In fact watching as Dracula violated the curse of vampirism as power and raw strength, it changed Cane, he'd have to live the rest of his, well eternity doing what he thought to be the right thing. Thus, there it came to be, the lion who acted like a lamp, the tiger who was brought into a cage the killer who wanted to give life.

First came Vincent, a boy of at least eighteen who, like most men, was mature enough to look about twenty one. He was a devout father of three children, two boys and a girl, his wife had just died of illness and he was out late on night, talking to his friends at the local bar. It was London, the fog was dense and the moon high in the air, it was the perfect setting for a scary movie. The scent of fear was no were to be smelt, there was only loud music and dancing. And as he left the club, the scent of alcohol on his cloths, but not his breath, he walked, Bible in hand, like all good preachers. His cross wrapped around his neck as he whistled the good old Hymns of God, and walked slowly in the dark towards his home. When he arrived he saw the horrendous sight. Man feasting on man, blood all on his face, in his mouth, on hic black clothes. That was what he thought, at least, until he received a better look. He had bat wings, his face was disfigured slightly with bones and lbood, and before he could see anything else, there was nothing….

His mind was interrupted, brought back to reality.

His vision blurred a few moments as he reopened his eyes. The room was a plain white, the carpet a pitch black, he had a bed, a TV, and several instruments about his room. Trumpet, Saxophone, Guitar, Trombone, and a Keyboard. A boy who obviously spent some time with the arts. A shiny new laptop lay on his desk across the room from the instruments, it was pushed up against the wall, which was made of glass. A rather dull room except for the contents. The door had knocked, but who could it have been already?

"Vincent, please come you have a visitor." A motherly voice called calmly. It was his 'mother' Aastha, a Indian woman who was converted shortly after him. She was a pretty woman with black hair, tanned skin, and a full skinny curvy body. Her eyebrows were thicker than most American women, but not too bushy. She had a small mole on her right cheek.

As Vincent came walking down the stairs he was easily viewed, his feet first were noticed to being bare, cleanly clipped toenails and well trimmed. Though he walked with grace and complete silence in his steps his posture was just atrocious. His back was curved sharply and his knees were bent, he looked like the worlds largest slouch as he approached her. He dawned blue jeans, hands in pockets, a white t-shirt that was spotless, and messy bed-head hair of choppy black. His eyes had large bags under them as if he never slept much and as he came closer, and straightened his back out it was clear he was at least six feet and three inches tall. "Hello, to what do we owe this delightful visit." He said, his words, though elegant and sweet, were said in a airy voice that was a whisper just barely heard. His lips were thin and seemed ot curl into his mouth were the red meat was hidden. He was a very strange boy, to say the least.

Aastha, smiling the whole time, spoke with small trinkets of joy. "Why don't you come in dear?" She asked. "I was just finishing some brownies actually and you are welcome to several." Her voice radiated like fire, warm, and floating through the air to ones ears. Once there it just tingled a bit and disappeared, making you feel welcomed, her smile was much of the same. The only thing that seemed of was her breathing, she didn't seem to breath often… strange?
'This woman is enchanting.' Vivian grinned to herself at her own over-dramatic description of the woman. There was something sanguine sweet about the way she smiled and moved. It put Vivian at ease, but at the same time gave her all sorts of inspiring ideas for a noir story staring a woman with a voice that could enchant people.

She had to stop turning every-day things in to crazy ideas.

"Oh um..." Vivian struggled to get her mind back on track. "My dad sent me over to welcome you to the neighborhood? Honestly, I think he just wanted me to spy on the new neighbors." Speaking of which, she looked around at the insides of their home as she stepped across the threshold. They must not have finished unpacking, because she didn't see anything that looked very personal. Although she supposed they might have liked antiques...

Her green-eyed gaze finally fell to rest on the boy, examining him with that same unabashed stare she gave everything else. Vivian supposed he was about her own age, though he seemed like he hadn't slept in ages. Moving was probably a big deal.

"Sooo, oh right, I'm Vivian Moore." Her hands were in her pockets again and she rocked on the balls of her feet. Talk about awkward. Next time she was going to tell her dad to stuff it.
Vincent nodded his head studying the girl in all of her oddness, for a human she sure was different she had her hands in her pockets, as though trying ot make a smaller target of herself and using it as away to hide. It was kinf of funny to watch, her arms in her pockets her head hung in such away that it would make anyone think she was invisible. It was interesting nonetheless. "I see. Nice to meet you Vivian, do you have a nickname you prefer/" He questioned sweetly, and then he breathed, well kind of breathed. Vampires did need to breath, and doing so aided in several technical things such as the upkeep of their muscles, but, more importantly it let them sense their prey. Without breath they wouldn't be good hunters, being able to smell someone's unique scent from at least two miles off was handy, especially if that scent was just laying around on a rock, or in the air, or so on.

He curled his head around, swooping it in such a manner as to make his scent, sweet but bitter, fly into the air as he pointed to the table. "Would you like to sit down?" his voice was still low and lazy, the kind that made you wonder if the individual was still awake, or rather still alive. His movements were sharp, yet sluggish, forming in such away that it looked as if he were slowly moving, yet he crossed the area in such away that made one think he was quite peppy. His attitude was rather smooth, rather lean. His voice was a bit hazy as he looked about his face collected, the chair he moved sounded like normal, a slight gesture of the hand ans he sat in the opposite one, waiting for her to be seated before any conversation had started.

"So tell me about the school please. Here is my schedual if you could tell me about my teachers." He was given a majority of 'nice' teachers, and then three of themw ere known for being the strickest things to walk the Earth since Jesus. He didn't seem to care either way, his tired-face had yet to change and his attitude seemed just about right for so many of the other things he would do later… whens he wasn't around.
Her nose twitched as she cast him a weird, examining expression. One of those looks that most people would try to hide as to not offend whomever they were staring at. It didn't occur to Vivian that it might have been strange. At the moment she was busy thinking how strange he was. She liked to consider herself observant about others. Deciphering personalities and lives just with a first impression. But he was difficult for her to read. If she wrote him in to a story, she'd make him the mysterious stranger described with half-truths and lots of vague words. The imagery amused her.

"Don't really have any name preferences. Everyone calls me Vivian or Viv." Vivian had slid in to her chair with stiff movement and her hands still in her pockets. Though, she removed one to reach out and take his class schedule. It was odd that he had it handy so fast, but that thought didn't linger too long as she scanned over his classes. He shared two with her, which at least meant her Hostess trip was totally in vain. She could get over that awkward getting-to-know phase out of way before school started. Vivian never seemed to do well when it came to meeting new people, and having to do it out in public made it so much worse.

"You have Ms. Ashton with me at the end of the day. Pretty much the worse class ever to have before the last bell rings." She slid his schedule across the table. Then her hand was back in to her pocket. Better to have them in her pocket, then her fidgeting with stuff just to keep them busy.
He watched her move and was actually rather amused in her movements. They were so reserve and so together as if she were afraid of something, afraid to show a certain side of herself, nevertheless he watched with a rather loose, but intent gaze. She suspected something, or was she just a normal human who found certain things 'odd'. Either or she had to laugh, her eyes carefully scanned the area around and the way she sat made her appear to be so awkward at first, and her hand shake was just weak. All of these notations were old fashion, yes, as old as the eighteen hundreds, but, they were notations his brain had to make. Carefully Vincent watched as she peered at his schedule, and quite frankly he already knew who he had, he had done is research so that he wouldn't get himself into trouble when setting it up, and his mother, and all of her wisdom, had helped to make it look like a normal class.

He nodded. "Oh, I see, so my ending glass is boring then? What class is it, exactly. I do not know how to read that schedule format." He said watching as she explained. Well that meant they had a reason to hang out today, which meant he could watch her for more clues on what she may or may not know, and on how she may or may not act. He then thought of one thing, he had forgotten to blink at the average time of a human, in fact, he didn't remember blinking since he had met her, and that alone was probably a very bad thing. So he did so several times, hoping to make it appear that his eyes were dry, although it still looked like a task he had to think about and a thing he didn't quite enjoy doing. His hands carefully began to draw small circles on the table as he took looked to his mother. "Sure mom, bring in some of your brownies."

"So than Viv, aside from the schedual, what do we do to have fun around here?" He was forced to ask, a key point in a relationship with the locals.
"It's not like it's written in Greek." she responded with a hint of sarcasm and the faintest of smirks. Of course she didn't think he was an idiot, but it's not like schedules were rocket science either.

The situation must have been making her paranoid, however. As she shifted in her seat, Vivian could have sworn he stared at her like those unblinking predators in a wildlife special. He did eventually look away, seeming back to normal. Leaving her wondering if she were finally tipping over the edge of insanity and letting her over-active imagination dictate reality.

"Boring, yeah. Home Economics. For some reason they think seniors need to be reminded how to write budgets, sew pillows and all that crap." Among other 'life preparation' things. Vivian was hoping they wouldn't have to tote around crying babies or do those weird trail marriage things. Considering there was at least three people at the school who were preggo, she was pretty sure teaching Home Ec was a few years too late.

"Anyway, I don't know about fun... Most people just drive around and park outside the shopping mall. I like the nature trails better, myself. There's a lake in the preserve and people are rarely out there, so it's nice and quiet. Not that I'm anti social or anything," she said quickly before he started thinking she was one of those lone-wolf weirdos. "I'm just not keen on hanging out in a car watching walk in and out of a store..."
He watched blinking every so often now so that she wouldn't get nervous around him. Home ech huh? That sounded like so much fun, his two thousandth version of Home Economics. The baby, the marriage, all of that was just so much fun. Carefully he watched as she spoke about his schedule and how it wasn't in Greek. "nah you're right if it were in Greek I could read it." he said with no smile on his face. "English isn't my first or second language, it's my third." He carefully told the truth. "My family came from Germany, went to Russia, then came to America, needless to say my English isn't the most accurate thing." He laughed a bit his teeth showing their sharpness and whiteness rather obviously as he glared into her eyes. "Sounds fun though." He said and then chuckled again, were did this life come from?

As he stared into her eyes for that small glimpse one might have noticed the spark in his body, the spark of hunger, and before anything could happen, before any moment of time could pass. His gaze was broken after a few seconds by his mother. She lay her pan down and spoke. "Why don't you kids eat some brownies, drink some milk, and then have a good time going to the nature park." Knowing that Vincent would clam down in the frehs air once the girls scent was spread and disported throughout the room. This would bout a lot easier on him. Poor Vincent, he'd never had a reaction to a human like this before. In fact, it was strange, he just wanted to be left alone most of the time. She smirked as she turned out of the room, a huge smile on her face like always.

He nodded as he spoke. "Well you heard the Miss's." He laughed again as he watched very, very carefully to see if she was upset at all> he could practically smell her emotions, which was so tantalizing to him. He could smell something strange about her as well, the scent of whimsical-happiness. The kind of glee you only saw from someone who had a good imagination, like children. Usually this turned Vincent off, drawing the line and children on the few times a year he DID eat human blood, however usually it was animal blood and or downer blood, the kind of blood that made him the strongest. He only had to draw the blood, and eat from a human every three months, and during those months, that he did eat, he was a ravenous devour that would kill her within a second. Of course that wasn't the case right now so it was all good.
Vivian looked a bit doubtful on his ability to speak two other languages, but she didn't comment on it. Plenty of people laid claim to random skills to look cool. Like those emo kids claiming they were witches, or those guys that said they were pro skaters, yet crashed every time they set foot on a board. He could be telling the truth, but Vivian was a little cynical about the truthfulness of teenagers. Even if she was on herself.

Taking a deep breath, she couldn't help but smile at that warm chocolaty smell of brownies. There was always something comforting and safe about brownies. Probably why they were the ideal choice for kidnappers to use on dumb children. Vivian took one, mumbling a quick thank you to Vincent's mom before taking a bite. So sweet and divine, she was all too consumed with sugary bliss to realize she was being watched so intently. Now that she had both hands out of her pockets and was being placated with a treat, Vivian was less stiff. Plucking pieces of brownie apart to pop in her mouth as she occasionally glanced around at the place.

"Your mom makes great brownies. Does she do a lot of cooking?" she asked curiously.
He watched her reaction to the brownies and could only laugh. She was so distracted by the brownies that she didn't seem to notice anything around her, and brought out both hands from the jacket just to eat, he had to laugh at this, and it was now time for his 'standard' treatment to all visitors. As he carefully watched her eat, even studied the way the food made its way down her throat he seemed to size her up for a bite, but indeed was doing something else, studying her pulse. Seeing what it's norm was, due tot his he would be able to hopefully surprise her with his little treatment. As he stood up he stretched some. "Sorry, I'm not used to sitting for too long. And yes she does make brownies often. She, and the family, love them." He said taking one and poppin' the whole thing into his mouth. He walked over to a cabinet that was carefully set behind her pulling out a mug and a small hammer as he held the mug up. "You are welcome here." He said as he smashed the cub in the air with the hammer, the pieces just avoiding the brownies.

"Do not be afraid to break anything it is all replaceable." He spoke as he mom giggled walked in and handed him a broom which he promptly used. "he does this to every guest we have, him and his father. Our family is very… minimalists, yes that's the right term." She said in her own happiness as she danced back away from Vincent after the broke the cup, she was apparently happy. "I believe you've been welcomed fully now. So, how about you enjoy yourself, leave your hands out of your pockets and yeah…" He drew it out a moment. "Enjoy yourself."

He took another brownie and popped it like a Tylenol and stared at her a moment. "But please do eat as many as you want." He said with a giggle on his face as eh sat back down. "Sorry I enjoy smashing cubs, I like the feeling of it braking a bit. I apologize." He said as he sat back down looking sleepy all over again as he rested his head aginst the bak of his char staring at her eating the food, he hoped she did enjoyti actually.
   Had her mouth not been full she would have mouthed wordlessly What the Fuck. The phrase was still being conveyed very plainly through the wide-eyed stare she seemed to be stuck with, all through her chewing. Swallowing. And then, slowly, reaching for another brownie. As he explained, that expression morphed to something more dubious. Doubtful. In fact, she was probably looking at him like he was totally bonkers. But seeing that she wasn't bolting for the door, and even seemed fine in continuing her snacking, that didn't seem to be a problem for her.

In truth, though Vivian thought it was a totally wacko sort of custom, now her curiosity was piqued. They sure weren't normal. They were bordering on weird, and weird was interesting.

...So long no one tried to hack her head off and bury her in the backyard.

"Two is enough for me, thanks. You wanna get going then? As much as I like breaking stuff, it's probably more fun breaking stuff out by the lake..."
 He laughed at his odd ways of life, clearly she was shocked by them. He had to laugh at this though, it made him glad to be a Vampire, to be able to see and read humans over the history of the earth as he has, to be able to really under stand each and every century tha the had lived in to it's fullest, it was the kind of thing that made him feel alive again. She wanted to go now, and he didn't mind, humans had limited interest points he knew this. He carefully stood up moving slowly as he giggled a bit again and said. "Oh there are things to break at the lake, I enjoy breaking things don't get my hopes up." He teased popping in another brownie. He went to the kitchen for a second to return the trey of brownies, then came back, his keys safely in his pockets. "Mom, dad, we are heading out to the lake I have my phone and keys!" He called in a slightly louder voice, a yell for him.

He carefully eased out of the door, his body moving almost silently, he moved down the pavement like a smooth snake almost his eyes half opened as the clouds blocked out the sunlight, just perfect for every situation huh? Now that he could smell clearly, and not smell that girls scent, he was much more level headed and back to his previous calm mood. That girl, her scent, it fogged his head and confused him drawing his hormones, what hormones he had, out, and making him thirst for her. He'd have to kill an animal while at the lake in silence, maybe she'd do something that gave him some alone time, or he could sneak away to get something like a squirrel, a million squirrels.

His throat burned as he turned around and smiled at her, the smile looked different, it looked hungry like he might attack, if one was looking for that kind of thing. "Come on, let's get going."
[spacer]Vivian fell in to step beside him. Glad that the day hadn't turn to rain, nor gotten uncomfortably sunny. It wasn't that she hated sunlight, she just really like the way everything looked cast in a dim sheen of twilight. Outside in the open, in a 'neutral territory' she didn't feel so awkward or cornered. Her body had relaxed considerably. Though her hands were in her pockets again, now she was loose, fluid. Even ever so often bouncing with a step.[/spacer]

[spacer]He turned and cast her a look that her friends at school would jokingly call rape face. Vivian rolled her eyes at herself more than him. Those kind of tasteless jokes would have to wait until she knew more about him than his love of breaking stuff and eating brownies. Last thing she needed to do was open her big mouth and say something offensive.[/spacer]

[spacer]"Fine thing telling your guide to hurry, you don't even know what direction we're headed in." Vivian gave him a side ways smirk, and without warning suddenly took off past him in a sprinting run. She glanced over her shoulder to see if he was following, then continued on running down the sidewalk until it tapered off in to a dirt path leading towards the woods.[/spacer]
e stared at her, his mind was carefully collected as she stated that he didn't know where he was going. Well fuck him sideways and color him brown, she was right, he didn't know. Instead he was following the scent of tree's down the street like he always did so that it'd point to the lake, but no that's make no sense to a human, and if it did it might scare them shitless, or so he thought. Carefully he stepped to the side expecting to see her humanly relaxed figure go running off in front of him, teasing his every taste bud with her movements and bedding him to rip into her flesh with his fangs and drink her until there was nothing lift.

[spacer]No, the girl had something better for him, or rather for his scorching throat, away to tease him so much that he WOULD chase after her, she ran. That was his favorite part about the hunt, the run. Watching the prey bounce before him with their muscles, dreaming of the succulent meat that lay ahead of him once his deed was done, to say the least, it had to be the hunt. Her scent made his nose flare and as he took off, running human speed, he eyes her carefully as he shouted in a childish way "I'm gonna get ya!" He brought himself back to reality JUST enough to stop from digger into her.[/spacer]

[spacer]Just prior to reaching the lake though, he did a little trick, he pulled ahead of her at a fast speed that'd make him seem to appear out of no where. He wanted to see her jaw drop as his manly might, or rather undead skills. He was there, laying on the ground and staring off into the ocean at just the right angle that made him seem peaceful before she got there, the question would arise 'where did he come from' and he knew it, he await for her to see him in his talent, his undead talent. This was the benefit of reaping live, of stealing youth, this was the revenue. He licked his lips a bit, he even had the chance to eat a small squirrel before she came. Which at least filled his thirst. [/spacer]
"What the... shits...?" Vivian came tromping up, stopping nearly him to lean forward on her knees. She was breathing hard trying to catch her breath, and completely baffled. How the hell did he get ahead of her? She never even seen him run past! Man, she had to be in the worst shape if he beat her and he's laying there scarcely even huffing a breath.

Vivian dropped next to him in the grass, with a loud exhale of air. "Smooth, took a walk around here before and figured out the short cuts?" Not that she could think of any off the top of her head. Vivian shrugged her shoulders, unzipping her hooded jacket and slipping it off to drop next to her. A simple printed tshirt was underneath, and without the jacket it was so much cooler. Especially after a sudden sprint. She was then lifting her hair off her neck and twisting it up to tie in a knot.

"So this is the lake. Super exciting." she mumbled with a grin. The lake was pretty large. Most of it's banks surrounded by a thick forest of trees, with only the occasional break to form small private banks or docks. Way out in the water there was a natural island. Too far for the average swimmer to go, but a perfect distance by boat. Vivian picked up a pebble, bouncing it in her hand a couple times before she tossed it out at the water. It landed with a SPLOSH.
smiled at her as she walked up to him, needy to say seeing her huffing, puffing, breathing like that it rose a certain tingle in his body. Some people would call it the tingle of romance, the tingle of a burning heart, while others… others still might call it the thirst for her blood. He, for the first time, was un sure. As her throat expanded and contracted, her chest rising and falling. She seemed to have an amaranthine beauty, never moving from Its wondrous level of glory. It made his mouth water in delight, and the blood of the squirrel seemed to have gone in vain as he eyes the water of the lake, keeping his eyes off of her, but his nostrils opened to her.

[spacer]He loved it, the ability to see her inter body just by sniffing the air, he could tell the droplets of sweat, see the lines of blood pulsing through her, tell the motions she took while running, it was all…. Perfect. The only thing he had to not like was her now 'cool' attitude, he hated it. he wanted her to embrace happiness, joy, whimsy bliss like he knew she wanted too. With that he giggled. "Yeah… the lake… man such a bore." He took his foot and started to splash her with it giggling endlessly like a child. "I sure do HATE being here." He splashed her face, leaving himself open to being splashed and making sure that she wasn't hating every moment. "God, how could I have agreed to go HERE!' He took his foot and practically soaked her face with a whimsy smile.[/spacer]

[spacer]With the sun almost at dusk, after having a wonderful day he stood up, his shirt was soaked from earlier and his hair was a mess, but the boy who looked like he never slept seemed full of jubilance. He helped her up off the ground. "Shall I walk you home, like a gentlemen?" He asked, his body already moving and slightly dragging her with him as if she wasn't allowed to say no. Which, she wasn't! He walked with a brisk pace, his skin slightly cold, even though he had claimed that it was because of the breeze and the water, it was still a little bit like ice. He needed to remember not to do too much touching in the future, that or stock up on more blood so his body would be warm prior to their meetings. He dropped her off at her house smiling to her as he said. "See you at school." Waving he spun around and promptly walked home, satisfied.[/spacer]
[spacer] Vivian never could have predicted that a stranger she found so weird would so quickly become a best friend. From the day at the lake, kicking water back and forth at each other, to the first days of school, it was rare to see one without the other somewhere near by. He was so different and odd compared to the rest of the people she knew, that Vivian found it refreshing. Unpredictable. Inspiring! Something about him and his family sparked in a muse in her. Her notebooks and bedroom was littered with scribble ideas and little blurbs. Things that she intended to put together for a story.[/spacer]
[spacer] September came and went out with a bang, leaving Vivian marveling and somewhat suspicious of her new friend. After the first football game of the season, some students went out drinking and driving around. She and Vincent were nearly ran down. In fact, she was sure Vince had been hit pretty bad by the car. Low and behold they arrived at the hospital and there wasn't a scratch on him. He just 'had his senses knocked out' was what he said. Everyone in town was calling it a miracle. Vivian was starting to wonder...[/spacer]
[spacer] The season lead in to a frosty cold October. Leaves had fallen from the trees early, leaving the woods around Eastport looking barren and lifeless. Preparations and planning was going on for the annual School Masquerade. Students were thrilled at the idea of wearing costumes, helping construct a haunted house within the gym, and all of the fun of getting to scare the pants off each other. Vivian found herself gaining inspiration of an entirely different sort. Vincent was strange. Like, super human strange. She could never pinpoint why she felt that way. It was always in the little things he did. He was fast. Super fast. He never had a scratch on him. No bruises, no nicks, no scars. He was a little uncomfortable on those rare days the sun was out in full force. Sometimes Vivian could swear she saw fangs. Any average person would chock it up to an over active imagination. But perhaps Vivian enjoyed the fantasy of investigating. It was a mystery and she was determined to figure it out.[/spacer]
[spacer] Having left her books of supernatural lore at home, Vivian was on her way to Vincent's house. It was a Saturday and they had some projects to work on, so her dropping by wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Slung over her shoulder was a bookbag with some of her school books, and few interesting items...[/spacer]
[spacer] Vivian stopped on the front porch, knocking heavily on Vincent's door. Across her face was a huge grin, as she rocked back and forth on heels and waited.[/spacer]
he door swung open with a quick release of heat form the house as she stepped in. Before her was Vincent's mother, who went by Estella, she whore a gorgeous white sequined dress that brought out her wonderful brown-ish red hair. T he movement of her body was sleek and agile, as always, and she bent down to kiss Vivian on the cheek like she had done so many times now. "Come on in dear Vincent will be down in a second, he is getting dressed after a shower." She lied as she grinned. Vivian was still clueless, whichw as good, however, her power did allow her to see to the future, well the futures… She saw the many, many different paths that were possible, and one path, the current one they were on, would seemed to light up. Right now, it led just far enough where she saw Vincent and her becoming great friends and spending the rest of their childhood together, past that, they were still figuring that out.

[spacer]He came down and t the study about ten minutes later. Carrying with him the fresh scent of a cleaned body, he really did take a shower. His hair still was slightly damp nd his mind was full of thoughts of her, and when he saw her, he smiled even wider then he did before seeing her. She was starting to make his day every day, it was no secret among the house, he liked her, a lot. He walked in fruit smelling hair and soft lavender scented body, she know knew Vincent took care of himself in a very feminine way, the scents were soft, not so soft it screamed female, but soft that it screamed 'caring guy." He looked as he stretched a bit, a long black turtle neck shirt with a pair of blue jeans on his body showed. "So what shall we take care of today, that stupid Home Ech assignment. You know, the "make a meal with a classmate.' Business that's due tomorrow?" He asked with a large giggle.[/spacer]

[spacer]He sat across form her, like always his arms relaxed as he sipped his usual tea and smiled at her grinning so much that she could probably see his fangs for a bit before he corrected them. The glint in his eyes were so wonderful, so pure. It attracted her in like the predator he was. He cooed a bit more with delight, like he always was, knowing that they didn't have too many projects and would spend most of the time studying together. He was a straight A student…. AGIAIN.[/spacer]
By now Vivian was used to Estella's friendly habits, the way the house felt, and all of the strange little intricacies of it. She had waited patiently, sitting at their kitchen table nursing a hot cup of tea loaded with extra sugar and cream. When Vincent came down the stairs, she smirked. Smirking wider at the faint scent of his shampoo. It was one of those fruity ones, the ones she liked to used to. She always liked to tease him about using girly shampoos, but today she had other plans in mind. Teasing would have to wait.

"Yeah. I was thinking we could do the cooking at my house, though. If it's edible we can save it for my dad when it gets back home from work in the morning. Her dad recently took the twelve hour night shift. At first she was thrilled to get the house alone to herself, but after a few days it just became plain spooky. With all of her vampiric daydreaming, she was starting to creep herself out. Having company for a few hours would ease her worries, plus she'd have the perfect opportunity to test out her theory without alarming Vince's parents. Who knows how they're react to finding out their son was a vampire!

"That reminds me!" Vivian paused to dig around in one of her pockets. Pulling out a small silver chain. She held it out over the table, letting a small silver cross with a celtic knot at it's center dangle just centimeters from his nose. "I found this while cleaning up my room the other day. I was thinking for the school's masquerade it'd make a nice little accessory. What do you think?" Like a hawk, she watched his expression and body movements carefully. Vampires hated crosses. He should be cringing or bursting in to flames!
t the moment he was trying not to laugh, his mom had taken the time to cook brownies, set up the study effort and of course, she wanted to go some where else. But, he did know about the situation with her father and felt petty on her for it. Of course with him he didn't feel family attachment that strongly, well not to mortals, okay not to mortals that weren't her! He took a breath, he could sense something, something different in the atmosphere, and to his knowledge it was HER. He sniffed a bit, prior to answering her question, and eyes her suspiciously, and finally gave in and nodded in a firm manner. "Okay, sure, that sounds good." He told her, his mouth moving in a very soft fashion, the same movements that he was known for throughout their relationship. Vincent was consistent to say the least.

[spacer]Then came the weird part, or so he felt. Her movements, her thoughts, her scent, it all seemed to change in a flash, and in a surprise. When she went to her bad he was on guard, in a relaxed manner, every sense sharp, every moment of time seemed to slow down as his vampuric abilities kicked in to their fullest extent for that form. Soon he saw it, the moment it exited the bag, silver, nothing dangerous by itself but if it was crafted the right way, well he'd be in pain. In the form of a cross, silly human, those only worked when made of wood from the original cross of Jesus. He let it dangle in front of his face as he reached up and grabbed it. "Dude, I LOVE silver, it's so soft and feel so good against my skin.' He said pressing it against his forehead. Now he didn't know that she was suspecting him, no, he just did the pressing against his forehead because he ACTUALLY liked the feeling of cold silver. [/spacer]

[spacer]"So my dear, it would seem that you are such an odd ball today. I love it. Just don't come up with anything TOO odd. I don't want to melt in your hands. After all if you had made that from silver soaked in the blood of a pure hearted priest, cooled in the tears of a virgin, and fringed with the intent to help, well we might have had a problem here… not to mention if you kill me my mother and father will have your blood for lunch. "Vincent thought to himself. His eyes were carefully peering at her as he stood up. "lets go over to your house." He spoke in glee, something was going to happen, something bad, he just couldn't think of what. Now luckily, over the course of a few months of knowing one another, he had already been over to her home, and LUCKILY he was invited. If a vampire interred a private home uninvited they immediately reverted to their normal beast stage, and the cursed marks of Adam would appear, making them weak against Christian attack, well Christian and Jewish. He stepped outside into the cold, never really ever wearing a heavy coat, strange, and started to slush through the snow.[/spacer]